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Actions to Wake the normies Up

Stop Wishing Start DoingI finally got the Actions to wake the normies up page finished.

I’m honestly very sick of truthers sitting around doing NOTHING but talking to other truthers. That’s why I created an action plan for you to do, because unless you have a good reason, this is what EVERYONE should be doing. Our lives depend on it.

Even if you can’t go outside because your country is tyrannical, hand out memes (I have tons) to normies when they support the nazis. It’s something you HAVE to do.

Create a fake twitter, fakebook or Quora account and just DO IT!

Unless you are like me and you live in a city where there’s NO ONE else who is AWAKE, you have NO EXCUSE. And some of my suggestions can be done just by yourself.

Action is REQUIRED to make change in life.

Action is NOT sitting around waiting for someone else to save the day.

Here is the list of Flyers and Stickers

List of Actions

  1. Go door to door and hand out flyers or do it at big box stores. Wear some sort of mask (not the toxic ones to mask who you are) so no one can see who you are, or just wear your naked face if you aren’t concerned.Remember to have a lookout, and not to be around cops. Get ready to bolt when you know they have been called, because the evil supporters will call them. and here are lists of flyers.
  2. Put stickers on cars, street lamps, electrical and other posts, traffic walk lights, anywhere where people short or tall will see them. Here’s the list of stickers.
  3. Spread this truth everywhere, buy unwashable marker pens and write hashtags (like on Twitter), direct links to videos or a page with information. Just be careful where you do this because tagging is against the law in most places.
  4. Put quotes on park benches, wooden fencing, public bathrooms, phone booths, and especially on paper money.
  5. Post a flyer or 10 on your local jogging paths or around a busy road stop.
  6. Put something on a hat and wear it all around.
  7. Create a paper bag mask and on the back print something on it and use it to get into stores and send your MESSAGE.
  8. Create a QR code that goes to videos, an article, flyers, etc. Here’s what a QR code is.
  9. Point normies to a great video that you feel tells the truth in a nutshell. I personally would have one just for the scamdemic, another for Agenda 21, the New World Order and even one explaining how they plan to make us into transhumans. You can also showcase one of my playlists which will have a lot of different videos for them to watch. You can go to my channel here and see which one you like. If you need a shorter URL, just reach out and I’ll create one for you for the video you want to share.
  10. Whenever you see someone without a mask, applaud them and make a big deal out of it in front of others.
  11. Get you and 50 other truthers to go onto twitter and Quora threads, YouTube channel comments, and Facebook groups where normies hang out and talk about the truth. Try not to be abrasive about it, but find an opening.You may want to PM (private message) someone so you are more subtle. In order to do that, create 20-30 Facebook and Twitter accounts with different e-mail addresses.That’s action, instead of sitting in other truther groups talking to an echo chamber.
  12. All pitch in and invest in an LED sign that flashes something that is very eye-catching and will make people think. Make sure you are able to get your money back if they are forced to take it down.
  13. Support businesses who open despite the risk to their finances AND their lives.Make sure you create a webpage applauding them and post it all around. Explain why you are supporting them. Always explain what is really going on. Just saying you applaud the business for opening isn’t good enough.
  14. Chip in with other truthers and place online ads somewhere that have nothing to do with fakebook, twitter or youtube.
  15. Make sure to trash the MSM (mainstream media) every chance you get. Tell them that the first STEP is to get them OFF of MSM. The only people who should be allowed to watch MSM are people who have been awake for years and know what brainwashing sounds like.
  16. Support the people who are just waking up because they will have tons of questions and be full of fear. You must be there for the first several months to emotionally support them.The more people who hammer home the same message (mix it up of course so as to not bore them) over and over again, this will break through their brainwashing. You are using the evils’ tactics against them.
  17. Grab 10-20 other people and go maskless around the neighborhood or in stores with signs.Do NOT just go maskless without flyers that you can hand out that explain what is really going on. I’ve seen people do this and it’s ridiculous. They are jeopardizing their freedom and lives for NOTHING.Normies don’t know WHY this is all happening, it’s your job to tell them why and it’s NOT because of the fake virus.Even if you still believe the virus is real, make sure you hammer it home that just because someone gets sick and even if the odd person dies, it DOESN’T mean we have the right to shut down the entire country or world.Remember to have links they can go to to get REAL information. You should have also agreed upon a chant that everyone would say whenever they were verbally or physically attacked. Have two different ones.I also have songs if you want the video file. You can turn it into an MP3 file and play it from your phone.Also buy megaphones to get your message across at further distances.
  18. No matter where you go, you know going maskless will prompt outrage or fear, so that is the perfect opportunity to pass out flyers to anyone who verbally (or physically) attacks you, especially on how masks don’t protect you from anything AND they will make you sick and kill your brain cells.
  19. From The White Rose – “A business in your area refused to serve you for not wearing a mask/not having the vaccine? Get fellow group members to leave negative social media reviews.”
  20. From a member of Citizens of Freedom – put a decal on your car. Some may not want to do this if they don’t want to be targeted.
  21. Put any of the text on t-shirts.

Protect you and your family By

  1. Home school your child. If some school official complains, just tell them you are moving out of state and change your number. This is what a friend did that was constantly harassed by the elementary school her children were going to. Be creative.You do NOT want your children in school. The evils are brainwashing them and turning them against you. They have been doing this since last year. I saw evidence of this.Not to mention, in the US they can vaccinate your child without your permission.
  2. You have to start creating small communities of 8 people or less and find other like-minded people so you can create a garden or micro farm because there will be NO food left since the evils have been getting rid of all REAL food for almost a year now.Here’s the reason why having small communities is best. Then you have a network of small communities that support and help one another.You are going to have to get out of the mindset of modern society. We HAVE to go back to how things used to e hundreds of years ago where we grew our own food, bartered with one another, and we were a COMMUNITY!
  3. We need to work the LAND and get off of the computer which is where they want us. Most people have been part transhuman long before today. This is why your children have been brainwashed to have a smart phone, a tablet and a computer and be online 24/7.


So here are just some of the actions to wake the normies up!


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3 comments on “Actions to wake the normies up”

  1. Here’s a PDF you can hand out to the people you are trying to wake up, or you can just copy each question as you need it.

    Unfortunately, I’m not sure it will even work since there’s too much evidence that the brainwashing sticks.

    I’d love to know from you, have you ever woken anyone up who was already brainwashed?

    In case you never saw this video from a few months ago, and then this study that shows that the PCR test brainwashed you.

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