General Albert Stubblebine and His Analysis of 911

General Albert Stubblebine in Denial

General Albert StubblebineGeneral Albert Stubblebine was an army major general who worked in the service for 32 years. He just passed over on February 6, 2017.

At first General Albert Stubblebine believed, just like everyone else, that Arab terrorists were responsible for the 911 attack, but his wife wasn’t sure, and kept pointing out discrepancies to him.

Stubblebine had served so many years for his country, that he just couldn’t wrap his head around that anyone other than terrorists were responsible for this horrible attack.

In fact in the beginning he just thought someone in the military missed the intelligence data that 911 was due to happen.

Took a Closer Look

But one day he saw a picture of the hole in the pentagon building and instead of just taking a quick glance, he looked at the picture in more detail. That’s when his intuition went off telling him there was something wrong.

He started to study the picture in more detail and then decided to do a thorough analysis of it. He took measurements of the plane, the nose, the pentagon building, etc.

He eventually came to the conclusion that there was no way the airplane made that hole in the pentagon building.

Went Public

General Albert Stubblebine decided to go public and unequivocally state that it was NOT the airplane that made that hole. At the same time, he was very careful to not speculate as to what made the hole because he had no proof.

Note: if you find any statements to be incorrect, please let us know.

Strange Details or Scientific Facts

  1. In the picture he saw a turban that looked like a turban from a missile.
  2. All the sensors to the pentagon building had been turned off that day which is highly unusual.
  3. He found one sensor that hadn’t been turned off, and the picture from that sensor had something flying into the pentagon and it did not look like an airplane.
  4. After he went public, the image had been changed to made to look like an airplane.
  5. The amount of energy needed to melt the steal of the pentagon couldn’t have been done from the airplane.
  6. The puffs of smoke that you see on the twin towers as the building collapses aren’t due to the whole building collapsing. That’s due to a controlled demolition.
  7. World Trade Center building 7 was owned by Larry Silverstein. There was a small fire on the bottom right side of the building and on video, he’s heard to say, “pull it.” Stubblebine claims this is a demolition industry term, but there is no evidence of that. In fact someone online asked people to prove that this is what it means, and his conclusion after asking around and getting nowhere, plus talking to two fire fighters, was that it means “get the fire fighters out of a dangerous area.” It’s a very old term prior to when they used radios when the teams outside would give the fire hoses a good hard pull as a signal to the teams inside to clear out.
  8. All of the air defense systems for that part of the country had been turned off that day. Supposedly the Vice President issued that order.
  9. There was a US military exercise that had taken place that was exactly what happened on 911.


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