Evils Censoring on Social Media Sites

censorshipAnyone who’s a truther and isn’t even in charge of a video channel should know by now that the evils are censoring us none stop so they can stop the truth from coming out and waking people up.

The evils only want THEIR mainstream media to control the masses.

They have been increasing their censorship ever since trumpet got into power, but things really started to escalate around 2018/2019.

Obviously they knew they were going to roll out the scamdemic, and so they had to get a head start and I heard they will ramp up the shutting down of all truther channels and pages/accounts the closer they get to the vaccine.

They removed tons of vaccine youtube channels, truth channels about the police, and goolag buried tons of sites.

You can listen to James on how they censor in the 21st century and he’s 100% correct. If you were a normie, you would have NO IDEA that censorship even exists because you don’t follow truther channels anyway, so you will always see your mainstream media channels that are run by the evils.

So I decided to start posting when people and their accounts get removed, and what topic they were censored on. If you have any that I have missed, please feel free to reach out to me and I’ll add them.

Remember that the evils have always controlled the Internet and all the companies you normally associate with. You probably just didn’t know it before, but trust me, the more I learn, the MORE I learn how every single company you take for granted is an evil corp and is in bed with all the other evil corps even if their industries aren’t the same.

I’m currently reading a book all about the criminal allopathic medical-industrial complex, and there are tons of different types of companies who are involved in running and funding the criminals who brainwash you into thinking that drugs are good for you when nothing could be further from the truth.

Here are just two of the BS fact-checking sites that are fact-checking your truth and telling normies they are all lies.

  • Correct the Record
  • Media matters for America

And also keep in mind, that the minute a site starts to get any traction, they buy it up or invest heavily into it so they have FULL CONTROL.

(all dates are in US format)

    1. 04-11-20 – A group on 5G – “Last night a STOP 5G UK Facebook GROUP with over 60,000 members was ❌❌📵SHUT DOWN!!!”
    2. 04-13-20 – Brian’s London Real He’s not a truther as he interviews financial people or people who are too shallow for me, but he had David Icke on talking about what the evils are doing to us and that got that one video taken down. After that, the following companies ditched some of his accounts. (sigh)Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Ofcom which is a regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries. AND he’s not even a communications company. He’s just a guy in an office on YouTube. DropBox, and then today, LINKEDIN also dropped his accounts, which of course Microsoft bought out in 2016.

      I’m not a fan of Brian, but I felt for him because he’s never experienced this before. For 9 years he’s been just interviewing guys and now this.

    3. Larry Cook – Stop Mandatory Vaccinations – stopmandatoryvaccination.com I don’t know what date all of this happened, but he just created a new site and community and he mentioned it on his intro video.

      He was booted from Pinterest, Vimeo, MailChimp (they’ve always been a terrible company), and Facebook stopped him from being able to reach his million followers per month. He’s now down to about 120,000 per month.I don’t support this guy because he believes in government, he’s a trumpet lover, and believes in the psyop Q, but he should NOT be censored. He is also all about religion and prayer which is fine, you can do whatever you want, but when you have to announce it to the entire world, that makes me feel very uncomfortable.

      I meditate. Do I announce that to the entire world?

      Nope, that’s what I do in my private life. I can tell others that I feel it helps and why, but I don’t just go around announcing it every day which is what really irks me to no end about these religious fanatics.

    4. June 29, 2020 – Stefan Molyneux – youtube. I never liked him, but that doesn’t matter. He did nothing wrong. He never even got any strikes. He called himself a philosopher. He was also trying to teach people about anarchy. He had a huge male following.
    5. July 12, 2020 – Max Igan at the Crowhouse got his youtube channel deleted. No warning, no strikes, and after 13 years!

      Here’s his Bitchute channel. And his Lbry channel. He’s a truther anarchist.

    6. July 30, 2020 at 11 am PST – The Highwire with Del Bigtree got booted from youtube – here’s his site. He talks about all things vaccine. I’m still not sure if he’s controlled opposition, but the entire ex-vaccine community worships him. He had a huge subscriber base.
    7. August 25, 2020 – Brian at HighImpactVlogs and HighImpactFlix is gone now from youtube, but he has one channel left that I hope they don’t shut down. He’s a truther anarchist.
    8. Also Vincent James, but I don’t know who he is.
    9. August 26, 2020 – they shut down James Red Elephants. I don’t know who he is, but someone mentioned it. That’s 3 youtube CHANNELS of his censored – sigh
    10. On August 31, 2020, fakebook shut down a facebook group called “Millions Rise for Australia.” It had over 119,000 members and Australia has been hit HARD by the evils. They are 100% a police state now. Tons of tyranny.
    11. Around September 11, 2020, a group on Discord was removed that talked about all the important topics like 5G, the covid-19 coronavirus issue, riots, masks, etc. It had tons of links and information from all of its members and it helped wake up many people.
    12. RichieFromBoston – some time in the last week of August or first two days of September 2020. I didn’t watch him really, but I knew he was a christian truther. Then he posted his next video about how the military is trained to take down Americans and that’s when he told us that he lost TWO of his channels – sigh
    13. September 12, 2020 – Greenmedinfo was removed from instagram which of course is now owned by fakebook. Here’s their site.

I’ll publish this now, and add to it as more twitter accounts, youtube channels, and facebook accounts and pages are taken down by the evils.

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