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How the evils are stopping me from sending money

Digital PrisonThis is my story about how the evils are stopping me from sending money to a freelancer and more evidence that we are in a DIGITAL PRISON.

If you want to read this article about WHY they are forcing us to use the toxic cell phone, here is the link.

This freelancer scammed me and is now harassing me online demanding his $11, but that’s not the point, I said I would pay him and I’ve been trying. He’s just very low IQ, because no matter how many times I tell him I can’t send him the money, he doesn’t listen and just pretends like I’m scamming him.

That’s why I feel he’s scammed me, plus he never actually did what the job required him to do, which was to help me figure out a solution to a personal problem.

He just listened to me talk and then came up with some lame idea I’ve been doing for over 1 year now with no results. And I’m sure I must have  mentioned it in one of the voice mails I sent him before I had the actual 1 1/2 hour call with him.

But, I gave my word, and so everything else doesn’t matter. I wish he would have given me some sign of his true character before, so then I wouldn’t have hired him, but one thing I’ve learned in the last year, is that people from Kenya, Nigeria, and Pakistan, are very good at convincing you (or me) of something. Great at sales, most don’t even have the skills they claim to have.

But that’s just the backstory, the REAL issue here is that I wanted to pay him, but CAN’T, because the evils are stopping me.

This is what is going on now and I’ve finally figured out HOW they intend to take down businesses online. They have more methods of course, but this is one of them.

Ever since the evils forced companies to close their doors during the scamdemic, I was wondering how they were going to force online businesses to close up.

So, this all has to do with online money transfer sites. I had no idea that they had changed.

I just used one of them “Transfer Wise” back in January or February 2023 with no issues, but I wasn’t transferring money to anyone else back then.

I did notice that Transfer Wise had changed their domain and that was a warning sign for me that they had been bought out. They also didn’t keep the original domain which I found strange.

So, first Transfer Wise told me I had to provide my ID which I’m sure I provided years ago when I opened the account, but THIS time it could only be done by a TOXIC CELL PHONE which I don’t have, nor do I want to use.

After the first person who didn’t give a shit that I was in this mess didn’t help and a manager didn’t call me back, I called again the next day and got a more sympathetic person who understood I shouldn’t be forced to use a cell phone.

Do you have a tablet? NO I don’t have a fucking tablet – OMG

Then I realized I could use my external webcam, so I said fine, let’s do that, and we started the process.

I wasted over an hour and finally got the fucking software to take the photo of my driver’s license without the GLARE, but when it went to take a picture of me which I did NOT want to do (that’s stealing our biometrics – see this quote post), the software has a bug, started using my laptop cam which came out very dark, and so it kept giving me an error.

I finally said I have to go and told her to get this fixed. She filed a report, but said I can’t send ANY MONEY until this is done.

I never heard from her again. She lied and said she would respond to my emails, but she didn’t. Even with that department emailing me once to have patience, they haven’t gotten back to me.

And NO, I can’t pay expensive fees. I already told this scam freelancer from Kenya that. He already agreed to pay half the Transfer Wise fee because it’s $1.85 or something.

Next, I remembered Xoom and the account I opened up many many years ago.

I call up thinking this is going to be a synch, but it was HELL.

After changing my password that didn’t work and I found out I had a very old phone number there from 2009, I proceeded to pay him with my bank account, but THEN Xoom canceled the fucking transaction.


I’ve already experienced this with World Remit and Remitly around November 2022 (I think they are owned by the same people, but of course we know in the background it’s really the evils) when I tried to pay another freelancer (this one must have been a scammer for sure) a large amount to get me a deal on a plane ticket through Trip Advisor (this is what happens when you are poor.)

Not only did they decline the transactions after they had been approved, they fucking CLOSED DOWN MY ACCOUNTS as IF I did something wrong which I didn’t. AND then they refused to tell me why they closed it down saying it’s for (you guessed it) “the safety and security of our customers.”

I AM THE CUSTOMER YOU STUPID LOW IQ MORONS, I never asked you to tell someone else, only ME!!!

Of course they don’t have the answer because AI CONTROLS EVERYTHING.

Then it happened with Walmart first in 2019 where I was buying a cell phone, and recently in May or June 2023 when buying two other less expensive items. I was out of the US when purchasing, so I’m told this was because of fraud. The AI just automatically cancelled it even though it was APPROVED.

I then have to waste time filling out a BBB report, someone finally contacts me from some place higher up, and  then works with the fraud department to push the transaction through. The time I waste on all of this and the stress, is terrible.

IN FACT, just tonight I spoke to an online friend of mine who is back in the States, and he was right in the fucking  Walmart STORE and Walmart canceled his transaction saying it was tagged as FRAUD when it was his cell phone and his card.


Back to Xoom, which by the way, was bought out by evil PAY PAL.

Get this…

I call Xoom the next day to find out WHY they cancelled an $11 charge, and they said they had to verify me.

I said okay, being VERY NAIVE that this was going to be quick.

After all the stupid questions about when I opened the account (as if ANYONE can remember when they opened up an old account), they asked me who I was paying. I said a freelancer.

“What did they do for you?” I thought the question odd, but said, consultation.

“What kind of consultation?” Now I’m starting to get pissed – BRAINSTORMING.


I was of course speaking to low IQ robot Filipinos, since ALL companies are now run by low IQ 3rd world country ROBOTS who can’t think for themselves. This is all part of Agenda 21 and the evils’ plan to destroy first world countries, and have low IQ third world people take over. It started in the 90s which is when they got rid of tons of American jobs and that just increased over time.

They do what they are told like good little slaves, granted everyone is like that now, but most other people in first world countries would hopefully start to question these tyrannical acts.

And they have the NERVE to make me out to be the bad person for not giving them my private conversations.

Me saying that he did consultation for me or brainstorming should have been sufficient, but it wasn’t.


And WHY do I even have to tell them what type of service he gave me???

So, I can’t use 4 different transfer companies, and therefor I can’t pay him, and he won’t listen despite him agreeing we are under control. He probably just said that to get my money. He is just a scam Kenyan moron.

He gave me one more company called “Paysend.” I tried to register HOPING they don’t force toxic cell phones on us, and their date of birth field is broken. I couldn’t put in my day of birth and I tried other numbers AND another browser. They ended up being the same as all the others. You have to use your cell phone to register and you CAN’T send money to anyone if you aren’t in the country where your ID and bank is located.

I’ve been trying to get someone with a FUCKING brain over there to respond to my live chat which no one comes onto, or respond to the emails attached to the live chat (I hate it when they do that) and NOTHING. This has also been going on since around July 22nd.

I just found this one he gave me (I must have missed it) and there’s problems with that TOO!!! https://www.instarem.com/en-us/

They are of Singapore, I go to register with one of my OFS emails, and I get this fucking BS – https://nimb.ws/YWQXFn

And they are so low IQ, that they force you to log into an account YOU DON’T HAVE just to deal with live chat or start a ticket.


08-16-23 – so they finally fixed their bug that wouldn’t allow me to sign up with my email address (it took them two tries and multiple emails because they didn’t understand me) before it was fixed.

Then sure ENOUGH, they only had the option for a toxic cell phone, so I emailed them telling them I don’t have one and here was their ZOMBIE response telling me I HAVE TO HAVE ONE.

“Thank you for writing to us.

It is important to note that to fully establish your remittance profile with Instarem, you will need to provide a local US mobile number. This is a mandatory requirement for setting up an account with Instarem. Without a mobile number, you will not be able to complete the registration process and utilize the services offered by Instarem.

Therefore, it is essential that you provide a valid mobile number to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience with Instarem.”

And this company is tied to: “Instarem is the trading name of NIUM Pte Ltd, the parent company of NIUM subsidiaries globally. NIUM Pte Ltd is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore as a Major Payment Institution under License No. PS20200276.”

So if you thought Asia (or Singapore) was FREE, think again.

By this time next year if NOT SOONER, the digital prison will be HORRIFIC~

Not only are these companies forcing us to have and USE a toxic cell phone, a simple flip phone which is less dangerous ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH because it has to be a smart phone. I asked them if they are going to pay for me to get a new smartphone?

https://www.ofx.com/en-us/ – I tried this  one and they don’t send to Kenya, but who knows what I would go through when trying to sign up.

And this WHOLE ordeal has cost me WAY MORE than $11. I’ve been calling, stuck on the phone with these idiots for hours now if you total all of the calls I’ve made and emails I’ve sent.

But the bottom line is that this is SCARY. I now have NO WAY to pay freelancers, forget about this scammer James from Kenya, what about ANY freelancer? What if there was a friend overseas I wanted to send money to?


Our Free Society
I hope you learned something and if you can support my work (there are different options), it would be much appreciated. If not, I understand.

A knowledgeable mind will set you FREE and so will using Natural Law to fight the evils and evil collectives. Remember, according to Natural Law, if you or anyone you know is under attack, spiritually and lawfully you are allowed to fight back even by killing that person!

Truth, connecting to consciousness, following Natural Law, learning how to love and respect yourself and then others, to build a better world, is ALL that Matters, and then taking ACTION!


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  1. So it’s confirmed, if you now live in another country (or are just visiting), they won’t allow you to use their money transfer services if your address, banking, or credit card info are from other countries.

    So far thats:

    World Remit
    Remitly I didn’t call them to confirm,, ,but I’m pretty sure this is the case based on what happened to me in November. I think it’s owned by the same evil collectives as World Remit because they have almost identical business models.
    PaySend – requires that all documents be TIED to the country you are in which is the same as what World Remit & Remitly are doing, forcing you to be documented based on your cell phone is in, BUT this goes beyond that, I’m sure it’s tied to your IP address, not just your cell.

    This means any expats or refugees living or visiting other countries can’t transfer money unless they do it from that country’s bank and I pay everything in USD.

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