Government Suffocating People

Governments suffocating peopleIs Government Suffocating People?

Health Remedies for the coronavirus to help you stay healthy or get well quickly.

You bet your ass they are. This is the next step in the evils locking us down as slaves and taking away our freedom.

Now listen carefully… this has NOTHING to do with your health.

The evils could have created this illness, added it to a flu vaccine or some other vaccine, and then turned on the switch which is making people sick. That could be why some people are getting sick and others aren’t. Look what happened back in 1976 with the swine flu. Brain issues or DEATH!

And the CDC lied, played games, kept information from the public. Research the X53A vaccine which was never tested.

As of March 5, 2020, the US National Library of Medicine admitted that the covid 19 test they are giving out to people brings back 80% false positives. That MEANS 80% of the time the test comes back either saying you have the coronavirus when you don’t, or you don’t have it when you do. Probably the former. Here’s a video on that or you can just read this page.

If you think it’s normal for someone to tell YOU that you can’t leave your house you are NUTS and deserve whatever is coming to you.

You are letting their lies and evilness decide for you what is most important about your life. You are falling into their trap of FEAR!!!

Yes people are dying, but people die every day. That’s part of life.

People with low immune systems or who were sick before or are the elderly are the ones most likely to die and I don’t believe the numbers they are spewing at all. They are embellishing the numbers to make it seem like this is a worldwide nightmare.

They are probably also labeling every other reason people are dying as the coronavirus.

Why? Because they want the entire world scared so they will do whatever the evils want. Here’s James’ episode on how they are screwing with the numbers.

The coronavirus is NOT the nightmare, it’s what the evils are doing to us is the nightmare.

  1. They are locking us in cages even if they are our homes.
  2. Businesses are closing.

  3. Businesses are going bankrupt.

  4. People no longer have jobs.

  5. They are bringing in the military that they trained in the last 1-2 years (I think) to keep people locked in their homes.

  6. Certain areas of certain states are requiring that you get a pass just to go to the store.

  7. People who are supposedly “sick” are being arrested. This happened to a woman in Quebec, Canada.


What they are doing to take away what LITTLE freedom we had in the first place

    1. In Spain, the cops are using drones to chase and yell at people who aren’t locking themselves in their homes.

    2. Just a side note that a couple of years ago Italy was pushing back against vaccines – read here. It’s interesting to read that because at one point just around that time, in fact, I was looking into moving to Italy and I joined an Italy expat Facebook group to ask questions.

      When I went to ask about the vaccine situation there, I was ATTACKED by all of the Americans and Canadians in the group.

      It was so bad, I had to leave, but it did force me to start learning more of the truth about vaccines.

      Only one woman in the group was anti-vaccine.

      So I wonder what these expats were going to do to the Italians. Harm them because they don’t want to be poisoned by vaccines?

      Back to the coronavirus… In Italy, there are tons of American soldiers there and none of them are wearing face masks. This isn’t being reported in the news.

      Look what an expat wrote about where he was living only 2 weeks ago:

      I live in Milano. 21 + years. Last week, everything was closed, some people were wearing masks, supermarkets looked like a hurricane had hit them, Chinese businesses were closed from last Wednesday until yesterday (Monday) and some people were getting out of hand with the anti Chinese sentiment. After a few days, people basically lost interest. At least in my neighborhood. I’m sitting in my corner “bar” (café) right now and the Chinese owner was forced by the City government to put up a sign that says that only one person is allowed at the counter at a time and that people have to maintain one meter of distance from the next person. All of this despite the fact that the head of the Microbiology, Virology, and Bio Emergency Medicine lab at Ospedale Sacco said “It’s madness! They’re mistaking influenza for a pandemic!” and has been posting daily against the bs “pandemic” story.”

    3. They are locking everyone down so they can put 5G in schools all over the world. There’s an insider who told this channel the information, and I highly doubt they are only doing this in the US. Here’s a video showing this as well.
    4. In New York people are forced to be prisoners in their homes, but then I heard that was just BS and people are allowed to go about their business as usual. They are just “suggesting” they stay home.
    5. There is a military presence in many states.
    6. This is from one woman as she wants to return to Switzerland… “In the state of Bavaria, Germany: Lockdown of kindergarden, schools, universities, workplaces, restaurants until end of april 2020. All concerts, theatres, kinos, meetings with various people are cancelled. Only shops and the post are open, but we don’t know how long. Borders to neighbour countries are closed in whole Europe.”
    7. Denmark has closed all of its schools, closed restaurants, bars, cafes, and closed its borders. They were the first European country to take these over the top measures. Read here.
    8. Israel has locked everyone in their homes, closed everything but grocery stores, there are almost no buses, and people are now feeling the symptoms of 5G.
    9. France is not just on lockdown, they are also forcing human beings to stay in their home using drones and helicopters. Read here.
    10. Peru is on total lockdown.  Tourists or expats stuck in Peru are not able to leave.
    11. Stores in America are not being fully staffed and the people are keeping the stock in the back room and not putting it out on the shelves.

      Even truck drivers are no longer doing their job. No truck drivers, no food or supplies.

    12. Iran has supposedly had many deaths (around 1,684) which begs the question HOW they got the virus so quickly and why their numbers are so high. Based on this article, it’s clear that Iran and other countries including Venezuela were some of the main targets.

      I’m not sure why Italy was a target, but I did hear something recently I can’t remember right now and will post when I get the information again. France, well their yellow vests had been fighting back for over a year so this was a great way to take them down.

      If you weren’t sure the US was involved in this, now you should be.

      Again, I’m not saying the evils didn’t plan all of this, but they use the US to do their bidding.

      This article is from the MSM, but it does say that Iran does NOT want aid from the US (I don’t blame them) because it could be poisoned aid.

    13. Mobile morgues supposedly hidden behind a blacked-out fence in Jolliet, Illinois – see video here.

I will keep you posted on updates as I hear them. You can read about how Gates is involved here, because he has his fingers in EVERYTHING that’s meant to kill us off. Vaccines, geoengineering, and now the coronavirus.

When I was looking for an image of him to add to that article, it was interesting to note that almost ALL of the pics are of him smiling. He has such a boyish demeanor about him which just goes to show you that you should NEVER judge a book by its cover.

I don’t know what to tell you other than the Government Suffocating People.

I’ve been wanting a revolution for a few years now, but no one wanted to budge on this and now here we are and people are STILL welcoming tyranny.

Countries that are FINALLY admitting that covid19 isn’t dangerous

  1. The UK – watch here. As of March 19, 2020, they no longer consider it high risk.

    Comment from someone on 03-29-20 – “In the UK people have been going to hospital for accidents and reporting no one is in them. Really quiet.. scamdemic?”

    Despite the UK admitting this, they have made people feel like they are in a prison.

    As of March 31st, 2020, they are locked down in their homes, they have to kill themselves waiting in line outside the grocery stores, stand 6 feet apart which will psychologically make people feel negative torwards other humans. This is exactly what the evils want, to turn us against one another.

  2. Japan – I’m not sure if they announced it, but based on this video, it’s obvious Japan is NOT scared about covid 19 the coronavirus.
  3. Canada is now going to fine people who want freedom, have parties of more than two PEOPLE, people who don’t stay locked in their homes, and the fines are out to lunch RIDICULOUS at $100,000 or 1 year in prison. See the BS here.


Our Free Society (not as free as it used to be)

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