Addicted to the Internet

Is this the life we chose by being prisoners behind a monitor and being Addicted to the Internet?
The evils have been working towards this ever since they let the Internet out onto the masses. Remember, the government had the internet long before we even knew what it was.
Make no mistake, they knew this was going to happen and they created all of the elements to make us addicted and segregated off from REAL society out there away from our computers.
This is NO DIFFERENT than what an abusive spouse or boyfriend does to an abused woman.
He cuts her OFF from the rest of the world (friends, family, etc.)
She STOPS talking to them.
Now they are further sealing the deal by forcing EVERYONE to stay at home (kids as well) so we become more transhuman and continue to harm ourselves with the ongoing EMFs. Do you know how much damage EMFs do to your body (yes that includes your brain?)

STOP hiding behind the monitor!

Have a verbal conversation with someone you talk to online, eventually do video, and if you live in the same city, go meet them.
Try to spend more time outside even if it’s going to a store, restaurant etc. (oh WAIT, they are trying to stop us from doing that too)

We have to STOP worshiping the COMPUTER and INTERNET!

How is that any different than worshiping the TV???

Make no mistake, we ARE Addicted to the Internet

Addicted to the Internet

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