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They Are Making Us Brain Stupid

Brain StupidHave you ever wondered why every year people in the US and in other countries they appear to be more and more stupid? People love their DENIAL, which keeps them stupid. Denial means not keeping your mind open to what is going on around you. Plus it’s easy to manipulate people when their brains aren’t functioning well.

Or people just enjoy being slaves to the government and EVIL CORPS. Remember, most people are followers, they aren’t leaders or even somewhere in between of being a leader and a follower. And if most people are overworked, under paid, are dealing with split single parent families, sick and exhausted, they will have no energy to want to do anything about their current situation, so they will just remain passive and controllable. This is just where they want us.

While we feel that EVERYONE must take responsibility for their current life and situation and therefore they can’t blame outside influences, we also feel EVIL CORPS and the CORRUPT GOVERNMENT play a hand in keeping people under their thumb.

Here’s our take on why this is happening, and it’s NO coincidence:

With all the poisoning the EVIL CORPS and CORRUPT GOVERNMENT do to us, we accept things like:

  1. Food poisoning with FAKE FOOD. All boxed, most frozen or canned processed food is fake, even so called “organic” is known to have chemicals on it.
    They also poison the chickens and beef while they keep them caged as prisoners, so we are eating poisons from them too, plus these animals are sick. When you lock up any natural species and feed it poisoned food or food it wasn’t meant to eat, they will become sick. This is ONLY common sense.Many crops are grown in moldy soil or the seeds were moldy to begin with.The US hides the fact that they grow mass quantities of GMO (genetically modified organisms) crops. Ask yourself why they are hiding it from the public if it’s so safe?

    The EVIL CORPS who have infiltrated the farming industry for decades have tried to quash EVERY scientific study that proves that GMO is harmful to humans AND animals. They also defame scientists whenever they try to speak out about the truth.

  2. Toxic water – fluoride also warps the brain. The human body wasn’t meant to ingest chemicals. It’s a natural species that can only handle natural products.They also dump toxins into our once beautiful waters thereby killing or poisoning all the marine life. Then people eat the toxic fish or even swim in it.People shower and brush their teeth in this toxic water. Our skin is our most porous organ.
  3. Earth – they dump toxic chemicals in it so people are eating toxic produce, breathing in the toxins, even often walking on it. They then become very sick & many die.Many small out of the way towns are dumping grounds for these EVIL CORPS, and they get away with harming or murdering these poor people because they own the CORRUPT GOVERNMENT.They have cut down acres of trees because the logging industry owns the government, and this is the case WORLDWIDE, not just in America.Trees are needed not just for spiritual reasons, but so we can breath fresh air. You cut down this many trees, and their CO2 goes into the air and causes ozone layer issues, hence climate change.
  4. Air – we are constantly breathing in toxic air and instead of building means of transportation that is Green, they continue to build unhealthy toxic transportation.If you think toxic air is just outside with the toxic fumes from cars, buses, trains, airplanes, etc., think again.Most of the toxic air we breath is inside our homes, and in the US, there are NO laws on the books helping us if we find out the air inside our home is toxic.

    The inside air is full of dust, dirt, air that doesn’t circulate in and out, air after cooking, cigarette smoke if you are forced to breath it in from other people’s apartments, etc.

    Most construction companies use cheap toxic or unsafe materials to build apartments and houses. They also use the same methods to build schools, and office buildings where people often get sick, not to mention our children are supposed to be learning in these toxic school buildings.

    These unsafe buildings are prone to mold which is often very toxic towards some people on a small level, or very dangerous to people who have the genetic marker for mold.

    Whenever there is a water leak (no matter how small), the odds of mold accumulating and spreading is very high. People often don’t understand that mold is often invisible and hidden behind walls and under carpets or sub flooring.

    Mold is one of the leading unspoken toxins in our environment, and no one takes responsibility for this epidemic including the government.

  5. Animals – we already discussed how they poison or feed our food supply with things they aren’t meant to eat. Like cows are NOT meant to eat anything but toxic free grass, but you’d be shocked what they feed these animals. Then we eat the cows and we get sick or it lowers our immune system.While it hasn’t been brought up as far as we know, we have a feeling that Mad Cow Disease that deals in prions is also linked to how poorly farmers take care of their cattle. They are now linking prions to Alzheimer’s disease. They did find a Mad Cow disease link to them feeding their cattle other animal body parts and we once heard that the risk increases when you slaughter the animal without letting the blood drain free. Instead, most cattle are killed where the blood stays in the body.The average method for slaughtering the animals is so murderous, that it affects the taste and texture of the meat which is why most meat doesn’t taste good. The glycogen in the animals’ bodies are used up and their release of adrenaline triggers a change in the pH (the acidity).

    And for those of you who believe in respecting and appreciating what animals give to us as far as nutrition, abusing them both while they are living and also during the slaughtering process means we as a society are damaging our soul and respect for ALL living creatures.

    The EVIL CORPS have also poisoned and killed numerous animal and insect species that are needed in order for humans and other animal and insect species to live and survive in a healthy environment.

    It’s called the ECO SYSTEM. You mess with the ECO SYSTEM, you mess with our ability to live a healthy life.

  6. EMFs – then there’s all the EMFs (electricity that poisons us as all humans are made up of electricity) from our computers, routers and cell phones.The government doesn’t care if this is harming us. Remember, the manufacturers of these products are EVIL CORPS and they own the CORRUPT GOVERNMENT. If they cared about humans, they would have created products that don’t harm us, but still give us great technology.Many people STILL live in denial and believe the government is there to take care of them.
  7. False News and Propaganda – Then they stream false news and propaganda using mainstream media, brainwashing TV shows and Internet commercials to the brain. This keeps people stupid so they don’t ask questions and figure out what is REALLY going on.The most popular shows on TV are the ones that are the least intelligent, like these idiotic reality TV shows, or shows that require absolutely no brain power to understand.The smart TV shows usually get cancelled within the first year unless they are showcased on networks such as Showtime, AMC, Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.
  8. Education – And lastly, the education system is corrupt. Back when these men started gaining their fortunes in the early 1900’s (J.D. Rockeller through his oil interests, J.P. Morgan, Carnegie, Mellon, Guggenheim, Vanderbilt, Peabody and Ford), they needed to figure out a way to keep all their money and make it appear they were also doing good for society.That is when they created “tax-exempt non-profit organizations or NGO’s. In 1900, there were 21 corporate NGO’s and by 1990, some 50,000.””Their strategy was to keep the working middle class from ever rising to power through controlling of the public education systems in the United States.”
    “Through the largess of their foundations the Rockefellers, Carnegie, Mellon, Vanderbilt, Morgan and Guggenheim Foundations colluded to begin the process of designing our current public education system.”

    Quote: “The ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee and I will pay more for that ability than for any other under the sun”. John D. Rockefeller

    “In 1905 J.D. Rockefeller kick-started the creation of the General Education Board (GEB). Rockefeller alone, with 1905 dollars, initially gifted $1 million dollars, then increased it to $10 million in 1907, later a further sum of $32 million and through subsequent decades granted some $7.5 billion. With significant money buys significant influence and loyalty.”

    “In 1913, the Sixty-Second Congress created a commission to investigate the role of these newly created NGO foundations. The commission after a year of testimony concluded:

    “The domination of men in whose hands the final control of a large part of American industry rests is not limited to their employees, but is being rapidly extended to control the education and social services of the nation. The giant foundation exercises enormous power through direct use of its funds, free of any statutory entanglements so they can be directed precisely to the levers of a situation; this power, however, is substantially increased by building collateral alliances which insulate it from criticism and scrutiny.”

    So it’s very clear that the education system WAS specifically designed to keep the middle class exactly where these tyrants wanted them in order to make sure they stayed at the TOP.

    The school system teaches kids how to be passive and believe in everything the CORRUPT GOVERNMENT does with NO questions asked.

    Like all slaves, they just accept everything their masters tell them to do and behave. This is also very similar to how religion controls its masses as well. Do what the “good book says, with no questions asked.” If you do ask questions or have doubts, there is something wrong with you.

    Teachers aren’t even allowed to bring in their own books, and if they try to teach outside of the government approved curriculum, they will be fired or worse.Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt is a whistleblower who worked with the U.S. Department of Education and admits that she was taught how to “con the community.” She also says the dark truth was a “top-down plan to overhaul education to achieve statist aims.”

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