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Did You Know There Were Corporations Involved in the Holocaust?

Corporations involved in the HolocaustThis was a secret that most people didn’t know about as these Corporations involved in the Holocaust wanted to keep these facts hidden.

These were all American corporations involved in the holocaust helping Hitler in one way or another and making MONEY off of the slaughter, science experiements, and imprisonment of so many people.

  1. Hugo Boss

    was responsible for the design of all their uniforms, the brown shirts that the German Nazi youth wore, and all other designs for the Third Reich. They also got cheap labor from the Jewish prisoners.

  2. Siemens

    is a huge engineering electronics corporation and they used the Nazi prisoners to build railways, communications and electrical power grids. In 2002 Siemens wanted to create a line of appliances that included gas ovens. They wanted to name the line, “Zyklon” which was the gas used to kill Jews in concentration camps.

  3. Bayer

    is the company who CREATED the lethal gas that Hitler used to kill so many Jews in the showers. It’s no wonder they want to merge with Monsanto, ANOTHER EVIL CORP who created the mustard gas that killed hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese during the Vietnam war.

    They also developed a medicine called Factor 8 to treat people with hemophilia and because it was “unheated,” and there wasn’t any HIV screening at the time, some of the units were contaminated with the HIV virus. And they knew about it eventually, and continued to do this.


  4. IBM

    worked hand in hand with the Hitler regime manufacturing hollerith tabulators which were punch cards. These punch cards just happen to be the precursor to the IBM computer, and they were used to keep track of the statistics at the death camps. Statistics like how many deaths there were per square kilometer of railway due to starvation.

  5. Chase Bank

    Between 1936-1941 along with a few other American banks, Chase provided currency exchange for the Germans. It also later on came to light that their Paris office seized over 100 Jewish bank accounts even before Hitler requested they do so.

  6. Ford Motor Car

    The founder of the Ford Motor company was Henry Ford, and he was known for being an anti semitic. In 1937 Hitler bequeathed Henry Ford one of Hitler’s special metals that he created for his foreign friends. Then Ford opened an auto plant in 1938 just before the war and his Ford vehicles were used for troop transport.

Hugo Boss and Siemens are the ONLY two corporations involved in the Holocaust who have set up a compensation fund for the victims of Nazi Germany.

These are only a handful of EVIL Corporations involved in the Holocaust who gladly rushed to make money off the war that will forever be imprinted in our minds and history books.


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