How prescription drugs harm you

Prescription DrugsSo I started to see comments about how people lost friends or family due to prescription drugs, and there were so many stories I decided to start listing them here.

Some people just got sick, but once that happened, they were never the same.

(I didn’t edit them)

Here are their stories

  1. “Three of my close friends dropped dead on Dr’s prescribed meds. There is no chance I will ever let them “stick” me! I will fight or I will die trying”I asked him what drugs they were and he said, “Combination platters of many poisons they all took but I believe it was the Lorazepam and Percocet that were the common denominators in all three cases…?”
  2. “Vicadin took two of my family members. One overdose and the other Cancer.”
  3. “My grandmother has prescription drug induced dementia… She’ll be fine, clear and completely lucid, then it’s meds time, and within an hour, she can’t remember shit. Several drugs given to our seniors can cause this form of “dementia”, yet they’re making so much money, they don’t care, the doctors, the media, they just don’t care, because they’re all swimming in that ill gotten drug money.”
  4. ” my grandfather is exactly the same :/”
  5. “My grandmother was on Xanax for 25 years and I know that is what caused her dementia. ( and it’s a known side effect of long term Xanax use) they killed my grandmother. Periodttt”
  6. “Wow. That’s three friends too many. I have worked in nursing homes for many years. I haven’t worked in one for about eight years but now I understand. I would see people come in walking and talking and then they are put on prescription medication and end up in a wheel chair and slobbering on themselves!!! We are being slowly poisoned and killed with these drugs. They had one doctor for the whole facility. Nursing homes are death camps for the elderly. And if you go into one, your health will dceline.”
  7. “Two words – Opioid epidemic”
  8. “My realtor’s mother almost had the same fate but she is permanently disabled now. She was on meds for I forgot what, diabetes maybe and they either gave her the wrong meds or dose or something and now her kidneys are shot and she has nervous system damage. She had to cancel on us a couple of times for viewings because of her mom suddenly going downhill. Terrifying that it happens instantly. Like the kids that go instantly autistic on the table after their shots. Heartbreaking.”
  9. “I’m elderly and my doc tried to “off” me twice. First w/overdoses of meds that interacted w/each other and affected my brain; another time with a ‘shot’ that I didn’t ask for/didn’t want and when I told the doc that he said: “Well if you don’t get it–you will die.” (almost like a threat). So I caved & took it and got 6 wks of pneumonia hell, really thought I’d die. The good news is: all this opposition just made me stronger than ever.”
  10. This one also includes what happened to their granddaughter after vaccine shots.”This is chilling to read. I had an experience on Jan 3 2017. I have a medical history that involves getting myself off of many medications when I was started on the first, prozac, for what would turn out to be a food intolerance. When you treat and silence symptoms vs finding cause and then cure a lot of damage can be done.

    Diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the first medication leading to the second until I was on 7 I had to get my self clean as they have no exit plan. I had been prescription drug free for 10 years but a 3rd life altering event happened just prior to Jan 3 in which my then 12 year old granddaughter became severely symptomatic with her OCD. Her first severe episode was at 18 months within 3 months of her immunizations. Her second was shortly after her kindergarten shots and this time it was right after her 7th grade round.

    I knew the dangers of medications but her situation was so severe she was on suicide watch. Both needing sleep for which I had gone a straight 5 nights not sleeping and with high anxiety as we searched for the proper help in a world I was all too familiar with the failures of, my doctor convinced me to take Lexapro in a small dose short term. It was only a 5 mg and I remember looking at the tiny pill and thinking “It’s so small, how much damage can it do?” 20 minutes later I was learning. Without going through the 30 plus days of hell as I waited for it to half life the biggest and scariest factor for me was it instantly turned of my pineal gland. I felt it not in a physical way but in my soul.

    Condensed version, as I navigated the horrific “side effects” while I tried to save my granddaughters life I knew I was flying blind. I have always gotten messages since I was a child. Knew things I could not have and it scared me when I was young. Over time I learned the difference between my voice and my guides and God’s. I did not always like the news but learned to find a great comfort in the connection.

    There were two significant things that happened before my pineal gland healed and came back on line a few months later. First, I prayed and told God although I could no longer hear him I knew he could still hear me. If he would send messages through other’s I would listen. A very short time later my mother called. She had just hung up the phone with my grandmother who had had dementia bad enough for years my aunt was living with her for her own safety. She had not made a phone call on her own in years but this morning without my aunt knowing she had called my mom.

    My mom was always one to never want to worry anyone and would keep things to herself for fear of this. This morning as my grandmother was strangely coherent my mom felt a peace like when she would enjoy conversations with my grandmother years ago. My grandmother specifically asked how I, my daughter and granddaughter were all doing by name. My mother grappled with how much to reveal knowing she did not want to cause concern or angst but feeling compelled to share everything with not only an inner peace but a drive to do so.

    After finishing the circumstances we faced which involved several therapists qualified but inexperienced thereby directly causing my granddaughter to spiral downward, my grandmother confidently told my mother “Marcy will get Grace the help she needs and she will know it when she see’s it”

    Another bizarre series of events had brought a place to my purview that I was unable to justify as it involved relocating to a hotel for at least a month and as long as 2 months and insurance did not cover it. Making such a decision (over 20 thousand dollars by the time it was over) weighed heavy at a time when I had lost my connection. When I decided to revisit the only plausible candidate yet least likely due to cost and efforts that seemed insurmountable, I saw something I had never seen before. I had watched many videos of children and adults share their life saving experiences through the gold standard of OCD care this place provides. I had seen repeatedly the locations around the country to include the closest for us in Tampa but the page with their address had never come up before. There it was in that moment on Lois Ave. My grandmother’s name is Lois. I knew instantly based on other experiences of being shown the way through my voice vs the voice guiding me this was the message for me.

    It was still a rode to get there with my own emergency room visit due to stress hives and a reaction to the medications they gave me but once we arrived the assigned therapist had another message, an impossible “coincidence”, for me I won’t go into now. However, once I realized, back in 2017, what had taken place I googled Lexapro and brain damage. I cannot find the study in the search engine now as the internet is flooded with so much more in these years since but at that time a study came up immediately in which the researchers gave participants who had never taken lexpro before a single 20 mg dose. They waited 20 minutes, the time it took before I was dry heaving and feeling electric shocks shoot through my body, and they tested their PINEAL GLANDS. THEY WERE SHUT OFF.

    Three question popped into my head. “Why would you test for that?” “How would you know to test for that?” “Why were you testing Lexapro for that?” Clearly they knew enough to justify the funding for such a study. I did not know nearly what I know today as I have learned my way around studies now and going down the rabbit hole of so many more questions I wished I had asked back then. Who funded it for one.

    If you have not read the account of the second woman in England participating in the Covid vaccine drug trials who fell ill with severe neurological symptoms which they say will likely lead to a diagnosis of MS she immediately after the shot started yelling “I can’t feel God” “They’ve killed my soul” “They’ve killed God” I can tell you had I not had the past experience and insight as well as researched already what these mental health drugs do as well as fluoride calcifying the pineal gland (prozac is 30% fluoride” I too would have described my experience in her words. I was able to navigate through what happened to me where her lack of understanding and knowledge threw her into panic as she cried out into what felt like darkness to her.

    So I can’t help but ask myself now “Do they know the Covid could do this?” As they clearly knew what they set their testing up for with Lexapro years ago and how many other laboratory studies are there for this effect?”

So here’s ample evidence of how prescription drugs harm you and I haven’t even copied most of the comments that are online.

I’ll copy more as I come across them.

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