Brainwashing TV Shows

Brainwashing TV ShowsSo the criminals in government have been using brainwashing techniques since at least the 1900s, and since the government controls most (if not all) of hollywood, they use TV shows to brainwash the masses. Before then they were using radio and of course newspapers and magazines (still do.)

I watch a lot of TV (always have) and either they are ramping up their brainwashing, or I’m only noticing it way more now since I’m AWAKE.

I think it’s the former, as I was awake a few years ago and it wasn’t this bad.

I’ll detail the brainwashing TV shows where I found blatant brainwashing;  sometimes ongoing, sometimes only once or twice.

I may have continued watching because this is just a part of life and if I ditched very TV show, there would be nothing to watch and I need TV to relax m.

When the brainwashing is so disgusting, I usually just shut down the TV show and won’t continue watching:

  1. The Mob Doctor – in episode 12 they brainwashed with both transgender propaganda and also making holistic herbs (one) seem like it’s toxic to the body. And while they didn’t say you should stay away from them, it was implied.
  2. FBI – I was close to shutting it down and the final straw was when they lied about the gas attacks by Assad in Syria. They also planted the seed that Russia is the evil one and I don’t believe for a moment they are a great kind country, but they are no worse than the United States of America. What’s worse is that everyone knows Russia is bad, while most people thin America is great. sigh
  3. This Is Us – is one of my favorite shows and in season 4 in the first episode, there was already propaganda not with them selling Yelp which is a corrupt lying review site, but then suggesting that we could have relationships with robots. “with a boy or a girl, or even a robot if you are into that.”

    So you may think that’s just supposed to be funny, UNLESS you know how the evils want to make it so all humans are not just replaced with AI, but also make us part robot.

    Then in episode 14 (again season 4), they mention vaccines as something that has to be done and a good thing. And the baby in the episode was already pretty much blind and has food allergies, so the vaccines will just make everything worse. Clearly they are making it seem like it’s NORMAL for babies to be blind and have food allergies.

  4. The Rookie – It’s too bad because the show does have its good points as it can be funny and also discuss working on your traumatic experiences.

    So I’m re-watching the last episode of last season and it’s all about vaccines and the CDC and quarantining, hazmat suits, etc. I don’t believe in coincidences, especially not when it comes to the evils and their pre-planning and foreshadowing.

    Plus any cop show or government show always shows them as being kind people who want the best for society in general when nothing could be further from the truth. The shows only make it seem like us, the regular people turn bad, rarely the cops. And on the TV shows when they do go after cops, they always make it seem like they are taken care by internal affairs (IA), which is also not true. I learned recently many of the cops in IA are just as bad as the bad cops.

    Most bad cops continue their career for decades. They are almost never arrested, and even if they do get arrested, they somehow always manage to go free and usually get their job back.

    Season 2 – Episode 8 – talks about predicting crimes before they happen and it also eludes that we are like we are computers. This is brainwashing just like the movie, “Minority Report.”

    Why is this important? Because they plan to arrest people (yes, you and me) for even thinking about their so called “crimes.” Even in Australia if you write something in a fit of anger without actually doing anything, you can be arrested.

    They want to normalize people getting arrested when they have NOT committed any crime so that they can arrest anyone without proof or a warrant.

    Season 2 – Episode 11 – it was about selling veggie burgers. Gates has invested billions in fake GMO veggies burgers that are sold through fake fast food joints (Beyond Meat & the Impossible burger), and I would hate to know what they put into those burgers besides the GMO. I know there’s glyphosate in there for one.

    Espisode 12 – they mention Lady Gaga who is controlled by the evils and she worships satan or lucifer. There are a lot of pictures that depict symbolism. This is what the evils use to brand themselves.

    Episode – 18 (plus in a couple of others) they glamorize no-knock warrants when in reality they harm, maim and kill many innocent people all over the country because they go to the wrong house or the owner thinks it’s a criminal and shoots at the criminal cops and the cops shoot back killing anyone who’s in the way. Oh, and the cops also kill dogs. You should sign up to this site to be notified every time there’s a new article with proof as to how criminal the cops really are.

  5. Hanna – while I didn’t mind one gay teenage scene as that is normal, when they did a closeup of the girl wearing LGBT flag colors on her sweater and they held it there, it was obvious to me that it was propaganda.
  6. The New Normal was a TV show they aired in 2012. They were already prepping with their predictive programming. If you don’t know, everyone calls this scamdemic “the new normal.”
  7. The Quad – season two. This is a black TV show and you’ll see why I say that as you read more.

    It starts off immediately with propaganda peddling allopathic tests that are toxic to the body like MRIs, CTs, etc.

    And then it peddles voting, which is meant to brainwash people into believing in the scam voting system and to make them think their vote even matters, which it doesn’t. If you have studied the real history (not the fake lies taught in school or books written by the evils), you will know that voting is just a ritual to make the public go crazy and divide the masses (which it does.) There is this book that I recommend reading.

    I will give them positive reviews though for bringing up the topic of on-campus rape, how football jocks almost always get away with it, how the jocks don’t get passing grades, and how men don’t talk to one another and this causes suicide.

    I’m glad they raised the issue of cops abusing blacks, but people need to understand that while they do go after blacks more than Hispanics and whites, the cops abuse and terrorize all of us.

    They mentioned Global Warming which is a scam perpetrated by the evils to hide the fact that all of the huge weather atrocities we have had since the 1940s is their doing with their geoengineering weather weapons. You can watch more about that here and here.

    So it’s obvious that even the black TV shows are bought and paid for by the evils. The only positives from the show was the education on using condoms. The rest was meant to brainwash the young kids.

  8. Modern Family – well I guess Modern Family is no different (sigh). Season 9, episode 13. Talked about conspiracy theorists as if they are nuts. Shouted out “don’t forget to pay your taxes.” Talked about voting.
  9. Modern Family episode 16 – went on and on about Oprah Winfrey who is an evil, but what’s interesting is that at the end, they made her seem like a scary bitch, so clearly the evils were doing what they normally do. They say one thing, then the exact opposite, and your brain doesn’t know what to believe. That’s called fracturing.
  10. Modern Family – Season 10, episode 5 – unfortunately I forgot to write down other things in an episode a few back. In this one they bring up scientology. WOW. Everyone knows that it’s a cult and they bring it up on a show like Modern Family?They also bashed holistic methods saying that’s not science which of course isn’t true, because TRUE science is part of nature. Today’s science is all about man-made toxins to harm all living things including humans, and it shouldn’t be revered at all. I’m not saying the method described in this episode works, but bashing anything holistic is classic pharma mafia 101.

    They’ve also been advertising tons of companies, and not lightly. It’s sooo obvious they are being paid to mention them which just irks me.

  11. Modern Family – Season 10, episode 5 – they say butter isn’t healthy for you, but it is. Of course only grass-fed cows with no hormones or antibiotics, but if you know anything about food, 90% of all cows are toxic because they are fed food they shouldn’t be eating and GMO feed.
  12. Modern Family – Season 10, episode 15 – more plugs for companies. What did disturb me the most though was a clear ad for Russians. I never had anything negative to say about Russia even though I know that Russia is a very controlling toxic country, but I’m currently starting to learn they may have literally been responsible for infiltrating the UK and the US governments and creating mind control techniques. And NO, this has nothing to do with trumpet, although that may explain the connection that some people were seeing.
  13. Modern Family – Season 10 episode 16 – mentions the fake climate change. Remember to watch the two documentaries (I’ll have more soon) here and here.

    Just so you know, I also used to think climate change was real. From around 1995 until finally around 2 years ago in 2018.

  14. Modern Family – Season 10 episode 17 – talks about the Ebola vaccine clearly making it seem like vaccines are great when they are dangerous and harm and kill millions of babies, children and adults every year. Read just some of the millions of stories of how people have been damaged or killed from vaccines. Here and here.

    OMG, another plug for another company (New Balance). In every episode there’s a plug for minimum two to three huge corporations. Now it’s Instagram and Pinterest.

    Listen, I get it, I’m an entrepreneur as well, but it’s so obvious and fake, that it disgusts me.

  15. Modern Family Season 11, Episode 01 – the so called “stupid one” in the family wants to breast feed and the father and mother try to convince her to bottle feed even though there’s tons of evidence that shows that formula is not healthy, breast milk is, and at the very least she could be pumping and bottle feeding breast milk. The show tried to make the mother who wanted to do right by her babies out to be an idiot for wanting to breast feed. I don’t care if it was inferred the formula was to “shut” the babies up from crying.
  16. Modern Family Season 11, Episode 02 – sales pitch for a smart fridge. All smart appliances can be hacked so they can get access to your computers, other smart devices, etc. And the evils use it to listen in (and watch) on what you are doing in your home.
  17. Modern Family Season 11, Episode 09 – promotes genderless humans which is an evil construct. They want everyone to be gay, trans or genderless. They also mentioned NASA a few times as if it’s a great altruistic government agency. Nothing could be further from the truth.
  18. Modern Family Season 11, Episode 12 – not only do they mention the character going into space, they plug Musk, Bezos, and Zuckerberg. Any truther knows how those three are part of the evil collective. Just pathetic.
  19. Mr. Robot Season 04, Episode 04 – they mention Amazon’s Alexa which I’ve been seeing in almost every TV show that started last season in 2019. They want people to buy Alexa so they can have full access to listening to everything you say in your home. I’m sure they can also do things to your computer, phone, etc. using Alexa, but of course I can’t be certain.Then they mentioned Alexa about 3 more times over the rest of the season, and FINALLY in episode 10 they tell it like it is. Great scene!!! I take that back about Mr. Robot brainwashing, but I wish they would have divulged more.

    I suspect they would have been removed from the air or harmed if they said very much more.

    And no, China isn’t the only boogeyman.

    Well the show was good UNTIL the very last episode which confused me to no end, but I think in the end they wanted to shoot down any last HOPE of someone being the “hero” and helping save humanity, so that’s why he crushed the very last episode.

    It was strange and ruined the entire season for me, not to mention all the other seasons as well. So I take that back, it probably was developed by the evils.

  20. Good Trouble Season 02, Episode 10 – they push voting as being a good thing or something that even makes a difference. Of course it’s all lies. Voting has been rigged since day one. Again, you can read this book here. While it only discusses the 1960s and beyond, it’s clear this has been the case since the evils created the country (America) and my assumption is that it’s the same in every country.
  21. The Alienist – Season 01, Episode 01 – I couldn’t watch it. It was disgusting, but that’s not why I mention it here. It’s trying to normalize cross dressing making it seem like back in the last 1800s this was going on and we should see it as all normal. I don’t want to make fun of cross dressers or make it seem like they should be ostracized, but there’s nothing normal about grown men wanting to dress up as women, let alone little boys wanting to do that. This is all part of the evils’ agenda to erase gender, and if it was going on back in the late 1800s, it’s because there was some toxin changing the hormones in the body just like there is today.
  22. Heartland – well it just goes to show you that even in Canada they are brainwashing. This is a Canadian show that started advertising McDonald’s coffee over and over again. LOL. Then in at least 2 episodes all they did was mention vaccines over and over again.I don’t care if they were talking about vaccines for animals, they are trying to normalize vaccines.

    The more you hear the word (unless you are smart and know they are toxic), the more you will accept getting toxic vaccines.

    I’m still on the fence about whether animals need vaccines. I haven’t looked into that yet. I’ve only seen a couple of comments about women who didn’t want to vaccinate their dogs.

  23. Heartland Season 09, Episode 15 – they had to mention veterans twice as if being a person who supports the criminal government, war, and killing is something to look up to.
  24. Heartland – a ton of brainwashing about antibiotics and vaccines. The vaccines is so over the top in almost every other episode that I know it’s complete brainwashing. Even if it’s geared towards the animals, people still hear the word and become acclimated to it.

    And in Season 10 episode 18, the character almost dies in the hospital due to them poisoning him with antibiotics. Of course in the end they lie and say the antibiotics cured him, but that’s not true. He would have been healed with IV Vitamin C and other herbs had anyone bothered to give them to him. Here are 2 videos on how toxic antibiotics are to the human body. Video 1 and Video 2.

Okay, I’ve written enough. I’ll add more as I come across more.

Stay safe from the evils

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12 comments on “Brainwashing TV Shows”

  1. Heartland season 13, episode 02 – I’m pretty sure this season is going to be FULL of brainwashing. Way more than the other seasons.

    I already posted about the scamdemic coronavirus predictive programming in my other list of evidence that the pandemic is all a scam.

    This episode is promoting being gay – LGBT.

    If you don’t already know, I’m biamorous, so I’m NOT homophobic, but when I started to learn that the evils had been making us all gay or trans, my views totally changed.

    Now they showcase any opportunity to make it all seem normal and while I certainly don’t want people to feel like a freak, the fact that they are FORCING this on us is violence against humans and all living creatures. That goes against the Laws of Nature.

    Here’s the video with evidence of just ONE chemical that turns men into women.

  2. The Good Fight season 3, episode 04 – so I love this show as it’s funny and intelligent even though it is about lawyers and politics which I hate, but it does have some morality to it. It clearly shows how fucked up both sides of the political spectrum is, how the Internet harms many people and how crazy people are in general.

    I haven’t watched it in a while, so here’s some propaganda they are putting in the show…

    1. Global warming plug which is a lie. There is no NATURAL global warming because the evils are creating these weather patterns with their geoengineering.

    It took me at least 2 years to come to terms with the fact that the global warming scam is an actual scam. I was a HUGE proponent of being GREEN and believing in global warming prior to becoming a truther.

    2. They also occasionally talk about Killary and pizzagate saying it’s all a lie, so clearly it’s propaganda since both are true.

    3. Ongoing propaganda about worshiping the criminal state and registering to VOTE!!!

    4. I’ve always loved the shows that Michelle and Robert King create like “The Good Wife,” and now “The Good Fight,” but it’s clear to me now that they are controlled by the evils.

    They are coming out with a show about the scamdemic.

    So while MOST of the other shows are no longer being developed due to the lockdowns and scamdemic, mysteriously season 04 of “The Good Wife” was developed an aired in 2020 and they will be coming out with their fake pandemic show to further convince people that the scamdemic is real.


    I will continue watching the show because I need to laugh and the acting and quality is high end, but I’ll point out all the propaganda as I watch.

  3. The Good Fight season 04, episode 03 – immediately start talking about the Green New Deal with is a scam perpetuated by the evils.

    I admit I don’t know a lot about it nor do I care, I just know that it’s died to the fake climate change.

  4. The Good Fight – the last 2 episodes of season 04.

    Transgender material allowing men who claim they are a woman to be on the woman’s sports team. What I mean is they STILL have their penis.

    Again, I’m not putting down the people who were mutilated by the evils due to their poisons that change people into another gender, I’m saying that it’s not normal. Anyone who thinks it is doesn’t understand nature and biology.

    And we should NEVER EVER abuse them, but no, I’m sorry, men who are still men shouldn’t be allowed to be on sports teams for women.

    I’m pretty sure one of the main female characters is trans. I won’t say whom. Could be two of them actually.

    If you don’t already know, a ton of people in hollywood are gay and trans. It’s the only way they make it famous as they have to sell their soul to the evils.

    The Good Fight only shows Republicans as being nasty, never democrats even though democrats are probably worse then Republicans as I learned while being a truther.

    Their last episode deals with Jeffrey Epstein and when someone said something about Bill Clinton, she right away says NO, it’s a conspiracy theory.

    While I’m pretty sure Bill Clinton didn’t kill Epstein (Killary would be the one to do that job), the fact that the character dismisses it as conspiracy theory while trumpet isn’t is just sheer stupidity.

    It proves 100% that they have no idea that both sides of the criminal mafia government are the same, they just play a different role to the public.

  5. The TV show S.W.A.T season 01, episode 11 (I think).

    I should have posted what I had until I had the video ready, but I didn’t, and I lost everything I wrote, so I think it’s episode 11.

    So prior to episode 11 I already knew there was some brainwashing with them talking about how people shouldn’t have guns because they don’t know how to use them and they end up killing people.

    And while that’s true, some people don’t know how to use them, then there’s 90% of all gun owners who DO know how to use a gun, and they don’t go around shooting people unless they are under attack.

    Just so you know, prior to becoming a truther, I was ANTI GUN.

    I didn’t get why Americans needed guns all the time.

    Well, now I know.

    It’s the only country in the WORLD where their citizens can defend themselves from the mafia government, although none of them are, unfortunately.

    Here’s a good video on why we should ALL have a gun.

    So in this episode, they are brainwashing people to think that sovereign citizens are crazy lunatics, and while I’m sure the odd one is unhinged, that is NOT what being a sovereign citizen is all about.

    Sovereign people believe in FREEDOM, and they learned that the US government was lying to them about needing a driver’s license, how their name was written incorrectly to keep them as a slave, and about having to pay income taxes.

    In fact, in the episode, they were condescending about taxes, as IF it’s the worst thing in the world not to pay the mafia their protection fees.

    Americans are very well trained to look down on ANYONE who doesn’t pay their taxes.

    I’ve been hearing that the income tax is all a scam for several years now and I finally got around to uploading the video that pretty much proved it, although I admit I haven’t done a deep dive on the topic, and I will be uploading another video where an attorney says there is no proof that you aren’t supposed to pay it.

    He’s the attorney who defends all of the people who risk their lives and stop paying income tax to the IRS.

    Saying that though, the mafia government went after a man who found proof and wrote a book about it.

    Now if it wasn’t true, WHY would the mafia government go after this guy?

    Here’s the video

    And here’s other videos on being a sovereign…

    I try to be careful about which videos I upload about this topic because there’s a lot of sovereign citizens that don’t have all the facts as it takes YEARS to learn this stuff if you don’t learn it from someone who has studied it themselves.

    I’m still learning myself, and I hate the law with a PASSION, but in this case, I feel it’s very important to learn this for our protection.

    I learned from Mark here that sovereign isn’t the right word.

    We should be using the word, “Suverans.”

    As I’ve been hearing for at least 3-4 years now, words mean a TON not because the people saying this are being the grammar police, but because if you say the WRONG word to your slave owner, that will break any chance you have of being FREE.

    Also, because the evils have changed the meaning of words so we are left clueless about what we are actually saying.

    And when you say the wrong word, it’s like you are lying, so I highly recommend you watch that video at the very least, and here’s the article I wrote up about the Laws of Equity and what Mark has to offer.

    So in the end, the episode was there to make you think that there’s no way in HELL you can stop paying taxes, not drive without a driver’s license, and anyone who thinks this is a deranged lunitic.

    All NOT TRUE!

    The evils know we are starting to learn the truth about how the world works, so they need to make it so you (a normie) don’t believe a word of the truth. No different than what they are doing now with the scamdemic.

  6. S.W.A.T season 01, episode 16

    Brainwashes people to think if only they had a smartphone, they would be safe.

    Smartphones are used by the evils to track everyone plus give them more EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies aka radiation.)

    They also make it seem like being an independent contractor is way less desirable than working for an employer where you are more controlled.

  7. S.W.A.T season 01, episode 22

    Talks about how a conspiracy theorist spread fake news. Sure, truthers make mistakes, but the majority of what is spread is THE TRUTH.

    They are tyring to make you think we don’t know what we are talking about.

    I personally try never to post anything unless I’ve seen it talked about from many different people in different ways.

  8. S.W.A.T.

    Season 02, ES 10

    Talks about being vegan which is an evil construct. I’m still not 100% sure why, but we think it’s because they plan to kill off all animals and force us to eat fake meat and food made from insects in a lab.

    They also make it seem like all cops are righteous which is a lie. Most cops are bad and like Mark Passio says, if someone else protects the mafia government and can abuse you, then they are NOT good. It doesn’t matter how they act at home or at work, they have complete control over you!

    Mold – instead of talking about black mold which is toxic, they talk about green mold.

    ES 11 – the one thing they don’t discuss when it comes to kids who do school shootings is that:

    1. Some (if not all) of them are false flags by the evils. Sorry, I haven’t studied this topic before because it was before I became a truther. I just heard that Sandyhook was a false flag.
    2. The kids were put on toxic drugs from the pharma mafia which makes them go crazy.

    ES 12 – they talk about Oprah as if she’s something special when in fact she is part of the evil collective.

    ES 13 – they once again push that everyone has to pay taxes.

    ES 14 – all about breast cancer prevention when breast cancer is caused by the evils and they have stopped any real ways to stop cancer for almost 100 years ago.

  9. S.W.A.T. Season 02, ES 20 – they talk about the fallen heros fund which means donating to cops’ families who get killed. It’s to pay for their kids’ college fund.

    What they don’t talk about are all the babies, children, and adults, kidnapped, raped, beaten and killed by the cops and NOT because these people deserved it and did anything wrong.

    Who pays for their childrens’ education?

    But even criminals shouldn’t be abused like that.

    They could be nonviolent people arrested who shouldn’t have been arrested in the first place.

    The only time I feel abusing a criminal is justified, is if they beat, raped, or killed a human being and they get out of hand when you go after them.

    But you don’t beat or kill them for no reason.

    This show showcases a lot of violence when taking out criminals. More than any other cop show I’ve seen.

    Remember, people aren’t born criminals, 98% are made into criminals by the evils, society and/or their parents.

    I’m not saying their behavior is justified, I’m saying, if society didn’t BREED criminals, we wouldn’t have this problem, and the US has the worst crime in the entire world.

    S.W.A.T. Season 2, ES 21 – talks about “draining the swamp,” and while it had some context to what was being said, the fact that they chose those words is telling.

    S.W.A.T. Season 2, ES 23 – a few episodes ago they started a storyline where a guy leads people under him to kidnapp, threaten and they killed a couple of people who are corrupt, greedy, steal, and essentially kill the 99%.

    He warns everyone to be kind to one another otherwise he will be back.

    Of course they make him out to be a lunatic, while the 1% and the mafia government gets away with everything they do to harm everyone and that’s considered normal.

    I have no opinion about how this guy is doing things, all I know is playing nice and begging doesn’t work, and this was set in 2017, so that’s 3 years before this war we are in started.

    That’s the problem with the 99%.

    If we harm or kill evil people, the media and hollywood makes us out to be killers.

    If the 99% does it, it’s all hidden, covered up by the corrupt legal system run by the evils, and they get away with it because that system works for them, not US.

    S.W.A.T. Season 03, ES 01

    So they had an episode already pushing LGBTQ and I didn’t write about it because it was about homophobs killing gay people which I am NOT okay with.

    But people need to understand that the evils have been turning people gay and trans for a very long time now and a ton of people who are famous are trans. This is NO accident, so any time there’s a plug on a TV show or in a movie, it’s probably to brainwash people into thinking that turning gay or trans is normal and it isn’t.

    I’m NOT saying that some people aren’t born gay, but most people turn gay due to being sexually abused as a child, or they are emotionally abused by a parent.

    In my opinion, more people are bi than gay or straight.

    So in this episode they flash the LGBT colors at a beach.

    This storyline had NOTHING to do with LGBT, so that means it had to be brainwashing.

    They are also talking about how drones are dangerous, but of course they will NEVER admit that the cops and mafia government use drones to attack innocent people either by spying on them, or finding out where they are located out in nature so they can terrorize them.

    It’s my opinion this will be how the evils will find the people who live out in rural and secluded areas.

    This episode makes it seem like tons of regular people go around abusing people with drones, and I’m not saying no one does, I’m just saying that just because you buy a drone doesn’t mean you are using it for something bad.

    In the episode, the mafia government stops people from flying drones.

    Stopping us from flying drones also means that we, THE PEOPLE, can’t see what the evils are upto if they are out setting up 5G towers, finding evidence that cops are killing people, or whatever evil deeds they are doing.

    The drone killer was doing it to prove that Americans are no better than the innocent people the American military industrial complex kills overseas.

    Of course half the episode is about how the government doesn’t have to protect non Americans, and the other half is about NO, they shouldn’t be killing innocent people and about how the soldiers filying the drones don’t even give a shit.

    It confuses people when the facts are THIS…

    If you join the milirary or becoming a cop, you ARE an evil person working FOR the evils.

    That’s the bottom line.

    They are also brainwashing people to think that driverless cars are a good thing and I used to think they were until I learned the evils will be stopping us from driving our own cars and we are only allowed to go around in driverless cars.

    They can also use them to kill people or STOP them from going places.

    Why do I say kill?

    Because they can drive the car into any blockage, kill the person in the car, and blame it on a malfunction.

    They can also kidnap you.

    If you aren’t allowed to drive your own car and you are forced to be driven around, you are at the mercy of the evils.

    S.W.A.T. Season 03, ES 02

    The episode was about a deranged cult where the leader wants everyone to commit suicide.

    Just as an aside, a lot of these so called “incidents” where the government says the people inside the compound were fanatics and they had to storm the place, were doing absolutely NOTHING wrong.

    But of COURSE the government lied, came up with a fake story to justify killing off most of the pepole inside and I’ll keep repeating this…

    Almost everything we learn or are told by the MSM and the government is a LIE!

    I don’t have any hard evidence for you, but a couple of years ago I did see a partial interview of one of the members of one of the compounds. Sorry, I didn’t take notes at the time.

    And they lump everyone who grows their own food into that “cult” category.


    The episode also tries to brainwash people not to use their intuition, to only use robotic training. Yes they were talking about SWAT at the time, but it’s not about swat, it’s about them brainwashing people to believe whatever is said.

    While soldiers should use training, many cops have said their intuition allowed them to solve cases.

    We are spiritual beings, and we MUST learn how to follow our intuition, but the evils don’t like that, they want people to follow what others tell them to follow.

    Not following your intuition is detrimental to your life.

    They go on and on about this deranged cult, when one of the BIGGEST cults is government.

  10. S.W.A.T. Season 3, episode 08

    They make it seem lke the guy protecting his property from the mafia government is the criminal.

    The government decided they wanted a slew of family’s land.

    The family even tried to fight it in court (yeh right) and of course LOST.

    When they came to evict a guy and his family, he shot 2 of the sherrifs after telling them to get off of his property.

    The guy and his father and his family had lived there since 1945, but of course that doesn’t matter to the criminal government, they steal all the time.

    They steal our money with their forced taxes, they steal farmers’ land all the time, they steal people’s homes.

    People think they own their home and land, but they don’t, because you are forced to pay the mafia government property tax.

    Just stop paying. See what happens.

    That’s no different then the mafia extortion. If you don’t pay them their weekly protection fee, you won’t be alive and kicking the next week.

    And the show makes it seem like everyone should be so happy to just walk away from the home they paid for, build up and lived in with not a care in the WORLD to walk away!


    They also push treatment for cancer.

    Almost every TV show now has one person who has cancer so the pharma mafia and their brother in crime the government, can peddle their toxic drugs and surgery for a cancer the person probably wouldn’t have gotten in the first place had they not beein poisoned by the government and stressed by the evils.

    And the script is almost always the same. The person doesn’t WANT to take the poison chemo and radiation, but a family member always guilts them into taking it so they have to suffer.

    They always make it seem like the person lives and it’s not so bad in the end, but that’s not reality.

    They had a running script almost from the start of the show where one of the characters was in a polyamorous relationship.

    It was obvious that no one respected her decision to be in that kind of relationship and that it wasn’t for her, so sure enough, the writers made the relationship out to be negative so people would never even consider it.

    Yes being in a polyamorous relationship is harder, but it’s also very rewarding if the people in the relationship are honest, open and they work on their issues. That’s why 90% of the world can’t be in that type of relationship because they don’t posess those traits and their mono relationships don’t either.

  11. S.W.A.T. Season 3, episode 16

    Another script where an anti-war movement supposedly turns violent.

    It’s all a lie.

    The governments and evils do NOT want protesters against the banker wars, which is why no real big movemnent has materialized since the protests during the Vietnam war (which of course the US started killing millions of innocent Vietnamese and poisoning them with Agent Orange by Monsanto).

    The odds of an anti-war movement turning violent when they are AGAINST violence is very slim. And since the government lies about everything, even if they tell us in real life that this organization did this or that, you can’t believe them unless you were there in the group and you know first hand they were violent.

    But based on the Laws of Nature, if someone is violent towards you, you are allowed to be violent back to protect yourself.

    The problem is, most Americans (and other county’s citizens) think we should TAKE the violence from the government and do nothing about it. That’s more proof people feel like helpless slaves.

    In another episode (sorry, I can’t remember right now. it was one small thing, so I didn’t bother writing it up), there was once again LGBTQ colors showing up out of the blue.

    This time it was on the arm of a jacket that one of the actors wore, and I have a feeling he’s trans.


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