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How to escape Canada

Escape from CanadaWherever you are escaping to, the biggest problem is how to escape Canada, meaning how to LEAVE without being forced to take the death jab (covid19 vaccine).

There are MORE Canadians in Mexico now than probably even the Aussies who are in a worse situation than Canadians are.

There is no full proof answer, but here are some suggestions based on what other Canadians have managed to accomplish by escaping.

  1. From someone… “Sign up with findacrew and crewbay … there are many crew connect websites online and on FB. Just search keywords like sailing crew or crew Canada, etc.. you may need to “volunteer” and say you want to learn how to sail so you can help with the sailing.”
  2. From someone… “I know there are boats leaving Canada to Mexico now. These are typically not rich boat owners, just average folks who sold everything and live on their boats now.”
  3. Dr. Darrell Wolfe from Vancouver now in Zihua Guerrero Mexico is chartering people out. You can call 514 437 1028. I can’t vouch for him.
  4. From someone… “My friend is a chief pilot for a charter company based out of YYZ and he says they have to comply with the vaccine mandates or the company can be fines $750,000k so most charters are complying with the death jab”

    Someone else said.. “I’m interested in this as well for friends trying to escape the country. I was told by a pilot who owns his own charter company out of Pennsylvania that no matter what airport you use in Canada you have to show proof. But perhaps a private convo with a local pilot may yield different results?”

  5. I hate doing this, but if you have to escape, you have to escape. Ask your low IQ whitecoat for a temporary deferral. All of them are very hesitant to give permanent exemptions.
  6. If you can find someone who can get you a legit toxic PCR test paper (where you haven’t taken it), that’s another option. See if you can find a travel agent who is AWAKE and has a contact in a lab!
  7. From someone… “I did hear that a CND got out by taking the bus across to the US & then from there to Tx & if you want to know which border crossings are the easiest, just LMK.”
  8. From someone… “There are some people still who are able to drive across the border into the US without being asked for proof of vaxination. That was at the Vancouver border. It may take several tries.”
  9. From someone… “I don’t know about them asking for the death jab via the bus once you cross over tot he US. That’s the only thing I just thought of.”
  10. On Telegram – David Cameron – @S_Carson_37 – charters (you must vet him, I haven’t).
  11. I don’t know if you can get medical exemptions from this site whether for the toxic face diaper, toxic test of the poisonous death jab, but it’s worth a try and please let me know what happens. https://www.stonethrow.ca/
  12. From someone… “I already crossed on Feb. 2. The border officials asked and I quote “do you have your COVID stuff?” We said yes and he let us through. No proof required”
  13. From someone.. “Try going to a small crossing. We crosses at Carway Alberta into Montana.”
  14. From someone… “it across the border and flown from Buffalo without the vaxx. Some drove and others flew in either a helicopter or private jet. I also know others have flown into other states (Washington, Oregon, Nevada) on private charters and were not asked about vaxx. Best of luck. The charter companies that you contact will be able to provide you with all the details. It’s pretty simple and totally legal but it costs more and need to work a bit harder to make arrangements but it’s totally doable to get out of Canada without the vaxx. People do it every day.”
  15. Here is my list of charter plane companies, but I can tell you now, most will require you either wear the toxic face diaper, take the toxic mini death jab (PCR test), or take the death jab. If anything changes, please let me know.
  16. From someone.. “On a private flight they only take your passports and show them to customs. You don’t even see an officer and they do not as about vaxx for private flights. The only place they ask is at border entry points and major airports. So you fly into a smaller regional airport and you’re good.”
  17. From someone… “I would try Monarch Air or someone. Just search “Ontario private charter flight” to find some airlines. Fly from Brampton to Buffalo regional. https://monarchairgroup.com/ontario-private-jet-and-air-charter-flights/
  18. From someone… “The best price should be Cranbrook-Tijuana? They are based in BC but I also keep seeing Lethbridge so maybe they now have pilots based out of there too.”
  19. From someone… “Check out the Akwesasne Mohawk reservation in southern Ontario / northern New York. For a price, there you will find passage across the St, Lawrence.”
  20. Now this guy is trying to get 130 seats filled both from Ontario and Vancouver. They have an association to help new expats in Puerto Vallarta, and he’s with https://freedom-flights.webnode.co.uk/ You can listen to him on the playlist below.

    You don’t have to get his membership yet, you can wait until you know for sure you are going and it’s closer to when the plane is full, but PLEASE don’t waste his time, this is SERIOUS BUSINESS. From what I heard from someone following him because I’m not, two weeks before the flight date he will require a $400 deposit.

    The price is around $800/seat, but again, only if he fills the plane.

    If you don’t know if you are serious, then STAY in communist CANADA with jr. castro!!!

I hope one of these helps you.

If you come across any others, you can register and comment, or e-mail me and I’ll comment for you.

Good luck and let me know your story so I can help others.


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3 comments on “How to escape Canada”

  1. I have a pilot who can take you into the US or Mexico (maybe other places too) on his 4 seater plane.

    The cost is anywhere from $2500-3500 per seat with the more seats booked, the less expensive it is, but it also depends on distance.

    Unfortunately only upto 20 KG in luggage.

    Contact me if you want his info.

  2. I have another pilot. Here are the details and let me know how things go with him once you get his contact info from me.

    1. He can carry up to 28 passengers per trip.
    2. He flies often out of Canada and can come in to any city.
    3. Price per seat is $400 per hour
    4. From US to Mexico he charges $875 (prices may change by the time you speak to him)
    5. From Canada to Mexico $775 (prices may change by the time you speak to him)
    5. His plane can carry lots of luggage.
    6. He flies into Mèrida Mexico

  3. When crossing from Canada to the US…

    “Get to the area, where there are no guards. Heard that Montana is good for that. There are small roads that no one is looking at”

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