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Here is where you can read the numerous actions you can do to work on your action plan.

If you have anymore flyers or text for flyers or stickers not already mentioned below, please pass them along to me. Thank you

Sites that have flyers already created. None of these sites below are mine. I collected them over this past year.

Do NOT print these off at your local print shop and here’s why…

Those commercial printers have a way to be tracked back to whoever used them.

Not only do you not want to get them into trouble, you don’t want it traced back to you.

I recommend you either buy an all-in-one Brother laser printer with an automatic sheet feeder like I have bought for decades because they are the best, or go in on one with a few other AWAKE friends/neighbors.

Here’s what I’m talking about.

The laser printers are relatively inexpensive, and the toner lasts you a long time, but you will need another one, as the one that comes with it doesn’t last long. You don’t need a color laser wone unless you really want to splurg.

Make sure you don’t get a wifi one or turn it off. Wifi is toxic to your health and people can hack it.

And whatever you do, try to get one WITHOUT the Alexa one which spies on you!

I’m sure you can also find used ones on eBay that are older.

  1. Wake the hell up – Click here.
  2. Citizens for Free Speech – Click here
  3. Annie Logical – Click here
  4. Democrats against Agenda 21 – Click here

Loose Flyers

Text to create your own flyers or stickers 

( You can put my site at the bottom or one of these playlists that have tons of educational videos or )

  1. Your news has been controlled and scripted since the mid 1960s. They are lying to you, which is why every time you flip the channel, they all say the SAME thing.
  2. Real Science – Germs do not cause disease or harm of ANY KIND.
  3. Real Science – Nature operates through symbiosis and synergy, not war.
  4. Just because you get sick, doesn’t mean you have the right to take away other people’s FREEDOM!
  5. Are you honestly telling me you’ve NEVER EVER gotten sick a day in your life?
  6. The ONLY relevant scientific test would be one that identifies TOXINS not Viruses.
  7. When people do get sick at the same general time in the same general place, they have all been exposed to a common toxin at about the same time.
  8. There are seasonal detox (illness) situations that result from seasonal cultural habits like the gorging on unhealthy food and excessive drinking during holiday seasons, kids on similar vaccine schedules, people who work or live near industrial sources of toxic pollution, etc.
  9. Stress that is induced by bad eating, drinking, and drug habits create more intense emotional turmoil which reinforces these habits which creating a cycle of toxicity which makes you sick.
  10. All of the toxins they force upon us clog up our body’s system, and prevents it from discharging its own natural metabolic waste. This is the real source of systemic damage, not viruses. If your doctor isn’t telling you this, he or she doesn’t know how the body works.
  11. Real Science – Germs are in fact our friends, assisting us in many bodily processes from digestion to nutrient composition to detoxification and healing. Anyone who tells you they are toxic is lying to you.
  12. Real Science – Germs are not predatory and do not work upon nor attack living healthy bodies.
  13. Our health and our illness are nearly 100% the result of the choices we make about what we feed and expose our bodies to, and that includes stress.
  14. Doctors are programmed to interpret symptoms of body detoxification as the source of our disease itself. Did you know that most doctors don’t actually use critical thinking skills? They just follow a protocol that someone else wrote.
  15. The body can push toxins out from virtually any spot: the skin, the lungs, the orifices, breath, urine, feces, and more. That is what your body is doing when you get sick, it’s releasing toxins from your body and that’s a good thing.
  16. If the body pushes a toxin out at the genitals it’s herpes, and if that very same toxin is pushed out of the skin of the arms and legs it’s eczema.
  17. There’s no such thing as diseases, only symptoms. Your job, since it’s your body, is to figure out the root cause of your health issues. Most doctors never look for the root cause, they just ply you with toxic drugs, traumatic surgery, or worse, poisonous vaccines.
  18. If the toxin is strong and takes over the whole body, a whole body flush will occur and that is called the flu.
  19. Germ theory teaches them that we are always under attack by germs. That is false. Our creator didn’t create us to be under constant attack.
  20. If germ theory were true, n one would be alive because the germs would have killed EVERYONE!
  21. The reality is, that modern medicine (allopathy) is the aggressor and our bodies are under attack by their toxins.
  22. Our bodies are under attack by toxic food, drugs, water, and air as well. Ask for our liest of poisons we are subjected to.
  23. Did you actually think that just because you got their poisonous jab that they were going to let you stop wearing masks, hug your friends and family, stand around people like normal and be free to work and run your business? You’ve been SCAMMED!
  24. The only defense against the flu and any attack against our body (ongoing illness) is our own awareness of the situation and our decision to choose not to poison the body.
  25. Did you know you can make yourself sick just by thinking you will get sick 24/7? The mind is very powerful, that’s why they brainwash you through their news and government.
  26. Did you know that there are tons of doctors and scientists worldwide who don’t believe covid19 is deadly? Ask yourself why you aren’t hearing from them on your news station.
  27. Did you know that there are tons of doctors and scientists worldwide who don’t believe we should have EVER worn masks? Ask yourself why you aren’t hearing from them on your news station.
  28. Did you know that there are tons of doctors and scientists worldwide who don’t believe we should have ever shut down world? Ask yourself why you aren’t hearing from them on your news station.
  29. Did you know that there are tons of doctors and scientists worldwide who have had their licenses looked into or revoked, they have been arrested, or forced to take psych assessments just because they disagree with the shutting down of their city, country or the world? Ask yourself why. Are we in China now?
  30. Why are doctors and scientists worldwide being censored from the internet?
  31. Why are doctors and scientists worldwide having their youtube channels and/or their facebook accounts shut down by the government? Are you living in a communist country?
  32. Why are you only hearing from doctors and scientists who agree with the mask wearing, social distancing, and quarantines? Do you actually think that ALL doctors and scientists think the same way? There are hundreds (now thousands) who have been trying to speak out against this since March 2020.
  33. Did you know there are many studies that show that masks don’t protect you from viruses and actually harm your health so you will get sick later on?
  34. Did you know that if your child wears a mask, they will most probably get an infection or die from the lack of oxygen? Some children have already become sick and some have died.
  35. Did you know that wearing a mask kills your brain cells? Ask a neurologist who isn’t working for the government, NOT your controlled news media.
  36. This is NOT about covid19, this is about controlling you and the evils moving forward with their minimum 150 year old NEW WORLD ORDER action plan!
  37. Turn OFF your TV! Did you know the TV was patented to be a brainwashing device? If you watch the news on TV and you aren’t fully aware of what’s going on, you are 100% BRAINWASHED and are a danger to yourself, your family, and humanity.


White Rose Stickers

Here are stickers you can print off using this Brother sticker printer. If you see one(s) you like and want the .lbx file, just reach out to me with the exact name of the sticker and I’ll send it to you. You can also just make the text larger and hand it out as a flyer, but you want stickers so you reach anyone passing around that area.

The woman who started White Rose is to be commended. She has put a lot of work into these stickers and given people a group they can feel free in.

Here are the instructions from the White Rose Telegram group.




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