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Brainwashing TV Shows

Brainwashing TV ShowsSo the criminals in government have been using brainwashing techniques since at least the 1900s, and since the evils own and control most (if not all) of hollywood, they use brainwashing TV shows and movies to brainwash the masses. Before then they were using radio and of course newspapers and magazines (still do.)

I watch a lot of TV (always have) and either they are ramping up their brainwashing, or I’m only noticing it way more now since I’m AWAKE.

I think it’s the former, as I was awake a few years ago and it wasn’t this bad.

I’ve also got this article here about predictive programming for the covid scam and this article about predictive programming, this one about agenda 21, and how they are killing us and controlling us behind the scenes.

I’ll detail the brainwashing TV shows where I found blatant brainwashing;  sometimes ongoing, sometimes only once or twice.

I still continue watching TV because the brainwashing is unfortunately just a part of life since the evils control our lives, and if I ditched every TV show, there would be nothing to watch and I need TV to relax.

When the brainwashing is so disgusting, I usually just shut down the TV show and won’t continue watching and the evils have ruined two shows that I absolutely LOVED due to their brainwashing about the scamdemic (“This is Us” and “Billions”). They did it on purpose which is why the TV show was created 2-4 years before the scamdemic started, so people would love it, watch it and then believe in all the brainwashing once the plandemic started:

  1. The Mob Doctor – in episode 12 they brainwashed with both transgender propaganda and also making holistic herbs (one) seem like it’s toxic to the body. And while they didn’t say you should stay away from them, it was implied.
  2. FBI – I was close to shutting it down and the final straw was when they lied about the gas attacks by Assad in Syria. They also planted the seed that Russia is the evil one and I don’t believe for a moment they are a great kind country, but they are no worse than the United States of America. What’s worse is that everyone knows Russia is bad, while most people thin America is great. sigh
  3. This Is Us – is one of my favorite shows and in season 4 in the first episode, there was already propaganda not with them selling Yelp which is a corrupt lying review site, but then suggesting that we could have relationships with robots. “with a boy or a girl, or even a robot if you are into that.”

    So you may think that’s just supposed to be funny, UNLESS you know how the evils want to make it so all humans are not just replaced with AI, but also make us part robot.

    Then in episode 14 (again season 4), they mention vaccines as something that has to be done and a good thing. And the baby in the episode was already pretty much blind and has food allergies, so the vaccines will just make everything worse. Clearly they are making it seem like it’s NORMAL for babies to be blind and have food allergies.

  4. The Rookie – It’s too bad because the show does have its good points as it can be funny and also discuss working on your traumatic experiences.

    So I’m re-watching the last episode of last season and it’s all about vaccines and the CDC and quarantining, hazmat suits, etc. I don’t believe in coincidences, especially not when it comes to the evils and their pre-planning and foreshadowing.

    Plus any cop show or government show always shows them as being kind people who want the best for society in general when nothing could be further from the truth. The shows only make it seem like us, the regular people turn bad, rarely the cops. And on the TV shows when they do go after cops, they always make it seem like they are taken care by internal affairs (IA), which is also not true. I learned recently many of the cops in IA are just as bad as the bad cops.

    Most bad cops continue their career for decades. They are almost never arrested, and even if they do get arrested, they somehow always manage to go free and usually get their job back.

    Season 2 – Episode 8 – talks about predicting crimes before they happen and it also eludes that we are like we are computers. This is brainwashing just like the movie, “Minority Report.”

    Why is this important? Because they plan to arrest people (yes, you and me) for even thinking about their so called “crimes.” Even in Australia if you write something in a fit of anger without actually doing anything, you can be arrested.

    They want to normalize people getting arrested when they have NOT committed any crime so that they can arrest anyone without proof or a warrant.

    Season 2 – Episode 11 – it was about selling veggie burgers. Gates has invested billions in fake GMO veggies burgers that are sold through fake fast food joints (Beyond Meat & the Impossible burger), and I would hate to know what they put into those burgers besides the GMO. I know there’s glyphosate in there for one.

    Espisode 12 – they mention Lady Gaga who is controlled by the evils and she worships satan or lucifer. There are a lot of pictures that depict symbolism. This is what the evils use to brand themselves.

    Episode – 18 (plus in a couple of others) they glamorize no-knock warrants when in reality they harm, maim and kill many innocent people all over the country because they go to the wrong house or the owner thinks it’s a criminal and shoots at the criminal cops and the cops shoot back killing anyone who’s in the way. Oh, and the cops also kill dogs. You should sign up to this site to be notified every time there’s a new article with proof as to how criminal the cops really are.

  5. Hanna – while I didn’t mind one gay teenage scene as that is normal, when they did a closeup of the girl wearing LGBT flag colors on her sweater and they held it there, it was obvious to me that it was propaganda.
  6. The New Normal was a TV show they aired in 2012. They were already prepping with their predictive programming. If you don’t know, everyone calls this scamdemic “the new normal.”
  7. The Quad – season two. This is a black TV show and you’ll see why I say that as you read more.

    It starts off immediately with propaganda peddling allopathic tests that are toxic to the body like MRIs, CTs, etc.

    And then it peddles voting, which is meant to brainwash people into believing in the scam voting system and to make them think their vote even matters, which it doesn’t. If you have studied the real history (not the fake lies taught in school or books written by the evils), you will know that voting is just a ritual to make the public go crazy and divide the masses (which it does.) There is this book that I recommend reading.

    I will give them positive reviews though for bringing up the topic of on-campus rape, how football jocks almost always get away with it, how the jocks don’t get passing grades, and how men don’t talk to one another and this causes suicide.

    I’m glad they raised the issue of cops abusing blacks, but people need to understand that while they do go after blacks more than Hispanics and whites, the cops abuse and terrorize all of us.

    They mentioned Global Warming which is a scam perpetrated by the evils to hide the fact that all of the huge weather atrocities we have had since the 1940s is their doing with their geoengineering weather weapons. You can watch my playlist on that topic here.

    So it’s obvious that even the black TV shows are bought and paid for by the evils. The only positives from the show was the education on using condoms. The rest was meant to brainwash the young kids.

  8. Modern Family – well I guess Modern Family is no different (sigh). Season 9, episode 13. Talked about conspiracy theorists as if they are nuts. Shouted out “don’t forget to pay your taxes.” Talked about voting.
  9. Modern Family episode 16 – went on and on about Oprah Winfrey who is an evil, but what’s interesting is that at the end, they made her seem like a scary bitch, so clearly the evils were doing what they normally do. They say one thing, then the exact opposite, and your brain doesn’t know what to believe. That’s called fracturing.
  10. Modern Family – Season 10, episode 5 – unfortunately I forgot to write down other things in an episode a few back. In this one they bring up scientology. WOW. Everyone knows that it’s a cult and they bring it up on a show like Modern Family?

    They also bashed holistic methods saying that’s not science which of course isn’t true, because TRUE science is part of nature. Today’s science is all about man-made toxins to harm all living things including humans, and it shouldn’t be revered at all. I’m not saying the method described in this episode works, but bashing anything holistic is classic pharma mafia 101.

    They’ve also been advertising tons of companies, and not lightly. It’s sooo obvious they are being paid to mention them which just irks me.

  11. Modern Family – Season 10, episode 5 – they say butter isn’t healthy for you, but it is. Of course only grass-fed cows with no hormones or antibiotics, but if you know anything about food, 90% of all cows are toxic because they are fed food they shouldn’t be eating and GMO feed.
  12. Modern Family – Season 10, episode 15 – more plugs for companies. What did disturb me the most though was a clear ad for Russians. I never had anything negative to say about Russia even though I know that Russia is a very controlling toxic country, but I’m currently starting to learn they may have literally been responsible for infiltrating the UK and the US governments and creating mind control techniques. And NO, this has nothing to do with trumpet, although that may explain the connection that some people were seeing.
  13. Modern Family – Season 10 episode 16 – mentions the fake climate change. Remember to watch the videos in my geoengineering playlist here.

    Just so you know, I also used to think climate change was real. From around 1995 until finally around 2 years ago in 2018.

  14. Modern Family – Season 10 episode 17 – talks about the Ebola vaccine clearly making it seem like vaccines are great when they are dangerous and harm and kill millions of babies, children and adults every year. Read just some of the millions of stories of how people have been damaged or killed from vaccines. Here and here.

    OMG, another plug for another company (New Balance). In every episode there’s a plug for minimum two to three huge corporations. Now it’s Instagram and Pinterest.

    Listen, I get it, I’m an entrepreneur as well, but it’s so obvious and fake, that it disgusts me.

  15. Modern Family Season 11, Episode 01 – the so called “stupid one” in the family wants to breast feed and the father and mother try to convince her to bottle feed even though there’s tons of evidence that shows that formula is not healthy, breast milk is, and at the very least she could be pumping and bottle feeding breast milk. The show tried to make the mother who wanted to do right by her babies out to be an idiot for wanting to breast feed. I don’t care if it was inferred the formula was to “shut” the babies up from crying.
  16. Modern Family Season 11, Episode 02 – sales pitch for a smart fridge. All smart appliances can be hacked so they can get access to your computers, other smart devices, etc. And the evils use it to listen in (and watch) on what you are doing in your home.
  17. Modern Family Season 11, Episode 09 – promotes genderless humans which is an evil construct. They want everyone to be gay, trans or genderless. They also mentioned NASA a few times as if it’s a great altruistic government agency. Nothing could be further from the truth.
  18. Modern Family Season 11, Episode 12 – not only do they mention the character going into space, they plug Musk, Bezos, and Zuckerberg. Any truther knows how those three are part of the evil collective. Just pathetic.
  19. Mr. Robot Season 04, Episode 04 – they mention Amazon’s Alexa which I’ve been seeing in almost every TV show that started last season in 2019. They want people to buy Alexa so they can have full access to listening to everything you say in your home. I’m sure they can also do things to your computer, phone, etc. using Alexa, but of course I can’t be certain.Then they mentioned Alexa about 3 more times over the rest of the season, and FINALLY in episode 10 they tell it like it is. Great scene!!! I take that back about Mr. Robot brainwashing, but I wish they would have divulged more.

    I suspect they would have been removed from the air or harmed if they said very much more.

    And no, China isn’t the only boogeyman.

    Well the show was good UNTIL the very last episode which confused me to no end, but I think in the end they wanted to shoot down any last HOPE of someone being the “hero” and helping save humanity, so that’s why he crushed the very last episode.

    It was strange and ruined the entire season for me, not to mention all the other seasons as well. So I take that back, it probably was developed by the evils.

  20. Good Trouble Season 02, Episode 10 – they push voting as being a good thing or something that even makes a difference. Of course it’s all lies. Voting has been rigged since day one. Again, you can read this book here. While it only discusses the 1960s and beyond, it’s clear this has been the case since the evils created the country (America) and my assumption is that it’s the same in every country.
  21. The Alienist – Season 01, Episode 01 – I couldn’t watch it. It was disgusting, but that’s not why I mention it here. It’s trying to normalize cross dressing making it seem like back in the last 1800s this was going on and we should see it as all normal. I don’t want to make fun of cross dressers or make it seem like they should be ostracized, but there’s nothing normal about grown men wanting to dress up as women, let alone little boys wanting to do that. This is all part of the evils’ agenda to erase gender, and if it was going on back in the late 1800s, it’s because there was some toxin changing the hormones in the body just like there is today.
  22. Heartland – well it just goes to show you that even in Canada they are brainwashing. This is a Canadian show that started advertising McDonald’s coffee over and over again. LOL. Then in at least 2 episodes all they did was mention vaccines over and over again.I don’t care if they were talking about vaccines for animals, they are trying to normalize vaccines.

    The more you hear the word (unless you are smart and know they are toxic), the more you will accept getting toxic vaccines.

    I’m still on the fence about whether animals need vaccines. I haven’t looked into that yet. I’ve only seen a couple of comments about women who didn’t want to vaccinate their dogs.

  23. Heartland Season 09, Episode 15 – they had to mention veterans twice as if being a person who supports the criminal government, war, and killing is something to look up to.
  24. Heartland – a ton of brainwashing about antibiotics and vaccines. The vaccines is so over the top in almost every other episode that I know it’s complete brainwashing. Even if it’s geared towards the animals, people still hear the word and become acclimated to it.And in Season 10 episode 18, the character almost dies in the hospital due to them poisoning him with antibiotics. Of course in the end they lie and say the antibiotics cured him, but that’s not true. He would have been healed with IV Vitamin C and other herbs had anyone bothered to give them to him. Here are 2 videos on how toxic antibiotics are to the human body. Video 1 and Video 2.Garlic is a natural antibiotic. Learn how to use it here.

Okay, I’ve written enough. I’ll add more as I come across more.

Stay safe from the evils


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Please consider purchasing any of the items listed on the banners or donating to help me pay my bills and hire freelancers to help me so I can continue bringing you truthful content and solutions during this war.

I have used every single item I recommend.

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Please consider purchasing any of the items listed on the banners or donating to help me pay my bills and hire freelancers to help me so I can continue bringing you truthful content and solutions during this war.

I have used every single item I recommend.

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Please consider purchasing any of the items listed on the banners or donating to help me pay my bills and hire freelancers to help me so I can continue bringing you truthful content and solutions during this war.

I have used every single item I recommend.

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Please consider purchasing any of the items listed on the banners or donating to help me pay my bills and hire freelancers to help me so I can continue bringing you truthful content and solutions during this war.

I have used every single item I recommend.

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Please consider purchasing any of the items listed on the banners or donating to help me pay my bills and hire freelancers to help me so I can continue bringing you truthful content and solutions during this war.

I have used every single item I recommend.

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Please consider purchasing any of the items listed on the banners or donating to help me pay my bills and hire freelancers to help me so I can continue bringing you truthful content and solutions during this war.

I have used every single item I recommend.

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Please consider purchasing any of the items listed on the banners or donating to help me pay my bills and hire freelancers to help me so I can continue bringing you truthful content and solutions during this war.

I have used every single item I recommend.

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Please consider purchasing any of the items listed on the banners or donating to help me pay my bills and hire freelancers to help me so I can continue bringing you truthful content and solutions during this war.

I have used every single item I recommend.

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Please consider purchasing any of the items listed on the banners or donating to help me pay my bills and hire freelancers to help me so I can continue bringing you truthful content and solutions during this war.

I have used every single item I recommend.

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71 comments on “Brainwashing TV Shows”

  1. Heartland season 13, episode 02 – I’m pretty sure this season is going to be FULL of brainwashing. Way more than the other seasons.

    I already posted about the scamdemic coronavirus predictive programming in my other list of evidence that the pandemic is all a scam.

    This episode is promoting being gay – LGBT.

    If you don’t already know, I’m biamorous, so I’m NOT homophobic, but when I started to learn that the evils had been making us all gay or trans, my views totally changed.

    Now they showcase any opportunity to make it all seem normal and while I certainly don’t want people to feel like a freak, the fact that they are FORCING this on us is violence against humans and all living creatures. That goes against the Laws of Nature.

    Here’s the video with evidence of just ONE chemical that turns men into women.

  2. The Good Fight season 3, episode 04 – so I love this show as it’s funny and intelligent even though it is about lawyers and politics which I hate, but it does have some morality to it. It clearly shows how fucked up both sides of the political spectrum is, how the Internet harms many people and how crazy people are in general.

    I haven’t watched it in a while, so here’s some propaganda they are putting in the show…

    1. Global warming plug which is a lie. There is no NATURAL global warming because the evils are creating these weather patterns with their geoengineering.

    It took me at least 2 years to come to terms with the fact that the global warming scam is an actual scam. I was a HUGE proponent of being GREEN and believing in global warming prior to becoming a truther.

    2. They also occasionally talk about Killary and pizzagate saying it’s all a lie, so clearly it’s propaganda since both are true.

    3. Ongoing propaganda about worshiping the criminal state and registering to VOTE!!!

    4. I’ve always loved the shows that Michelle and Robert King create like “The Good Wife,” and now “The Good Fight,” but it’s clear to me now that they are controlled by the evils.

    They are coming out with a show about the scamdemic.

    So while MOST of the other shows are no longer being developed due to the lockdowns and scamdemic, mysteriously season 04 of “The Good Wife” was developed an aired in 2020 and they will be coming out with their fake pandemic show to further convince people that the scamdemic is real.


    I will continue watching the show because I need to laugh and the acting and quality is high end, but I’ll point out all the propaganda as I watch.

  3. The Good Fight season 04, episode 03 – immediately start talking about the Green New Deal with is a scam perpetuated by the evils.

    I admit I don’t know a lot about it nor do I care, I just know that it’s died to the fake climate change.

  4. The Good Fight – the last 2 episodes of season 04.

    Transgender material allowing men who claim they are a woman to be on the woman’s sports team. What I mean is they STILL have their penis.

    Again, I’m not putting down the people who were mutilated by the evils due to their poisons that change people into another gender, I’m saying that it’s not normal. Anyone who thinks it is doesn’t understand nature and biology.

    And we should NEVER EVER abuse them, but no, I’m sorry, men who are still men shouldn’t be allowed to be on sports teams for women.

    I’m pretty sure one of the main female characters is trans. I won’t say whom. Could be two of them actually.

    If you don’t already know, a ton of people in hollywood are gay and trans. It’s the only way they make it famous as they have to sell their soul to the evils.

    The Good Fight only shows Republicans as being nasty, never democrats even though democrats are probably worse then Republicans as I learned while being a truther.

    Their last episode deals with Jeffrey Epstein and when someone said something about Bill Clinton, she right away says NO, it’s a conspiracy theory.

    While I’m pretty sure Bill Clinton didn’t kill Epstein (Killary would be the one to do that job), the fact that the character dismisses it as conspiracy theory while trumpet isn’t is just sheer stupidity.

    It proves 100% that they have no idea that both sides of the criminal mafia government are the same, they just play a different role to the public.

  5. The TV show S.W.A.T season 01, episode 11 (I think).

    I should have posted what I had until I had the video ready, but I didn’t, and I lost everything I wrote, so I think it’s episode 11.

    So prior to episode 11 I already knew there was some brainwashing with them talking about how people shouldn’t have guns because they don’t know how to use them and they end up killing people.

    And while that’s true, some people don’t know how to use them, then there’s 90% of all gun owners who DO know how to use a gun, and they don’t go around shooting people unless they are under attack.

    Just so you know, prior to becoming a truther, I was ANTI GUN.

    I didn’t get why Americans needed guns all the time.

    Well, now I know.

    It’s the only country in the WORLD where their citizens can defend themselves from the mafia government, although none of them are, unfortunately.

    Here’s a good video on why we should ALL have a gun.

    So in this episode, they are brainwashing people to think that sovereign citizens are crazy lunatics, and while I’m sure the odd one is unhinged, that is NOT what being a sovereign citizen is all about.

    Sovereign people believe in FREEDOM, and they learned that the US government was lying to them about needing a driver’s license, how their name was written incorrectly to keep them as a slave, and about having to pay income taxes.

    In fact, in the episode, they were condescending about taxes, as IF it’s the worst thing in the world not to pay the mafia their protection fees.

    Americans are very well trained to look down on ANYONE who doesn’t pay their taxes.

    I’ve been hearing that the income tax is all a scam for several years now and I finally got around to uploading the video that pretty much proved it, although I admit I haven’t done a deep dive on the topic, and I will be uploading another video where an attorney says there is no proof that you aren’t supposed to pay it.

    He’s the attorney who defends all of the people who risk their lives and stop paying income tax to the IRS.

    Saying that though, the mafia government went after a man who found proof and wrote a book about it.

    Now if it wasn’t true, WHY would the mafia government go after this guy?

    Here’s the video

    And here’s other videos on being a sovereign…

    I try to be careful about which videos I upload about this topic because there’s a lot of sovereign citizens that don’t have all the facts as it takes YEARS to learn this stuff if you don’t learn it from someone who has studied it themselves.

    I’m still learning myself, and I hate the law with a PASSION, but in this case, I feel it’s very important to learn this for our protection.

    I learned from Mark here that sovereign isn’t the right word.

    We should be using the word, “Suverans.”

    As I’ve been hearing for at least 3-4 years now, words mean a TON not because the people saying this are being the grammar police, but because if you say the WRONG word to your slave owner, that will break any chance you have of being FREE.

    Also, because the evils have changed the meaning of words so we are left clueless about what we are actually saying.

    And when you say the wrong word, it’s like you are lying, so I highly recommend you watch that video at the very least, and here’s the article I wrote up about the Laws of Equity and what Mark has to offer.

    So in the end, the episode was there to make you think that there’s no way in HELL you can stop paying taxes, not drive without a driver’s license, and anyone who thinks this is a deranged lunitic.

    All NOT TRUE!

    The evils know we are starting to learn the truth about how the world works, so they need to make it so you (a normie) don’t believe a word of the truth. No different than what they are doing now with the scamdemic.

  6. S.W.A.T season 01, episode 16

    Brainwashes people to think if only they had a smartphone, they would be safe.

    Smartphones are used by the evils to track everyone plus give them more EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies aka radiation.)

    They also make it seem like being an independent contractor is way less desirable than working for an employer where you are more controlled.

  7. S.W.A.T season 01, episode 22

    Talks about how a conspiracy theorist spread fake news. Sure, truthers make mistakes, but the majority of what is spread is THE TRUTH.

    They are tyring to make you think we don’t know what we are talking about.

    I personally try never to post anything unless I’ve seen it talked about from many different people in different ways.

  8. S.W.A.T.

    Season 02, ES 10

    Talks about being vegan which is an evil construct. I’m still not 100% sure why, but we think it’s because they plan to kill off all animals and force us to eat fake meat and food made from insects in a lab.

    They also make it seem like all cops are righteous which is a lie. Most cops are bad and like Mark Passio says, if someone else protects the mafia government and can abuse you, then they are NOT good. It doesn’t matter how they act at home or at work, they have complete control over you!

    Mold – instead of talking about black mold which is toxic, they talk about green mold.

    ES 11 – the one thing they don’t discuss when it comes to kids who do school shootings is that:

    1. Some (if not all) of them are false flags by the evils. Sorry, I haven’t studied this topic before because it was before I became a truther. I just heard that Sandyhook was a false flag.
    2. The kids were put on toxic drugs from the pharma mafia which makes them go crazy.

    ES 12 – they talk about Oprah as if she’s something special when in fact she is part of the evil collective.

    ES 13 – they once again push that everyone has to pay taxes.

    ES 14 – all about breast cancer prevention when breast cancer is caused by the evils and they have stopped any real ways to stop cancer for almost 100 years ago.

  9. S.W.A.T. Season 02, ES 20 – they talk about the fallen heros fund which means donating to cops’ families who get killed. It’s to pay for their kids’ college fund.

    What they don’t talk about are all the babies, children, and adults, kidnapped, raped, beaten and killed by the cops and NOT because these people deserved it and did anything wrong.

    Who pays for their childrens’ education?

    But even criminals shouldn’t be abused like that.

    They could be nonviolent people arrested who shouldn’t have been arrested in the first place.

    The only time I feel abusing a criminal is justified, is if they beat, raped, or killed a human being and they get out of hand when you go after them.

    But you don’t beat or kill them for no reason.

    This show showcases a lot of violence when taking out criminals. More than any other cop show I’ve seen.

    Remember, people aren’t born criminals, 98% are made into criminals by the evils, society and/or their parents.

    I’m not saying their behavior is justified, I’m saying, if society didn’t BREED criminals, we wouldn’t have this problem, and the US has the worst crime in the entire world.

    S.W.A.T. Season 2, ES 21 – talks about “draining the swamp,” and while it had some context to what was being said, the fact that they chose those words is telling.

    S.W.A.T. Season 2, ES 23 – a few episodes ago they started a storyline where a guy leads people under him to kidnapp, threaten and they killed a couple of people who are corrupt, greedy, steal, and essentially kill the 99%.

    He warns everyone to be kind to one another otherwise he will be back.

    Of course they make him out to be a lunatic, while the 1% and the mafia government gets away with everything they do to harm everyone and that’s considered normal.

    I have no opinion about how this guy is doing things, all I know is playing nice and begging doesn’t work, and this was set in 2017, so that’s 3 years before this war we are in started.

    That’s the problem with the 99%.

    If we harm or kill evil people, the media and hollywood makes us out to be killers.

    If the 99% does it, it’s all hidden, covered up by the corrupt legal system run by the evils, and they get away with it because that system works for them, not US.

    S.W.A.T. Season 03, ES 01

    So they had an episode already pushing LGBTQ and I didn’t write about it because it was about homophobs killing gay people which I am NOT okay with.

    But people need to understand that the evils have been turning people gay and trans for a very long time now and a ton of people who are famous are trans. This is NO accident, so any time there’s a plug on a TV show or in a movie, it’s probably to brainwash people into thinking that turning gay or trans is normal and it isn’t.

    I’m NOT saying that some people aren’t born gay, but most people turn gay due to being sexually abused as a child, or they are emotionally abused by a parent.

    In my opinion, more people are bi than gay or straight.

    So in this episode they flash the LGBT colors at a beach.

    This storyline had NOTHING to do with LGBT, so that means it had to be brainwashing.

    They are also talking about how drones are dangerous, but of course they will NEVER admit that the cops and mafia government use drones to attack innocent people either by spying on them, or finding out where they are located out in nature so they can terrorize them.

    It’s my opinion this will be how the evils will find the people who live out in rural and secluded areas.

    This episode makes it seem like tons of regular people go around abusing people with drones, and I’m not saying no one does, I’m just saying that just because you buy a drone doesn’t mean you are using it for something bad.

    In the episode, the mafia government stops people from flying drones.

    Stopping us from flying drones also means that we, THE PEOPLE, can’t see what the evils are upto if they are out setting up 5G towers, finding evidence that cops are killing people, or whatever evil deeds they are doing.

    The drone killer was doing it to prove that Americans are no better than the innocent people the American military industrial complex kills overseas.

    Of course half the episode is about how the government doesn’t have to protect non Americans, and the other half is about NO, they shouldn’t be killing innocent people and about how the soldiers filying the drones don’t even give a shit.

    It confuses people when the facts are THIS…

    If you join the milirary or becoming a cop, you ARE an evil person working FOR the evils.

    That’s the bottom line.

    They are also brainwashing people to think that driverless cars are a good thing and I used to think they were until I learned the evils will be stopping us from driving our own cars and we are only allowed to go around in driverless cars.

    They can also use them to kill people or STOP them from going places.

    Why do I say kill?

    Because they can drive the car into any blockage, kill the person in the car, and blame it on a malfunction.

    They can also kidnap you.

    If you aren’t allowed to drive your own car and you are forced to be driven around, you are at the mercy of the evils.

    S.W.A.T. Season 03, ES 02

    The episode was about a deranged cult where the leader wants everyone to commit suicide.

    Just as an aside, a lot of these so called “incidents” where the government says the people inside the compound were fanatics and they had to storm the place, were doing absolutely NOTHING wrong.

    But of COURSE the government lied, came up with a fake story to justify killing off most of the pepole inside and I’ll keep repeating this…

    Almost everything we learn or are told by the MSM and the government is a LIE!

    I don’t have any hard evidence for you, but a couple of years ago I did see a partial interview of one of the members of one of the compounds. Sorry, I didn’t take notes at the time.

    And they lump everyone who grows their own food into that “cult” category.


    The episode also tries to brainwash people not to use their intuition, to only use robotic training. Yes they were talking about SWAT at the time, but it’s not about swat, it’s about them brainwashing people to believe whatever is said.

    While soldiers should use training, many cops have said their intuition allowed them to solve cases.

    We are spiritual beings, and we MUST learn how to follow our intuition, but the evils don’t like that, they want people to follow what others tell them to follow.

    Not following your intuition is detrimental to your life.

    They go on and on about this deranged cult, when one of the BIGGEST cults is government.

  10. S.W.A.T. Season 3, episode 08

    They make it seem lke the guy protecting his property from the mafia government is the criminal.

    The government decided they wanted a slew of family’s land.

    The family even tried to fight it in court (yeh right) and of course LOST.

    When they came to evict a guy and his family, he shot 2 of the sherrifs after telling them to get off of his property.

    The guy and his father and his family had lived there since 1945, but of course that doesn’t matter to the criminal government, they steal all the time.

    They steal our money with their forced taxes, they steal farmers’ land all the time, they steal people’s homes.

    People think they own their home and land, but they don’t, because you are forced to pay the mafia government property tax.

    Just stop paying. See what happens.

    That’s no different then the mafia extortion. If you don’t pay them their weekly protection fee, you won’t be alive and kicking the next week.

    And the show makes it seem like everyone should be so happy to just walk away from the home they paid for, build up and lived in with not a care in the WORLD to walk away!


    They also push treatment for cancer.

    Almost every TV show now has one person who has cancer so the pharma mafia and their brother in crime the government, can peddle their toxic drugs and surgery for a cancer the person probably wouldn’t have gotten in the first place had they not beein poisoned by the government and stressed by the evils.

    And the script is almost always the same. The person doesn’t WANT to take the poison chemo and radiation, but a family member always guilts them into taking it so they have to suffer.

    They always make it seem like the person lives and it’s not so bad in the end, but that’s not reality.

    They had a running script almost from the start of the show where one of the characters was in a polyamorous relationship.

    It was obvious that no one respected her decision to be in that kind of relationship and that it wasn’t for her, so sure enough, the writers made the relationship out to be negative so people would never even consider it.

    Yes being in a polyamorous relationship is harder, but it’s also very rewarding if the people in the relationship are honest, open and they work on their issues. That’s why 90% of the world can’t be in that type of relationship because they don’t posess those traits and their mono relationships don’t either.

  11. S.W.A.T. Season 3, episode 16

    Another script where an anti-war movement supposedly turns violent.

    It’s all a lie.

    The governments and evils do NOT want protesters against the banker wars, which is why no real big movemnent has materialized since the protests during the Vietnam war (which of course the US started killing millions of innocent Vietnamese and poisoning them with Agent Orange by Monsanto).

    The odds of an anti-war movement turning violent when they are AGAINST violence is very slim. And since the government lies about everything, even if they tell us in real life that this organization did this or that, you can’t believe them unless you were there in the group and you know first hand they were violent.

    But based on the Laws of Nature, if someone is violent towards you, you are allowed to be violent back to protect yourself.

    The problem is, most Americans (and other county’s citizens) think we should TAKE the violence from the government and do nothing about it. That’s more proof people feel like helpless slaves.

    In another episode (sorry, I can’t remember right now. it was one small thing, so I didn’t bother writing it up), there was once again LGBTQ colors showing up out of the blue.

    This time it was on the arm of a jacket that one of the actors wore, and I have a feeling he’s trans.

  12. S.W.A.T. Season 4 – the minute I saw them wearing masks and talking about the fake virus, there was no way I could watch the lies and brainwashing.

    The Sinner Season 03, episode 01 – the first few words coming out of their mouth is LGBTQ. More brainwashing that being gay and trans at the hand of the evils is okay.

    Again, I am NOT homophobic, but when I learned that the evils were changing our gender, making people gay and trans, that was IT for me.

    The Sinner Season 03, episode 02 – the actor says, “you think they were screwing?” meaning the 2 men when they had gotten into an accident and the one who survived is now a suspect in killing his friend.

    Who thinks a man kills another man in a car accident and thinks he killed him because they were screwing. There could be a hundred different reasons why he would kill him and SEX isn’t the first one on the list.

    More gay propaganda.

  13. Despite a lot of brainwashing, this was a very good show until the end.

    They told the truth in almost every show about what really goes on out there.

    Remember, they lie on your news, but tell you the truth in hollywood so you think that reality is FICTION.

    Beth Riesgraf was an excellent actress and Aldis Hodge was equally talented and hilarious. I have no idea why I didn’t know either of them.

    Leverage Season 01, episode 10 – (this was written in 2008 and aired in 2009) she’s in a rehab facility and the doctor tells her to take a drug to calm her. She says she never does drugs and he laughs and says millions of people take these drugs every day, and these aren’t drugs like that, these are safe. She sniffs it and takes it with no problem.

    My comment – No drug is safe, especially drugs for depression. Millions of people have become very sick and died due to antidepressants. See this video.

    Leverage Season 01, episode 11 – it’s all about a supplement for energy that kills people.

    Of course on TV you’d never see an episode about a real toxic drug that kills people even though they do every single day and year.

    The character asks the woman if she trusts her government and she says, “of course I do.”

    Leverage Season 01, episode 12 – they’ve been mentioning gay and bi stuff in this episode and in another one before while it’s not too bad because back then it wasn’t all about trans, but it’s setting everyone up to accept this and then move us into the trans agenda.

  14. Leverage – SE 02, ES 05 – they talk about abandoned military bunkers and digging underground to keep prisoners when in actuality I’ve seen a video that states it’s for housing the poor innocent children who are used raped, tortutued and killed for for their adrenochrome.

    Then out of the blue, they start talking about being part of the council which means I assume to mean the CFR (council on foreign relations.) They make it seem like it’s all conspiracy theory shit, but it’s not.

    Then they start making up embellished stories about underground bunkers where the “elite” will live while we are poisoned by the water up above which is all true actually. I’m not sure what they want to poison us with, but if they weren’t going to do something, they wouldn’t need the bunkers, now would they? They have been building underground cities for hundredes of years. Everyone knows that these tunnels were built ages ago and they were building new ones starting around the early 90s.

    Then they throw in the lochness monster and area 51 all to try and make it seem that anything a truther says is nuts and not to be believed.

    This is how the evils make the truth seem crazy and the lies seem like the truth.

  15. Leverage – SE 02, ES 11 – LOL, talks about faking a moon landing. I haven’t studied this topic, but I’ve been hearing for years that the moon landing was fake.

    The evils always speak the truth in TV and movies.

  16. Leverage SE 03, ES 07

    This one had a lot of brainwashing.

    They flashed an LGBT flag at the beginning of the episdoe for no reason.

    The episode was about people who know the government is dirty and steals our money and gives it to gawd knows who.

    They wanted a revolution, so they make them seem like they are crazy going around killing and bombing innocent people.

    That’s how the government plays their con making anarchists look like violent criminals, instead of the peaceful people that most anarchists are. Anarchists just want freedom and to be left alone.

    And all of the brainwashed walking dead believe the governmnet’s lies because they support slavery and don’t even realize they are slaves.

    Anyone who wants freedom is looked at like they are crazy.

  17. Leverage – SE 04 – ES 07 – They make it seem ilke homeland security is agreat & there for us when it’s the opposite. They are there for the evils.

    Leverage – SE 04 – ES 09 – trans and antisemitism mentions.

    Leverage – SE 04 – ES 11 – “should I tell him it’s the age of the geek?”

    The only reason this is important is because of the high tech industry controlling us.

    Obviously the evils do, but they use the high tech industry to do it and many of the geeks do it willingly without a conscious.

    How many geeks whistleblow from fakebook, twitter and google?


    Leverage – SE 04 – ES 15 – they mention that bill and melinda gates give money away. LIE as we all know they are evils and ALL evils pretend to give money away. I’m sure they give some to keep up appearances while they kill off the population.

    They talk about how someone capped the oil spill in the gulf. Of course we know that was done on purpose. The spill, not the capping.

    Leverage – SE 04 – ES 17 – they talk about all the patents the US government sits on because they lie and say it’s about national security (I told you this is a truther show), but then they made a BIG deal about saying there’s no such thing as a time machine.

    Season 5 (last season was the worst season. They got rid of the previous writers and put low quality affects in there.

    Leverage – SE 05 – ES 09 – they spread the lies about the Spanish flu killing so many people and perpetuate the fear when it comes to the virus scam that the evils push.

    Then he mentions pigs. Pigs is what they showed in the training exercise video of Event 201.

    Then he talks about China and how the virus jumped from animals to humans. This aired on September 16, 2012. 7 1/2 years before the plandemic started.

    Leverage – SE 05 – ES 11 – within the first 2 minutes the evils’ word “sustanability is mentioned. This is their BS lie that has gotten us to the Agenda 21, NWO war we are in now. Watch the Agenda 21 playlist.

    Leverage – SE 05 – ES 14 – for a split second the character disses homeschooling saying kids who are homeschooled live under a rock and have no social interaction.

    Also, they mention a safety study department of the government and sing their praises which of course is a lie. There’s NO department in the mafia government that cares for the people. They do just enough to make it seem like they are helping the people, altl the while supporting and protecting the evil corps.

    Leverage – SE 05 – ES 14 – they push the toxic drug CURE ALL, especially for people (or kids) dying.

  18. Ray Donovan – SE 07 – ES 04 – Lot of gaydom throughout the episode.

    They also showed how many times actors, singers, etc. have doubles that take their place, so you never know who is who.

    Even presidents have doubles (sometimes two) and they will show up on camera. That’s just a factoid, nothing to do with Ray Donovan.

    I’ve seen trumpet’s double and Prince Charles’ double, if you want to call him that as it was sooo obvious (see here).

    They try to make it seem like ALL spiritual or alternative modalities are scams. (sigh)

    Yes, some are, but most aren’t if you find the right holistic and/or spiritual practitioner.

    Shows a meeting of whites talking about how the blacks, hispanics, Arabs are against the whites.

    Clearly the evils are trying to show that we all hate one another and that white people hate all ethnics. It’s the division they have been trying to brainwash us into having for years now so we don’t stand together against them and we only attack one another.

    Ray Donovan SE 07, ES 09 – LOL, when addressing a jury the prosecutor says ladies and gentlemen and NON BINARY. OMG, I don’t know why it took me so long to realize that all this NON BINARY shit is really just trans propaganda.

    I rarely hear that term because I don’t hang out with people like that and even years ago before I knew what I know now, I thought it was ridiculous and presumptuous that I should be FORCED to call you “they” or “them” because you can’t handle the pronouns “she” and “he.”

  19. Tommy SE 01, ES 03 – so this show is already brainwashing because it keeps the lie going that cops are good people just trying to protect society and the people.

    Also, it’s all about a lesbian cop, so there’s the push about gaydom, although I don’t find it over the top necessarily.

    In this episode the character says she can’t wait for ROBOTS. That is DEFINITELY predictive programming when it comes to the new world order and agenda 21 since there will be robots replacing all of us within the next 2-5 years.

    I’m keeping it in this brainwashing article not putting it in the predictive programming article, just because it’s only one short line.

    Tommy SE 01, ES 04 – within the first minute of the show, they are already talking about the scam of climate change.

    They bring up spying on the cell phones of the protestors without a warrant like the old police chief did. This chief said no, but that’s all fluff. Previously they didn’t ever wait for the warrant.

    Again the character PUSHES to spy on people’s phones for no reason other than they supposedly have a threat.

    Then he brings up the false flag 911 and ask if she had broken the law to stop it, would she have?

    So first they are cementing the lie that 911 was done by anyone other than the evils and the governments.

    Then they are trying to brainwash people into thinking it’s okay to spy on everyone to keep everyone else safe.

    In the end they didn’t go that route of spying on everyone without a warrant, but that’s not the point, the fact that they even brought it up when we already know they spy on us without warrants (the character admited if you don’t want to be spied on, don’t have a phone) is bad enough.

  20. Tommy SE 01, ES 06 – sleep is over rated. Sleep is NOT overrated. In fact, if you don’t get enough quality sleep, your body and mind start to break down and it will ruin your entire life including the relationships you have.

    This BS that you will “sleep when you are dead,” is sooo stupid, it pisses me off.

    Tommy SE 01, ES 07 – they make it seem like charter schools are private and they aren’t. They are government owned and controlled. The reason I’m telling you this is that all government owned schools (and the private schools the evils are involved in) are brainwashing centers. Some parents think that charter schools are better, but they aren’t.

    Don’t let your child be brainwashed by them.

    Tommy SE 01, ES 07 or 08 – the character says he’s HIV positive. They are continuing with the lie that there’s such a thing as AIDs.

  21. I’m finished the 3 seasons now on April 3, 2021.

    A few things:

    1. As I already knew just based on the brainwashing, it’s evil owned. Look at the word “sustainability,” which is an Agenda 21 word.

    2. It touched briefly on pedophilia, kidnapping children, and the cops hiding it, but it hid the fact that this is done on a global scale at very high levels of power. As usual, they made it seem like it is just regular 99%ers who are pedos.

    I’ll keep repeating.

    Pedophilia is a problem that has been passed down century after century for I don’t know how many thousands of years.

    Most pedos were themselves raped or molested as children and almost ALL children grow up to love what they experienced sexually as children. That can’t be helped and it’s 100% fact. Only a small percentage don’t gravitate towards that at some point or they stifle their desires which isn’t healthy either.

    The fact that people demoralize people who are pedos actually harms the situation and here’s why…

    This is what the evils USE to blackmail people into doing their bidding to harm the world.

    These people they blackmail are too scared to say “no,” for fear of what you will think if they are shamed in public.

    I mean you people can’t even handle it when someone cheats on their spouse and you shame them when it’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

    And while I do NOT believe in lying and cheating in a relationship, that’s small peanuts compared to what would happen if they were outed as desiring children.

    This is the reason that you shaming this topic instead of understanding it means you are contributing to the problem.

    It’s the evils who have done this to us generation after generation and it must STOP by you understanding how human nature and sexuality works. It’s no different than stoping child abuse which is also passed down from generation to generation.

    If you refuse to study these topics, have compassion, and understand the FULL picture, then you are part of the problem, NOT part of the solution. And if you are a die-hard religious fanatic, then I want nothing to do with you because it is YOU who has allowed this to happen with your shaming our true essence of sexuality which is a natural part of who we are.

    Shaming and hiding who we are as humans and lying to your children or patients, if you are a whitecoat, that sex is ONLY for procreational reasons and ONLY meant to grow the human race or your specific religion, is WHY people hide their desires and are ashamed of their sexuality. Then everything becomes twisted due to YOUR shaming, and they are easily coerced by the evils into doing dark things and then they are blackmailed.

    And to be clear BEFORE some idiot accuses me of supporting pedophilia because I’ve seen how people attacked the evil collective Oprah and said that she supports pedophilia (I’m sure she does), but when I reviewed the video, that is NOT what she said. SMH.

    Of course children will get turned on when they are aroused and again, if you don’t know this, then you are a FOOL!!!

    I do NOT agree with children being forced, and just remember that the evils don’t just molest little children, they literally cut their heads off, slice them open and sacrifice them to Lucifer or they make OTHER children watch this being done and this is all after they are violently raped. Not all pedos are into violence, in fact I would be interested to know how many are unless they themselves experienced violence as a child. – Grrrrrrrrr.

    Now which do you think is worse?

    NONE of it, but I’d rather be molested than killed in that manner or have to view other children being killed that way!!!

    My heart goes out to all children whose spirit was traumatized in this way.

    3. Most everything that wasn’t brainwashing was actual fact in society.

    4. One thing I didn’t touch on which I probably should if I come across it again in other TV shows, is that any very violent dark show is meant to portray all humans as violent, desensitize people of violence, and therefore make people look the other way when someone is being violent towards another. It’s no different than what the evils do with the video games.

    This show was quite violent and dark.

    Now my notes about the episodes.

    The Tunnel – SE 01, ES 02 – This is a British and French TV show, so this is shocking to me.

    It starts making people who don’t worship vaccines out to be CRAZY.

    Then it does the same thing to people who don’t worship the mafia government.

    It calls us lunitics and makes it seem like we are so unhinged we are ready to kill people.

    WOW, talk about brainwashing the braindead who worship both poisonous vaccines and the government.

    Then it talks about zionism as if it’s so great and anyone who talks negatively about it is also a lunatic.

  22. The Tunnel SE 02, ES 01 – right away 1 minute into the first show of the season there was an LGBT flag to brainwash the normies to the gay and trans agenda.

    Also, I forgot to write down which episode that they once again based anarchists who are NOT violent, we just want to be free without being controlled by the 1%, the evils, etc. That’s all anarchists are about, not the violent negative lies the evils spread through their TV and news.

  23. So the one thing I noticed almost right away in this season, although it may have been in season 1, but I just didn’t make the connection, is that most of the couples are mixed race.

    I’m NOT being racist, but having one mixed-race couple, okay, but several?

    The issue with this is the evils have pushed different races upon one another and this has started conflict.

    Maybe race isn’t the right word, rather “culture.”

    This is how they destroyed Eurpoe, by sending tons of people from 3rd world countries into Western Europe.

    They did the same thing with the US and Canada.

    They did this on purpose to weaken the people who were already there and yes, they were usually white.

    No, I’m NOT being racist, I’m telling you the truth. This was done ON PURPOSE.

    Manifest SE 02, ES 08 – The scene is set in a beautiful meditation center with relaxing Tibetan chanting and the person he asks a question of at a desk is a she male or trans.

    I like this show because it talks about the truth and how evil corps are evil mafia organizations, but it still has some brainwashing in there.

    And the evils shut it down after only one season.

    Bluff City Law SE 01, ES 03 – again talking about doing away with your gender (trans agenda) this time from a legal perspective.

    Bluff City Law SE 01, ES 04 – more brainwashing that whites hate people of color and we need to fight one another.

    Bluff City Law SE 01, ES 06 (sorry, I forgot to put the episode, so I think it’s 6) – Of course they had to throw around the lies aobut “global warming” and “climate change,” but then they came this close to admitting that SOMEONE is responsible for all of the floods that have happened that isn’t nomral and hasn’t happened in the last 500 years.

    Bluff City Law SE 01, ES 09 – first they are pushing IVF without addressing WHY most women can no longer get pregnant. BECAUSE THE EVILS ARE POISONING US.

    They talk about the Catholic priests and what they do to boys saying it’s just a few bad apples.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. Raping children (both genders) is what the Vatican and catholic church does, along with child sacrifice.


  24. 68 Whiskey – SE 01, ES 02 – they lie saying that the US doesn’t kill innocent women and children. They kill thousands every year.

    68 Whiskey – SE 01, ES 04 – they mention fucking VACCINATIONS AGAIN!!!

    68 Whiskey – SE 01, ES 05 – they plug Starbucks twice. Remember, Starbucks is evil owned because KILL BILL’S father got the founder funded and off the ground.

    Their coffee is loaded with gawd knows what.

    A doctor in the show admits (this is the second time I’m hearing this in the last year) that any idiot can graduate medical school. It’s multiple choice tests.

  25. Harrow – SE 02, ES 01 – I didn’t mention this in all of season one, because I don’t want to label everything to do with being gay as an evil agenda, but it seems they are continuously bringing this up so at this point it feels like it’s brainwashing.

    He wakes up to a balloon with the LGBTQ rainbow colors.

    And look at THAT, they changed the intro to show a NEEDLE. He’s a pathologist, WHY WOULD HE NEED A NEEDLE???

    I find that they always do a very soft launch of brainwashing and then by the second season the evils kick it up a notch and then go from there.

    I don’t know if it’s the writer subjecting his personal life into the script, but the main character ONLY sleeps 4 hours per night?

    Do you know how dangerous that is to the human body and mind?

    Or the evils are promoting this as “manly” so they can harm men.

    I can’t stand men who think it’s COOL to sleep less than 8 hours (7 at the very least) per night.

    Getting deep quality quiet sleep is one of the only ways to heal ourselves or keep our body and brain healthy.

    There are more car accidents due to people falling asleep than drinking and driving.

    Most MAJOR accidents were due to the person at work not having had enough sleep the night before.

    Harrow – SE 02, ES 07 – OMG, the story is about this woman who said she had a brain tumor that was cured by some holistic powder and then she died.

    Turns out she never had a brain tumor, but “supposedly” got very sick with ALL of the things that of course we know are in chemtrails (mercury, aluminum, and lead) and they blamed it on the mineral powder. So now people who believe everything the whitecoats say will disregard chemtrails and blame holistic all-natural products.

    Harrow KEPT calling it a poisonous supplement.

    So the evils are trying to blame everything holistic so when people have cancer, they will go back to the toxic drugs, chemo, etc. when really it’s the other POISONS the evils are killing us with the fake food, sprayed on our food, in the water, air, everything we touch in our homes, and the list goes on.

    You can read it here… https://ourfreesociety.com/they-feed-us-poison/

    Again, I’ve never ever heard of a supplement doing something like that.

    Of course, if it’s cheap crap, it could have heavy metals in it, but almost all (I’m pretty sure, but don’t quote me) supplements are tested.

    One last thing. Go look up (assuming the figures are correct and not manipulated by the evils) how many people are poisoned by toxic PHARMA MAFIA drugs.

    Now find me that many people (even half) who died due to supplements, tinctures, etc.

    Harrow – SE 03, ES 02 – talks about running out of single malt as if drinking SHOULD be an ongoing thing in life and there’s nothing toxic about it.

    I’m not against drinking once in a while, but society uses alcohol as a drug to numb feelings and escape reality.

    People even use it to feel happy and fun because they can’t feel those emotions without being drunk. SMH

    It’s a societal addiction even if people aren’t classified as an alcoholic.

    Harrow – SE 03, ES 03 – I’m starting to realize that the evils have been pushing replacing organs for ages.

    This one is about being on the transplant list.

    If we know what we are doing and we aren’t poisoned, there should be NO NEED to replace organs because we would never get that sick to begin with.

    My guess is that the evils brainwash us into thinking that this is just a part of life so no one ever investigates the REAL reason we get so sick that our organs stop working.

    Harrow – SE 03, ES 06 – while the scene was hilarious, they made the topics of herbal tea, meditation and yoga, which are all very healthy for the mind, body, and spirit, out to be stupid and gross.

    The evils don’t want us to be relaxed and healthy, so they promote drugs, alcohol, and other toxic methods that never heal us or release negative emotions and trauma. They only make things worse.

  26. Harrow ES 10 – They started introducing masks and mentioned TONS of viruses. Even one from a monkey to solidify that you can get sick from animals which isn’t true. Not unless the evils create a poison in their Frankenstein labs that combines something from a monkey and then they get it into your body.

    This is all to brainwash people into thinking the scamdemic and ALL scams they have perpetuated on us for the last 200-300 years is normal and the truth.

    Then they have to brainwash people into thinking that their toxic drugs will SAVE THE DAY. That we have to adore and worship the whitecoats when in fact THEY are the dangerous evil ones.

    This is clearly all about the scamdemic.

  27. The TV show “Vida.”

    So I had notes, but then my computer froze up and I lost them all.

    The show obviously promotes anything GAY/LESBIAN which I wouldn’t have a problem with if it weren’t for almost every lez looking like a man and gays looking like a woman.

    Then towards the end of the 3rd season they threw in the androgenous looking humans who I couldn’t tell if they were supposed to be women. This, of course, brainwashes people into thinking that being trans is okay and normal which it is NOT.

    Then they started with the whole changing he/she to they/them which is ridiculous.

    And then the entire 3 seasons were about sex with almost NO foreplay, guys expecting to get BJs within 2 minutes of getting intimate, and any relationships never lasted.

    I watched the serious because it gave me an inside look into the Latino culture. I just wish they didn’t speak so much Spanish or they had put subtitles because I couldn’t understand it.

    Clearly it was geared only towards gay Latinos.

    They talked about vaccines AGAIN. This time about the Tdap vaccine and if you want to know what that poisonous vaccine can do to people, look at this – https://ourfreesociety.com/Tdap-Vaccine-Injury

    The supposed “mother” wouldn’t let anyone near her newborn UNLESS they got this poisonous vaccine and where do you think she got that idea from? Herself???

  28. City on a hill – SE 01, ES 03

    I’m paraphrasing – He talks about how if you keep on with a lie, everyone will believe it.

    Sorry, I forgot to write it down while watching the episode. Another gay scene with the flag and how oppressed gays are.

    City on a hill – SE 01, ES 09 – they make the statement that true love is putting your happiness aside for others.

    Total lie and BS. This is a religious lie and an evil spread lie so people equate true love with pain.

    And so people will harm themselves emotionally (or physically) in order to prove they love someone else.

    This way the evils can ask you to do anything to harm yourself and you WILL.

    Like always, there’s truth in the TV shows. He talks about a scout leader stroking cock. It’s a joke, but all true. The boy scouts is a pedo’s dream come true and my guess is that most of the higher ups are part of the evil collective. Who knows, they may have started the organization so they would have access to rape young boys.

    Same with the kiwanis boys club. All evil OWNED.

    City on a hill – SE 02, ES 03 – another slew of LGBT colors in a bathroom.

    And this sesason is about brainwashing people that people can actually make CHANGE in the mafia government. All lies. Anyone who believes they can fight the evils and the mafia government is dellusional. It takes millions of us to fight back, not one lone person in the mafia government where they will throw out, threaten, harm or kill anyone who goes up against them.

  29. City on a hill – SE 02, ES 05 – character talks about eugenics and while he only mentions low IQ, white trash, etc. being killed, the fact that it’s brought up speaks volumes because that’s NOT just who the evils want to kill now and evidence shows it’s always been that way.

  30. Stumptown – SE 01, ES 04 – “If you see something, if you hear something, tell these folks.”

    It’s that same thing they have been saying since the scamdemic broke out brainwashing people to rat out people who aren’t wearing toxic masks and being part of the braineashed crowd, social distancing, imprionsing themselves, etc.

  31. Stumptown – SE 01, ES 07 – first they talk about a gay politician, then they talk about anti vaxers committing crimes by sending antrhax to kill the bitch.

    Again, anti-vaxxers are NOT criminals, the people who lie and tell everyone that vaccines are safe are, and the people who support those criminals are nazi lovers.

    Brainwashing for the braindead who haven’t studied a day as to not just why vaccines are deadly, but the whole scam behind vaccines for over 200-300 years since they started lying about viruses and came up with the poisonous vaccines in Britain.

    Then the entire episode is about politics and pushing the lie that government (any position) is altruistic and for the people.

    Even if we say that one person who enters politics is doing it for the right reason, you can’t ignore that the entire industry is criminal.

    Anyone who is a good person is chased out, threatened, blackmailed, or worse.

    Stumptown – SE 01, ES 10 – so the entire season is all about drinking alcohol. NOT GOOD.

    In this season, they have to say the term, “fake news” so the term is brainwashed/burned into people’s heads. Of course they weren’t referring to the REAL fake news, the mainstream media owned and controlled by the evils.

    Stumptown – SE 01, ES 11 – they pull on people’s heart strings so they will run and get a DNA test so the evils have your DNA to track you.

    Stumptown – SE 01, ES 12 – Vegan is the theme of this episode. More brainwashing that everyone should turn vegan which the evils created and it harms people, especially men.

    Whiskey Cavalier – SE 01, ES 04 – they talk about nanobots that are naked to the eye and is supposed to spy on you. The character just ate one AND the other character DESCRIBES how they latch onto your organs with their claws. They do in fact have tiny claws.

    Then they start using the term “fake news” over and over to cement in people’s minds that the truth is FAKE NEWS and the fake news (the MSM) is REAL. Different show, same propaganda.

    So far they’ve talked about an evil organization that permeates everywhere in government, the monarchy, etc. and trafficking babies.

    So the show is based on reality even if it’s not 100% spot on, it’s 98% spot on.

    Remember, Hollywood tells you the truth WAY more than the mainstream media ever will.

  32. Whiskey Cavalier – SE 01, ES 11 – they mainly make it seem like the US government doesn’t want to bring over defectors to build weapons.

    That’s all the American government does is build weapons. And NOT weapons just to go after other countries, but also to go after the American people, the 99%.

    Or to sell them to make their money.

    Whiskey Cavalier – SE 01, ES 12 – they talk about Disney World as if it’s a great thing.

    Disney is a massive child trafficking and mind control organization. Nothing about it is wholesome.

    It’s dangrous and they work with the government.

  33. 13 Reasons Why SE 04, ES 01 – Shows the LGBTQ colors as the camera is spanning by.

    Last season it showed how the Latino father was a homophobic prick and nothing irks me more than people who abuse gay or bi people, but since I watched that season, I came to learn how the EVILS have been making us gay. It wasn’t purely by accident and certaintly not by nature.

    I love this show. For once, it shows REAL LIFE, something that the majority of the populeation wants to shove under the rug just like the war we are in. They want to ignore it and pretend it’s not happening as IF it will go away.

    People like that make me SICK!

  34. 13 Reasons Why – SE 04, ES 03 – says point blank that airport security isn’t about security.

    This isn’t brainwashing per say, but TV and movies also divulge the truth. TV shows that is, not the mainstream lying media.

  35. 13 Reasons Why – SE 04, ES 06 – they have to revisit the false flags of students killing students in schools because the evils have pushed fear in students for years.

    I’m not sure how many of these killing sprees were false flags and how many were real. I wasn’t a truther back then, so I didn’t know that any weren’t real until a few years ago.

    No one (child or adult) should have to go through this.

    This is all the disfunction of society because people don’t work on their childhood trauma, don’t learn about spirituality and what that even means, and most people don’t study Natural Law.

    If people are weak due to fear and self loathing, then society is weak and the evils can walk all over us.

    You are only as strong as your weakest LINK!

    The episode then goes on to prove that the mafia government does this to terrify the children. They even admit there is NO SHOOTER, but they put the kids thorugh the drills saying it’s to evaluate how they will act in a real life situation, all the while terrifying these poor children.

    The kids just want to go to school without metal detectors, cameras, and armed guards, and the government run schools are creating a culture of FEAR.

    Of course we know this is all to lead up to this war we are in now so people will more easily accept the lies.


    13 Reasons Why – SE 04, ES 08 – for the last two episdoes they have been pushing the BS that every kid has to go to college.

    College is a mind control organization and yes I agree that you can make good friends and contacts there, but you won’t fit in if you aren’t mainstream even in College.

    All of the colleges and universities are controlled by the evils.

    They brainwash the kids to worship and obey the state and to barely look at what is really going on. They brainwash the kids to think that if the college doesn’t talk about it, then it’s not true.

    The evils control every single department, it’s not like it’s just science or math or history.

    The same is true for high school and even grade school.

    It wasn’t until a few months ago that I finally realized why they constantly spread propaganda about college.

    Yes, it’s also about putting people into debt (if you are in America), but it’s more than that.

    They have to keep the brainwashing going and most of all, get you to want that job from an evil corp.

    What better way to control people, than have them working for an evil corp that’s run by the evils. Even if the company isn’t run by the evils, how much do they really care about their employees? Yes, there’s the odd good company, but they are the exception, NOT the rule.

    And that’s also where they tap highly intelligent students to “work” for the spook agencies.

    They coerce them into the evil end of things so they have control over them and they can’t go off and create something new to make society better. Once you join a spook agency, what are your odds of EVER working for a company that has integrity or starting your own such company?

    They need to get them before they can think for themselves, realize that the government is evil, or some good company gets their hands on them.

    And of course, get them to create more weapons, whatever those weapons are. They could be something for the army, something to spy on us, a robot that will control us, something you can inject into someone to make them sick, a chemical to poison our food, land, and so on.

    Those are all weapons.

    13 Reasons Why – SE 04, ES 09 – While it’s great to show that there’s no homophobia, the gay scenes went overboard.

    Prom King and Queen were two boys. Then a dance where everyone was worshipping them. SMH. Total evil propaganda to encourage young kids to become gay.

    13 Reasons Why – SE 04, ES 10 – they continue to promote the lie about HIV. Listen to the truth here that HIV (just like covid19) is all a lie.

    The kid could have been saved had they decided to use holistic methodologies.

    Young Sheldon – SE 04, ES 10 – Oh gawd, he starts talking about the scammer Pateur and vaccines.

    Young Sheldon – SE 04, ES 11 – this isn’t the only episode in this show that makes gambling and drinking seem fun even when the character loses tons of money and is so drunk she can’t even remember what she said and then wakes up sick. But in this episode they did focus on it a lot more.

  36. Remember that Oprah is part of the evil collective. In fact, she was part of the secret meeting in New York in 2009 with KILL BILL, Warren Buffet, George Soros, Ted Turner, David Rockefeller, and Michael Rubens Bloomberg. ALL part of the evil collective.

    And from one video I heard that she was created so it would normalize mixed marriages.

    I have no issue with mixed marriages, but as I began to learn the truth, it’s not normal biologically. Nothing to do with race, but because we as humans feel more comfortable with people of our own race.

    Queen Sugar – Season 05, ES 01 – within 10 minutes they spread propaganda lies that there are X cases of coronavirus in China.

    They also push the narrative that doing farming is a society that’s not progressive and is backward. That’s because they don’t believe in anything natural, they are trying to push the CHEMICALS in food or LAB GROWN FOOD is normal and more modern.

    Remember, this is what the evils plan to do to us. Take away all of our food and they were already talking about it by epsidoe 03.

    Queen Sugar – Season 05, ES 02 – they lie again talking about how the fake virus takes out older people.

    Then less than 5 minutes later they talk about how people are getting spooked and not traveling anymore.

    The entire episode is all about fear and lies about the fake virus.

    Queen Sugar – Season 05, ES 03 – now they are talking about the lies when people test positive for the PCR test that doesn’t test for anything and makes the majority test positive even though they aren’t sick. That’s the scam if you are new to the truth.

    It’s clear the entire season is one HUGE propaganda lie to make all the oprah worshippers believe everything the TV show and the lying MSM says is true because they trust that evil witch.

    I can’t watch this garbage. This is BEYOND just a cursory talk about it. That’s it. No more for me.

    It’s a shame because I liked this show. It wasn’t your typical show, although the acting is terrible, in my opinion, and two of the black women look and walk like men. I’m not sure if they are trans.

    I like the storyline.

  37. All Rise – SE 01, ES 06 – even before this episode it was all about gay people, getting married, and now about interacial couples.

    All Rise – SE 01, ES 07 – all about binary people and being forced to call them “they” and “them.”

    It’s just more of how the evils have deleted gender by poisoning humans. sigh

    All Rise – SE 01, ES 12 – What??? Flat Earth coffee? LOL, where did that come from.

    To be clear, I have no idea if the earth is flat and I don’t care because we have more important things to learn and deal with.

    I love Mother Earth whether she’s round or flat.

    This episode is about white vs black. The show is pretty much brainwashing everyone that whites and blacks will NEVER get along so people fight with one another, and ignore what the evils are doing to ALL of us.

    Saying that, there are people within the show who are white and black who are best friends, so that’s good to see.

    And yes, there still is racism and I know this episode is accurate that black women are ignored in hospitals and die because of the whitecoats, BUT they shouldn’t be going to whitecoats. NO ONE should. And UNTIL people start to learn about their bodies, how they work and what’s actually making us all sick (mainly the evils) and turning a blind eye to truth, their poisons and their bioweapons, NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE.

    All Rise – SE 01, ES 13 – in this episode and another one they are pushing the vegan brainwashing.

    If you don’t know, the evils created the vegan lifestyle and will be forcing it on EVERYONE once they get rid of the entire food supply so you will be left with nothing to eat other then their lab created chemicals masquerading as food. Oh, and you will be able to eat insects. Now whether those are real insects or GM insects, I have no idea.

    All Rise – SE 01, ES 14 – they did the same thing the other show I mentioned did.

    Someone who believes in FREEDOM is upset because the nazi cops came to throw him off his own land that’s been in his family since before California became a state.

    He he didn’t pay the property taxes (I told you they can just steal your land if you don’t pay the mafia fees), and he fired a shot in the air, so they charged him with attempted murder.

    Then in court when they wouldn’t let him speak and he lost it. They make him out to be a crazy person who attacks someone in court.

    This is another example of slavery. They have ALL of the power which anyone with a brain can clearly see (that’s a threat right there) and you have to behave yourself and never get angry, raise your voice, so pretty much behave like a robot.

    If you don’t, they will fine you or cage you.

    Granted he could have waited until after trial to lose it, but he was upset at having been caged for nothing and I don’t blame him.

    When the cop lied, he lost it.

    I can’t stand it when people lie too and I couldn’t address someone lying about EVERYTHING and if my life and property were at risk, I would lose it too.

    They don’t want people to be free, so they paint everyone who wants to be free as LUNITICS so you will be scared.

    Then the judge says that “government is a necessary evil.” LOL, NO IT ISN’T. That’s just what they convince you of.

    Just like all slave owners convinced their slaves that if they were free, they would be hunted and killed or harmed. That they wouldn’t be able to feed or house themselves so they are better off being a slave.

    Go read the stories of ex-slaves and see how close their words are to how we have to live under this slavery.

    The government which is just a bunch of criminals decides what you can buy, can’t buy, what you can’t sell, what you can do with your own body and life, THEY decide for you.

    Then they train you to be good obedient slaves and if you protest, they make you out to be the bad guy.


    All Rise – SE 01, ES 21 – well they ruined a perfectly good season with the lies about covid19 and wearing masks, and how we ALL have to be imprisoned indoors.

    I checked ES 01 for SE 02, and within 5 seconds, I could see toxic face diapers and them washing all keyboards and desks with toxic chemicals.

    I said NOPE and didn’t watch the last episode of season 01.

    For Life – SE 02, ES 03 – I think it was this episode where she says being white is a privaledge. Now she may have meant having money, so if that’s what it meant, I apologize. If not, it’s the same BS the evils have been spreading for a few years now to turn the whites against the blacks and bring down the whites.

    I am NOT discounting that blacks are still treated like shit, but this show actually PROVES that it’s more about whether you have money and power, not your race.

    And it’s another TV show where I’m seeing a lot more blacks in the show which we NEVER saw before. Usually there was one toxin black person unless it was a show specifically created by blacks for blacks.

    That’s great, but what has changed in the last 2 years?


    The evils are up to something.

    For Life – SE 02, ES 04 – again, they talk about being vegan. More brainwashing that people should go VEGAN.

    For Life SE 02, ES 06 – OMG, they ruined this show. Now it’s all about the scamdemic, social distancing, masks, no one can go anywhere, etc.

    I couldn’t stomach it, so I just stopped 5 minutes in. I checked ES 07 and right away I see toxic masks everywhere.

    TERRIBLE. Another brainwashing mind-controlled TV show.

    I can handle that about almost any topic EXCEPT this fake pandemic that is their step to killing off humanity.

  38. Young Sheldon SE 04, ES 14 – so this one is all about colonoscopies and worshipping whitecoats that you MUST go to see, otherwise you are considered weird.

    And paying tax returns and how one needs to get compliments from the government.

    Young Sheldon SE 04, ES 15 – if I thought there would be NO TALK of the bullshit viruses in this show since it’s set in the 1980s, I was WRONG.

    They talk about social distancing, viruses, and now they are predictive programming about computer viruses. Remember, they are going to shut down the Internet and blame it on a cyber attack.

    Then they make it seem like stealing and lying is good for business.

  39. The Rookie SE 03, ES 04 – again another show that talks about flat earthers as if they are crazy.

    Funny, I just watched a docu on the topic last night and while I still don’t understand the gemotry of it all, it’s very obvious that NASA is a scam, so I will be investigating more when I have time.

    The Rookie SE 03, ES 06 – so obviously the show is here to make people trust cops and think that there’s good cops in the system. That the bad cops are a minority, but this isn’t true.

    The cops work for the government which is a corporation, they don’t work for the people.

    You can see that now plain as day. They will fine you, beat you or arrest you if you don’t wear a mask, social distance or stay imprisoned in your home.

    Even if they are given ALL of the evidence that these things are bad for us or just not right, they STILL follow what their mafia government tells them to do OVER what is right and moral.


    I think I’ve only seen one country where the cops stopped the madness and joined the people. Sorry, I can’t find the video. It was in Europe (Eastern) somewhere.

    My other observations is that the show makes it seem like the cops are trying to do better on a myriad of levels.

    I’d like to know if this is ALL true, or it’s jsut brainwashing to make people think it’s true so they trust cops when we can’t.

    The Rookie SE 03, ES 09 – they talk about C-sections as if they are normal. Hell one character even said she wants to do one. WOW.

    C-sections are terrible for the mother and the baby. It’s surgery.

    Babies need to be born vaginally.

    If memory serves, there’s a coating from the vaginal cavity that coats the baby and helps it from a health perspective.

    They also lie and say that SIDs is really suffocation. NOT TRUE. I was shocked to learn a few years back that SIDs is usually the baby dying from vaccines.

    The Rookie SE 03, ES 11 – they have to have a binary looking female in the show OF COURSE.

  40. Manifest SE 03, ES 01 – LOL, at the very end they write that, “This episode was safely filmed adhering to Covid Protocals.”

    PURE PROPAGANDA to continue the lie of the fake virus that’s really a bioweapon created by the US military in conjunction with the Chinese and many other scientists worldwide on the direction of the EVILS.

    Manifest SE 03, ES 06 – she says I wish I had my Vanguard right now.” LOL, we don’t even know what that is, but I do.

    It’s the company name that the evils use to hide behind that owns all of the world’s industry and companies.


  41. The Blacklist – SE 08, ES 01 – The message is very clear. We (that means everyone) has a job to do even if we don’t like it.

    It brainwashes people into thinking that it’s OKAY when people in government DHS, cops, etc. (all crimials) terrorize and arrest people who have done NOTHING WRONG because it’s their job.

    It lets their actions off the hook and convinces the braindead who believe in slavery (government) that this is all for the greater good.

    The Blacklist – SE 08, ES 05 – in a couple of episodes so far they keep showing the falus (penis) momument (sorry I can’t remember where it is, probably Washington). That is one of the many illuminati symbols all over to show that the Illuminati owns us.

    I’m at the end of the season and they literally showed it in every episode except maybe one. That’s 22 episodes.

    The Blacklist – SE 08, ES 06 – he mentions the Nurenberg trials probably to throw it in our faces that there will never be one again AND the first one was a farce. They threw a few nazis under the bus and the others got away by the evils, US government, etc. who started WWII and the holocaust.

    They talk about one of the characters dying of the West Nile virus. Of course that virus was also a bio-weapon assuming it was even real.

    The Blacklist – SE 08, ES 07 – they lie about how Asad from Syria was behind the chemical attack.

    He wasn’t. The evils sold everyone the lie that he was behind it to make him look bad.

    More BS brainwashing about not assuming people are men or women by using the pronoun she/he and instead, using the pronoun “they.”

    The Blacklist – SE 08, ES 08 – they try to make it seem like the US is fair when it comes to killing Americans who steal information. All lies, just look at what happened to Aaron Swatz, the Internet prodigy and how the Ameircan government went after him for nothing.

    And there is no information stolen because the evils own the entire world, so these scripts that the US has to be afraid of China and Russia is all a game to make Americans and others think the countries are seperate and aren’t already part of the NWO (New World Order.)

    They also bring up Bin Laden as if he ever existed. I’m not an expert on this topic, other than 911 was an inside job and had NOTHING to do with Bin Laden.

    The Blacklist – SE 08, ES 09 – More brainwashing of interacial relationships to bring down the white race.

    The Blacklist – SE 08, ES 10 – second time I’ve heard a show mentioning how blacks are given less pain meds by moron doctors due to racism.

    While I’m sure it’s true, the fact that they are mentioning it in TV shows is so they can divide blacks with whites and make blacks hate whites even more.

    Also, twice now I’ve seen 2 trans people in this show. The second one was in this episode.

    And those are just the ones who are obvious to me. There are tons of trans actors you and I would never know where trans unless we had a transvestigator look into them.

    The Blacklist – SE 08, ES 11 – Within the first 8 minutes of the show they are brainwashing about an impending CYBER ATTACK.

    This is the lie the evils are using NOW, to shut down the electricity in cities worldwide one-by-one.

    They mention LGBTQ and how everyone should be CHEERING for it.

    I agree that NO ONE should ever be killed or harrased because they are gay.

    What I care about is that that evils are making us GAY and TRANS on purpose.

    They repeat the lies about 911 and most of the terrorists being from Saudia Arabia.

    The Blacklist – SE 08, ES 13 – more veganism brainwashing.

    And tofu too which is soy, which is harmful to humans, especially men.


    The Blacklist – SE 08, ES 22 – he says his illness doesn’t go away, it just takes a pause and comes back deadlier than ever.

    Lies. we can ALL heal our bodies once we know how.

  42. David Makes Man SE 01, SE 01 – One of the executive producers is Oprah who is part of the evil collective.

    I just came to the part where there’s a transvestite (still male) who babysits the two kids.

    David Makes Man SE 01, SE 02 – more trans people. A whole slew of them including teenagers.

    David Makes Man SE 01, SE 06 – to a class of kids in Jr. high, they talk about obedience going to this private high school as if it’s a virtue to be obedient.

    Again, more brainwashing that we as a society need to learn how to be reined in as slaves.

  43. Heartland SE 14, ES 02 – Brainwashing about global warming and how animals cause a good portion of it. LOL – NOT TRUE!

    Yeh, we should kill ALL of the animals because they are to blame. Actually, I shouldn’t laugh, that’s what the evils’ plan is.

    Then the little girl says LED lightbulbs are better than regular lightbulbs which is another LIE. They harm us due to their low flicker rate. They are toxic to the body.

    Heartland SE 14, ES 04 (I forgot to change the episode, so I hope it was this or the 5th one) – the character talks about the little girl disobeying his “authority.”

    Brainwashing that anyone NEEDS authority.

    Sure he’s the adult and she’s a child, but when you brainwash a child that they have no say in life and the adult is better than the child, they grow up to think that even as an adult. That “authority” is better than them.

    That also means they stop trusting their intuition which we ALL need in life.

    And this is WHY people worship the mafia government, religion, and the mafia medical industry and do whatever they say without thinking.

    Heartland SE 14, ES 06 – mentions the word “zombie.”

    The evils have been using this word for a while now and making zombie TV shows because they know that 90% of the human population are the walking dead. Even the bloody CDC has it on their site. TERRIBLE.


    Then within 5 minutes, another character uses the word “sustainable.”

    That word may mean something positive overall, but for the evils it’s their way of taking the world DOWN.

    Watch the Agenda 21 playlist to understand that sustainability means they have taken over our species and Mother Earth – https://ourfreesociety.com/Agenda21-YT-Playlist

    The character says, “Life isn’t fair, but it’s the only one we got.”

    So two things:

    It’s not that life isn’t fair, it’s that we are slaves being controlled.

    Until we learn how to take our power BACK, of course life isn’t going to seem fair.

    This is a skill we all need to learn because the truth has been hidden from us by the evils for thousands of years.

    As for this being the only life we have, another lie.

    Life is continuous. Even when we pass over, it’s just another realm and experience as is every lifetime we live to learn lessons and make ourselves and this world a better place.

    BUT, we can’t say that life on the other side will be better. We MUST make this life on EARTH better and STOP being COWARDS wanting to pass over to the other side to escape.

  44. I do want to say that I like the show only because of how the charater thinks outside the box and cares for people. Not because it’s a medical show.

    It’s shocking how everything is about toxic DRUGS and cutting people open when there are many other holistic remedies that don’t require either.

    And I just realized 15 episodes in (although I was already wondering) that the reason why people become addicted to oxy is due to SURGERY!

    That’s not the only reason, but a lot of the reason.

    New Amsterdam, SE 01, ES 22 – so I always rewatch the last episode from the previous season to remind myself what happened.

    This is a medical show that started pre-scamdemic and before I started this article, so there will be a lot of brainwashing.

    They make it seem that a woman risks her life and her baby if she were to give birth at home.

    They want you in the hospital so they can force your baby to be injected with poisonous vaccines. They don’t say that of course, but they imply it.

    And NOW, they are forcing PCR tests on both the mother and the baby. See this video. https://www.bitchute.com/video/P9UnABKGgCLm/

    And look what happens to a mothers’ milk after the death jab – https://odysee.com/@OurFreeSociety:2/Mothers-lose-milk-after-vax:c

    While the incident didn’t happen in this episode, the topic is revisited.

    A caring shrink touched a patient and was accused of being unprofessional. If memory serves, he almost lost his job and license.

    He was very distraught when another patient wanted him to hold his hand and he couldn’t due to fear.

    The evils do NOT want humans touching other people. This destroys what it means to be human, physical contact.

    They rush to cut the umbilical cord on a newborn when that’s one of the WORST things you can do.

    The blood needs to continue to flow back and forth between the baby and the placenta and you are supposed to just tie it off and let it fall off naturally and KEEP the cord for stem cells.

    “The fetus is connected by the umbilical cord to the placenta, the organ that develops and implants in the mother’s uterus during pregnancy.

    Through the blood vessels in the umbilical cord, the fetus receives all the necessary nutrition, oxygen, and life support from the mother through the placenta.”

    And by the way, guess what’s being harmed now due to the death jab?

    THE PLACENTA. The woman’s ability to create a placenta after the death jab.

    New Amsterdam, SE 02, ES 01 – again about how blacks aren’t given the same pain meds from doctors.

    Besides this brainwashing people into WANTING toxic pain meds, I’m really beginning to wonder if this is a lie. Why else would this topic be in every single TV show I’ve watched?

    They say that transgenders aren’t getting any medical care. The evils create them and then throw them to the wolves.

    The character says when you get older, you lose your mental acuity. Well, guess what…

    Every time I call a company and speak to some moron who’s in their early 20s, they can’t think or even remember what I said 2 minutes ago, so this issue has NOTHING to do with age, and everything to do with the EVILS POISONING US which is affecting our BRAINS!

    The character starts bashing alternative products saying they put heavy metals into our bodies, especially the ones from China.

    Then bashes a lavender rollon for stress. Well, first of all, you need to diffuse lavender and it really does help with stress, but you STILL have to get to the root cause of your stress and eliminate that.

    New Amsterdam, SE 02, ES 02 – WOW, I just watched a video a few hours ago telling everyone to ignore the Australian census because it’s just giving the government more power and informaiotn over us and now this show starts talking about the US census.

    The evils are going to take count of how many they have killed off.

    New Amsterdam, SE 02, ES 03 – Trans actor (MTF) and I just realized, I think, there are more blacks in the show now than whites.

    New Amsterdam, SE 02, ES 04 – I get it’s a medical show, but it’s message is that people are always sick with something even if they feel well, and that only drugs help.

    More blacks. At least 90% more than white characters.

    I am NOT racist, but something is going on here and I need to get to the bottom of their agenda.

    New Amsterdam, SE 02, ES 05 – almost all patients were black, AGAIN.

    New Amsterdam, SE 02, ES 08 – I was waiting for them to bring up the vaccine question to the parents of this boy and of COURSE the parents say he’s up-to-date.

    That’s probably WHY he’s sick.

    Wow, I was right. Of course they blamed his illness on him catching it in his home country (he was adopted) because they don’t do vaccines or take them serious , but we all know that’s BS.

    Now they are lying and talking about how kids in 3rd world countries die because they don’t have access to posionous vaccines.


    Then they mention ANTI VAXERS (of course.)

    I’ll bet you anything this is why they make the show so kind and loving. So you will trust whatever they say even if it’s a LIE.

    New Amsterdam, SE 02, ES 09 – they try to make pap smears and mamograms out to be the MUST HAVE for every woman.

    I can’t remember if I’ve heard anything about pap smears, but mammograms are dangerous. You don’t need them.

    In fact, tons of women have gotten so-called “breast cancer,” AFTER the mammogram test.


    Yeh right.

    New Amsterdam, SE 02, ES 11 – the character mentions his daughter going to get her 6 month set of VACCINES.

    Just so you know, the evils will literally create a whole show and invest millions just to brainwash the masses about one topic so the braindead masses will comply with no questions asked.

    Clearly medical shows cover a few topics:

    1. Poisonous vaccines
    2. Accepting toxic drugs including addictive pain meds and psychiatric drugs.
    3. Cutting people’s bodies open (surgery) as if this is NORMAL.
    4. Getting people to think that all whitecoats are knowledageble about the human baody, and to be worshiped and trusted.

    They subjected this poor baby to some procedure re: her ear aches which is KNOWN to be because of VACCINES.

    New Amsterdam, SE 02, ES 12 – the character says that because someone is in a comma or there’s no brain function that their soul is gone.


    New Amsterdam, SE 02, ES 14 – they had to throw in the WHO as predictive programming that they are an organization to bow down to.

    New Amsterdam, SE 02, ES 18 – the lead Ryan Eggold talks about how the last episode of the season they were going to air was called PANDEMIC. Clearly predictive programming.

    They aren’t going to air it because it’s too close to what’s going on, so while they make it seem like they are doing a good thing, they are reaffirming the lie that there’s a PANDEMIC.

    Again, the evils create shows to brainwash people into believing their lies and because people WORSHIP actors, they believe all the lies the actors feed you as well.

    Then the new character played by Daniel Dae Kim “claims” he got covid19 while shooting in New York.

    More lies, more brainwashing.

    Who knows if he got sick and even if he did, that doesn’t mean he got sick by a virus, especially not one that’s FAKE.

    One of the nurses takes that toxic hand gel on camera so people will be brainwashed into using it over and over again.

    It’s one of the reasons people started to get sick.

    I don’t think I mentioned how TERRIBLE chemo and radiation is, but of course, this show being a medical show, makes it seem like it’s the ONLY way to cure cancer and it’s the norm, despite all the harm it does to the patients.

    New Amsterdam, SE 03, ES 01 – so it starts off showing the fake pandemic. How all the doctors look beaten, tons of fake dead bodies, doctors wearing double and triple masks, and even patients wearing masks.

    Then one of the character’s partner is wearing a mask at home, then the lead doctor is not seeing his daughter (other than on the phone and computer) so she grows up not knowing her only parent.

    And then the shrink using the word “pandemic within 6 minutes.

    Then the entire set is wearing toxic masks, then the new doctor lies and says thousands of people died every day due to covid.

    We are just over 10 minutes into the episode and the lead doctor talks about testing negative by the dangerous toxic PCR test.

    Brainwashing that everyone needs to take the toxic PCR test.

    If it doesn’t end soon. I’m skipping this season. I can’t stand lies and mind control during a WHOLE show.

    11+ minutes in and we see more characters putting on their masks. The brainwashing is really really BAD! Again, they could have created this show back in 2018 just to brainwash people to do all of these terrible things to themselves AND believe in the fake virus.

    Then they lie about how patients are on vents for 12 months.

    Anyone on a vent died. Almost no one survived unless someone in the hospital saved them by pulling it out because they figured out that vents are dangerous.

    The lead character lies and says that it’s a doctor’s job to HEAL.

    NOT TRUE. No allopathic doctor heals. All they do is deal drugs and cut people open.

    I don’t want to nit pick, but the shrink says trauma is as real as cancer (that part is true). What’s not true is cancer. There’s no such thing as cancer. It’s just another symptom.

    At least they talk about how the hospitals have no money which of course isn’t from rthe scamdemic, but from the evils bleeding them dry.

    Then another character says, “Welcome to the NEW NORMAL.”

    Pushing that phrase so it sticks in people’s heads.

    And it was said AGAIN.

    Then they mention the toilet paper BS.

    Towards the end, the character says she not only MISSES the pandemic (WOW), she says how she isn’t scared of the fake virus, but rather people, intimacy and normalcy. That’s MORE brainwashing to get people scared of other humans.

    Also, when it comes to mental illness, they brainwash you into thinking you HAVE to take toxic drugs to manage it. That’s ANOTHER LIE.

    I was once attacked by a young woman when even suggested you should never take toxic drugs for your emotional issues.

    She’s so brainwashed by the shrinks that she feels she has to take it otherwise she will spiral out of control. She has no problem killing herself and doesn’t want to listen to reason or anything that doesn’t fit her paradigm.

    She wouldn’t even watch the video of a doctor who speaks out AGAINST the drugs.

    Here it is – https://odysee.com/@OurFreeSociety:2/psychiatric-drugs-are-more-dangerous:e

    They also lied saying the virus harmed the patient’s heart muscle. All lies.

    The vent did that or whatever toxic drugs they gave him.

    New Amsterdam, SE 03, ES 02 – they show everyone on the street wearing toxic nanobot infested masks.

    Ok, I’m going to end watching this because I can’t handle them blaming the fake covid virus for EVERYTHING the evils have done to us.

    They are still brainwashing about the PCR test and how one doctor can’t be around people because she’s too afraid. SMH.

    Not much of a doctor if she doesn’t know the truth.

    When the nurse said that she wore the same mask for 2 weeks straight and then felt the virus go through her mask when someone breathed on her, I stopped.

    The script is written to make people harm themselves.

    A pretty good show RUINED by the evils.

  45. Into the Storm, the movie, not the TV show.

    So this is what happens when the evils play with their WEATHER WEAPONS and ignorant people believe in their lies that it’s climate change when it’s NOT!!!

    They love killing people and demolishing everyone’s lives, homes, and businesses.

    At 21:52 – they showed the devil’s horns
    39:13 – it’s a zombie apocolypse
    50:44 – and even several minutes below more devil’s horns

  46. David Makes Man – SE 02, ES 03 – mentions vegan.

    Hollywood – all about gays and forced sex in hollywood.

    Almost Family SE 01, ES 03 – they’ve mentioned DNA testing a few times now.

    The evils want us to be DNA tested so they can zero in on people they want to kill with their weapons.

    They also keep insinuating that everything is about GENES and not nurture.

    This is a lie that genes supercede nurture in how a person turns out.

    This book, “The Human Morality,” proves it. https://amzn.to/2u5fRTL

    Almost Family SE 01 ES 03 – They introduce a lesbian couple. The whole BRAINWASHING show is about making you want to be GAY and accepting the In vitro fertilization (IVF) because no one stops to ASK why people can’t get pregnant anymore. They just accept it as NORMAL. SMH.


    They mention the evil’s WEF Young Leaders program that raises young kids to grow up to enslave, harm and kill everyone. https://odysee.com/@OurFreeSociety:2/Klaus-Schwab-Brags-About-Penetrating-The-Canadian-and-Argentinian-Governments:7

    Then they introduce a gay couple. This is part of the gay transgender agenda. Propaganda so people become gay or transgender and harm themselves and all of society. https://ourfreesociety.com/Odysee-Gay-Transgender-Playlist

    Almost Family SE 01, ES 04 – gays, lezs and interracial couples. More brainwashing regarding these topics.

    Then they introduce a gay character at the nursing station at a hospital. Then they say “thank you for your service” brainwashing people that working for the evils to kill innocent people is altruistic.

    It’s stupid people using the military for gain like food, a college degree, etc. while they destroy their entire lives harming their families and go around killing innocent people FOR THE EVILS.

    Almost Family SE 01, ES 06 – she’s wearing the LGBTQ colors on a stripe on her sweatshirt. MORE brainwashing to become gay and trans.

    They have been showing the toxic Apple airpods. They fry people’s brains.

    Almost Family SE 01 ES 07 – do emojis have preferred pronouns. More BS propaganda that there’s no such thing as a male and female.

    Almost Family SE 01, ES 08 – they talk about not paying all of your taxes as being a REAL CRIMINAL because everyone who resists having their money stolen from them is a criminal.

    The government steals and pockets our money (plus they send it to the British monarchy) using their tyrannical tax system under the threat of kidnapping and imprisonment. https://ourfreesociety.com/The-Truth-About-Income-Tax

    Just another example of what mafia organizations do.

    They also make it sound like women (or men) who can’t have children is hereditary when nothing could be further from the truth.

    The EVILS are responsible for the decline in people not being able to procreate.

    Everything from vaccines, to cell phones, cell towers, radio waves, the poisons in food, water and air, are responsible. https://ourfreesociety.com/they-feed-us-poison/

    Almost Family SE 01, ES 10 – “global warming is real.” Nope, lies.

    The evils create the weather catastrophes we all are forced to face. They’ve been doing this since the early 90s and they’ve been able to manipulate the weather since the 1940s. https://ourfreesociety.com/Odysee-Geoengineering-Playlist

    More toxic Apple airpods.

    Almost Family SE 01, ES 11 – while the whole show portrays how dysfunctional the characters are when it comes to communicating and having a relationship, this episode was pretty bad.

    No one seems to understand the other person’s point of view even if they have reason to be upset. That’s NOT how a relationship should work.

    If someone is upset about something, let them be upset. That’s their right.


    They are bashing all white men and telling everyone to believe every woman when she says she was molested or raped. There are several who lie. They pump up gays being able to have kids.

    More interracial couples. sigh

    Almost Family SE 01 ES 12 – every time that bearded single father guy asks her how she’s doing, it’s very FAKE. Like he’s just reading the lines and doesn’t really give a shit. I don’t know if that’s how they wanted it, or he’s just a poor actor.

    Almost Family SE 01, ES 13 – they talk about astrology charts making it seem like you are nuts if you’ve never had your chart done.

    Then 1 minute later they say it’s nonsense.

    I’m ashamed to say that I never studied astrology and it’s one of the most scientific spiritual tools anyone who is serious about spirituality should be using.

    Oh, and it’s one of the tools the evils use which is proof that it’s a MUST since they keep everything that gives them power hidden so we don’t get that power.

    Every time I learn something about it, I find it very interesting.

  47. Reef Break – SE 01, ES 01 – so it’s a low quality show, but one thing I guess I haven’t mentioned that I’ve noticed in some of the TV shows, is that the woman plays the man’s role of being on top sexually.

    This is to demean real men that women are the aggressor.

    Most men now are in some sort of transition of being a woman, whether they want to dress up like one, transition one 100%, or be dominated by one in the bedroom.

    This whole act is to make women the men and men WEAK. And unfortunately, it’s worked.

    So she plays this aggressive “I end up on top” role so that men are no longer REAL MEN.

    You can watch these two videos to see proof.



    Plus, this explains to me WHY many years ago (at least 20), I started to see that women took the lead role as far as being the ones who played active cops, dare devils, etc.

    It was getting so bad, that men were hardly seen in these roles at all anymore.

    I’m a woman, so on one hand I’m happy about this, but on the other hand now I have my answer as to WHY the evils did this.

  48. Kingsman – The Secret Service from 2014 – While it has a lot of stars in it, it was that too stupid fast stunt work that I hate, not to mention is was just way too over the top as if those scenes could ever be done, AND way too much blood and gore.

    Lots of propaganda within the first 15 minutes

    1. That the British secret service are the good guys.
    2. Climate change
    3. Gaia

    Then the billionaire offers everyone a free SIM card for a cell phone which seems altruistic until you understand it’s used to spy and track you.

    They make it seem like eating Mcdonald’s is the be-all that ends all even when you are a billionaire.

    If memory serves, trumpet promoted toxic McDonald’s food too.

  49. Absentia – SE 02, ES 09 – the psychopathic doctor who ordered killings and experimented on patients causing them horrific trauma or death puts down St. Johns Wart and the walking dead out there will probably STILL believe him. SMH

    Absentia – SE 03, ES 10 – While this isn’t brainwashing, on a much deeper level it is.

    It convinces people that this is a part of everyday life and to be expected.

    They show that NGOs are really the evil people. This NGO works with refugees and what they are really doing is kidnapping the refugees and using them as human test subjects to create the disease and cure.

    They do the same thing in real life with adults, including with all of the NGOs and nonprofits that deal with children. This is with all types of nonprofits such as suicide hotlines, runaways, etc.

    They have first-hand knowledge which children are very vulnerable so they can scoop them up to imprison them and do all of the horrific things I won’t mention here.

  50. Agatha Raisin – SE 01, ES 01 – it aired on June 7, 2016, although the pilot was from 2014 and the FIRST thing I see in the intro, is a needle injecting something into something.

    After watching most of the episodes, none of them had anything to do with a needle.

    It could just be an episode of that’s how someone killed someone, but so far I haven’t seen that happen.

    Agatha Raisin – SE 01, ES 05 – so far 3 couples are interracial, but I did check, and in the UK it’s a lot more normal than in North America.

    Agatha Raisin – SE 02, ES 01 – they talk about madonna and lady gaga all within 10 minutes. Two of the most famous people in the evil collective.

    And laga gaga is really trans.

    And the episode is all about hating on men.

    Madonna mentioned again.

    Then, later on the character wearing a woman’s sexy chamise tells the other character I like to get in touch with my feminine side, you should try it sometime. Sorry, I don’t remember who was who, but one had to have been a man.

    More and more men are turning into women and wearing their clothes, lingerie, makeup, etc.


    This used to be a one-off situation back in the 90s, now it’s at least 40-50% of men are like this.

    Just remember, this was all done by the evils and on purpose.

    The constant drinking and often getting drunk is clearly brainwashing that everyone needs to drink and get drunk. Drunks can’t think and the evils don’t want YOU to think.

  51. 911, SE 03, ES 08 – so other than a couple of interracial couples, there hasn’t been much brainwashing this season, but twice now they have celebrated gore that was disgusting and hard for me to watch, YET, they show the kids in the show loving it.

    They are applauding violence to numb people’s emotions so they don’t from violence.

    Next, this isn’t brainwashing, it’s actually a good thing.

    They are showing that a lot of AI things are dangerous and of course take away jobs, so I’ll list them here.

    1. The asshole manager who introduces the robot who works faster than the employees at a Costco type store. The manager won’t let the humans have bathroom breaks because the AI doesn’t need one.

    2. The switch that the ambulance driver can switch to make the traffic lights turn green so they get to the hospital faster doesn’t work, and they hit a car and kill a girl.

    3. The self-driving car that plows through the window of a hospital and says we have arrived at your destination.

    911, SE 03, ES 10 – again they insinuate that colloidal silver is what turned the woman blue, but instead it was some toxic over-the-counter BS from the drug store for her tooth pain.

    AND she talks about dying to get root canals twice when root canals are very toxic to our health.

    Watch this https://ourfreesociety.com/Root-Cause

    I’m also seeing a lot more black characters than white characters. Or it’s at least 50% whereas with the other TV show, it was all black and only 10% white.

    Again, I’m glad blacks are getting more roles, but I know it’s the evis’ agenda to bring down the white race, so this is a HUGE problem for me.

    911, SE 03, ES 11 – they say that a guy who works for the bank throwing people out of their homes is “just doing their job” as IF it’s okay to throw people out onto the streets so long as it’s an order someone else gave you.

    Why is this important you ask?

    Because this is the excuse being used by anyone who is terrorizing us when it comes to this war. Watch this.

    911, SE 03, ES 12 – the character mentions veganism. If you haven’t read my other comments about veganism, it’s an evil construct.

    This show shows the most violent images when they don’t have to. NOT GOOD.

    It’s just one more way the evils desensitize people to have no feelings towards violence.

    They mentioned the word “zombie.”

    911, SE 03, ES 18 – they show train travel.

    While I love trains sometimes, being forced to travel on one because of the evils is NOT okay with me. I’m mentioning this because I just found out that’s one of the evils’ plans.

    They are going to get rid of all cars and force us to be dependent on their trains.

    They are clearly pushing the love of train travel, but why they would have the trains crash is beyond me other than to once again give our brains mixed messages.

    I won’t watch season 4 because I looked at episodes 1 and 2 briefly and I saw masks.

    I won’t watch shows that showcase the scamdemic and tyranny the evils are putting us through. Especially NOT the toxic face diapers.

  52. Prodigal Son – SE 02, ES 01 – DAMM, while not the best TV show, it’s unique and I was sort of enjoying parts of it last season, but NOW within the first 10 minutes they already mentioned covid, contact tracing, and quarantines.

    They also talked about racism out of the blue in relation to BLM I’m assuming.

    They are promoting electric shock therapy as a cure for mental issues. IT’S NOT!

    Then they show 4 white cops abusing a black cop because they think he’s a criminal, even after he told them he’s a cop. MORE race batting.

    Prodigal Son – SE 02, ES 02 – more talk about racism and blacks being targeted.

    Prodigal Son – SE 02, ES 06 – uses the word Bolsheviks and then KGB in the next few sentences. Russia propaganda again.

    Prodigal Son – SE 02, ES 07 – uses the word quarantine and if memory serves, it had nothing to do with the scamdemic.

    Prodigal Son – SE 02, ES 11 – you see someone wearing a mask in the background.

    More race-baiting with the narrative that there’s more hating on the black detective even though he didn’t file a complaint about the assault from the white cop.

  53. What’s with the blue color filter on the lense?

    Also, as of episode 11 (I think it was), Paul Giamatti (Chuck Rhoades) came on looking like a completely DIFFERENT person. It actually scared me. I thought he was a clone. It could be because he lost so much weight, I don’t know, but his suit was too big for him and he didn’t have the power behind him that he normally does.

    It was a total shock to me.

    Billions – SE 05, ES 01 – they talk about unisex fucking bathrooms. The trans agenda.

    Billions – SE 05, ES 02 – they bring up 911 to remind everyone that it was terrorists instead of THEM who killed all of those people and ruined the world and really jumpstarted their agenda to take down the entire world.

    Based on what they said, they brainwashed people into continuing to believe that someone has to get less in order for YOU to get more.

    Again with the “white” privaledge.

    Billions – SE 05, ES 05 – they’ve mentioned the matrix and truthers and not all in the same context.

    Now they are talking about gay couples.

    Then about how whites get more privaledge.

    And then the next scene was about an interracial couple.

    This is ALL to take down the white race.

    Billions – SE 05, ES 06 – they lie, making it seem like BIG OIL cares about the Green industry which is only to make them MORE money and force us into it shelling out tons of dollars we don’t have on ALL things electric (cars, home heaters, everything.) Electric costs more to run and is more toxic to the human body.

    Billions – SE 05, ES 07 – anti government war lords which makes people think that anyone who’s anti government is dangerous.

    OF COURSE they have to FINALLY mention CORONAVIRUS (the scamdemic).

    Billions – SE 05, ES 09 – “stock up on canned goods for the coming plague.”

    “the hospitals are going to be overrun with that damm chinese bug.”

    All predictive programming.

    Then they mention Axe doing BLACK MAGIC. The evils do black magic. If you think that’s a coincidence, I have a bridge to sell you.

    Billions – SE 05, ES 10 – Oh my fucking lord. I was HOPING that there would be NO FUCKING MASKS or mention of the scamdemic other than the brief BS above, BUT NO, this episode had them ALL wearing masks.

    “number of the beast” referring to ALL Christians using the term, “mark of the beast.” This is what we thought was going to go into our hand as a microchip, but now we know the microchip is in the death jab and could also be on the PCR test. We aren’t 100% sure yet.

    Then he says that the pandemic feels like devil’s work. LOL

    He says, “If you’ve had the vaccine take your masks off.” Then they ALL take it off simultaneously.


    Then something about rapid tests that are 99.6% accurate & they aren’t transmitting any viral load. WTF does that mean. I think they meant to confuse people because the fake virus is 99.6% currable.

    Axe says, “Anyone who didn’t get the death jab is fired.”

    Well we already know that this is what everyone is doing now. You don’t get the death jab, you lose your job.

    Then Axe says he’s in quarantine now because the day before he was supposed to get the death jab he tested positive for the FAKE VIRUS because his pilot gave it to him.

    Another good show RUINED BY THE EVILS. Actually, let me add that this show as well as “This is Us” were two of the best shows in the last few years and I have a feeling the evils created it just so they could do this brainwashing about the scamdemic.

    It caters to the middle class.

    Then he spreads lies about germs spreading from one person to another.

    Mentions quarantine AGAIN.

    Billions – SE 05, ES 12 – “if social security even exists by then.” Said by someone in the mafia government. Why does this matter?

    Because there will be NO social security. The evils are getting rid of ALL things that help us.

  54. This is a long one because they DID ruin the show and it’s my opinion that they created the show to be great with this exact purpose in mind, to target this type of demographic and brainwash them into believing the lies because WHY would such a good quality show lie, right?

    This is Us – SE 05, ES 01 – OMG, they better NOT ruin this show for me. This is one of the ONLY shows that is well done and deals with relationships and humanity.

    Last year there was already some brainwashing and now within the first 5 minutes, they already mentioned the fake pandemic, social distancing, masks, and quarantining (imprisoning yourself in your home for being healthy).

    Then they HAD to show the lies about the black guy getting suffocated by the white cop to continue with the lies that George Floyd was ever killed, let alone put in a chock hold. Then they had to show the BLM riots that were fake to start off with.

    If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s info on BLM. https://odysee.com/@OurFreeSociety:2/who-is-funding-black-lives-matter-and:c

    and proof that this was a false flag to START the fake BLM riots which were paid actors, and then real Americans got involved because they are braindead followers.


    A false flag is when a terror event is created by the evils with crisis actors who play a role and make you think the event was just random.

    Back to the “This is Us” TV show… Then they had to show brainwashing where whites want to save all black people. This is to make white people feel guilty for what the evils do to black people and about the slavery (whites were slaved too by the way) that took place long before I was born.

    To be CLEAR, I am totally AGAINST all forms of SLAVERY and mistreating ANY race or ethnicity.

    All humans deserve to be treated with love and respect even if they are NOT equal in their intelligence, skills, etc.

    Then they had to show people not being able to see people in person. Do you know how many seniors died ALONE due to the forced imprisonment due to the fake virus???

    I won’t even go into how they were killed by their nursing homes and in hospitals. Ask me for links of proof if you need it.

    Then they talk about testing and quarantining. This episode is making me SICK.

    I looked at episode 2 to see if people were wearing masks. I’m hoping this is the only episode with brainwashing about the scamdemic.

    If it’s not, I’m going to have to shut this fucking show DOWN. (As you can see, I never did – sigh)

    More masks which always makes me very angry. On the streets I expect it from the walking dead mind controlled, in a TV show I just want to relax and not be reminded that we are IN A WAR and being taken out BY THE EVILS!

    This is Us – SE 05, ES 02 – right away they won’t hug because of the fake virus and he mentions his daughter being the evils’ face puppet fauci at home. Grrrrrrrr

    Then they say they quarantined for 20 fucking days. OMG, so now they are trying to brainwash people into imprisoning themselves for even MORE than 3 days to a week.

    Oh, and then the writers write that he goes to get THREE FUCKING TOXIC PCR TESTS 3 times per week.

    FINALLY more evidence is coming out about how toxic and dangerous the PCR test is. Here’s my playlist – https://ourfreesociety.com/Odysee-PCR-Tests-Toxic-Playlist I have articles too.

    I already knew this, but you know people, they don’t trust anything UNLESS they see evidence.

    They talk about anti-depressants as if he can’t control himself if he’s NOT on those deadly drugs. Again, I know all about depression. It’s due to childhood trauma, nutritional deficiencies and the poisons the evils force on us.

    And then because the mother took an over the counter medication along with the experimental toxic drugs she was on, she had a huge Alzheimer’s episode and got lost.

    Then they also talk about Alzheimers as if it’s normal when it’s NOT. The evils created this symptom due to the poisons the evils force on us, mainly aluminum. Aluminum is sprayed using their CHEMTRAILS.

    This is Us – SE 05, ES 03 – within the first 5 minutes, they HAVE to mention “Global Pandemic.” And then online schooling as IF that’s normal.

    Then MORE masks and designer masks. OMG, I’m trying to watch this without throwing up. They only do a bit of brainwashing in each episode after episode 1, so I’ll see if I can handle it.

    OMG, this show is gone. Now there’s a scene about some fake human doing a music video yelling at a teacher for NOT calling her the genderless pronouns “they.” sigh

    That is the evils’ trans AGENDA!

    This is Us – SE 05, ES 04 – within the first 5 minutes, quarantining and testing.


    Girls mentions COVID.

    More MASKS.

    And he mentions COVID TESTING SITES.

    They are normalizing this so you think this is NORMAL WHEN IT’S NOT!!!

    So I don’t trust this show anymore now that it’s a mouth piece for the lies of the takedown of the WORLD.

    They are telling parents that they should leave their baby to cry non stop.

    I admit that I never knew the answer to this issue until I read this book.


    It is on the technical side, but it will teach you why it is so VERY important that you nurture your baby up until at least 6-8 years of age.

    Letting them cry will cause them MAJOR TRAUMA, and that’s what the evils want, for you to traumatize your baby so just like the rest of the trauma they force upon us, this is just one more parenting act that harms them.

    This is Us – SE 05, ES 05 – Within 6 minutes they talk about quarantining (imprisonment), but it’s NOT the 3 days they used to say at the beginning of this war, NO, it’s 2 fucking weeks.

    They are getting people used to the idea that they will need to imprison themselves for 2 weeks because they are HEALTHY. Even if you were sick, no one ever stayed home for 2 weeks when they were sick.

    I did because I have a brain and I think EVERYONE should stay home and not go to work even though I know most people do, but if you are single and need to go shopping, eventually you will have to leave the house.

    But of course this isn’t about you being sick, this is about making you STUPID so you follow what your slave masters tell you to do because you are too weak to understand what’s going on.

    As I’m editing this, they are now forcing Australians to be at home when they are well (or sick, it doesn’t matter because there is NO COVID19) and if they don’t prove they are at home, they will be visited by the nazi police.

    And we just found out that in the US, they don’t have to tell us if THEY think (yes, your slave master) you are a “super spreader,” they will just mark you down as one on their nazi paperwork. This is EXACTLY what the nazis did during the first holocaust.

    This is ALL lies to make it seem like this is about the fake virus, when really this is to break you DOWN and weed out the slaves from the people who are FIGHTING for their lives and humanity.

    See video here. https://odysee.com/@OurFreeSociety:2/Patent-PROVES-Vaxx-is-Obedience-Training-Platform:a4

    Again, with the testing multiple times per week. She spreads the lie that she’s now the SAFEST person on the planet.

    This is Us – SE 05, ES 06 – Within 2 minutes they talk about testing and quarantining (imprisonment).

    This is going to happen in EVERY episode now.

    This is Us – SE 05, ES 07 – on the TV show set, the fucking director is wearing a mask AND the vinyl cover. Clearly they are ALL part of the evil collective.

    Then they have a pregnant woman wearing a mask in the hospital so she can suffocate her unborn twins inside her womb and make this seen like it’s HEALTHY AND NORMAL.

    More toxic oxygen depriving masks in the hospital.

    And the toxic hand gel sanitizer that makes people sick.

    And masks all over the airport.

    This is Us – SE 05, ES 08 – more masks, then she talks about getting covid from a hotel. LOL yeh right.

    The writers write, “Global Pandemic” (BRAINWASHING)

    They won’t let the father into the hospital because of the fake virus when he should be there for emotional SUPPORT. Again, they are harming you by NOT having a support system for all humans. They are ripping humans away from you so you get used to being traumatized by being ALONE.

    Then they HAVE to show an old man who’s worried his wife is going to die without him because of the fake virus.

    She’s attached to a vent, so of course she’s going to die. They are going to KILL HER. Of course she makes a recovery which is a lie. So many seniors were killed in the hospital NOT because of the fake virus, but due to the doctors killing them.


    Then he says she made me promise not to come in so I don’t get it. Again, cementing the fact that you can get the fake virus from someone else.

    OMG, when pregnant mothers need ALL the oxygen they can get for themselves and the BABY, they are depriving themselves of oxygen even when they are pushing to GIVE BIRTH!!!!!

    Any ACTOR who goes along with this scam is PART OF THE EVIL COLLECTIVE!!!

    This is Us – SE 05, ES 10 – they have been judging and guilting people either forget or refuse to call a male or female “THEY” instead of he or she.


    OMG, they teach kids to trash talk someone because they are insecure or jealous. Clearly the script writers don’t teach people to deal with their insecurities and not badmouth others just to make them feel better. That’s a switch. They never showed this type of negative behavior before.

    This is Us – SE 05, ES 11 – I was waiting for them to start introducing the death jab and here it is, within 2 FUCKING MINUTES.

    And MORE of the toxic death jab that brainwashes everyone and harms them.

    Now they are plugging EVIL AMAZON. Wow, so if you didn’t think they were completely owned by the evils before, here’s the PROOF.

    And now they are showing him get the death jab and she says you have to come back for your death jab #2 and continue to stick the toxic swab up your nose.

    And now they are showing the fake moon landing. LOL, it just gets better and better.

    Now they mention Pearl Harbor.

    This is what they do. They create fake scripted events (false flags) that do happen so it does harm and kill people, and they lie to you about it so your memories are full of LIES.

    Roosevelt knew that Pearl Harbor was going to happen before it did. How many of you out there know that?

    More talk about the poisonous death jab and him not getting too close to babies who need love and attention.

    This is Us – SE 05, ES 11 – more brainwashing using the word PANDEMIC.


    More brainwashing about the non binary BS solidifying the lies that people don’t have a GENDER.

    More brainwashing to get the death jab.

    This is Us – SE 05, ES 14 – ES 13 was the ONLY episode with NO toxic masks, no mention of the toxic PCR tests, no quarantines and no DEATH JABS.

    No they are back to the brainwashing. Getting girls studying ballet to WEAR FUCKING MASKS while it’s hard enough to breath normally while dancing, let alone when wearing a toxic FACE DIAPER.

    And more images of the poisonous hand sanitizers that harm the body and hands.

    NOW she can’t have students in her ballet school, they all have to do it via cam on Zoom. And they make it seem like this is NORMAL.

    More MASKS all the time and more mention of them getting the DEATH JAB.

    All they did in this episode is name drop actors who are supposed to be STARS, but are really part of the evil collective.

    This is Us – SE 05, ES 15 – ANOTHER character saying they got the death jab.

    They even mention the movie “eyes wide SHUT” which was an evil made movie.

    This is Us – SE 05, ES 16 – they mention covid again.

    Then they brainwash people into thinking that in a marriage you need to care more about your spouse than yourself.

    Phew, that was PAINFUL TO WATCH. If you are new to the show and you are already under DEEP mind control and have no brains, you won’t care, but I have been watching this show since day one.

  55. How to get away with murder – SE 06, ES 01 – great alternative therapy. I took a course just like it back in ’97. It helped heal me a lot. I’m positive it was written based on that.

    Now onto the brainwashing. The girl plays the aggressor in bed.

    As I’ve mentioned about other TV shows, they are making men weak not just by changing them biologically into women, but also psychologically.

    A good percentage of men now need to be controlled by women in the bedroom. That means they aren’t men.

    I don’t care what you say to me about how women can be just like men. THAT’S A LIE.

    Men are naturally the one who pursues, not the woman. Even if a woman took charge once or twice, they have made it so all of the women now are the ones in charge on many levels.

    They are brainwashing men and trying to deflate who they really are and unfortunately it WORKED.

    How to get away with murder – SE 06, ES 06 – She uses the term “conspiracy theories” when the sentence didn’t require it.

    How to get away with murder – SE 06, ES 07 – they mention Sandy Hook which was a false flag. They perpetuate the fear about school shootings when either they are false flags, OR the kids were pumped up on toxic drugs (the so called “legal” kind and that’s why they went on a killing spree. Watch this here – https://odysee.com/@OurFreeSociety:2/Legal-Death-In-Drugs-We-Trust:5

    The evils have been plying people with toxic psychiatric drugs for decades now. People are soooo STUPID because they trust the MAFIA ALLOPATHIC MEDICAL INDUSTRY so instead of learning about their bodies and why they feel depressed, they just take their toxic drugs which harms them.

    Mixed race couple.

    How to get away with murder – SE 06, ES 09 – the LGBT flag colors over several things.

    I didn’t state the obvious about the gay couple in this show because they’ve been together since almost the first season.

    How to get away with murder – SE 06, ES 12 – the writers write this so if you DO believe in the truth, you will second guess yourself. “I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, shadow governments or the deep state.”

    The show is DONE.

    Not as much brainwashing as the others, but definitely brainwashing in there that doesn’t even have to do with the scamdemic, but still very harmful.

  56. Succession SE 02 ES 07 – “welcome to the next wave” when it had nothing to do with what was happening in the scene and this aired on Sept. 22, 2019. This phrase is part of the scamdemic.

    This entire season is full of information about how the evils control us, what they think of us (99%) etc. I wasn’t feeling well when I watched it so I’m sorry I didn’t write it down.

    Succession SE 02 ES 08 – they liken anyone who denies climate change to hitler.

    I just realized that in their intro they mention gender fluid illegals. Gender fluid is part of the transgender agenda by the evils.

    Succession SE 03 ES 01 – “the pope followed you” This is in reference to him following him on Twitter or something, and the character makes it seem like it’s a HUGE deal.

    The pope is part of the EVIL COLLECTIVE.

    Succession SE 03 ES 02 – transgender alliance when there’s no transgender in sight.

    Succession SE 03 ES 03 – besides more anti white propaganda, they tried to make it seem like the government does the right thing and goes after EVIL CORPS. What a fucking JOKE. The government is controlled by these evils!

    This is just more brainwashing to make the walking dead think the government is on their side.

    Succession SE 03 ES 04 – talks about the Romans (Nero and Sporus where Nero shoved his wife down the stairs, castrated Sporus who was his favorite slave or something and had him dress up like his dead wife. JFC. trans BS and killing all rolled into one. That’s the ROMANS FOR YA.

    Succession SE 03 ES 05 – they keep talking about Greenpeace as if it’s an ultraistic non profit when it’s NOT. It’s evil owned, they lie about climate change and they do NOTHING to bring down anyone and stop all of the horrors done to Mother Earth by the hands of the evils and evil collective and their EVIL CORPS.

    Succession SE 03 ES 06 – secret meetings with the 1% deciding who the next president is going to be. They talk about vegetarianism (I’m shocked they didn’t say vegan), soy boys (turning men into women).

    Succession SE 03 ES 09 – the script says… “do you want a deal with the devil?” Why not, souls are boring.

  57. The Undoing – Besides it showcasing Nicole Kidman who is part of the evil collective (all of the best actors are very very dysfunctional) – Link and link and they also talk about cancer and how they can’t cure it. ALL LIES OF COURSE. Cancer isn’t a disease, it’s a product of trauma and/or toxins and we have had ways to heal cancer for decades.

    They already had 2 gay actors on within the first 20 minutes. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s a lot for one show unless the evils are trying to brainwash.

    They also mention the word DIVERSITY as if mixing people from different cultures together is a good thing when it’s not. It often causes strife and is part of Agenda 21.

  58. The Morning Show SE 01 – ES 01 – in the middle of a subordinate trying to seduce her boss, the safe word for her to STOP is the fake CLIMATE CHANGE. OMG

    Of course total BRAINWASHING, but see how they slip it in during a sex scene because your mind is already malleable because you may be turned on which means it’s easier to brainwash?

    Then they talk about AD MONEY and the EVIL CORPS pulling the ad money because of the scandal, but I just realized that since the evils own ALL evil corps and ALL news organizations, THEY are the ones who pull it or don’t, so it’s ALL THEATER AND A LIE.

    More black vs white BS.

    The Morning Show SE 01 – ES 03 – more brainwashing about how most women aren’t getting married until later (they’ve been brainwashing about this since the early 90s) and freeze their eggs and DON’T need men unless it’s to fuck them. This is their way of putting men down as if they are worthless) and the show is pretty much all about how women should be taking over.

    The Morning Show SE 01 – ES 04 – they brainwash about the sunscreen.

    I learned a few years ago that sunscreen is toxic and I’m not just talking about the ones with poisonous chemicals.

    Our body needs the sun so long as you aren’t getting sun burnt.

    The evils have been convincing people to wear it so they don’t get the Vitamin D from the sun.

    Then they talked about sunglasses. Turns out those are ALSO harmful because our eyes need the sun. Here’s a video about that. https://odysee.com/@OurFreeSociety:2/Benefits-of-Sunlight-with-Dr.-Marc-Sorenson—Mercola:a

    Then they start to talk about abortions. Now even though I’m pro abortion but only within the first 2-3 months, I now know that Planned Parenthood was controlled by the evils to kill off as many babies as possible and also harvest their parts for the blood. This HORRIFIES ME.

    If our society wasn’t the way it was dividing the family home, having very high inflation rates, women getting pregnant with men they don’t even like, bashing teenagers when they get pregnant, there would be a lot less abortions.

    The Morning Show SE 01 – ES 05 – they always talk about the New York Times as if they are an ultraistic news source when they aren’t. They are owned and controlled by the evils just like ALL OF THEM.

    The Morning Show SE 01 – ES 06 – they showcase the terrible Cali fires that the EVILS STARTED and then throw in the brainwashing words “climate change.”

    The Morning Show SE 01 ES 07 – they use suggestive programming that everyone wanting robots in their lives. They start talking about “bird flu” and this episode aired in 2019 before the scamdemic started. Then they mention climate change AGAIN and try to link it to the false flag fires in California. That’s what, at least 4 times now in 7 episodes?

    Again, a false flag is when the events aren’t as they appear to be. They happen, yes, but the news media lies about HOW they happen and who’s responsible for them happening.

    The Morning Show SE 01 ES 08 – they talk about the hurricane in Puerto Rico because ONCE AGAIN, they are brainwashing people about the fake CLIMATE CHANGE that THEY are responsible for. They did another segment just to make SURE you KNOW that it was a NATURAL disaster. IT’S NOT!!!

    They talk about a hit Lesbian TV show. Pushing being gay.

    Now they are pushing the false flag of the Las Vegas shooter.

    The Morning Show SE 01 ES 10 – Wow, I learned something new. Every time the evils created a weather catastrophe in Peru which would kill the anchovy crops and all of the birds as well as it warming up the ocean, they called it El Nino because the evils did this on the day that the fake Christ was born.

    There was even predictive programming at the end about the scamdemic.

    She says we haven’t been honest with you, then she clarifies that she’s only talking about the sexual harassment and rape at the network, NOT that they haven’t been honest about the NEWS LOL yeh right. ALL NEWS IS FAKE. As I always say, you will get MORE news from TV shows and movies than the fake news.

    The Morning Show SE 02 ES 01 – They briefly talk about magic as in sorcery. Then they talk about how kids need germs to bolster the immune system. Of course this is NEVER mentioned on the mainstream media because they lie and say that germs hurt us.

    They flash a sign about a vegan restaurant.

    They lie and say that no one can hear your conversations on life alert which I guess is supposed to convince people that the listening devices from Amazon and goolag don’t spy on you. LOL

    They mention transgenders being discriminated against.

    Amazingly they mention people getting TB after a hurricane. The reason that is important is because more people die of TB, but we have NEVER closed down the entire world because of it. And I haven’t yet investigated what TB is REALLY caused by.

    The Morning Show SE 02 ES 02 – It’s New Years eve just after midnight 2020 so technically New Years day and she says, “I think I’m coming down with something (and then they add the reasons why which have nothing to do with the scamdemic), but it’s just more brainwashing of what is yet to come and them making people think they are always coming down with something.

    Again with bashing white men who are straight. And all the feminist crap.

    They’ve already started talking about the fake virus and admit it’s just the flu.

    Then they admit the trumpet impeachment was a sham.

    The Morning Show SE 02 ES 04 – more brainwashing to make it seem like black people never get a fair shake and now they want the weatherman to apologize for saying the groundhog was his spirit animal and the shaming and censorship of what you say goes on throughout the entire episode. RIDICULOUS.

    This conditions people to think this type of censoring people’s thoughts and what they say is NORMAL and no one should fight back when they are censored.

    The latter it to control what people say which then makes people feel guilty for what they think. It’s trauma – psychological torture. You can’t even be FREE in your own mind.

    The word “feminist” over and over and not just in this episode.

    They are spreading their lying propaganda about the coronavirus.

    The Morning Show SE 02 ES 06 – they talk about Greta Thunberg who is the fake controlled opposition about the fake climate change.

    Again MORE bashing against white men making them out to be evil when they aren’t.

    The Morning Show SE 02 ES 07 – more BS talk about the fake virus and he says, “we are all going to die, it’s a new world.”

    The white and black checkerboard floor.

    The Morning Show SE 02 ES 08 – more covid lies and then an ad for inhalers to save lives. The evils probably put graphene oxide in them. Wow, they mentioned it twice. They are really pushing those inhalers.

    The Morning Show SE 02 ES 09 – pregnant woman suffocates her fetus with a mask. Then they have a doctor on to tell people to wash their hands with toxic soap for 20 seconds.

    Then they talk about Ebola (also a man-made bioweapon) as if covid is also ebola.

    By the end they had full blown lies about the fake virus and then talked about how she tested positive for the fake virus.

    The Morning Show SE 02 ES 10 – They start with all of the propaganda and brainwashing that the test is accurate, everyone has to imprison themselves in their homes because they came into contact with someone who got the fake positive test, and everyone freaking out and blaming everyone.

    Then at the end of her speech she says “this is about your health.” This is one of the brainwashing sentences (a lie) that has been spread for 2 years now.

    Then they push the narrative that you can’t fly or go to hotels.

    Then they brainwash that everyone should do contact tracing.

    Then they make the main character look like she’s death warmed over. Then they make it seem like she is going to die, then they start with the word “pandemic,” then masks, then plexy glass around his desk, then people being scared to be around other people. SICK!!!

    Then he has covid with no symptoms (asymptomatic).

    Then after she gets better she has trouble breathing. They laid out all of the symptoms so people would say they have all of them.

    Then they promo the lie that Tom Hanks and his wife got the fake virus.

    Then they show a fake hospital with fake people.

    This show was jam packed with lies, brainwashing and predictive programming.

  59. L.A.s Finest – SE 01 ES 01 – Again there’s no white people in the show. Out of the 4 main leads, only one is white. The other two are black and Latina.

    Again they make the guys look dumb and the women strong and like heroes. And the women (or at least one of the leads) doesn’t give a shit about relationships, just one night stands for sex. Reverse roles where guys usually only care about one-night stands.

    L.A.s Finest – SE 01 ES 05 – veganism and the transgender agenda. They used terms like, “the end of days” and “Compartmentalization.”

    L.A.s Finest – SE 01 ES 06 – more transgender brainwashing.

    L.A.s Finest – SE 01 ES 10 – I see an Israeli flag at a boxing training club. I did see a Canadian one too and some other flags, but the Israeli one was front and center.

    L.A.s Finest – SE 02 ES 03 – talks about the IRS and having to pay taxes and voting.

    L.A.s Finest – SE 02 ES 05 – they mention Rockefeller, JZ and Katy Perry. ALL evils or part of the evil collective.

    L.A.s Finest – SE 02 ES 12 – mentions “zombie apocalypse” the evils call us zombies, but I think they are only talking about the walking dead mind controlled who ignore the truth and have taken the death jab.

  60. Elle (a French movie) – A video game is set to kill off dogs with a virus so then people get robotic canines as pets.

    The Road (movie about what the evils plan to do to us – I think). Even though there’s no food ANYWHERE, he finds a can of coke and tells his son it’s a TREAT. Yeh right. Toxic coke is a treat. More brainwashing.

    They show them eating crickets.

    Here’s the commercials the evils have been showcasing to brainwash the zombies into eating insects. https://ourfreesociety.com/Odysee-Eating-Insects-Playlist

  61. Derry Girls TV Show

    Hilarious and taught me a bit about the BS between the Catholic and Protestant religions (another reason there should be NO RELIGION).

    Derry Girls SE 01 ES 06 – they started with the LGBT rainbow colors in the last episode I think it was and then this whole episode was about a girl coming out, but since ES 01 they have been calling one character gay even though he’s not.

    I only realized now the entire show as stupid and sometimes funny as it is, is about making people feel like being gay is something special.

    Derry Girls SE 02 ES 06 – the only episode where there was any brainwashing. It was all about how great the clintons are (yes, the criminal president and killary), the US is, and how people should WORSHIP the people in government.

    Derry Girls SE 03 ES 07 – So this 3rd and final season did a fair amount of gay/lez brainwashing even though there was lesbian propaganda starting from season 1. They also brainwashed about voting and making a big deal out of that too.

    They brainwashed about voting and then in the next sentence she says, “I don’t care about any of your so called other rights.” Sound familiar?

    I forgot to mention that in this season (and this episode) there was more LGBT propaganda with socks, stickers, pins, all with the rainbow flag than in the previous

    OMG, they cameo Chelsea Clinton at the very end. How much you want to bet she will in the limelight in the not to distant future if she isn’t already. She’s a lez too if memory serves, but I am not sure and don’t have time to look it up.

  62. The movie, “The Cell” with Jennifer Lopez who as we know, has to be part of the evil collective because you don’t make it in the entertainment industry unless you’ve sold your sold to the evils.

    Everything in the movie is about her sexuality and there was a flash of an article about the fake CLIMATE CHANGE. Then it got so dark and evil that I had to shut it off.

    This is what the evils do, they combine sexual stimulation with darkness so it penetrates into your mind.

  63. Lion was a great movie, but fuck, it was made by Weinstein. It’s about the Indian boy who got lost and never made it back home. He was raised by Aussies who adopted him.

    I didn’t see any brainwashing in the movie, I was just making note of who produced it.

  64. Apple Tree Yard SE 01 ES 01 – they start right off talking about GMOs, how there’s nothing wrong with them and then all about genetic diseases and the lies there, and how creating genetically modified anything helps to get rid of diseases. I guess this is the lie that is spread that GM BS helps with diseases. I had no idea this lie was being spread to moron low IQ humans.

    All things NOT produced by our Creator and us (we are Creators too) is toxic. We come from NATURE.

    They talk about DNA, genomes, proteins, etc. All the things talked about when it comes to the scamdemic.

    Apple Tree Yard SE 01 ES 02 – they talk about viruses, only briefly, but enough to brainwash people into thinking you can’t survive anything UNLESS you go to a doctor.

    This show is all about how to manipulate people into doing what you want and how society conforms instead of standing up for what they believe in.

    It’s dark even though it doesn’t seem like it is at first.

  65. Brainwashing on the TV show Big Sky

    Big Sky – SE 01, ES 01 – within 1 minute they were already mentioning the scamdemic.
    There was also a trans in the first few scenes.

    Big Sky – SE 01, ES 02 – he talks about how the country is in a Supply Chain crisis. I’m trying to remember when we, in the truther movement” knew the evils were bringing down the supply chain.

    This episode aired on 11-24-20, but had to have been written some time at the beginning of November or earlier.

    Whether they were predictive programming or not, most people don’t know about the supply chain issues.

    Mentioned the scamdemic again.

    It’s confirmed, she’s a trans.

    Big Sky – SE 01, ES 04 – “we’re still running the covid special” (this is at a store). LOL

    Allen Durshowitz??? OMG, they mention the pedo SCUM who’s part of the evil collective and SAID, “the government has the right to force vaccinate you for the good of society.”

    Big Sky – SE 01, ES 10 – they introduce a gay couple and that trans has been in every episode since.

    “this country is going town this sustainable toilet…” Using the word “sustainable which is Agenda 21 lingo – watch the playlist. https://ourfreesociety.com/Odysee-Agenda21-Playlist

    Big Sky – SE 01, ES 13 – not 100% in context he talks about DEEP FAKES, digital robots, heads on different people’s bodies. Wow – I’m saying WOW because it’s 100% true. You can’t believe anything you see on TV anymore and maybe not even in real life.

    Big Sky – SE 01, ES 16 – carpool, it’s better for the environment. While I agree, they are brainwashing people into thinking that we are responsible for the toxic air and water, when nothing could be further from the truth. THE EVILS ARE THE ONES who have been poisoning us and Mother Earth for centuries.

    Big Sky – SE 02, ES 02 – of course they introduce another gay couple (lez). They’ve also been talking about how women are always treated like garbage to further divide men and women.

  66. Brainwashing British TV show Ackley Bridge

    Ackley Bridge – SE 03, ES 03 – so the show is all about LGBT and an interracial school, so I didn’t think I would like it, but I do. Not the pushing about LGBT, but about the interracial part, yes.

    It’s very hard to understand what they are saying (for me anyway) because it’s low level British English.

    Anyway, in this episode they make a huge deal out of a teacher sticking up for his girlfriend because some Pakistani kids disrespected her and almost attacked her.

    Here we go again with the evils training people NOT to stick up for one another. Now THAT pisses me off.

    The evils do NOT want you fighting back, so they guilted the fight out of YOU!

    Another thing that upset me is that every single actor who was any good in the show has systematically been thrown off of the show. There’s no other explanation as to why in SE 02, 1-2 good actors/characters left, and now another 2 are written out in SE 03. WTH???

    Actually strike that, so far at least 10 characters have been thrown off and they weren’t lame actors, but really good ones.

    Ackley Bridge – SE 03, ES 08 – more LGBT propaganda.

    Ackley Bridge – SE 04, ES 03 – a shemale singing and dancing on the stage and then the main focus was LGBT along with going to an LGBT poetry club.

  67. Brainwashing British TV show AP Bio

    AP Bio SE 01, ES 05 – the kid in high school was talking about someone else being “fluid,” as in sexually.

    AP Bio SE 01, ES 12 – they talk about anarchy in relation to a dark sadistic teenager and even show the anarchy symbol brainwashing people into thinking only dark psychopaths are into FREEDOM, aka anarchy. SMH

  68. Brainwashing TV show called “Woke.”

    Woke SE 01, ES 01 – Within 2 minutes they were already showing a drag queen.

    Then within 5 minutes a black character is talking about racism in America.

    Woke SE 01, ES 03 – within 2 minutes they were already promoting the fake climate change that the evils create.

    I couldn’t watch this disgusting propaganda TV show so I stopped

  69. Brainwashing TV show The Good Fight

    Note: I used to LOVE this show because it was somewhat a continuation from the excellent TV show called, “The Good Wife.”

    THE FUCKING EVILS RUINED IT, which was obviously their intent all along.

    Two other shows I loved they also ruined once the war started in March 2020

    The Good Fight – SE 05, ES 01 – within the first 10 minutes they are already lying about covid19. although they called it coronavirus. Then they put him in a biohazard tent that made it look like he was contagious.

    Then they are talking about removing the guns from America which again, is what the evils need, although no one with a gun is fighting back, so there’s that. sigh

    So there were masks all over the place and one time they said don’t touch him which is of course FEAR PORN so people are petrified of being around other people.

    Then there was the false flag George Floyd bullshit https://odysee.com/%40OurFreeSociety:2/The-George-Floyd-False-Flag-Psyop:c and then of course the brainwashing to focus on black people and I think it said that white people should be second-class citizens. Sorry, it’s been so long since I watched it and took these notes.

    The Good Fight – SE 05, ES 01 – they said… “look at you two working in lockstep.”

    Lockstep is the name of Rockefeller’s book that tells us how they are going to start this GREAT RESET imprisonment planet. https://odysee.com/@OurFreeSociety:2/Rockefeller-Lockstep-Proof-That-The-Scamdemic-Was-Planned-At-Least-A-Decade-In-Advance:4

    Pandemic this, covid that, throughout the whole episode.

    The Good Fight – SE 05, ES 02 – brainwashing BS… didn’t follow the covid rules, super spreader, got all of my kids sick, and on and on.

    The Good Fight – SE 05, ES 03 – they mention Q and then fake news and pizzagate in the same sentence. Complete BRAINWASHING. Pizzagate is REAL. They’ve been trying to bury it since it came out online a few years ago.

    Q is a psyop meant to make all awake people or Truthers look crazy. That’s why they had them on the fake news being interviewed a couple of years ago – https://odysee.com/@OurFreeSociety:2/Q-Psyop:6

    Now they want to go after Section 230 so anyone who writes anything can be sued. Of course if you tell the Truth and they attack you with lawyers, you are screwed. They will make it seem like this is necessary and in certain cases it is because I have been attacked and lied about online a few times, but this isn’t about people like me, this is about the LIES ABOUT COVID and the evils’ REAL AGENDA.

    They want to keep it hidden from the zombies.

    Then they start dissing conspiracy theories, and another character says it’s the boomers doing it all. No it’s not LOL

    No more plotting to overthrow the mafia government or stalking journalists online. That last one is new, not sure what that’s all about, it’s probably a lie.

    OMG, they are saying that the internet has taken over the media which is why they need to get rid of or adjust Section 230. This would stop EVERYONE from being able to speak freely online.

    Pretty much 50% of the episode was about the false flag where the trumpet worshipers “stormed” the capital. It’s ALL BS to make the zombies believe all of the lies because they are too stupid to do any research themselves.

    And remember, I can’t STAND trumpet.

    Here’s 2 videos on that. I had to get some because I had just ignored what happened since I don’t care about trumpet or the mafia government.



    It’s a fucking BUILDING. Who gives a flying FUCK.

    Plus it was ALL staged. https://ourfreesociety.com/False-Flag-Capitol-Shooting

    The Good Fight – SE 05, ES 04 – They are still going on about race, but at least this time admitting it’s all BS and that people have to walk on eggshells.

    Now they are making the Capital Hill January 6th false flag seem way worse than it was saying they spread feces on the floor. I’d like to see PROOF of this.

    If they did, again, I don’t give a shit (no pun intended). Only people who worship the mafia government above ALL ELSE like morals, ethics, Natural Law, Humanity, etc. care.

    Now they are bringing up the Oklahoma City bombing which if memory serves, was ALSO a false flag done by the US government.

    The Good Fight – SE 05, ES 05 – they continue to maintain that there’s a pandemic and that people are dying because of it.

    They made sure to state that this disease doesn’t just affect poor people. Of course it doesn’t, it’s NOT A DISEASE!

    Then they lie saying there were doctor shortages when we all know based on the whistleblowers that there were NO patients after a month or so.

    And we know that the nurses who took jobs in other hospitals sat around a lot of the time because there was NOTHING TO DO.

    Then they started killing their patients with extreme toxic drugs and the ventilators.

    They showcased the dancing nurses trying to prove that it was based on one nurse who was responsible because she was trying to build her social media status and that she lied about patients who were black and brown not getting medical care due to race, so they died.

    OMG, NOW they are trying to tell people that people died of covid, but it was labeled as pneumonia. LOL, noooo, it’s the other way around.

    But then that begs the question WHY people were getting pneumonia which isn’t normal.

    Again, this is NOT a virus, the evils are causing these symptoms. It’s ALL a lie.

    Here are my two articles on why I think people got sick

    and https://ourfreesociety.com/what-is-making-us-sick/

    They show a manifesto that sounds like the trumpet worshipers. Sure, I don’t like the trumpet worshipers, but they are NOT wrong in wanting to fight for themselves and America.

    Everyone has the right to fight for their freedom and LIFE when they are under attack.

    Of course they are wrong in thinking that it’s only the left behind all of this – sigh

    Then they use the “there were refrigerated bodies staked up inside” lie. That they had to put bodies everywhere, that’s how many there were.

    The Good Fight – SE 05, ES 09 – they mention “space” law which is mineral rights and real estate law for mars. I’ve been hearing something about this space war BS by the evils.

    The Good Fight – SE 05, ES 10 – American farmers who are paying through the nose in tax wanted to split Illinois so they went to this fake court to get a ruling that they could do this.

    One of their arguments is that we are no longer individuals and the fake judge said they have a point, but individualism will cause chaos, so he ruled for the other side.

    This then erupted in the Americans going crazy trying to kill the judge and calling the clerk a fucking JEW.

    It’s all lies to brainwash you that this happens all the time.

    Does it happen online, yes, all the time, but in real life they are too scared to do that and here’s a prime example of how the jews who control hollywood spin the TV shows to make all jews seem like victims and everyone is a nazi if they want FREEDOM.

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