Guided Meditation to Attract Divine Love Law of Attraction Lisa A Romano

Guided Meditation to Attract Divine Love Law of Attraction Lisa A Romano

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All accolades go to Lisa A. Romano. The way she talks has absolutely NO judgment at all, yet she addresses all we need to do to heal.

Don’t be put off by her specialty, we ALL need to heal ourselves unless you grew up in a perfect family and there’s no such thing.

Even if your parents loved you, often times parents use love as a weapon or prize.

Here’s the direct link to her video –

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So today the Universe directed me to this one out of the numerous meditations I have on a laptop in my living room.

I’m back to doing more meditations as I had stopped doing them when the scamdemic started.

Fear AND resolve to fight the evils was in the forefront of my mind, but of course that can’t last long otherwise we will burn ourselves OUT.

There’s only one meditation I really liked of Lisa Romano’s and I’ll upload that one too.

I don’t think I ever listened to this one, but thank GAWD I did.

OMG, I went through 3 rounds and she immediately (along with the vibrations she put on the video) got me crying which is a HUGE therapeutic release.

I also started releasing negative energy and I realized that while I definitely love myself way more than when I was a child or young adult, I still do NOT love myself as much as I could.

Everything happens for a reason, and last week I had started looking for something to help me raise my vibration, as the book on the evils I was reading was talking about that.

Did you know that the evils changed the hz in our music industry so those hertz would harm us psychologically?

She definitely helped me to raise my vibration and release negative energy with this mediation.

I implore you to listen to it over and over again every day at least once a day.

You do need to be alone, in the dark with no interruptions and as few EMFs around as possible.

You also need headphones that can pick up low vibration (yes they can be expensive, but they are worth the investment), but even if you don’t have that, try it with just regular headphones.

2 years ago I invested in a high-quality armchair that’s really comfortable and of course allows me to lean back so I can fall asleep during my mediations.

I also do Qigong exercises that also move your energy around plus helps you work on your internal organs. I uploaded them onto this channel and created a playlist for that too.

People, if we are sick (that’s both physically and emotionally), we will NEVER EVER be able to fight the evils. That is a FACT! Why do you think they make us sick? It’s not just because they enjoy seeing us sick, it’s so we can’t FIGHT BACK!

I now know that in order to fight them we also have to raise our vibrations as a human species. Just one person raising their vibration is not enough.

If we do not, and we stay in a state of fear or anger all the time (nothing wrong with feeling those things), they WILL WIN.

Please please even if you don’t use this meditation, find another one that raises your vibration, helps you learn how to love and respect yourself, and helps you not just heal, but also will help you combat these evils!

I wish you much love and HUGS!


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