America The Police State

Are You Aware of America The Police State?

America The Police StateIn this day and age of 2017 we do consider America the police state put there by a corrupt government that will NEVER stop, as their corruption is funded by EVIL CORPS.

Almost anyone is now detained for the NUMEROUS laws the government has put in place in order to keep the people (slaves) in line. Every year there are more and more laws put on the books, not to mention keeping around the old archaic laws that have no relevance in our current society.

Notice how the laws that are REALLY meant to protect the masses don’t exist because the EVIL CORPS pay good money to grease the palms of the corrupt government or judicial officials.

These laws are only one sided, where the rich and connected never see the inside of a jail, and the poor whites, blacks, hispanic and other ethnic groups fill up the private prisons that make money off of every head put there.

The CORRUPT GOVERNMENT has also done a good job at training their loyal followers to turn against others at the drop of a hat. So instead of people uniting together, they jump up and down in glee as they are praised by their slave owners when they tattle like little children on their neighbors.

Yes there are times when we feel someone needs to step in if your neighbor is bothering you, but that isn’t the type of police state intervention we are talking about disliking.

The EVIL CORPS saw an opportunity, and used their RICHES to corrupt the government that replaced the King and Queen, but at least back then, most people were free to do whatever they pleased so long as it didn’t go against the crown.

When you put people in a cage even if it’s metaphorically, they will start to feel uncomfortable and eventually fight to be free, and this is why we have seen so much strife in the last 30-50 years.

Humans were never meant to be controlled by religion or other humans, they were meant to be born free to grow as they choose.

As we collect them, we will add to this list of examples of how the police go after people and take away their right to be free:


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