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How expats tell other expats to go home

Mean Spirited ExpatsHere’s another rant about how expats tell other expats to go home when they don’t like what they say.

Nothing irks me MORE than expats who tell OTHER expats to go home (these aren’t even locals) when they complain about something they don’t like in the country they moved to.

Now I could maybe get it if the person complained all the time 20 times a day or something, but that’s not what happened here and it’s usually not the case when people are attacked, AND most of us can’t go back to where came from, WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A FUCKING WAR!!!

This was in a Telegram group in a city in Mexico where I can not STAND MOST OF THE EXPATS and I’m talking so called “awake” ones, not the zombies who also say the same thing. So the awakes and zombies agree on this LOL How lovely.

The topic of dogs barking came up and this guy (turns out he’s American) thinks that dogs barking all the time is ok and normal and we should all accept it.

I said NO, it’s noise pollution and the dog owner should stop the dogs from barking non stop. Dogs in Mexico can bark for at least an hour, sometimes two or three.

Trust me, it’s way better here in Mexico than in Panama, but it’s still a big problem here.

I can’t blame the dogs. They are locked up by their owners and they almost never see the light of day or they are abused or something which then causes them to bark all the time and this can be at 7:30 am or 2 am.

In fact, I’ve already ascertained that they are very high strung and if you know anything about pets, they model their owners.

So I spoke up and also noted something I hadn’t thought of before, that the street dogs here in Mexico do not bark all the time. At least I don’t think that’s them barking because I never noticed the street dogs in Panama barking, only the ones chained up and when the dogs roam the streets here, they are quiet.

It took a lot for me to accept the abuse of the dogs in Panama. It broke my heart. They literally starve their dogs and I know some dog owners here do it too.

So this guy THEN starts to mouth off to me as if he’s superior and I’m just some whiny bitch American when he doesn’t know the first thing about me. I also hate it when these expats think they know you just because some other expat said the same thing you did. That’s a very very common personality trait amongst expats.

Overall that’s a negative trait in humans. They lump everyone into the same box because they say something similar. They don’t even get to know the person before accusing them of being something they aren’t. It’s called “negative transference” and it’s a big problem in people who don’t study human behavior and never study their own behavior because they are afraid to look in the mirror and try to heal themselves with alternative therapy – link.

Of course the group owner (I won’t name names) applauds the abuse because that’s what he always does to me, and 5 people liked this asshole’s response.

I’ve been hearing this “if you don’t like it go home BS” from expats for years. It doesn’t matter which country it is, it’s almost ALWAYS the expats who talk down to other expats (and abuses them) instead of the locals doing it.

If you don’t say sweet EVERYTHING about the country you are living in they attack you. Not just me, I’ve seen others being attacked too, but I’ve also experienced it more times than I can count.

Do you know what culture shock is??? IT’S REAL actually and there’s been at least two expats that I heard of in Panama who committed suicide because of it, so please don’t disregard how a person is feeling.

People are allowed to have negative feelings and the reason they complain to expats IS because they are expecting them to understand and INSTEAD they are attacked. sigh

I’m not saying a local will NEVER say go home, this isn’t your country and if you don’t like it we don’t want you here because I’m sure there are some, but that hasn’t been my experience.

And don’t think for ONE MINUTE that locals don’t complain about the bad shit in their countries, because they do, I’ve heard them.

So what, they are allowed to complain and we aren’t?

What gives anyone the right to tell someone they don’t have the right to complain about something.

I wasn’t even really complaining, I was pointing out that noise pollution is very TOXIC and dog owners need to learn how to control their dogs and they should be trained and I don’t care what country you are in, I will say the same thing even if you are an American or Canadian.

So NOW if an American complains about something in America that’s okay, but just because your BS status PAPERWORK doesn’t say you are a citizen you don’t have the right to a fucking OPINION???

And this is about OUR HEALTH.

Noise pollution is one of the worst kinds of pollution that almost NO ONE except me talks about.

I can’t work, I can’t sleep, enjoy a TV show or even meditate if there’s ongoing persistent or loud noise outside or in the house I’m renting. That’s a fact.

In fact, when I was overseas, I was shocked another expat actually knew what noise pollution was.

Just because people in a country do something negative and it’s THEIR CULTUURE to do that negative thing like letting their dogs bark 24/7 doesn’t mean we should just accept it and pretend like all is right with us.

Am I going to change the locals because of their barking dogs?

No I’m not because in Latin America and other third world countries, they LOVE NOISE. It’s a HUGE problem and I still haven’t gotten to the bottom of why they can’t live in peace unless they are out partying. When you go out to party, then yes, make noise, but why disrupt other people’s lives in their own HOMES???

But I wasn’t talking to a local, I was talking to someone who should be way smarter than that and should have had empathy and understood where I was coming from.

But again, this is a repeating thing with these type of arrogant “know it all” expats, and this is why I dislike so many of them. And they all gather around like a witch hunt. Very very clicky like you are in high school and surrounded by bullies. I noticed this in the San Cris Telegram group too which is one of the reasons why I decided not to consider moving there.

The only types of expats who aren’t like this either can’t stand what I’m saying I also can’t stand, or are brand new to the country.

Here’s what he wrote…

“And again you’re in their home, I’m talking about the locals (not the dogs). I learned a very valuable lesson during my 26 years in France and I’m American. The lesson is this…you are the foreigner, not them, so it is you that must conform and not the other way around. And I was told almost every day the first 10 years I lived there that if I didn’t like it, I could just go home🤷‍♀️
You’re not used to it, but who are you? I know this might seem harsh, truth usually is. It took me 15 years to realize that instead of bitching, whining, and complaining all the time, I needed to understand and feel their culture and not the other way around.
I hope you’re around good owners and have a peaceful place to be🙏 Peace be with you🥰”

Oh, and he had to be passive aggressive at the end wishing me a peaceful place to be LOL

Oh, and NO, it’s my home now because I’m living here.

I’m sick of them ALWAYS saying this country ONLY belongs to you if you were born here or got some BS paper that the mafia government gave you that says you are allowed to live here.

He doesn’t even know my status.

So in his logic even if you are a full on resident you can’t complain because you weren’t born here? LOL

I guess that means his logic also dictates that no one should EVER move to live in another country (even though he’s been an expat at least twice now) because they weren’t born there, so they have no right to voice an opinion about how things are in said country when it directly affects them.

More statist worshipping brainless IDIOTS!!!




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