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Gentrification in Mexico

gentrification in MexicoIs this Gentrification in Mexico or Colonization?

So the prices in Mexico are starting to get out of hand where expats are paying US and Canadian prices for rent and happy to do so. This means the prices are staying that way and people like me and even the Mexican locals can’t afford it.

As I mentioned in my first article about Mexico, this also happened in Panama and Costa Rica and probably other Latin American countries, maybe even Ecuador.

I’m also reading now that it’s happened in Eastern European countries. People once loved the European feel of the country and now it’s too Americanized. That may not be about the cost of living and more about the “American” type stores popping up all over the place, but still, it’s something to be aware of.

While the evils control the cost of living in 1st world countries worldwide, I don’t think (you can correct me if I’m wrong) that they are responsible for these HUGE increases in the costs of living in 3rd world countries.

Here’s a comment someone made in an Mexican expat fakebook group… “Isnt this more than just gentrification? Its colonization, right? Whole regions of a country being invaded by people from another country?”


Actually I will readjust what I just said. YES, the evils are somewhat responsible for this and here’s why…

I was SHOCKED to see American FAKE FOOD chains all over CDMX (that’s Mexico City), I think they were in Cancun, but don’t quote me as I wasn’t there long enough, but they are DEFINITELY in Morelia. sigh

And don’t tell me this is because Americans are flocking to Mexico.

I wouldn’t step FOOT in a fake food BS American “restaurant.”

My guess is that they were here ages ago. When did they start coming in, I don’t know. People who have been coming to Mexico for decades would know the answer to that question.

There are times when I do need American products, so I’m not going to make it seem like I would NEVER want them, but I’m talking about the fake food restaurants (I say that loosely because they aren’t REAL food) vs having access to America products.

There’s absolutely NO NEED for the shitty pizza, Applebee’s, and all the other FAKE FOOD chains to be in Mexico.

Granted I haven’t had a good burger since I’ve been here and one I got from a street vendor in CDMX was so bad I couldn’t eat it, but I’m sure there must be good Mexican burgers somewhere.

And they also had very shitty mustard and ketchup, so there are things in Mexico I don’t like.

But getting back to the topic at hand, I’m not sure this is really gentrification in Mexico.

For all the walking dead mind controlled Canadians and Americans who come to Mexico for the freezing winter, they aren’t planning on living here.

For the people who, like me, we are escaping to Mexico from their tyrannical country who are forcing the death jab on everyone. And even if they aren’t holding you down by force, they are certainly creating circumstances that make it so if you DON’T get the death jab, you can’t work, get food, buy just any product in a mall, and the list goes on.

Besides that, the walking dead mind controlled are calling the awake people names, shunning them and working for the nazis to psychologically force/pressure people into getting the death jab that won’t just make you sick or kill you, but also turn you into a non HUMAN.

But what does irk me are all the people WITH money fleeing to Mexico who are raising the cost of living because they can afford to. Have your money, it’s your right, but think about the people who don’t have money and the locals and STOP increasing the cost of living in Mexico.

Not only that, eventually you won’t have the money you have now. The evils ARE bringing down all of the businesses worldwide so even if that isn’t affecting you right at this moment, it eventually will. There’s no way it CAN’T UNLESS you are part of the evil collective or the evil bloodline.

Plus what’s going to happen when there’s no longer any fiat?

That’s my rant about this topic.

I hope you are well…


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