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What does intelligence mean to me?

IntelligenceSo I decided to create a post to define what intelligence means to me since so many people take what I say the wrong way and in today’s society we aren’t allowed to talk about the Truth.

I use the term “low IQ” only because it’s faster to say and type.

I do NOT believe in the IQ test at all. All it does is gauge your math skills and something else (if memory serves), when there are many different aspects to intelligence. I found a great infographic you can see to the left.

I would never pass the IQ test, and yet I came to realize in my late 20s that I was above average in intelligence.

Prior to that I thought I was stupid and I was full of shame because of it.

This is a HUGE problem with why adults and children don’t even like to talk about “intelligence,” because they were made to feel stupid when they were younger.

I’ve seen evidence of this several times over my many years.

If I use the word intelligence in a conversation, people don’t want to talk to me anymore or lash out at me.

When I used to be on dating sites, only ONE GUY ever had the word intelligent in his profile (like me) regarding what he was looking for in a woman. I don’t know if other women used it in their profiles, my guess is most didn’t.

If you say you are great at sports, EVERYONE loves you. Great at making money, same thing. If you say you are intelligent, they think you are being egotistical.

So why is that?

Whether it was from a parent who criticized the child because they didn’t get good grades or even straight A’s (ridiculous), or a teacher who made the child feel stupid because they didn’t know the answer to a question, failed or got a poor grade on a test, or even other children who LAUGHED at the question a child asked, it ALL made that child think they were STUPID.

There are even women who pretend they are stupid because they know that most men don’t want intelligent women, it bruises their EGOs. I once read an article that claimed that most intelligent women look for men who are less intelligent than they are. I was like WTF???

I can NOT be around people who aren’t highly intelligent and this has actually made my life a living hell. I am NOT talking about “gifted” people. I have a feeling we wouldn’t resonate, but I’ve never been around gifted adults.

The entire school system is a SCAM, so someone who never made it past 8th grade could still be very intelligent. It’s entire goal is to make kids into slaves and obey the mafia government, AND lie to them about the truth.

Schools don't teach critical thinking skills
First I’ll define what intelligence means to me, then I’ll showcase how the average intelligence within America and probably other countries has decreased exponentially.

I started this article back in 2018 when I had no clue that the evils were poisoning our brains as much as they are (see my poison list.) In fact, every area they attack leads right back to the brain.

What better way to control us then to make us BRAINDEAD!

Our hormones affect our brain (I didn’t know this until last year). Our digestive system and whether it’s working (most people’s aren’t) leads back to the brain, and then of course they figured out how to MIND CONTROL our brains. Watch this playlist on mind control and I have other videos on the topic I still have to watch. The most shocking was the last one I uploaded.

I have no idea if there’s a way to stop them from hacking and mind controlling our brains.

I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of why some people can’t be MIND CONTROLLED and the two common factors so far are that we were highly abused as children and we admit it (a lot of people don’t) and want to heal, AND we have been around people (over the years) who tried to hypnotize us or a group of people and we couldn’t be hypnotized.

My views on what makes a person intelligent, or not

  1. People who love to learn. While this can be an addiction of sorts which prevent us from actually LIVING LIFE, most people don’t like learning anything. How many people actually READ BOOKS and I’m not talking about fiction.

    They will go to a post secondary school to get a degree to get a job to have money, but than they won’t study anything outside of that. This is not the only reason most people haven’t woken up, but it’s one good reason. A lot of people HATE learning. I used to be like that because I equated learning in school with REAL learning. Again, school has harmed us a TON in many ways most of us haven’t even figured out yet!

  2. I equate intelligence with tapping into your intuition, which unfortunately most people can’t do because they don’t know themselves well at all since they’ve never studied spirituality and/or worked on their childhood trauma. See my article on alternative therapy and why it’s so important to heal ourselves.
  3. I don’t equate intelligence with degrees. Most of the people who worship the mafia government and believe in ALL of the lies have degrees. Not all, but a good percentage.

    I have no numbers on this other than me asking people if their zombie friends and relatives have degrees. This was back in 2020 when I started to notice the similarities between people who were awake and people who were under MIND CONTROL.

  4. Being open-minded, which is very very important. Most people are closed minded, set in their ways and cling to their paradigm. Imagine my SHOCK when I was watching a video of a man who needed to hire scientists to invent something and he had to TRAIN them to have an open mind. It was about water.
  5. Never thinking you know EVERYTHING, always willing to admit you are wrong (there’s no shame in this) if someone shows you a different point of view you didn’t know or understood before.

    Being humble and if you don’t know something, you at least learn some of it to get up-to-speed. Due to emotional issues, most people are too afraid to say when they don’t know something and this is a HUGE problem. We shouldn’t be embarrassed just because we don’t know something UNLESS (here’s one area where I disagree with this statement) you are selling someone your services and you don’t know what you are doing. I get furious when people lie about their skill set and charge me money. I’ve been hiring online since 2000 and this has happened to me many times.

  6. Someone is intelligent when they ask questions (is curious/inquisitive), although I do disagree with the statement “there’s no such thing as a stupid question.” YES THERE IS LOL It all depends on their age. Do I expect a young child to know as much as an adult? Of course not. Same with someone in their 20’s vs 40’s. I get attacked a lot whenever I ask questions in a group. It doesn’t matter what type of group.


  7. Someone who studies many different viewpoints (at first), but again, keeps an open mind, because you never know when something you study is a lie and obviously what we know evolves over time (we hope).
  8. Has common sense. I realized most people have NO common sense very young, like in my early 20s and it’s only gotten worse over time.
  9. Someone is intelligent when they don’t bow down to others unless their life is in danger (cops, government, the evils, etc.). Trusting oneself is very difficult, especially if the person hasn’t released their childhood trauma and studied spirituality and become spiritually conscious. When they don’t trust themselves and follow only what others say, they are a “follower” and therefor, in my opinion, not intelligent and WORSE, a danger to society as a whole.

    Although, this is more of an emotional problem then an intelligent problem.

  10. I have to repeat myself over and over again to someone because they can’t understand me.
  11. Mark Passio talks about how if we do NOT use both sides of our brain, we are not a fully functioning human being.

    I used to believe (as so many do) that most people are either right or left brain people. Never did I think that we should be using BOTH sides of our brain otherwise we aren’t fully human. Link to his lecture.

  12. If most of the time a person can’t deduce that 1+1 = 2 when they are studying something, they aren’t intelligent. That’s being able to see “the BIG picture.” Not right away, but over time.

So I am fully aware that the evils are behind making us stupid, but if people actually cared about being intelligent, maybe they would work on healing whatever is stopping them.

I have also lost a lot of my brain capacity starting around 1996 when I got a huge bout of mold which directly affects the brain. Since then every year my brain is no longer working like it used to, but in my opinion, that isn’t the same thing as not being intelligent. My brain is dying, but the intelligence is still there when the brain is working.

Why do people ONLY care about going to the gym to have a great body instead of having a great brain?

Here are my examples of just Americans and how frustrated I got which is why I started this article in the first place. If I were to include examples from people in 3rd world countries who I speak to on the phone or via email when they are in the role of customer service or tech support, this article would be 10 miles long.

Remember that this was back in 2018, so things are way worse now.

  1. I wrote this company because I had changed my e-mail address a while ago and I was still getting e-mails to the old e-mail address. When I asked why, the logical thing would have been for the person to figure out why this was happening, but instead the guy just told me to ignore the e-mails. BRAINDEAD!
  2. I wrote to a company that has connections to get a merchant account. The person I was assigned to has been a moron from the start. First the phone number he has listed in his e-mail just rings and goes nowhere, and then their voice mail is always full.

    Then he curtly sends me another number when I ask why no one answers the phone and don’t you have a cell phone.

    Then I tell him that there are parts in the contract I don’t agree with. He wants me to red line it. I said I can’t do that with a PDF. He says he will send it to me in Word. I get it and it’s NOT a Word doc.

    I send an e-mail telling him this. No response.

    I send another e-mail asking if he got the e-mail telling him it wasn’t a Word doc.

    His intelligent response was… “No I didn’t.”

    So instead of just FUCKING sending me the file AGAIN, I have to waste time writing to him to tell him to send it to me again. Again, this is common sense and most people have NONE.

    I wrote back a THIRD time telling him that I asked him 3 times so far to resend the Word doc.

    Most of these agents have No deductive reasoning. I have to repeat things to them over and over again, some can’t even attach files to an e-mail or open a Word doc.

    YET, they make tons of money which is why I ALWAYS say that making money has NOTHING to do with intelligence.

  3. This next example isn’t mine, but someone else’s from a month ago. He was robbed in Mexico and had to call CIBC to get his debit card replaced.

    First they close his bank account (WTH????) just to send him a new debit card.

    Then they send it to Mexico even though he told them to send it to his mother’s in Canada.

    It took 3 weeks for them to TRACK IT DOWN!

    Then they told him he had to activate it through an ATM when he later found out he could activate it by phone just like we can do in the US.

    He literally went through hell (sounds like my experiences) just trying to get a NEW debit card and he spoke to so many people who lied, that he had to start recording the calls just to prove he did NOT give them the wrong information.

If I were to make notes every time I come across a person with NO intelligence, I would have no life. These are just two of my examples. Oh, and one more thing. This is all part of Agenda 21 too.

The evils need to bring down first world countries and prop up third world countries. This is WHY all of these evil corps started hiring call centers from OVERSEAS and started getting rid of hiring from their OWN COUNTRY! You can watch Agenda 21 information here.

And one other thing I haven’t mentioned, we weren’t even using our brain’s FULL capacity before the evils started poisoning us to kill off our brains.

So I hope this clears things up.

Thanks for listening.


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