Our Free Society site’s purpose is to enlighten people about the Truth

Our Free SocietyStriving for Freedom and Self Ownership in Our Free Society.

So much of what you think you know about society and the government is just lies spread by large corporations or the government. That is called propaganda.

That, and people have been brainwashed into thinking a certain way since their parents, teachers and peers, parroted the same thing for generations, so it MUST be true. Right?

No, this is NOT a conspiracy theory and this whole notion of conspiracy theories was created so people would think everyone who questions the government is a nutcase. Yes, some people are and yes, some people lie or embellish, which is exactly why we need to really understand what the truth is.

Lies have been spread since people thought that we won the war against Britain to gain our independence.

What really happened is they won, but just put on a show that they lost.

Then they slinked away to spy on us waiting until we relaxed and thought we were safe.

The evils have been controlling us covertly ever since while they made America into a MILITARY STATE that picked up where the British empire left off.

They built governments to take over where the monarchy had left off because they had been the ones to control the surfs before.

They worked together with the King, church (Vatican) and the Jesuits to pick off countries one at a time amassing their wealth and placing people in power in almost every single country in the world.

Americans fell for the lies believing that America is a FREE country while really we were living in tyranny as a police state. They did this all under the cover of darkness making people believe they were FREE so they wouldn’t fight back.

Then the evils created ways to poison us year after year so we became sick and weak generation after generation.

They blamed people’s illnesses on something called germs knowing that people would have no way to verify if this was true or not.

They planned to bring down the holistic industry that had worked well for hundreds of years so they could replace it with something way more controlling and sinister – the poisonous allopathic industry. You can read all about that here.

They continued to use their wealth to spread lies through their newspapers and other forms of media at that time slowly brainwashing people to believe everything they said no matter how untrue it was.

They started EVERY war worldwide all the while teaching kids in school that there were bad people out there starting these wars.

They brainwashed them to believe they had to step up and fight these bogeymen so they amassed an complete military that would fight whomever they wanted with just an order and NO questions asked.

Fast forward to TODAY, October 15, 2021, and we are NOW in WWIII (the 2nd holocaust) and the 4th reich.

All pre-planned by these evils to literally kill off most of humanity and control the rest no longer in a covert manner, but out in the OPEN where everyone can see.

At this point due to all of the poisons and weapons they have used on us, most people are way too weak to even think straight and they just believe whatever they are told with NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

They attack anyone who knows and DARES to speak the truth,

They side with the evils becoming their covert military to take down the good guys so the evils can forge ahead with their Agenda 21 plan for a NEW WORLD ORDER.

Since America is the military leader in the world, all the other country’s governments follow suit while the evils take us all OUT.

People are scared and don’t understand they have the POWER to create change so LONG as WE unite in numbers. The problem IS, even the people who claim they are AWAKE are doing nothing to unite offline and fight the evils.

I created this site to promote TRUTH and FREEDOM. Something we have NEVER had.

It’s been a big struggle for me because it’s not just the walking dead mind controlled who are ignoring what is going on, but even the people who are awake.  Most of them are doing nothing but sitting behind the computer chatting while the evils take us down and destroy OUR WORLD.

I can not fight this war alone, nor should anyone have to.

If you don’t step up NOW, there is no turning BACK. Life as you know it will cease to EXIST!

You have to STOP worshiping the state.

The government has been the evils’ go-to tool to control us since our inception.

Forget the labels like Anarchists, Voluntaryists, Mutualists, Agorists, etc., just FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO BE FREE!

Your life, your family’s life, your children’s life ALL depend on whether you wait for someone else to SAVE YOU, or you stand up and start fighting BACK.

Don’t know what to do, neither do I, so that’s why I created a Think Tank back in April 2020.

You don’t have to solve every problem, but TOGETHER we can.

Serious people ONLY – Join Now!

Here are our two main parts

  1. My belief is that we do NOT need a government to keep peace and run our New Society. The only reason people want to keep government is either because they have this belief that they can’t live without government.

    They are addicted to or worship the government, and


    Fear that they can’t do this on their own, fear of truly being FREE because you know deep inside you have been a slave for so long generation after generation!

    Once you get over your fears and realize that being a Statist doesn’t help you or your family and that you MUST take responsibility for your own life, you will start to feel more free.

  2. Join my list.

    I try to add as much content to my list as I can, but I just can’t keep up now that the war is in full FORCE.

    If you can help me with adding content to the list and my social media accounts, please reach out.

    I will be providing you with articles and videos all about TRUTH, history, and solutions to our problems.

    Just so you know, I don’t believe in religion or the allopathic industry. I’m spiritually conscious and 100% holistic.

I hope you will join me and others, because one thing is certain, we can NOT change society UNLESS we have large numbers and COMMITMENT. You have MORE power than you think. You just have learn how to harness it, have an open mind, unbrainwash yourself of EVERYTHING you have ever been taught before, and heal yourself and your brain.


Striving for Our Free Society