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Come Join Us If you Care about Yourself and Humanity

Come Join Us in our Think Tank to brainstorm and strategize what we need to do to stop this war we are in. You can register to comment on articles I write, but that doesn’t get you to the Think Tank, you need to contact me through my contact page.

You MUST have a Warrior Mindset and be SERIOUS, otherwise don’t bother contacting me.

And if you think I’m controlled opposition just because I use the term “Think Tank,” then I don’t know what to tell you. Nothing irks me more than people who accuse me of being CO.

That tells me you really don’t give a shit about saving yourself and humanity, you just want to find every excuse NOT to do the work to FIGHT BACK.

If you don’t like the term, come up with a different one that means the same thing, that EVERYONE will understand without explanation, and I’ll consider it.

What is a Think Tank?

The term “think tank” was coined during World War II to describe a safe place where wartime plans and strategies could be discussed.

Join UsCome join our Think Tank to save humanity from the evils who are depopulating our world.

Besides killing people with their poisonous death jab, they are bringing down ALL small, medium, and regular large businesses which means no more JOBS.

They are bringing down the ECONOMY!

Not that I believe in jobs as I’m an entrepreneur, but 90% of the world’s population are 9-5ers.


Just because it’s a silent war doesn’t make it any less of a WAR! A great short video to the point.

The evils are

  1. Traumatizing everyone psychologically. That’s why it’s called PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE.
  2. Removing our food supply so we are forced to eat their fake chemical-infested lab-created FOOD.
  3. I’m almost positive they have poisoned our water supply even more than it was poisoned before.
  4. They are buying out all of the homes so they can charge triple the rent which they know you can’t afford
  5. They jacked up the price of lumber so we can’t build.
  6. They will be taking down the internet and power structure. They’ve been talking about it since last year and I’ve been hearing more chatter and predictive programming in the last month (as of June 2021).
  7. Their end goal after they KILL OFF 75% of the population is to turn the rest of us into transhuman robots so they can use us as slaves. No joke, this isn’t science fiction, there’s already partial transhumans telling their stories.
  8. And we are all ingesting nanobots from the masks which of course they poisoned long before the war started, their toxic PCR tests, their chemtrails, it’s on our clothes, and it may be in your tampons and pads.
  9. And of course the DEATH JAB.

Think this is crazy?

I did too until I started seeing the proof all around us. I’ve been studying this topic since 2015 and this war and their plans since March 2020.

Not that we weren’t slaves before, but this is slavery to the 100th degree.

Your life and your family’s life depends on whether you ACT NOW or continue to ignore what’s GOING ON!

If you bury your head in the sand, YOU ARE A COWARD!

The awake and truthers

It’s over 2+ years now and you STILL don’t get it, do you?

You can NOT just sit around waiting for someone to save you! And that includes your gawd, jesus, the messiah, ETC.!!!

You can not just sit online and do nothing but pass links around and complain. This solves NOTHING!!!

And if you STILL believe in the mafia government that is trying to kill us off and want them to exist, you are STILL BRAINWASHED!!!

No NEW person is going to save you, YOU have to save YOURSELF!

I don’t care if the evils control the governments, most of the people within the government are part of the evil collective, and the ones who aren’t are braindead or worship them.

If you are still not AWAKE

If you are new to what is going on and it’s stressing you out and is shocking, take a week, settle down and then get back to me when you are ready to LEARN THE TRUTH!

Continuing to be in denial means you are supporting the EVILS!

We are 2+ years into this war, and if you don’t know something is wrong by now, you are under DEEP MIND CONTROL and you need to find a way to unbrainwash yourself.

The first step is to STOP WATCHING the lying controlled mainstream media. Look here at how they are controlled.

Us truthers had the luxury of taking the time to go through the process of denial, anger, depression, and hopefully coming back out the other side only to pick up where we left off to study more.

Unfortunately, you don’t have that luxury, but we are all here for you.

Stand UP to the EVILS

Humans from all around the world need to stand TOGETHER against these families of EVIL who have been controlling the entire world for centuries.

They make regular everyday psychopaths look like saints.

Please Join US Truthers…

Serious Warrior type people only. If you aren’t ready to join us once a week (minimum) for a conference call and do the work needed, don’t bother. I don’t have time for people who waste my time.


Law of Freedom

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I have used every single item I recommend.

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Much appreciated

Thank you



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