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Evil facebook is stopping me from living

facebook is evilI’m going to detail how evil facebook is stopping me from living.

So normally I wouldn’t be on facebook, but because I’m in a 3rd world country and that’s ALL they use for everything in most 3rd world countries, I have no choice but to use them.

I need it to:

  1. Hire people in the city I’m in
  2. Look for house rentals
  3. Look for small or larger restaurants so I can get food
  4. Ask questions of other expats in my city

So, around last week which would have been the end of October 2023, purely by accident I realized my posts were being auto DELETED.

I posted something, went to edit it within 10 seconds, and I got this error. https://nimb.ws/tSodBb

I started freaking out, I redid the post, SAME THING.

I thought it was only in new groups I joined and primarily it was, but then it happened in a group I had been a member of for who knows how long.

I messaged the admin of two of the new facebook groups I had joined, and of course got no response.

It’s happened in several different types of groups now all related to what I said above. I want to be clear here, nothing I wrote had ANYTHING to do with the Truth. They were regular posts.

I’m FURIOUS, and this is hindering my LIFE.

I did report it to facebook today, November 11, 2023, but I doubt anything will change.

Facebook is a PIECE OF SHIT and I don’t mean just because of their EVIL CENSORSHIP and shadow banning, but because of the following:

  1. When I was overseas, there was almost always a translate link under the text in the foreign language. Where I am now, there’s NONE. I thought they had removed it for good, but I happened to be in one of the old groups overseas and it’s still there, so why the FUCK do they not have it for all languages? And this is Spanish, so it’s not some obscure language.
  2. In the last 2-3 months or so some of my comments (not posts) have been marked as pending and I reached out to one of the groups’ admin’s for a Passio group, and he didn’t even know it was happening.
  3. Their bell notification is always fucked up. Sometimes I can’t even see what new posts or replies are there and I have to refresh the page. They also sometimes delete the notices I already clicked on so I can’t get back to them. I’m talking within a few minutes, not days later.
  4. There’s this bug where I click on the link to the reply to my comment and it shows me their comment and then BAMM, it closes the comment, it disappears and I can’t find it anymore because there’s so many replies all nested. That’s happened several times in different groups and a woman said it happens to her too. Of course this is on a REAL computer, NOT a toxic cell phone.
  5. About 5 or so months ago facebook changed the way they display comments so now everything popups up in a popup that is cumbersome and hard to use unlike before where it was much easier.
  6. For years after the war started I was no longer seeing suggested facebook groups like I had seen for ages prior. They suddenly put them back this year.
  7. I’m not saying this is due to facebook, but with all of the brainwashing geared at group owners, most of these group owners are control freaks. Several times now with one group in specific (the expat group of my city), the bitch or her mod who owns the group constantly sends me the rules of the group to be nice.Talking about the Truth is considered not nice or it’s considered politics. NO IT IS NOT EITHER YOU STUPID BITCH. In fact, that may very well be why my posts are being auto deleted because of her. Every time she sends me that fucking warning, I’m sure the AI is trained to censor me even though I’m NOT in facebook jail.Just new age cultists or blind zombies who won’t allow any AUTHENTIC verbiage let alone anything to do with the Truth which has NOTHING to do with politics because I don’t follow the mafia government.Oh, and I noticed recently that’s she’s put me on moderation for my posts. LOL the thing is, I never talk about the Truth in my posts, I only talk about it when someone else posts something that is because of the Truth, so the bitch is so stupid she can’t figure out that it’s my comments that she doesn’t like. I even had a mod of the Awake in Mexico group delete a long comment I wrote up to some asshole. AWAKE MY ASS. I should be allowed to say whatever I want in relation to the Truth or to defend myself.

People who claim to be “awake” and are STILL only using fakebook to create groups and channels on YouTube are SUPPORTING THE EVILS. I stopped uploading videos on nazi YouTube back in April 2021.

On facebook I have a lot of groups, but I do nothing with them and the new ones I created are to help me here because every single group I belong to either censors, allows bullies, or doesn’t approve my posts and I need to survive.

On YouTube comments are deleted all the time. On videos where there’s no real comments, I see there are comments, but there’s nothing there. This has happened a few times in the last few months. I’ve even seen this on Odysee.

On nazi YouTube we all know that if you comment and then log out and go look, your comment is GONE.

I’m not on Twitter often, but I’ve heard of the shadow banning there too.

So when you continue to provide a group, channel or whatever on those evil platforms, you are supporting the evils and CENSORSHIP.

I can’t imagine how much time I’ve wasted writing things up and they are GONE because of the evil AI that controls the ENTIRE WORLD.

I come across some good videos on nazi YouTube, but then all of the comments are from zombies who STILL worship the mafia government and think that voting or calling the criminals in the mafia government will solve anything.

I post all the time bashing them and I get no responses. So, they are either bots, or my comments are being deleted.

The only way to win this war is with US!

People can shirk their responsibility in all of this which is just cowardice, but every day you can always choose to REALLY wake UP to Help Save Yourself, Humanity, and our Mother Earth.

Truth, Spirituality (nothing to do with the psyop known a religion), shedding your childhood trauma, becoming a mature adult, and then taking responsibility for yourself HAS to be done.

I know it’s hard because the evils control us, but it HAS to be done. If we all start to do it, this war WILL BE OVER. We have the POWER to stop them, but you have to play your part.

The key is learning who you are with everything else stripped away. Truly look in the mirror.

Learn how to love and respect yourself and then help others. If we all help one another, that’s sharing the workload.

Build alternative communities based on FREEDOM and Truth. Do it together outside of the evils’ mafia governments. It’s the ONLY way.


It’s our negative energy they feed off of. So long as we aren’t United and Strong, they can control us. We need to be United and Strong and NOT just accept what is going on. This is NOT a movie!!!

Both parts have to be done AND people have to STOP WORSHIPING MONEY.

The evils use money as a WEAPON. Money shouldn’t be used to judge others by their WORTH. Anyone who thinks this way is controlled by the evils and is harming Humanity. Yes we need it in THEIR system, so that’s why you need to break FREE from their evil MATRIX.

This war can ONLY BE WON BY US, not some deity or Human. That’s where the psyop religion comes in – SALVATIONISM.

They want you to NEVER grow up and fight them. They want you waiting for someone ELSE to save you so they have free reign to kill us.

Here’s my alternative therapy page. I hope you read and bookmark it. https://ourfreesociety.com/alternative-therapy-courses/

There’s NO SHAME in admitting you have issues. WE ALL DO.

It’s when you don’t care and don’t work to rid yourself of them (this doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a work in progress) that I have a problem with that because you refusing to not do the work affects ALL of us, not just YOU.

With tough Love

Our Free Society
I hope you learned something.

Never make Authority your Truth… make Truth your Authority

The definition of insanity is blind obedience.

Culture teaches us that only the police have the right to defend.

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