They feed us poison

They feed us poison This article will cite the numerous ways they feed us poison. People don’t believe we are being poisoned, so here’s the evidence. They being the evils (the 13 families) who control the world. If you don’t know who I’m referring to, in short, since the beginning of time that’s been recorded, … Read more

Join Us

Please Join Us

Please Join Us to help fight the evils who are trying to bring down humanity. Their plan to depopulate the entire planet is underway.

What Scares Me Most

What Scares Me Most is you believe everything the mainstream media controlled by the evils (only 5 evil corps) says.

If a man is born ignorant

If a Man is Born Ignorant with ignorant parents in a society that is ignorant, lives a life that is ignorant and eventually dies ignorant.

Service to Truth

Flyers and stickers

Flyers and stickers to put all around your city to wake the normies up. If you don’t do this, you are contributing to the war we are in.

Grocery Store

Open Your Business

Open Your Business on March 1 2021 to fight back against the mafia government. You have to take your life and business back.

Freedom for Businesses

America Open Your Business

America Open Your Business so you can take your freedom back. There is no scary virus, you are getting sick because they are poisoning you.

Off Facebook Activity

Off Facebook Activity

Off Facebook Activity how to turn it off in order to protect yourself from facebook not just spying on you, but spying for the government.


Responses to the normies

Responses to the normies who can’t think for themselves. This is regarding masks and vaccines because they only parrot the lying media.


The Greater Reset

The Greater Reset – Building Your Own Community and Having Freedom. Are you ready to let go of your addiction to government?

Community Promise Pledge

Community Promise Pledge – What took place in Ireland at a University, and how the students had to fight back against the tyranny.

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