Are You Really Free

The Age Old Question Are You Really Free?

Are You Really FreeAre You Really Free from control?

Do you feel like a slave in your own body?

Do you feel you can think or do whatever you want without repercussion? We aren’t talking about violence or hurting others.

Are you happy pretty most of the time? Most people are never happy 24/7, but ask 20 people you know if they are TRULY happy and what will they say? Not what they think others want to hear, but whether they are TRULY happy.

Do you feel sick most of the time? How is your quality of life?

Did you know that STRESS is the #1 KILLER?

When people are caged whether it’s metaphorically or in a REAL cage, the chances of them being happy are slim.

Are you constantly fighting with others around you about what side of the political spectrum they are on?

Are you constantly putting others down because of which government or president they voted for?

Are you afraid to protest on any topic that means a lot to you for fear of reprisal?

Are you disgusted by all the violence and anger out there in the world? Did you know that lack of freedom insights violence?

Are you often wondering what happened to the “Good Old Days?”

Even in so called “first world countries,” Millennials won’t know what this means as they have been raised in a world of control, violence, oppression and injustice, but if you study history and we mean REALLY study it, you will come to realize even in the “good old days” we also experienced violence, oppression and injustice. It was just less obvious, because they did a better job of giving us a false sense of security and freedom.

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, maybe this video will help you even if you don’t understand or agree with it at first.

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