This site’s whole purpose is to enlighten people about the truth in the world in which we live in

So much of what you think you know about society and the government is just lies spread by large corporations or the government. Tha is called propaganda.

No, this is NOT a conspiracy theory and this whole notion of conspiracy theories was created so you the people would think everyone who questions the government is a nutcase. Yes, some people are and yes, some people lie or embellish, which is exactly why we need to really understand what the truth is.

America is living in tyranny as a police state. This site will show you many examples of how America has been controlling its people for many years and it’s come to a tipping point.

People are scared and don’t understand they have the POWER to create change so LONG as they unite in numbers.

It may be scary to use words like Anarchists, Voluntaryists, Mutualists, Agorists, etc., but over time you will realize the reason for the fear of these words is because of the government.

You may not believe us today or tomorrow, but in time you will come to see that you are being controlled by the government and evil corporations. You will see what we talk about makes sense.

You will hopefully wish for freedom, as we sure want freedom.

This site will have a few different areas and even a forum for discussion, but there are two main parts:

  1. Our belief that we do NOT need a government to keep peace and run our society. The only reason people want to keep government is either because they are addicted to and worship the government, and FEAR! Fear that they can’t do this on their own, fear of truly being FREE!Once you get over your fears and realize that being a Statist doesn’t help you or your family and that you MUST take responsibility for your own life, you will start to feel more free.
  2. Articles from websites that are NOT controlled by mainstream media. These sites have NOT been bought and paid for by evil corporations, rather they risk their reputations and lives to bring YOU THE PEOPLE the truth.

We hope you will join us because one thing is certain, we can NOT change society UNLESS we have large numbers. You have MORE clout than you think, you just have to understand that it’s NUMBERS that make a difference, NOT violence.


Striving for Our Free Society