Cult of State Worship

What is This Cult of State Worship?

Cult of State WorshipDo you recognize within yourself your desire to be a part of the cult of state worship?

We understand you have been taught from an early age that society HAS to be the way you see it now.

That WITHOUT government and a president, society will collapse.

We understand you need to hold onto this concept out of fear.


Because they have you RIGHT where they want you, beholden to them and living in a CONSTANT state of FEAR.

By constantly throwing fear at you from every angle, you learn NOT to take responsibility for your own life, and you don’t even consider breaking your slave chains and being on your own.

Brainwashing is a very powerful tool.

Having been a slave for so many years, it takes its toll.

They don’t want you to to build your own community based on FREEDOM.

Why would they want you to be free? Then you wouldn’t be the good little obedient slaves that work for THEM!

It’s 2017, and it’s amazing that people STILL think they are living in a democracy and have rights and freedoms.

America is NOT a democracy, it’s either a POLICE STATE, or a CAPITALISTIC society based on GREED!!! (We believe it’s BOTH!)

Even other first world countries lie to their people aren’t democracies. There is NO such thing as an honest government. That’s an oxymoron.

The corruption spreads worldwide!

Look around you, everyone is fighting with one another. The left is fighting with the right, the liberal with conservative, and in the END, everyone is just fighting with themselves.

They want you to FIGHT, they even instigate the fights by planting the seeds either in commercials on TV, or posts and ads online.

And YOU fall for each and every time!

STOP placing political labels on one another. All it does is FURTHER divide humankind.

Instead, learn to recognize that we are ALL in this together. We are all IN FACT Connected!

We don’t have to ONLY connect and work together during a time of strife.

Understand that we need to start taking responsibility for ourselves and start building our OWN communities from scratch void of EVIL GOVERNMENT. YES, it is possible and not as hard as you may think.

Communities free of oppression.
Communities free of work slaves.
Communities free of judgement.
Communities free of fear.

We do NOT need THEM (the state) to live a peaceful life. We already have the ability to join together to create synergy. We just need to have faith in ourselves, faith in one another, and if you believe in the Universe, faith in the Universe aka LOVE!

Voting in the next so called “president” won’t solve your problems, all they do is create even MORE problems. History is proof positive of that. They switched us from the King to Government. Same controlling institution, just a different name.

This feeding frenzy surrounding politics creates a Cult of State Worship. People who bow down to the state are called, “statists.”

We were ALL statists at one point in our lives, as that’s what we were taught, but NOW you can learn how to live a NEW life. A FREE life if you can imagine that. 🙂

The government isn’t here to save you or make your life better, it’s here to keep you under its thumb. To spy on you, to control you with laws, to make you turn on the person next door to you. You are already doing it and have been for centuries. The government is here to work with the EVIL CORPS and the elite in order to control us. It’s here to DOMINATE!

Are YOU going to continue letting them CONTROL YOU?

If you do, from this moment forward you are NO longer allowed to complain.

If you continue to follow the crowd and vote in more politicians, YOU will be the problem, NOT them.

Just like any woman (or man) who lives with an abusive partner, THEY have to break free of their control.

No one can break them free of their self doubt, no one can make them strong, only they can decide if they want to become a strong FREE human being.

Remaining with their abuser and oppressor and not accepting help only means they still want to be a slave in that abusive environment.

Are you ready to reach out and learn how life was REALLY meant to be?

We are here to work together – COME JOIN US!!!



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