America Will Implode

Do You Think America Will Implode?

America will implodeSome are saying that America will implode in the not too distant future due to it’s greed and lust for power, war and money.

The war money machine is only one example of the greed of the US and the capitalistic America, but it’s the center focus of what is going on now.

The United States military advertises heavily to kids who grew up in poverty and are usually uneducated. They have no other way to make this kind of money, so they enlist.

These young men and women are sent to either die, or get emotionally and physically disfigured JUST so the EVIL CORPS and others within the government can make more money and have MORE power.

As one veteran recently said in a seminar, these men and women who go to serve in the military are there “Serving Corporate and Commercial Interests.”

He didn’t realize this fact until he was in his second tour in Afghanistan.

Abbey interviews retired U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson on Dec 11, 2015.

Wilkerson says that history shows that when an empire consumes based on GREED, they can never last, and he feels this is a foreshadowing of what is due to happen to the United States of America in the not to distant future.

The reason the former Colonel decided to come forward, was that while he knew full well the horrible acts that the US had enacted on countries like Vietnam and the Philippines, he NEVER knew about the terrible acts of torture in Iraq green lite AND encouraged by the then President and Vice President (Bush and Dick Cheney.)

Here are details from the interview:

  1. America spends sooooo MUCH money on war, that it’s heavily in debt
  2. The 1% isn’t the 1%, it’s even LESS than one 1%. These few families have SOOOO much wealth, their net worth is equivalent to the GDP of Brazil, India, etc.
  3. Their wealth doesn’t help America at all, as they hoard their money.It’s not earned money, it’s money that has been passed down from generation to generation, and it’s not spread out into society so others can use it to generate their own money. In fact if we had to hazard a guess, they probably spend more of their money in Europe or private islands, than in America.
  4. Americans and other people worldwide, are living off the rest of the small amount of money that is generated, and when you compare that amount with what the 1% has, it’s very little.
  5. The defense contractors who make HUGE sums of money off the manufacturing of war arms are licking their chops at making even MORE money now due to the war in Syria.They are even vocal about their glee at how much they are making, since the US military has dropped sooo many bombs, they have nothing left and constantly need more.
  6. Starting from the time around the Iraq war (both MI6 and the CIA knew there were NO WMDs), former generals in the military go from working in war, to working at these defence armament contractors.

    For this reason they have no reason to talk openly and honestly about what is REALLY going on.Not only that, they are highly influential in advising the President on whether they should go to war. This is just one of the reasons why the US goes to war. These generals know if they push war, these defense contractors will give them cushy six figure jobs when they are done serving.

    They ALSO get cushy six figure jobs at mainstream media outlets playing the role of “expert military advisor” telling ALL Americans who sit glued to their TVs, that it’s okay that we go to war, and here’s why.

  7. The “so called” intelligence in the United States government lies over and over again about what is going on over in the Middle East.Now it seems they lied about Bashar Assad (the Syrian president) using chemical weapons on his people. Yes there were chemical weapons, but he wasn’t the one who dropped them.
  8. The war in Afghanistan isn’t about the taliban, it’s about China, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and Syria. It’s about oil, water and energy. Wilkerson predicts the war won’t finish for another 50 or so years.
  9. Why does America want more countries in Nato? Because then Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Boeing can sell arms to them and push out the Soviets who are currently selling to them.
  10. In his parting words:”An empire NEVER has enough”He says the American people HAVE TO TAKE ACTION and say, “I’ve HAD IT!



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