They feed us poison

They feed us poison This article will cite the numerous ways they feed us poison. People don’t believe we are being poisoned, so here’s the evidence. They being the evils (the 13 families) who control the world. If you don’t know who I’m referring to, in short, since the beginning of time that’s been recorded, … Read more

Join Us

Please Join Us

Please Join Us to help fight the evils who are trying to bring down humanity. Their plan to depopulate the entire planet is underway.

Obama – Michelle Trans

Obama Michelle Trans. Michelle Obama like many others in power is a trans. She or he was born a male. Obama screws up twice on camera.

Root Cause

Root Cause is all about your teeth and your health problems. If nothing you do is helping you heal, this may be the cause.

Safety Mask Song

Safety Mask Song showing how the braindead are addicted to masks. They believe all the lies and continue to harm themselves with masks.

evil families

Names of the evil families

Names of the evil families and how to make them disappear. This can only be done if you collaborate with everyone else worldwide.

Supplies are dwindling

Supplies are dwindling & soon you won’t be able to buy anything. Still think everyone who told you the truth is crazy you brain dead morons

What Scares Me Most

What Scares Me Most is you believe everything the mainstream media controlled by the evils (only 5 evil corps) says.

If a man is born ignorant

If a Man is Born Ignorant with ignorant parents in a society that is ignorant, lives a life that is ignorant and eventually dies ignorant.

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