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They feed us poison

They feed us poison This article will cite the numerous ways they feed us poison. People don’t believe we are … Read more

Join Us

Come Join Us

Please Join Us to help fight the evils who are trying to bring down humanity. Their plan to depopulate the entire planet is underway.

What kind of war are we in

What kind of war are we in

What kind of war are we in. Well, this is a silent war and what they call 5th generation warfare, but I think it’s now 6th generation warfare.

Paul Brodeur

People Without Cell Phones

People Without Cell Phones are smart. They know it’s killing and spying on them, and are also fighting against the evils for not having one.

Bamboo toilet paper

Bamboo toilet paper

Why Bamboo toilet paper is better than regular toilet paper and no, it has nothing to do with saving the planet.