Supplies are dwindling

Supplies are dwindling & soon you won’t be able to buy anything. Still think everyone who told you the truth is crazy you brain dead morons

we cant breathe

We Can Breath

We Can Breath, and we should do whatever we can to make sure we do because it’s clear that this is one of the evil’s plans, to make sure we are’t breathing.


Are aliens behind this

Are aliens behind this? I, in no way, want to excuse the behavior of humans, but dark aliens could be controlling people who were already evil to begin with.


It’s wartime

It’s wartime and we all need to help in this historic moment in time. If you are a truther, please reach out and let’s brainstorm solutions to overcome evil.


The Real Agenda

The Real Agenda. It’s time for you to grow up and put your big boy/girl pants on. Learn the truth, not the lies spread you have been taught you entire life!