Chemtrails cause covid19

ChemtrailsSo here, I knew covid19 had something to do with chemtrails, chemtrails cause covid19. But shame on me for NOT going to investigate what the 2-3 experts in the topic of chemtrails were saying like I did at the beginning of the scamdemic in March when I knew that the evils had been spraying all over the world.

I kept meaning to see if they had come up with any more information and made any correlation, but I kept getting side tracked. My apologies.

There’s your answer as to WHAT is causing Covid19 (coronavirus), although I still think it’s other things and the poisoned water, chemtrails, EMFs, RFs, MMWs, DE, extreme stress, and people believing all the lies from the mainstream media and their criminal governments, that’s a recipe to get sick, BIG TIME.

If you check out his humming articles, that may be it too.

This poor man and his wife have been going through hell for years, but the humming can be felt all over the world as you will read.

They are attacking our body’s electrical system. Once that’s attacked (like with EMFs, RFs, MMW, DE, etc.), you start to become sick. Add to that whatever the humming is (HAARP and all the other machines), and we will start dropping like flies. sigh

And I read it also causes morgellons if anyone has those symptoms.

Remember, almost everything you have is a symptom, it is NOT a disease. You have to get to the root cause and here it is in combination of the other ways they are poisoning us.

I myself have been feeling exhausted for almost 3 months now and in the last few days I’ve had a sour taste in my mouth and I just found out my spring water company has been putting toxins in my water (sigh).

Oh, and if you haven’t already watched this about chemtrails, it’s a MUST watch.

Here’s his article just on the different types of chemtrails.

Why am I sick?

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