Attacks on Farmers

Attacks on FarmersSo there have been increasing attacks on farmers going back to around the late 1990’s, but if you want to get technical, this dates back to when the fast food industry took over America and started bullying farmers and running them out of business if they didn’t do as they were told.

We are pretty certain these attacks on farmers probably even dates back to the 1800’s.

Then Monsanto did their number of attacks on farmers by taking them to court if they didn’t buy their toxic GMO seed. They wouldn’t actually take them to court for that, but mysteriously Monsanto’s seed would show up on a farmer’s land once they refused to buy their seed. That’s when Monsanto would take them to court claiming the farmers stole it.

And of course, Monsanto has TONS of money and can afford to take farmers to court, whereas farmers are never rich and can’t afford that.

How The Government Attacked a Farmer in Michigan

Now the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), which isn’t an elected governing body, is wielding MORE attacks on farmers.

A farmer out in Michigan was raising a prized pig from Hungary called the Mangalitsa pig.

Then one day while dropping off the meat to one of his customers, he finds out that the DNR went around to ALL of his customers and told them that they can no longer sell the pig meat or even keep it in their freezer. That it’s now against the law and a new regulation.

They “claimed” this pig supposedly had 9 characteristics that prevented this farmer from selling it, including that it was a feral pig which was ridiculous.

The farmer then thought there was a mistake and confronted the Department of Natural Resources and instead of listening, they threatened him. They told him that he either has to get rid of ALL of his pigs by April 1, 2012, or they would fine him $10,000 per animal.

Then the next threat was that they would arrest him, shoot all his pigs and put a lean on his farm.

He REFUSED to be “compliant” with the DNR because he had been under the misguided impression that America was a democracy and that we, the people, had rights to have our own land and raise whatever stock we wanted.

He also didn’t have the money to just throw these pigs away, he had paid a lot of money for them and he had been making a living raising and selling them.

He had to hire a lawyer, which he had never done before, and then the attorney general got involved to protect the DNR. So this meant he was paying for his lawyer and his taxes were paying for the attorney general who was coming after him.

On April 1st they never showed up at his farm, but several people drove by as he watched.

Each time he showed up in court, several young guys with their suits, sunglasses and guns would show up to intimidate him. They didn’t actually do anything to him, but the message was clear.

No Feral Pigs

So turns out there was a problem with feral pigs in Texas, but NO problem in Michigan, and this farmer did ask around. Even if there was a problem, people would just shoot them if they got loose and caused havoc. The government has NO business telling us what we can and can’t sell to make a living.

Department of Agriculture

Turns out that the Department of Agriculture was behind this attack. They had to use the DNR because they are armed government workers, and in Michigan all farmers are armed, so there was no way pencil pushers were going to come to a Michigan farmer and threaten him without backup.

The farmer explains that the department of agriculture was just using scare tactics to try and gain access to his land because they ONLY have access to public land, not private land.

The farmer thinks that the bigger picture is that the soil in America is shot (we know this is true), and they are only going after farms in the Midwest where the soil is still somewhat fertile. They don’t care about the farms on the east and west coast.

Most farmers when they get this letter with these threats from the government, they just pack up and go instead of fighting it.

Guess who gets their LAND when this happens?

THE BIG Agriculture BUSINESSES that control our FOOD and the government!

The Fight Isn’t Over

Even though the department of Ag told the judge that this farmer was compliant, in actuality nothing had changed.

The case was dismissed.

But this farmer was also raising chickens, and so the corrupt government department of ag started going after his employees.

They also started going to his retail clients to tell them he’s under investigation. He just happened to find out from one of the retailer’s employees.

The Threats From the Government Bullies To This Farmer

  • We will arrest you
  • We will arrest you in front of your kids
  • We will arrest your kids
  • We will fine you $700,000
  • In a popular magazine, they saw a picture of a chef holding one of this farmer’s hams. This farmer had given the ham to this chef, because he did business with him in the past.

    The department of agriculture didn’t see their stamp on it, and didn’t know where it was processed.

    Instead of just calling the farmer up and asking him, they wanted to beat him down. They got a search warrant to search his house, cars and computer. AMAZING!

    Understand that these are food inspectors, not the FBI.

    They came to the farmer’s farm/house with state police and when he asked one of the state police if they knew why they were there, they had no idea.

    When he told them they have to stand at the foot of his driveway and he’s going to go call his friends to witness what was going on, the department of Ag guys ran away.


Reasons Why Industrial Agricultural Companies Are a Problem

  1. Only a few companies control the food supply. If we don’t behave, they could starve us all to death. Think we are just being fear based? Why do you think these EVIL CORPS have bought up ALL these small and medium farms so they have become a monopoly?
  2. All the chemicals they have used have polluted the air, water and our earth have harmed all humans and living things both by being in the food, as well as in the water and earth.
  3. Instead of caring for the soil, they just rape it. A small farmer would care for the soil as it’s his/her baby.
  4. The government supports all of these EVIL CORPS that are poisoning us, and in specific, they allow Monsanto to use glyphosate on ALL crops. Glyphosate is a poison you may know as roundup.

    Roundup has gotten into everything, and every time you eat produce from the stores, you ingest this toxin.

    This is just one reason why our digestive systems are shot and so many people are sick. If your digestive system doesn’t work, then all of your organs start to fail and you don’t get the nutrients you need to be a fully functioning human being with energy.

    The crops have actually fought back and resisted this roundup, so Monsanto has made their roundup even MORE toxic and once again, we are ingesting this roundup. It’s even run-off into all the well water.

  5. In order to get these HUGE heavy pieces of machinery onto the farm fields, they have to drain all the water from the farms into large bodies of water. This means those bodies of water get all the roundup poured into them. Then they have to fertilize the farmland again and that runs off into the bodies of water and people can’t even use boats on these bodies of water because the plants in them grow too much.
  6. Industrial corporations and how they raise cows – they cram cows into small prisons so when they all have a bowel movement (BM) all at the same time, it causes problems. If they were outside roaming free, it wouldn’t matter, but the smell and toxins from the BMs stuck in encloses spaces is a health hazard. You can smell it miles away and this shit flows into waterways.

How Did This Farmer Stand Up To The Government Bully?

Well, first of all, he’s used to dealing with conflict from when he was in the air force and so he simply said NO. I will NOT comply with your demands. I’m a FREE human being and have the right to my land.

The corrupt government would try another tactic and he would say no to that too.

There was no physical fighting because they knew things would get worse, so this was a battle of wills and so far he’s stood his ground.

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