Government Controls

Examples of How the Government Controls US

People often don’t know how the government controls us, so we thought we’d start a list as they come across our path.

Government ControlsHere are the examples

  1. Vaxxter which is an anti Vaccine site legally has to put this on their site even though we are pretty sure they are AGAINST the corrupt mainstream medical industry that is part of the vaccine problem to begin with.

    “This website is for informational purposes only. We do not claim to treat, cure, diagnose or otherwise help ailments. Before attempting any natural or holistic practices, it is strongly encouraged that you seek professional medical advice from a licensed healthcare professional. Please read our Privacy Policy”

    Only the mainstream allopathic medical community is allowed to “claim” they can cure people by peddling their toxic drugs. Anything that isn’t part of the EVIL CORPS’ “boy’s club” is an outsider and treated like a pariah.

    They “claim” they are doing it to protect the people, but they are really only doing this to protect the EVIL INDUSTRIES that control society because that’s what the government is here for. To protect them from US.

    The more money these EVIL INDUSTRIES throw at people in government, the more the government controls us by creating more laws to enslave us, while they create LESS laws for the criminals who run these industries and corporations.

    These companies want to protect themselves so they don’t lose sales, and they cause doubt in the person’s mind who is reading these disclaimers. They start to question why that even needs to be put on the site in the first place.

    There are so many different holistic modalities out there that don’t use chemical drugs that are helpful to your body, and emotional well being. Unfortunately, most people either can’t practice them to make money, are driven underground because of the threats from the government, or the government and mainstream allopathic doctors scare off anyone who wants to try them by making them seem crazy for even wanting to see someone who’s NOT from the allopathic medical industry.

    That is NOT freedom.

    In fact, we’ve seen more and more TV shows recently that make the person who is sick seem like they are crazy for going to holistic practitioners either because they are trying to scam them or are lying to them.

    But of COURSE, mainstream doctors NEVER lie to their patients.

    The government claims they have all this oversight to get rid of quackery, but if that were the case, they’d make sure everyone who has a practice knows what they are doing and is licensed. That, of course, would help to keep track of what’s going on.

    In this case the government FORCES sites that don’t even believe in the mainstream medical community to put a disclaimer on their sites.

    If that’s NOT government control, we don’t know what is.

  2. Instead of educating people on why it’s a good idea to wear a seatbelt, they stop you and fine you. Then if you don’t pay the fine, they send you off to jail. If you don’t want to go to jail, you end up getting beaten or killed.
  3. It used to be that you could fish in any body of water. Now the government doesn’t even let you do THAT in many areas.
  4. While we do NOT believe in toxic vaccines, this example is here purely to show you how corrupt and toxic the government is.

    Highwire’s Del Bigtree decided to go after the government and EXPOSED that the HHS (health and human services) failed to cooperate with Harvard Medical when it came to automating the VAERS reporting system. The government took their money to test this automation, but then disappeared and STOPPED responding to their e-mails and phone calls. You can watch the full story here episode 27 starting around 40:00.

  5. Bayer Monsanto Merger – the government has allowed this TERRIBLE merger. Bayer is a toxic company that has a sordid past of participating in the Holocaust by developing the gas that killed millions of people, they developed aspertame that is toxic to the body, they even put aspartame in children’s flinstone’s vitamins. They have killed people in the Congo, used child labor under the age of 15, and done many other things that are horrific. It’s no wonder they want to merge with Monsanto, another EVIL CORP that anyone who has studied GMOs and Roundup hates. And of course, the government that protects ALL EVIL CORPS is letting this happen. This means even MORE of the worldwide food supply will be owned by ONE EVIL CORPORATION. You can watch more here and read more here.
  6. Written by Mass Awakening – “I started my first real business in 1982, while finishing college, by painting a sign and putting it in my grandmother’s front yard and opening a tax service in her living room. Four years later, I had over seven hundred clients and still have that business today. Can’t do that today, it is “code” violation. I used to sell about $500 a month in tomatoes from my garden to a couple of small Italian restaurants. Can’t do that today, don’t have a “commercial farmer’s license”. My brother-in-law grew up in Satellite Beach and paid his way through school by surf fishing a couple of afternoons and on Saturday and selling what he caught to the wholesale fish market. Can’t do that today, he doesn’t have a “commercial fishing license”…my grandfather used to sell produce out of his garden in his front yard every weekend, and made more money doing that than he made in his job at the cotton mill…can’t do that today, it is against local “code”

We will add more examples of how the government controls us so we aren’t FREE, as we come across them.

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  1. Michelle at 12:01 am

    You think it’s a coincidence that right AFTER Buzzfeed exposed that Trumpet WAS doing business with Russia, they are now having to lay off hundreds of people from work?

    Just one MORE example of how the government controls EVERYONE!

    Even if they were wrong in their facts (MSM is always wrong a lot of the time), why would they be forced to lay off hundreds of people?

    The MSM has been in BED with the government for decades.

    When Buzzfeed wouldn’t play ball, this is what happened.

    We don’t believe in Buzzfeed or know their reputation, but we are smart enough to put two and two together and come up with FOUR!


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