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Freedom for BusinessesAmerican open your business. STOP letting your slave masters tell you what to do.

Please share far and WIDE!!!

We can NEVER break free of our chains until we ALL stick together. No one seems to be learning this lesson even though the war broke out a year ago (smh).

Even if you don’t own a business, don’t you see how all of these businesses being closed down will affect your life?

  1. You will have less choices on where to buy items. You will be living in a communist country (we already are) with only one or two state-sponsored companies and of course, Amazon and Walmart are two of them. Just look WHO was allowed to remain open during the imprisonments.
  2. Only the evil corps will stay open to sell you toxic food and things to make you sick. The evils are making sure you get as much toxic food and toxic items into your body so you remain sick. Look at my list here of ALL of the different ways they poison you, and you think it’s a virus harming you and it isn’t.
  3. No jobs means no salary for you and millions more.
  4. No jobs means you don’t have money to spend on other businesses so they also go out of business.

Do you really want to look around your neighborhood and see everything boarded up so it looks like a GHOST TOWN???

LEARN the truth about what is really going on because it has NOTHING to do with their fake virus and FEAR PORN.

THIS is the takedown of HUMANITY!

THIS is the next HOLOCAUST!


Think I’m crazy?

Watch the videos here on Agenda 21, and watch this playlist on Food. Not that our food choices were good before because they have been poisoning us with their toxic food for decades, but now things are going to get so bad that people will be starving. We are all going to be forced to eat their lab-created food and their insects.

Not every video is there because the evils and goolag are book burning all of the videos spreading the truth, so you can also go to my channel here on LBRY but there are no playlists there.

I’m on my 2nd strike with the evil gooolag (YouTube) for uploading my intro video, so I’ll have to upload a lot of the videos to that main channel once I’m free to do so.

Please, stand together with your brothers and sisters who are part of the 99%.

Please do NOT support the evils (1% and their mafia government) because if you do, you are nothing but a nazi sympathizer.

Learn the truth about what is going on and wake up your friends and family.

Enough with the BRAINWASHING already!

We hope to see your business open on March 1, 2021.

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