Definition of an Evil Corp

What is the Definition of an Evil Corp?

Definition of an evil corpWe’ve been asked before for our definition of an evil corp.

We aren’t sure where we got the term “EVIL CORP” from, we think it was from a TV show, but we’d been hearing about corporations and all the nasty things they do since around 2003, so this wasn’t new to us.

Here’s  a list of things that a lot of EVIL CORPS do

Note: We do want to say that not ALL corporations do this. Since it’s so easy for someone to register a corporation, you yourself can register an LLC or corporation tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean you are a REAL corporation with thousands of employees in Europe, the US, Canada or worldwide.

It doesn’t mean you have corporate offices in numerous cities or countries.

It also doesn’t mean you make millions, billions or trillions of dollars.

So here we go…

Our definition of an Evil CORP

Any corporation that produces products that are harmful to humans or the earth or other living creatures.

Corporations run by psychopaths who do such things such as

  1. Buys out every inventor or competitor so we are stuck with ONLY their option.Many will buy up even the software from some programmer and then shelve it so it NEVER sees the light of day.
    According to the stories, Gates did that for YEARS. It’s said that he even stole programmer’s work while they were there interviewing for a job and would leave their briefcase on the table  to be shown around, or went to the bathroom.Then they wouldn’t get the job, but then Microsoft would come out with the SAME program a couple of months later.
  2. The EVIL CORPS buy off government officials so they can get laws passed or removed so they can do whatever they want even though it harms us.
  3. They harm their employees by providing toxic environments or materials for them to work in/with so they later get very sick or die.
  4. They provide an emotionally toxic work environment for their employees or they work them to the bone like slaves. The entire culture in society is to fear leaving your job because you may NOT get another one.
  5. They almost always make all employees or even consumers sign an agreement where you can NOT take them to court. That any issues you have with them have to be settled out of court.

    While we are ALL for mediation and HATE the toxic legal system, these corporations don’t do this to be kind and loving, they do this so their crimes are NEVER brought to light and everything is kept secret & hidden.

  6. Pays their employees peanuts while they rake in all the money, bonuses and dividends. That includes them barely ever giving them raises. Or they increase their hours while keeping their wage the same.

    If the company can’t afford this, that’s one thing, but we aren’t talking about companies that can’t afford it, are just starting out, aren’t doing well financially, etc.

  7. Harms our earth or oceans by dumping garbage and harmful toxins which of course kills us off, or all the living creatures and/or marine life.
  8. Doesn’t use or provide proper safety measures when they do construction, drilling, manufacturing, etc. Employees, independent contractors, etc. are then harmed or die.

    Most of the time this is ALL swept under the rug and the government protects them.

    Even if they are fined, the amount of money they have to pay out is peanuts compared to how much they actually make every year.

    The government then lies to the public telling them that they are working to keep work environments safe, but then any kind of inspection takes months or even YEARS not due to red tape, but ONLY because those people in charge of doing that are being paid off by the EVIL CORP.

    The number of oil spills in the oceans over the years have never stopped or decreased. The company may get bad PR for a month or two, be fined a small amount (small to them,, but not to us), but the oceans, marine life AND the people who live nearby are NEVER EVER the same.

    Once the mainstream fake media no longer cares about it, they move on, and the marine life and humans are left to suffer.

  9. There are numbers of companies that poison city water, bury toxins in the earth in poor towns, there are fracking companies who have harmed the citizens living nearby AND destroyed once beautiful forests wildlife, the streams and lakes, etc.

    Even in other manufacturing plants they poison the air so that people can’t even breath and they get sick or die.

    Go read up on any town or city that is within a certain radius of a manufacturing plant, you will surely read how the people can’t stand the smell, and people are becoming sick.

  10. They pay people to discredit anyone who exposes the truth. It could be a scientist, employee, journalist, consumer, etc.

    They also lie and spread rumors so these people look like they are insane, or they NEVER get another job. This is why MOST people stay quiet and don’t expose the truth about these companies and people.

    They can also have these people killed. This is very common in the seedy underbelly of the corporate world. They have security around the clock and assassins on speed dial. It’s NO JOKE.

  11. They have their lawyers and the corrupt government protect them so the truth about what they have created isn’t exposed to the public.They even get the criminal government officials to make it so NO ONE can sue them or even bring a court case against them.

    The truth is usually hidden for decades.


    The cigarette companies, the fake food companies, the fast food industry, the sugar industry, Monsanto and other chemical companies that produce chemicals that harm and kill humans, our earth and living creatures.

    There’s many more including the plastic companies (plastics come from oil and the oil EVIL CORPS have controlled us for over a century now) that create toxic plastics that we use in our every day lives. And glass products that have lead in them.

  12. They lie on their packaging OR they make it so once again, the government run by criminals protects them so warnings DON’T have to be placed on their packaging.

    This has been going on for years.

    We keep track of when there’s a court case TRYING to get proper labels put on food and EVERY year, the criminal court system backs the EVIL CORPS.

  13. They create problems in society (or spread lies through their fake media companies) so THEY can come up with the solution and make billions and trillions off of that problem.


    private security companies that work for the government or EVIL CORPS.
    Arms manufacturing companies.
    Pharmaceutical companies

  14. They have their hand in educating society’s children SO they can brainwash them into thinking a certain way, being good little consumers, and supporting the lies they spread out into society.

    That’s at the grade 1 and up level, and even in college and Universities.Even in medical schools they are all supported and run (behind the scenes) by the PHARMA MAFIA.

So this should give you some idea of the definition of an “EVIL CORP.”

This isn’t a new issue, although the speed at which they have been harming us has increased a lot in the last 20-25 years.

They have been getting away with murder for so many decades now. It goes back even centuries to the oil barons, the car manufacturers in the 1920’s, the cigarette companies which goes back to WWII or before and more.

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