Billionaires and Their Money

Have You Ever Wondered About Billionaires and Their Money?

Billionaires and Their MoneyA writer, Brooke Harrington, decided to research billionaires and their money. In order to do so, she trained as a “wealth manager” in order to gain access to their lives.

She said learned just some of the following:

  1. The borders of countries don’t matter to them, and neither does the law. This is why Trump touted that he was “smart,” when he was confronted by Clinton about not paying his Federal Income tax. He also said the tax money would have been wasted.Many of these billionaires feel the same thing. They say that the government is incompetent and corrupt, and if they paid their taxes, they would just use the money unwisely.We can’t argue with that. We already know that, which is just one reason WHY we don’t believe in government.

    While we don’t believe in paying taxes, we feel it’s GROSSLY unfair that the people who have the LEAST amount of money are forced to pay otherwise they are thrown in jail or are levied with heavy fines and interest. On the flip side, the people with the MOST money get away with not paying ANYTHING and the IRS doesn’t do a THING!

    These wealth managers and their clients also feel they are doing a moral service by NOT paying their taxes.

    Why you ask? Well Brooke said that the wealthy think it’s damaging to provide this money to the people because the poor will just depend on it and not take and initiative to get themselves out of their situation.

    While this may be true in some cases, it doesn’t address why so many people have to rely upon help from the government, such as:

    a) They are uneducated, and most if not all companies pay uneducated people poorly. Even educated people are paid poorly.

    Not to mention society plays TOO much importance on post secondary education (we aren’t talking about for professional careers) which is mainly a racket to get TONS of money out of people.

    There is no proof that a person who goes to post secondary is any more intelligent than a person who doesn’t. In fact, many people can study a subject and learn all about it on their own via books, videos, interviews, etc. Just because a person isn’t a scientist or a lawyer doesn’t mean they can’t be self-made and train themselves to be. We’ve heard of one such woman who studied the toxic nature of farm fisheries and how they affect the health of wild salmon, other marine life and the eco system.

    No, she wasn’t a scientist, BUT she had worked on the water for the last 15-20 years, and then took it upon herself to investigate what was happening when the first farm fishery came into her town and whales started disappearing along with dead fish showing up.

    In fact, Trump had a season dedicated to this very idea. He had the uneducated and the educated entrepreneurs go toe to toe to win their spot on “The Apprentice.”

    Guess who Trump picked?

    b) The cost of living HAS gone up tremendously, and the rate of pay has either gone down, or stayed the same as it was years ago. The math obviously doesn’t add up. Back in the 50’s to 80’s families could afford to buy a house on a low income wage.

    Now even with two adults working it’s very difficult in many countries.

    The very wealthy usually don’t have to worry about this. If there’s a downturn with their business, they are making money from their numerous investments.

    c) Then there’s people who are sick which has become an epidemic due to a myriad of factors such as the fake food people eat, the toxic mold in most apartments, houses, offices and schools, the pushing of drugs by doctors, the fact that people don’t naturally walk anymore, the toxics spewed into the water, air, and earth that make people sick, and we can list a lot more.

    These things are ALL done BY the billionaires who are part of the EVIL CORPS working in tandem WITH the corrupt government.

    Billionaires eat high quality clean food, they NEVER eat the fake food most regular people eat. They most probably have a personal trainer for exercising, they live in the cleanest areas of the country, and in a house that can afford all the amenities. If they needed mold to be remediated, they could do it at the drop of a hat, they may take prescription drugs for their ills, but they most probably fly anywhere in the world to see someone holistic. We haven’t looked to see if there is a study that compares how many billionaires and their family members are sick, compared to regular people.

    They have a myriad of stress relievers we don’t have access to. They get massages daily which helps with stress, they have hot tubs, can vacation often and for long periods of time, and the list goes on. Most billionaires take 4 months off for every year that they work.

    Regular people can’t afford these amenities, and most do have to worry about paying the bills which is a stressor that affects your health and emotional state. This means you work less, work less productively, or you probably miss a lot of work as well.

    Not to mention the government markets heavily to young people so they can send them off to fight their WARS and then they come back damaged either emotionally or physically and can barely work.

    Again, these BILLIONAIRES are part of the problem and they NEVER have to deal with ANY of these things.

    How many billionaire’s kids do YOU know who go off to fight in these money making wars? These wars are STARTED by EVIL CORPS in order to rake in the billions and TRILLIONS from the wars.

  2. Like most everyone, the billionaires care about social stigma, PLUS something we usually don’t have to worry about – extortion.They also care about things such as certain family members not getting their hands on their money, protecting their money if they are doing something either illegal or socially shameful, or if a son/daughter is doing drugs or other activities that would be shameful to them.
  3. They care deeply about how to hide assets if they know they are going to get a divorce. This way the wife will only get a small amount that he won’t bother fighting for.We personally don’t believe in spouses getting absolutely half of EVERYTHING another spouse made UNLESS they helped with the business in some way which includes taking care of the children or him/her while they went to school. Since the very wealthy often have nannies, a housekeeper and chefs, the wife wouldn’t be able to use that excuse.We think the divorce laws are a MESS, and unfair overall, and is what causes so much strife in life. We aren’t saying the spouse shouldn’t get anything, just not half.
  4. Billionaires also need to keep their wealth and secrets private, so these wealth managers often do tasks you would NEVER ask your financial manager to do, such as calm down a family member who didn’t get as much in the will as they wanted.The reason you ask?

    Well, in court these secrets would have to come out, and obviously that’s not what they want.

You can listen to the full podcast below, plus also get Brook Harrington’s book here.


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