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Friends and Family who chose to worship covid and abandon those they love

CovidiotsSo I’m going to start to detail examples of Friends and Family who chose to worship covid and abandon those they love.

It makes me SICK how many people worldwide have stories of Friends and Family who chose to worship covid and abandon those they love.

That they worship the evils OVER their own friends and family. Most people lost these friends and family members.


I also decided to add in other examples from people PURE BLOODS met along their daily lives when going to the store and being threatened or harassed by zombies due to not suffocating themselves with toxic masks, being threatened or harassed by co-workers or managers, etc.

I won’t put quotes so I can do work faster.

  1. Once again my family finally got back together for Christmas this year at my brothers house. When announcing the party for Christmas night he said …”and make sure you are vaccinated and boosted”. I had to tell him I won’t be going since I am not vaxed nor plan to be. He said, “we will miss you. It blows me away this my brother who I’ve thought to be one of the smartest people I know. Makes me sad. Most of my family knows I refuse it and some know why.
  2. You need a new brother. 6 of 10 are easily brainwashed. It doesn’t even matter what your ‘intelligence’ may be. 6 of 10….now and forever. My brother and family are opposed to my views.
  3. Yes just got shut down by a family member who supports the narrative. Ruined new years here. It’s like being screamed at by a teacher over having a point. Really ugly.
  4. SO MUCH of This Resonated with what I have experienced over the last few years…. Including being “Excluded” from Family Gatherings & Being “Accused” of “Wanting to Kill Grandma” which was Ironic considering that I was actually helping take care of My Mom (Grandma to the ones pointing fingers)! Mom never “tested” Positive UNTIL (after 2 years) she left the Maskless/At Home Environment & got moved into an “Assisted Living Center” and then the “Protocols” kicked in! 🤔 As for the whole “6 feet/Stand on the Mark” Thing ~ Whenever I was Confronted with that, I would Politely Remind Whomever that #1 There Is NO “Science” to Back That Up AND #2 I Grew Up watching The Coyote & Roadrunner Cartoons… There is NO WAY You’re Gonna Get ME to Stand on that “X Marks the Spot”! 🤪😆 That Never Failed to Bring a Few Smiles & Smirks from those around me 😘 THANK YOU for this Wonderful “Dot Connecting” Video! I’m Sharing It on ALL My Platforms!!!
  5. Yeah, I went to the Guitar Center, and one of the guys in there yelled at me because I pulled down my mask for a second – I feel like I can’t breath in those things. I have no plans to go back into that store ever. My job tried to force us to take the jab. I never did, and they finally dropped it. I have to admit that I raised my voice a little when they were demanding that I wear a mask. I avoided that store for a long time. Later, I apologized for losing my cool, but I wasn’t wrong. This was a good thought provoking video!
  6. I experienced the tyranny for sure. I got yelled at on the few occasions I ventured out. Cousins I used to be close to are no longer in my life. A friend I’ve had for years stopped talking to me. Yeah. It’s insane out there. I do not comply.
  7. Same for me with family and old friends. These people take the moral high ground while they are ready to watch you lose your job, lose your home, lose everything. You deserve it in their eyes. And they expect me to FORGET? “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” MLK Jr
  8. Same here I’ve known this guy 50 years
    He said if I’m going to keep my job I’m going to put unknown chemicals directly into my bloodstream
    I said really
    He didn’t even say goodbye
  9. I completely relate to your situation Lisa when I’m with my cousins I’m basically expected to jump when told too or what ever they want me to do at the time, when I say no! Oh boy the tempers break I get shouted at and spoke to like crap like how dare I say no to them but yet I get told no to anything I suggest every single time, I’ve never been invited to weddings, family occasions simply because I have my own mind and don’t act like a sheep with them all. it’s heartbreaking really not for my own I hurt for them because they are all so lost and blind to the way they live like sheep in a Penn I e always been a individual within my entire family they even try get my kids to dislike me when my back is turned. It’s shocking behaviour. So never give up don’t let people get to you being a individual is far far better than the other. All the best love and respect to u from here in Scotland God bless you 🙏
  10. While I never had anyone yell at me, I did have some literally run away from me like I was swinging a machete instead of just asking a question. Literal idiocracy moments, it felt like
  11. Thank you! well said. I remember how terrible it was to deal with family arguments, alienation, not being allowed to go places, including family events, friends events, etc. I remember how it was to be painted as a bad guy over lies from the health ministry, the health funds, and the lies people believed… Very tragic. While it may be over for now, one can still not talk about this stuff with many people.
  12. That’s very true, once you see you can not unsee it! The most shocking thing in this plandemic for me seeing people who I trust as role model and very intelligent fallowed authorities without questioning, that crushed me the most, when you realize either you don’t belong here or something really going wrong but overall I can’t be more thankful for this eye opener event, scary but also exciting to relearn everything… EVERYTHING! Thank you for the video ❤
  13. At least you guys have each other. Was saying to my family this Christmas how grateful I was that we were all on the same page that something weird is going on, and we had someone to talk to (each other). My boyfriend puts his head in the sand whenever I try to question anything or try to get him to think a little more… and I’m scared to live with him full time now…
  14. I went to a ski hill during the lockdown here in Canada. We had to wear masks outside, and one woman with us was yelled at. She had a scarf covering her face. Meanwhile we all stood in close proximity in the lift line. We got yelled at three times that trip. I’ve never had an experience like that my whole life snowboarding.
  15. Great explanation of what’s actually going on. Seeing everyone turn on me truly makes you realize you are on your own…friends, family, relatives means nothing.
  16. Most doctors even my siblings ones took it. I’m the only of maybe 10 in 1500 staff who didn’t. They threatened to fire me, I said do what u gotta do. I was praying a LOT and He responded
  17. I was on my way into the local hospital in November 2020
    I am a veteran with PTSD.I was in the middle of the worst episode I have ever experienced, barely holding it together, I don’t really remember the drive to the hospital.As I’m walking up to the ER entrance, a long fenced row well over 100 feet long.
    I’m about halfway down, still about 50 feet from their inspection station.
    No one, absolutely no one was outside in this area.
    All of a sudden here comes nurse Karen out of a door SCREAMING and pointing for me “WAIT RIGHT THERE!”
    Again I’m at least 50 feet from the check station with no one around.I lost it, she was yelled at like she probably never had before.
    Security was called, 5 officers responded. One wanting to beat me because I was cursing.
    I was escorted into the ER and a Dr was waiting in the room for me.

    Of course they tried to blame me for situation.

  18. Thank you for talking about this. I lost friends during this time because I always “do my own research” I’ve done this for years and my friends know this but still wanted me to do as I was told. I had to just keep my head down. Now they are saying there is more to come. Just lovely.
  19. Yep, it’s rough. My elderly parents are now reclusive (but seem pretty happy!)
    Sibling is very left loves Rachael Maddow! Always posting meal pic. Yep, one of those. I have always avoided responding to her lefty comments. I had to re the shot! I was very polite, considerate, kept it short, offered to send her info from credible sources and I wasn’t judgemental. All I asked was for her to consider the other argument and look into their claims before she got the shot. And again before 1st booster. Well apparently she is utterly offended bc I got a “break-up message”!!! But it had a weird try at professionalism. Funny!!!! I pray she starts seeing things for what they are instead what she told they are.
    Everyone’s common sense has been suppressed but everyone will eventually have that red pill moment.
  20. Sorry about your sister, but thank you for sharing. Today is the 1-yr anniversary of my sister Blocking and Deleting me per the terms of her “break up text.” She had been ignoring me for 7 mths by then .
    I’ve often wondered if I had taken some kind of gentler approach like you did, if it woulda made a difference.
    Your story confirms my suspicions that No, Nothing will ever reach these Truly Lost Souls. 💔
  21. So many have already forgotten what happened over the last 3 years. I am glad someone is bringing this insanity to light.I remember being in a grocery store and a woman threatened my life over these insane so called “rules”. Police didn’t even care.
  22. My 77 year old Uncle who lives in New Zealand went outside in July 2020 to pick a lettuce from his garden without a mask on and some busybody rang the police on him. They came out and manhandled him even though he’d forgotten to put his mask on and had it in his pocket. He put it on and they watched him walk inside after warning him. They had a snitch line in NZ and so many people rang it and went to the website that it crashed in minutes. He can’t unthink that and is still shaken!
  23. I was at an open air farmers market standing in line to pay for my things and a older women was at the register she turned around and told me i was going to get her sick because i was not wearing a mask. I told her to stop watching the idiot box. So then the cashier said to me it was the law and i had to wear a mask . They were both wrong but i was made to be the bad guy. Perfect example of how mind control works.
  24. I was assaulted by a young female for not wearing a mask. The irony of it was she literally pushed me in my mouth to the point where I could taste her hand! HAHAHA. My husband and I saw this for what it was from the start and we were treated quite poorly in the community we lived in at the time for refusing to participate. Being set apart isnt easy, but I wouldnt trade my place in this world for anyone elses. Thank you for being a consistent vein of truth. Your skills and content are amongst the best Ive seen! God bless you and yours!
  25. I’m so sorry that happened to you, wow. I walked into a grocery store without a mask and I could actually FEEL an old man staring me down with pure hatred because I wasn’t wearing a mask. I acted like I didn’t notice him, but I did. Never felt so much hate from a stranger before
  26. I relate totally! The very last time people were wearing them often at Walmart, this creepy guy, down an aisle, was squeaking at me that I did not have one on. I had my back to him and just kept browsing.,..he must have said it at least 4 times. His voice was the wimpiest, weakest thing I have ever heard in my life and it trailed off, like he was a ghost, as I walked away. I never turned back and WOW, did I want to give him a piece of my mind, but I did not let him get the satisfaction of any attention.
  27. Compare their behavior to that of those who lived through WW2. Maybe not even that far back. Remember all the flags on cars right after 9/11? Even a friend of mine asked me why I didn’t have one on my truck. I told him that after 4 years in the Army, I shouldn’t need to but even so it’s personal choice. During WW2, the war hysteria got bad. People like to forget that part. I saw this covid behavior as just another version of that. Pure hysteria. Tribalism or cultism. Whatever name you want to give it. We aren’t out of this yet. Do expect more of this hysteria soon.
  28. I live across the street from a small city park. Town population approximately 15,000. During the height of Covid, they sent a public works employee out to wrap/shutdown all swingsets, springy horse things and slides, with yellow caution tape. That happened. So many people are unable to grasp the full insanity of what was done to us. I was just standing there, looking at it and shaking my head. I have never felt more out of step with society.
  29. First time listener here. At first I thought this was a little hokey- but dang you made a good point. I remember getting in a confrontation in Home Depot of all places with another shopper. I was literally just looking for a bolt and she came up to me and said; “You need wear a mask.”
    Me: “Its not a law; and even if it were I wouldn’t follow it.”
    Her; “But it’s a mandate! “
    Me: “It’s not a law. “
    She was bugged by this and went to go get some person to tattle on me too. The manager came over and apologized to me. She was visibly bugged that her little power trip didnt go the way she thought it would in her head. The fall out from this is going to be felt years from now.
  30. I couldn’t help but feel like everyone was being psychologically evaluated. For those of us who refused masking we stood out like a sore thumb. Interestingly, I refused during a hospital visit as well as refused testing, was treated and left. I also refused to wear a mask during a family court trial. I knew there was no such thing as a ‘mask law’.’ The Judge just said, “Let it be known for the record that Mr. so and so has refused masking,” and proceeded without further ado. This blatantly proved there is no such ”law” but also emphasized its ‘on the record.’
  31. I saw the power trip 1st hand on a Southwest flight. The woman next to me had an 18 month old baby and the flight attendant told her she had to mask her baby for the entire flight. She responded that her baby is 18 months and 2 years old is the minimum age to wear a mask. His flippant response was “close enough.”
  32. I had the exact same experience with a young twenty something at a restaurant. I left and I’ll never go there again. No wonder the Tyrants love to use young people. They’re more susceptible to group think. They’re also very impressionable.
  33. I never wore a mask and I only had a hard time once when a 15 yr old girl working at McDonalds yelled at me and her manager made her go into the back, they served me anyway and there was no issue besides that. (yes I eat McDonalds sometimes, I’m not oblivious to how bad it is for me)
  34. I worked at a Buffalo Wild Wings when the pandemic started. Every restaurant was required to set a hand wash timer. Every 30 minutes that timer would go off and we were expected to drop whatever we were doing and line up to wash our hands. It didn’t matter if we literally just washed our hands. And our GM would go through the place and threaten to write up anyone who didn’t immediately stop taking orders or making drinks or cooking food and get in line. Not wearing a mask(literal cheap t shirt material that fit no one’s face) you were sent home. Do it again, write up. Third time you’re fired for insubordination. We shut down for 8 weeks. When we came back, we were required to take a 6 hour inclusivity/sensitivity training course if we wanted to keep our jobs. I took the course out of curiosity and then I quit.
  35. I was yelled at by a store manager. Creep!
  36. What’s interesting is how everyone’s experience during the plandemic in US was largely determined by the politics of their state. I lived in California and then in Oregon during this time. In California, it was an absolute dystopian nightmare, and in Oregon, slightly less so but still extreme. I had store workers threaten me with police for refusing to wear a mask, in front of my 6 year old daughter. In my rural OR community, most continued about their lives like the dystopia didn’t exist. Travel 20 minutes into the nearest city, it was full on insanity. It’s a mind virus all these people have.
  37. I was fortunate in that the people around me didn’t turn into entitled monsters. Unfortunately they still forced me to wear a mask or lose my job. I still feel ‘not right’ from having had to wear it for so many hours over a period of a year.
    One relative refused to come over for fear of giving an elder The Virus. What happened was the people-loving elder died of loneliness instead.
    You are right. Even though I did not have it as bad… I can’t unsee what was done to me and to those around me. Trust is GONE save for those that were like I, wondering what in the world had these maniacs thinking what they were doing was Okay.

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A knowledgeable mind will set you FREE and so will using Natural Law to fight the evils and evil collectives. Remember, according to Natural Law, if you or anyone you know is under attack, spiritually and lawfully you are allowed to fight back even by killing that person!

Truth, connecting to consciousness, learning how to love and respect yourself and then others to build a better world is ALL that Matters, and then taking ACTION!


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  1. “I can relate to that. Being excommunicated in one of the worst possible ways by my birth parents and siblings, leaving me and my nine year old son out in the cold (literally) for trying to inform them about the lies they’re enslaved in. I am learning a very pricey lesson.”

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