Create Self Freedom

Here Are Methods to Create Self Freedom

In order to put your money where your mouth is, you need to come up with different ways to Create Self Freedom.

Create Self FreedomToo many people bitch and complain about the EVIL CORPS of the World, or the GOVERNMENT they are beholden to, but they never actually take the steps to do their part to bring these unhealthy entities down in a non violent way.

Here are several ways you can contribute and make a difference:

  1. Work on your issues. We all got here and allowed these entities to control us for a reason. If we didn’t give them permission to control us, they wouldn’t have been able to. There are never any real victims, there are only people who perceive themselves as too weak to be strong and independent. Create Self Freedom.
    Being self aware of why your life isn’t free is a VERY important step to never letting it happen again. This doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a life long journey that hopefully everyone will participate in to grow and be healthy, one day at a time.

    Ask yourself which one of these feelings applies to you?

    Why do you prefer violence over peace even if it’s the types of TV shows you watch? Why do you prefer yelling and name calling over mature healthy communication techniques? Why do you feel happy when someone else is sad or going through a difficult time? Why do you prefer competition over collaboration? Why do you prefer hate over love? Why do you feel weak instead of strong? Why do you get jealous instead of being happy for a person who has success? Why do material things mean more to you than relationships with humans or animals? Why do you prefer fake over real? Why do you prefer shallow over authentic? Why do you prefer perfect instead of just being human, as NO human is perfect. Why do you think that everyone has to be 100% like you or what government and society says they should be like? No two people are exactly the same and to expect me to be like you, is unrealistic.

    Every person is different in how they got here to a place of slavery. We ALL need to work on our issues, no one person is immune from having issues.
    If you decide that you don’t want to work on your issues, it is guaranteed you will end up right back in the same spot years from now allowing someone else (different face, different name, different BS) to control you.

  2. Just walk away from government, don’t think violence, think “I don’t care about you anymore, you have NO control over me.”
  3. Talk to your neighbors and collaborate. Start a FREEDOM group in your city to find other like minded people, even if it’s just to talk once a week and brainstorm methods on how to create self freedom. STOP ignoring your neighbors and living in fear. Fear is what paralyzes all living things.
  4. Stop living in debt. Create Self Freedom. Using credit cards contributes to the control the FED has over society. Owing the banks money makes them powerful, it’s really that simple. If you don’t have the money, don’t buy it, or if you need to borrow, pay it off as quickly as you can. The government and EVIL CORPS want to keep you in debt because when you are, you are beholden to them. Think Mafia
  5. Try not to use cash whenever you can. Use Bitcoin or bartering methods, This site explains bitcoins in a more user friendly way. We think bartering is the best method, you can even start buying silver or gold which is how we used to buy things before the FED took over and ruined society. No one knows when the USD is going to tank, but we believe it will in the not too distant future.

    Personal Barter Sites– for personal use.

    Shared Earth – want to start a clean organic nutrient packed garden or micro farm and have no land? No problem, there’s a way to barter for that.

    Learn how barter works for your business

    Barter for Business
    Bartering in North Carolina
    Bartering with their ITex Dollars
    Bartering around Baltimore, DC and Virginia
    NATE – National Association of Trade Exchange
    Bartering in Jersey
    Barter News – was done for a sec, is back up now
    Barter Brokers
    Virtual Barter
    Barter Network Inc.
    The Barter Network
    Jacksonville Bartering
    Barter Depot
    The Barter Authority
    Arizona Barter

  6. There’s power in numbers. Support people who are abused by the system by either signing petitions, donating to causes that mean a lot to you including people who are thrown in jail who shouldn’t be there. Make sure you check them out first as there are scammers who play on people’s stress and sympathy. Do human chains, protest outside a jail cell, courthouse, etc.
  7. Support people in your community overall. This is where the power is, create communities that empower you in small numbers and then network nationwide, and then eventually globally.
  8. Stop buying from EVIL CORPS. We know it’s hard as they can have some of the best prices, but whenever you dip into your pocket to give them money, you are playing right into their GREED and keeping them alive and controlling. Always know who you are buying from, because one day your favorite online store can be run by well intentioned people, and the next they are bought out by an EVIL CORP who is trying to wipe their competition off the face of the earth. This is what they do.
    No one understood how back when Walmart first opened their doors and started forcing small businesses into bankruptcy how this would change society for the worse. Now we know!
  9. Don’t work for EVIL CORPS. When you work for them, you are enabling them to abuse you and every other employee in the company. By working for them, you are saying, “I agree with how you treat people and society and your big paycheck means more to me than people and this earth.
  10. Grow/raise your own food, or buy from others who are doing this. The Amish care for the earth and always have. If you need to buy, buy from them, they will deliver right to your door, it will be ALL organic, and you will be supporting farms that don’t want to poison you, and care about humans and animals.
  11. Stop buying food from the huge chain supermarkets. Eating processed food isn’t good for you anyway and 90% of everything they sell is fake junk food or the produce and meat, chicken or fish is all toxic.
  12. Stop going to chain restaurants that are ALL junk fake food. Most of them don’t even have a lemon in their kitchen because their food is all seasoned with fake toxic chemicals. Support restaurants that are run by mom and pops and who cook wholesome home-made food.
  13. We don’t advocate violence, but when it comes to protecting ourselves from our oppressors who use the police and military to control use, learn how to defend yourself by martial arts, create a security branch in your neighborhood and FREEDOM cell in your city. You need to all look out for one another.
  14. Learn how not to be afraid if one day you are sent to jail. Create Self Freedom.
    Back in the early 1900’s in Germany, people who resisted government willingly went to jail and took ALL the power away from their slave owners.
    No one likes going to jail, but what do you think would happen if one day 1,000 or 5,000 people suddenly stood up and said we don’t care if you throw us in jail, you have NO control over us anymore.
  15. Join or create an affinity group in your area.

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