What Is  Autopoesis?

AutopoesisAutopoesis is a unique creative method of gaining information from the Universe

This creative communication method was brought to our attention by Bob Podolsky.

It is used in small groups of people who want to figure out solutions to problems within their community, or come up with creative solutions to expand the community.

It can be used in business or families as well.

The Universe is holographic according to Michael Talbot. Assuming this is correct information, this means that all information that exists in the universe is available everywhere.

The second part of the hypothesis is that the human brain is a quantum mechanical “machine” that is able, under the right conditions, to reach out into the holographic quantum universe and retrieve whatever information it is seeking. This is both true and false information, and you need to learn how to tell the difference between truth and lies. That can only be done via science.

Here is a detailed list of instructions for  Autopoesis so you understand how it works

  • “So what is Autopoesis and how does it work? Here are the basics. In a nutshell, Autopoesis is a group trance state. The members of an Octologue sit on comfortable chairs in a tight circle with their arms on the shoulders of their neighbors. Bare feet touch in the middle of the circle. A Bach fugue plays softly in the background. A hypnotic facilitator leads the experience verbally, making direct and indirect suggestions that enable the members of the group to alter their consciousness in a particular manner. The rules to which the group members have agreed are simple:
  • A subject of autopoetic interest has been agreed upon before the session;
  • Each member is encouraged to think about the subject with both his/her conscious and subconscious minds;
  • When a thought occurs to a member that seems interesting, and the member feels an urge to share the thought aloud, he/she withholds the information the first time the urge to speak occurs;
  • If the thought recurs, the person thinking it is obliged to speak it aloud – no matter how strange, weird, irrational, bizarre, or otherwise nonsensical it may seem.
  • The session continues until someone (anyone) in the group requests that it end.
  • Such sessions are usually recorded for later play-back, because participants often don’t recall what has been said, even if they were the one to have spoken.

It should be noted that it is often the strangest autopoetic comments that turn out to be the most creative and useful when carefully examined later. By this means the Octologue accesses information that no one in the group could access on their own – though many creative individuals use altered “mystical” states as part of their creative methodology. Still, the synergy of the group trance seems to act as an amplifier of each individual’s creativity, thus yielding a level of innovation greater than the sum of the individual participants’ capabilities.”


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