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Is Germ Theory True?

Germ TheoryThis question, “Is Germ Theory True?” has been raised all over the place since the covid19 scamdemic started in either December 2019 for China, or March 2020 for the rest of the world.

I myself have studied it a bit, and considering how many lies we have been told not just in our lifetime, but in our parents’ lifetime, our grandparents’ lifetime, and for hundreds, if not thousands of years prior to that, my good guess is NO, there are no such thing as germs.

The biggest lie spread is that we can catch viruses and get sick, and then give them to someone else.

If that lie is NOT true, then everything the evils have done to us for hundreds of years goes out the window and their allopathic criminal industry falls down the drain which means their toxic drugs and poisonous vaccines also make no sense.

Here are my playlists for viruses, vaccines, covid the fake virus, the covid vaccine which is a death jab, masks, mask articles on my site, and the PCR tests.

I’m also going to include my playlist on the TRUTH about how mainstream science is a scam. Pretty much everything is, because who funds science? Do you know?

It’s only people who have millions or billions of dollars.

Who is that?

It’s the EVILS or your mafia government. So they decide what you learn about when it comes to science. Mainstream scientists are some of the stupidest people (just like whitecoats) and what’s worse, they are NOT open minded. I’ve head this from several people.

How can anyone be a scientist and not be open minded? The whole purpose behind science is to learn and GROW and to test what you have learned from someone else to see if you can replicate it.

Not that mainstream medicine ever made sense to me once I became holistic, started studying REAL health, and started using my brain and putting the pieces together, but I’m talking non-holistic people should also find that it makes no sense.

So below is a PDF I got from a nice woman Carolyn. I told her I was going to put it on the site because people have been talking about this and when it comes to the normies who believe everything their criminal government and whitecoats say without ANY question, I will just shoot them this link.

Let them refute all of this LOL

She’s taken the time to compile what’s she learned and she should be commended. I’ll be adding to it in the comments as time goes on.

I know it’s very very long, so just pick and choose what you want to read/watch and seriously, hand it out to people who believe all the lies and tell them to get back to you in a week.

I’ve edited it for repetition, formatting and some grammar, and I put the links under words or the link text. If you find any areas that are repeated, please let me know so I can delete them and if you have any to add, please add them as a comment, or shoot me the link and your thoughts and I’ll add them.

While editing I noticed a lot of links were already dead or she put in the wrong link, so I found the correct one if I could. I couldn’t go through all of the links, so please let me know if a link is dead. Links will also die as goolag (YouTube) book burns more and more information so the normies (and even us) can’t read/watch an d learn.

I’ve also commented in some areas either by putting my name (Michelle) or italicizing what I wrote.

It took me around a month to get to all of this.

I hope you study it so you can come to your own conclusions about whether viruses really do exist and cause illness.

Also, terrain theory is based on New German Medicine, and here’s the go-to site for that.

And here we go…







The following document is essentially my personal collection of resources and research notes on these topics. I started keeping this list in March 2020.

Over time, it has morphed into a sort of “starter kit” for those that want to begin exploring germ theory and related topics.

It isn’t easy to find these links on these topics all in one place!

Hopefully, this list will help save you some time and energy.

It is a highly biased list. This is not a “fair and balanced” view of germ theory. I don’t even attempt to provide information “from the
other side”.

Please research germ theory from all angles possible. It would be highly interesting to study all the information below thoroughly, and
also research standard virology as it is currently taught. I have not done that myself. I hope others do a more thorough job than I have.

We need “all brains on board” and I hope to encourage serious researchers to emerge out of this.

The overall intention of this document is to assist those who want to dive deep into the science surrounding the taken-for-granted idea that
“viruses cause disease”.

While I do state my opinions throughout this list, It is not my intention to convince anyone of anything. My intention is to broaden the scope
of learning and research and ask good questions.

I can state very confidently that germ theory — or as Stephan Lanka calls it “the theory of infection” — is highly problematic.

Today, we are all experiencing the dramatic, intense and very real effects of this problematic idea. It is my contention that we need to re-examine this idea that most people take for granted to be true.

The true nature of health and disease is a very deep topic and germ theory is a superficial, and thus dangerously myopic, explanation.

Specific Notes:

  • The list isn’t (yet) organized by topic or doctor, author or researcher.
  • The list is not comprehensive or complete by any means. This is a living document and is always under development. I am always working on “culling” the list to make it more focused, on topic, and readable. I have a lot of links I still need to add. I will send out an updated version to everyone who has requested this when I feel this is more “complete”.
  • The list is in no particular order.
  • To see the BOOK LIST, scroll to the end.
  • There is also another GENERAL LIST — of researchers, doctors, scientists, journalists — again, toward the bottom of the list.
  • I don’t have any medical or science background to show off. I have a background in education and general research.
  • Please feel free to share all or part of this collection of links with others, of course!
  • If you have any good links that you think should be added, please send them my way and I will look at them.
  • Since this is a work-in-progress, there will be errors and omissions and duplications etc. If you see any big errors, or links that are not working, please let me know.
  • It should go without saying — but I will say it anyway — that I don’t necessarily agree with everything posted here. I am simply
    collecting information and learning as I go.
  • The intent of this list is to encourage people to research these topics and use their own discernment. My opinions are sprinkled throughout. Take what resonates of my opinion and leave the rest!
  • There is a “MY RANT” post at the end of this document. This was part of the introduction to this document. It got too long. I put it at
    the end. Rough Draft. Just my opinions.
  • I posted an important blog entry by Dr. Thomas Cowan towards the end of this document. I still need to find a link for it. Please read it!
    It is important… he eviscerates a Nature magazine article about oral transmission which is what the whole “wear a mask or die” thing is about. The entire text is at the bottom of this document, scroll down to see it. Title is “If Transmission Through Exhaled Breath Hasn’t Been Proven, All Other Findings Are Irrelevant”.
  • I have no firm answers to the deep questions brought up here. I am not proposing any conclusions about viruses. I don’t know what a virus is. I don’t know how contagion works. I don’t know how the body works! I don’t think anyone does! 🙂 And that is what this is all about. We have much to unlearn and learn.

Happy researching!

I hope this list helps you in some way. 🙂

— Carolyn Gutman Dey — Salem, Oregon, USA —forcgd at yahoo.com


“SPECIAL REPORT: Humanity is NOT a virus!”

This is an important and influential video by Dr. Andrew Kaufman proposing that viruses may actually be exosomes. This video was
produced towards the beginning of this panic, and as far as I know, no one has “debunked” what he is saying. If viruses are actually exosomes, this is a game-changer.

NOTE: Please see an extensive list of Dr. Kaufman’s many interviews
towards the bottom of this list (scroll waaaaaay down!).

“The Germ Theory: A Deadly Fallacy”

Excellent short article that sums up the main issues with germ theory.

By medical researchers David Parker and Dawn Lester, authors of the book “What Really Makes You Ill: Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong”

“Dismantling the Virus Theory”

Article written by Dr. Stephan Lanka, a well-known virologist and microbiologist.

This truly is MUST READ. Don’t skip this one. This is essential to understand the science and details about how and why viruses have not been isolated. This is the background scientific information you need to know.

(NOTE: Please scroll down to see an important RECENT article written by Stephan Lanka, in May, about the current “pandemic” and his views of how this “pandemic” was created deceptively. (Title: “Misinterpretation of Virus: The Beginning and End of Corona” )

“Pleomorphism Proves Vaccine + Antibiotic Fraud — Amandha Vollmer”

A 30 min video that gets right to the heart of the matter: Pleomorphism. Somatids. Protits. Mycrozymas. A biology that is not taught in the schools.

“Where do viruses come from?” What is the real source of bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses etc?

Do they come from the outside or the inside? If they come from the inside, from our cells themselves, how are they made?

Modern science makes assumptions about what is the smallest unit of life is. Bechamp and Enderlein are two scientists whose work was on this very important topic and has been suppressed.

They identified “mycrozyma” and “protits” as very small units of life that are latent in all physical bodies. These units literally “turn into” (!!!) bacteria, fungi, viruses etc in response to the needs of the “terrain” of the body.

Shape shifting at its very best?

Terrain theory shows how viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, phagocytes are formed by each body for specific reasons in real time in response to the overall “terrain” or environment of the body itself.

Dark field microscopy looks at live blood and literally SHOWS US the small units called “somatids” or “mycrozymas” morphing and turning into the various and highly necessary “clean up crews” that eat dead tissue and do many other important functions.

So how is it that these “little guys” got called “bad guys”? That is germ theory essentially: a denial of the essential role that microbes and viruses play in the creation of a healthy body.
Video by Amandha Vollmer. Naturopathic trained practitioner and healer. Please see her other videos in this list.

“Misinterpretation of Virus: the Beginning and the End of the Corona Crisis” — by Stephan Lanka

REQUIRED READING! This article is well worth your time. Must read.

This is the most recent article by well known microbiologist and virologist STEPHAN LANKA.

This is Dr. Lanka’s detailed public statement about this current crisis.

He talks about the science, the history, the tests, and much more.

I found this published in the Facebook group “Infectious Myth”, posted there on June 16th. It was originally written in German. Please note, it says “part 2” but no one seems to know where “part 1” is….)

LINK to facebook post: (see other links to same article below, the pdf version is the most readable)

This article is detailed and full of very important information:

Here is an excerpt from the introduction (emphasis mine)

Dr. Stephan Lanka:

“….virologists who claim that viruses cause illness are suppressing an overt lie for understandable reasons. The virus test (PCR) is a genetic detection method. The gene sequences they use for the detection test are not isolated from a virus. They isolate typical gene sequences that are released in increased amounts when tissues and cells die. These generally short gene sequences, components of the human metabolism, are the ingredients for further laboratory work.

With the help of computer programs, virologists are only able to construct long genetic material strands from many short gene sequences.

These are then offered up as real, viral DNA strands.

This is the reason why positive test results are repeatedly obtained even in healthy individuals.

In order to avoid contradicting themselves, these virologists consistently ignore two essential rules in science. One is to consistently verify all claims themselves. The other is to test all assumptions and methods used by means of control experiments.

If they would carry out the control experiments, they would find out that ALL of the short gene sequences which they imagine are linked to a virus genome strand, originate from the human metabolism and not from outside, from a claimed virus.” — Dr. Stephan Lanka, 2020

He also explains in detail the history and origins of this panic. He shows how one panic builds upon the panic from the past. He links this current panic back to the 2003 SARS panic in China.

He also looks at the “failure” of the 2009 Swine Flu VACCINE program and what “they” learned from that. In 2009, in Germany, the public found out about the nanoparticles in the vaccines and how they were untested and a new type of vaccine. There was a very high rate of refusal (93%)!!! The supposed epidemic magically disappeared when the media withdrew the panic. The vaccines were never given to most people. see the details in the article, I am paraphrasing here).

He also goes into great detail in this article about the RT-PCR test.

Here is a link to the pdf version of this article by Stephan Lanka:


Here is yet another link to the same article:

“Misinterpretation of Virus: Beginning and End of Corona Crisis”:


Here is the original article in GERMAN:


“Pleomorphism and Germ Theory Explained”

Summary article, easy read. Highly recommend!

Microorganisms shape-shift…. who knew? This undercuts germ theory completely.

Article discusses: Antoine Bechamp, Louis Pasteur, Claude Bernard, Royal Raymond Rife, Gunther Enderlein, and Gaston Naessens.


“The Corona Simulation Machine: Why the Inventor of the ‘Corona Test’ Would Have Warned Us Not To Use It to Detect a Virus”

By medical journalist Celia Farber


A great read! Kary Mullis was the inventor of the RT-PCR test. Celia Farber wrote a lot about the AIDS/HIV controversies and has published interviews with Mullis. This was written in April of 2020, after Mullis’s death.

A very well written, entertaining and educational article.

“Weaponized Germ Theory and the Great Reset”

A BRILLIANT livestream by medical researcher Sayer Ji! He really knows how to connect the dots.

I highly recommend watching this. Published on August 1, 2020. (Note from me: the video is no longer available and I couldn’t find it on his channel)

He discusses a book titled “Covid 19: The Great Reset”.

He talks about how this is really a “bloodless World War 3” and the whole thing has been well planned for years.

He links all of this with GERM THEORY and how this belief is being used as a mass weapon.

He also talks about Dr. Kaufman’s work showing how there is no real difference between “viral particles” and “exosomes”.

Sayer Ji wrote the book “Regenerate” and has studies “New Biology” thoroughly. He says it is really the “old biology” that we lost.

‘PCR Tests Are Scientifically Meaningless”

Well researched article by Torsten Engelbrecht and Konstantin Demeter from the “off guardian” news website.

This is one of the best journalistic articles written about the subject of the PCR tests. Written in June 2020.

Read the comments below the article, too! Pretty intense.

This goes into detail but it is also very readable.


“NOBODY Has Proven the Accuracy of the Tests!”

Explains clearly why no gold standard exists for the PCR test to be compared to. Explains why this is so important.

Dr. Thomas Cowan, M.D.


“Viruses and Contagion: A Bioterrain Perspective”

Two hours of great information! By Dr. Barre Lando, long time medical practitioner.

Dr. Lando has been using terrain “theory” in his medical practice for years, including using dark field “live blood” microscopy — which shows what is actually happening in the live blood in real time.


“What Do Exosomes and Viruses Like HIV & CORONA Have in Common?”

Article by Dr. Robert O. Young, M.D. :

Dr. Robert O. Young is extremely experienced and knowledgeable on these topics.

What Do Exosomes and Viruses Like HIV & Corona Have In Common?

“Infectious Diseases – Dispelling The Myths”

1918 “Spanish Flu” — article focuses on this topic

RECENT ARTICLE by Dawn Lester and David Parker

Really good article.

Focuses on debunking myths about “1918 SPANISH FLU”. Talks about real possible causes (of which there are a lot!)

This article is in addition to and written subsequently to the huge book she wrote with David Parker, “What Really Makes You Ill?”

Virus Mania – Truth about Infectious Diseases”

German New Medicine.

This two part video series was created during the H1N1 crisis. Two part video. German New Medicine perspective. Dr. Hamer’s work is the context. Excellent and detailed presentation.

The history and science of germ theory and terrain theory is thoroughly discussed.

German New Medicine is a key part of understanding terrain theory.

Terrain reality!

Part 1:


Part 2:

This presentation is a much watch for those who want to understand how disease occurs and how healing naturally happens in the body.

“Viral Misconceptions – Presentation on The True Nature of Viruses”  By Jeff. G.

Excellent video!!!! He explains things very well. (audio only, on YT)


Here is his website: virusesarenotcontagious.com

“The Deception of Virology & Vaccines — Why Coronavirus Is Not Contagious” by Jeff. G.

This is a very good summary article.

Includes a cool chart comparing germ theory to terrain theory.


“Why Everything You Learned About Viruses is Wrong”

Article by Sayer Ji, medical researcher :


“Groundbreaking research indicates that most of what is believed about the purportedly deadly properties of viruses like influenza is, in fact, not evidence-based but myth… “

“Both exosomes and viruses may actually be responsible for inter-species or cross-kingdom communication and regulation within the biosphere, given the way they are able to facilitate and mediate horizontal information transfer between organisms.”

“Dismantling the Viral Theory”

By Dr. Robert O. Young.


NOTE: Do not confuse this article with the “Dismantling The Virus Theory” by Stephan Lanka! VERY similar titles!


Here is the subtitle to this article by Robert O. Young:


Long article, great read. Tons of information.

“Exposing Germ Theory”


Published in 2005 in a Homeopathic professional publication. Written by Arthur M. Baker.


“Do Germs Like The Coronavirus Cause Disease?”

by Dr. Robert O. Young, MD


Great read!!! Dr. Young is very experienced in studying these matters.

“The Post-Antibiotic Age: Germ Theory”

Excellent summary article that covers the history of germ theory and much more. Great overview. Highly recommend reading this.

Topics covered:

  • Pasteur and Bechamp
  • Robert Flexner
  • Penicillin
  • Sir Alexander Fleming
  • Superbugs
  • Tuberculosis
  • Childhood Illnesses
  • Antibiotics
  • What is the Immune System?
  • AIDS

Includes references. http://www.whale.to/vaccine/shea1.html#So,_What_Is_The_Immune_System_

“History of Infection”

Wow! Stephan Lanka gives away the game in my opinion.

English subtitles.

POWERFUL — this guy’s words work like a very sharp knife! He speaks with the authority of a clear mind. (includes part 1 , 2 and 3 in one video)

MUST WATCH!!! Brilliant.



Note from me: this isn’t a good video unfortunately. Not only is the font yellow on a light background so you can’t read it, the translation is terrible, but I managed to find a transcription here.

“PCR Tests: Magic Show Not Science”

Amandha Vollmer is a trained naturopathic doctor and in this video she speaks out on PCR tests.



“The antibody theory is absolute junk science. Germs will never infect normal tissue. Viruses are non-infectious and do not exist as the magicians will have you believe. There is no ‘one system’ that vaccines can magically support, in fact, the opposite. Vaccines completely confuse what is self and non-self, leading to all sorts of tissue damage, protein malformations, DNA breakages, infections from chronic inflammation and mitochondrial damage, cell communication problems, nervous system disorders, literally EVERY system can be damaged by these poisons depending on the type, location, age, genetic display as well as other internal environmental factors most certainly leading to chronic disease if the host survives it, specifically cancer. It is also important to understand that PCR technique is a multiplication technique and not a quantification technique! It gives no valuable information other than making more of what is existing in the putrid matter. It is not
discerning and it is not a ‘test’, it is a method.”

“Corona Virus Panic: Flaws in Coronavirus Pandemic Theory”

Very detailed paper written by David Crowe. (pdf)

Must read. Long, but easy to read and well organized with supporting documents well referenced. Thirty-one pages long.

Here are some of the section titles:

  • Virus Existence
  • Disease Definition
  • Testing — understanding RT-PCR
  • Transmission
  • Treatment

From the conclusion: “The coronavirus panic is just that, an irrational panic based on an unproven RNA test that has never been connected to a virus. And which won’t be connected to a virus unless the virus is purified.

Furthermore, even if the test can detect a novel virus the presence of a virus is not proof that it is the cause of the severe symptoms that some people who test positive experience (but not all who test positive).

Finally, even if the test can detect a virus, and it is dangerous, we do not know what the rate of false positives is. And even a 1% false positive rate could produce 100,000 false positive results just in a city the size of Wuhan and could mean that a significant fraction of the positive test results being found are false positives.”


Here is a link to David Crowe’s paper on SARS (2003) which he also studied in great detail. (pdf)


Interesting to read the same issues being discussed back in 2003.

“Dr. Thomas Cowan: COVID19 Fails Koch’s Postulates”

This video came out on March 31. Dr. Cowan spoke out early.

This is 1 1/2 hours of Dr. Cowan using analogies and common sense to explain how the supposed virus simply has not been proven to exist. And much more!


“Pleomorphism in the Human Body”

A ten-minute video on PLEOMORPHISM. Amazing.


“COVID-19 — Is It Really About a Virus?”


Medical researcher Sayer Ji talks about exosomes often being indistinguishable from viruses. And how exosomes are “good for us”.

Talks about “horizontal information exchange” and how exosomes/viruses may be able to communicate between bodies, and perhaps species. How “viruses”, so-called, are essential and amazing and all around us.

All living things have exosomes. They are messengers of information, and also involved in detoxing, like a solvent.

“The Infectious Myth: COVID 19 Antibody Tests”


Details about COVID anti-body tests. This is a David Crowe AUDIO podcast. He has studied these tests thoroughly.

“Infectious Myth” is the name of his podcast.

David Crowe is very knowledgable, please see other links featuring his work.

“Biologist Proves Measles Isn’t Virus Wins Supreme Court Case”

This article sums up the Dr. Stephan Lanka case in Germany where he went to court to argue that the measles virus does not exist.

“The Deception of Virology & Vaccines | Why Coronavirus Is Not Contagious”

This is a great summary. One of the first articles I read on this subject. Lots of links included, also.


“Dr Robert O. Young Speaks Out About COVID & Other Matters”

Dr. Robert O. Young talking with Sacha Stone in late June. Excellent interview!


Talks about the real reasons people gets respiratory disease. Discusses radiation, chemical poisoning etc….. how this damages cells.

Highly recommend!

“Questioning the Existence of the Pandemic with Researcher David Crowe”

Two hour interview with David Crowe, from late May 2020. Crowe is able to go into great details about testing and other topics. He has studied the history of epidemics in depth.


“Stephan Lanka Comments on computer generated images of Alleged HIV Viruses”

Includes images.

Interesting to compare the images of HIV to COVID images.


“Pleomorphism and the Corona Virus”

Excellent! With Dr. Barre Lando.


“The Somatid Cycle & Gaston Naessens Discussing His Somatoscope”

Mirrored on YouTube by Amandha Vollmer.


Important information! Dr. Naessens calls the small units “somatids”.

Bechamp called them “microzyma”. Great background information for understanding terrain theory.

(Please read the description under the video. In the description, Amandha Vollmer writes a very informative comment and explains why she is mirroring this video on her channel. Way back in 2017!)

Video features Gaston Naessens speaking. The history of different types of microscopes is very important.

“What Are Viruses?”

And interview with researcher Jeff G.

Very interesting read. Interviewer asked excellent questions about many specific topics related to “what are viruses?”


“Béchamp vs. Pasteur & The Germ Theory Hoax”

Interview with Dr. Barre Lando on germ theory! This is good stuff.

Part 1:


Part 2:


He is a very experienced practitioner (30 years) who uses dark field blood analysis and terrain theory. He is also a farmer.

Highly recommend these two videos!

“Stephan Bustin on Challenges with RT-PCR”


Stephan Bustin is an expert on the RT-PCR test.

He is a guest on David Crowe’s “The Virus Myth” podcast.

This is a great podcast to follow. Check out the archives.

“Koch’s Postulates”

Explained by Dr. Thomas Cowan. Short video.


“Exceptions to Koch’s Postulates” — medical article

Koch’s postulates ABANDONED by Koch himself???

There is a complex history to the postulates. For example, Koch wasn’t the original writer of the postulates (can’t remember the name of the person who was…. need to research that….). And supposedly they have been “revised”?

It seems like the rules were just thrown aside when the evidence didn’t fit the agenda at hand.

If we can’t isolate the cause of a “new disease”… and we get to claim there are “asymptomic carriers” of said disease… um, that is a bit of a set up isn’t it?

Article from a Biology educational website:


“Drs. Kaufman and Mikovits Take a COVID1984 Deep Science Dive”

Judy Mikovyits and Dr. Andrew Kaufman in discussion together. I haven’t watched this yet, but this should be interesting…. June 12th.

(NOTE: Now that I have watched it, I think Judy talks in circles about the basic issues with viruses, like isolation and “do they cause disease?” Dr. Mikovits praises Dr. Kaufman’s presentation and thoughts on viruses being exosomes, saying he is correct in everything he says — but then still she says “exosomes are not viruses”. Without any explanation or elaboration. (?????)

Despite this, the ever-polite Dr. Kaufman found points that they both agree on, and this video is very valuable to watch, in my opinion.)

Listen carefully to the language Dr. Mikovits uses. She still believes viruses cause disease.


“Do Viruses Cause Disease: A Lesson on Logic with Tom Cowan, MD”

Dr. Thomas Cowan goes over common and entrenched logical fallacies regarding the question: “Do Viruses Cause Disease?”

Ping Pong Ball analogy included!


“Andrew Kaufman: Corona Virus is not a Virus”

“The Infectious Myth” podcast.


David Crowe talks with Dr. Kaufman. Podcast. Nice discussion, goes into details.

“How Our Bodies Actually Work — Germ Theory Is Junk Science!”.

A 10 min video clip from Dr. Barre Lando: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jK6QjYpbo9Y

“The Myth of Contagion”


VIDEO — Dr. Fry interview. Author of “The Great AIDS Hoax”.

“Coronavirus Fear, Germ Theory, Exosomes, and Resiliency”

Sayer Ji and Dr. Thomas Cowan in discussion together! Fascinating!

They also talk about Rudolf Steiner and his view of viruses.

New Biology of Water/Structured water. And much more.

And of course germ theory!

Highly recommend this video.


“Viruses and Germ Theory”

Video by Dr. John Bergman, D.C.

Discusses Pasteur and Bechamp and much more. Talks about the Lanka trial in detail.

Good speaker and teacher. Lots of good information in this video.


“Why HIV has Never Been Isolated”


Good interview with Stephan Lanka.

“The Swine Flu Fraud of 1976 (60 Minutes with Mike Wallace)” 1976 SWINE FLU

A very interesting “historical” video to watch in light of what is going on today.


“Dr Andrew Kaufman Responds To Reuters “Fact Checkers” on COVID 19 VACCINE Genetically Modifying Humans”

This is an important video because it is Dr. Kaufman’s rebuttal and he is showing some real scientific research that shows that yes indeed a vaccine could be used to essentially genetically modify a human. He refers to specific published articles.


“Why I Began Questioning HIV”

Kary Mullis interview.

Actually, this video features the following: Dr. Kary Mullis, Dr. Rodney Richards, Neville Hodgkinson, Dr Christian Fiala, Rian Malan


It is very important to look at the history of HIV/AIDS.

“The Rules of Isolation”


and “Isolation 101”


Two separate articles. Information from VirusMyth website.

“Viruses. How Much Is That Dogma In The Window?”

by Dr. Neal Robert Smookler

She forgot to put the link in. I assume this is it (I hope) – https://www.newmedicineonline.com/viruses/

Talks about the history and dogma of germ theory. Good read.

My notes: I really WISH people would STOP using the word conspiracy theory. There’s either TRUTH or lies. The evils have been spreading so many lies for so many years, that people who do NOT study each and every topic is being brainwashed and manipulated to THEIR version of the truth. They are the liars, not the truth seekers!

“Nobel Prize Winner Kary Mullis Challenges The Myths About AIDS – Narrated by Gary Null Ph.D”


Kary Mullis (inventor of PCR test … he died in late 2019, he had always said the test should not be used to diagnose disease!) is featured in this video.

The HIV virus was never isolated or characterized or proven to cause disease. This, according to Kary Mullis and many, many other scientists who signed on to say that the HIV connection to AIDS needed to be reexamined because of a basic lack of evidence for the virus.

This history is still suppressed. This is an entire rabbit hole unto itself.


Here are some links to Peter Duesberg’s work. His work was very important in regards to showing how a virus was never isolated and evidence was never shown for a link between HIV and AIDS.

VirusMyth homepage, the website for Peter Deusberg’s work.


Detailed article by Peter Duesberg:


“Still No Proof For Measles Virus”

Really good blog article — the juicy part is a debate in the comment section that goes into great DETAIL how they have NOT isolated the virus. You can learn a lot reading it.

Discusses quite a bit the Stephan Lanka case in Germany. The author of the blog was present during the entire case in Germany, as it happened.


“One Flu Over the Coocoo’s Nest”

Croww777 — Interview with Dawn Lester and David Parker, authors of the book “What Really Makes You Ill?”


“Excerpt from the ITNJ Talk by Dr Robert O Young in Bali”


Dr. Robert O. Young speaks at the International Tribunal for Natural Justice — important information regarding disease and vaccination.

From June 2019.

“The Existence of ANY Virus?”

This is among the first articles I read on these topics.

It is a blog article that references Stephan Lanka’s work. It is a good introduction to this material.

Written by John Blaid. Several links included. Well worth reading.


“The Myth of Contagion”

Video by Amandha Vollmer


“No Viruses Exist”

Amandha Vollmer video


“About Pleomorphism”

“Are cells the lowest/smallest living unit of biological life?”

If this question is keeping you up at night, read this article! It also might put you to sleep because it is super technical reading. But it is a highly fascinating topic!


“Dr. Stefan Lanka Interview; English Interpretation”


Interview with microbiologist and virologist Stefan Lanka, from 2014 (I think)

Dr. Andrew Kaufman on Koch’s Postulates!


Dr. Andrew Kaufman on Koch’s Postulates! (important video, he goes into details).

Koch’s postulates (so called) are very important to understand. These postulates were determined by the scientific community as  requirements to identify a “new disease”. They have not been met in regards to this current “SARS-2” or “COVID” virus, nor have they ever been met to prove any virus causes disease.

ack!!! just realized this was TAKEN DOWN BY YOUTUBE. Check out his bit chute channel, you might be able to find it there.

Note from Michelle: I think this is it, but I’m not sure – https://www.bitchute.com/video/eOGvhrGTVq6N/

“What is an Exosome?” video

Basic educational video about exosome research in general. Not a critique of germ theory but interesting to watch and learn about exosomes.


“Jennifer Daniels Breaks Down the Issue of Antibodies Testing”

Interesting — she reads from a medical website for doctors and shows how clueless mainstream science/medicine is regarding antibodies and testing. What they are saying makes no sense.


“SCIENTISM: The Cult of Vaccines”

Excellent talk by Amandha Vollmer about vaccines, vaccine history, and linking it all up with how germ theory is at the root of the deception of vaccines.

She talks about the history of Pasteur vs Bechamp and much more.

She has been researching vaccines for two decades.

From the description: “There is a discussion that is not being had that needs to happen. We need to look back at history during the time of the Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory science, who the people were involved and how Germ Theory — even though proven false — was ushered through as postulates so that the drug companies could create named diseases and offer their cures.”


“Corona Virus Not Yet Isolated and Proven?”

Article published in late April by “cairnsnews” that cites David Crowe’s work.



PDF of “Virus Mania” book (good book, highly recommend buying it in book form) . Originally written in German.

Full book here and here’s an excerpt.

The book, but it’s not available – shocker

The foreword of the book here, by Dr. Etienne de Harven (2008)


“What Really Makes Us Ill? with David Parker & Dawn Lester”

Dawn Lester and David Parker (authors of the 800 page book “WhatReally Makes You Ill”) on Alpha Vedic channel.

With Dr. Barre Lando. Great talk!


Germ theory vs Terrain Theory is discussed in depth.

“Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Clive de Carle Panel Discussion”


Germ theory and Terrain Theory discussed in depth.

“Dr. Kelly Brogan with Dr. Kaufman and Dr. Barre Lando Panel Discussion”

A REALLY great conversation. Very intelligent and experienced naturopathic perspectives.

Highly recommend this one.


“Exosomes: Secreted Vesicles and Intercellular Communications”

Scientific article on Exosomes and Cellular Communications. Is this what “viruses” really are? The word “virus” means “poison” in Latin…. have viruses been given a bad name when really they are essentially “good guys”?



They have a lot of information! LOTS OF LINKS.


Also check this out for drs who are speaking out: https://thebigvirushoax.com/scientists-%26-doctors

“Fake Epidemics, Fear Addiction & Global Stage Magic Tricks”

JON RAPPOPORT interviewed on “Age of Truth” channel.

Rappoport is a long time researcher into pandemic/epidemic fraud. Sign up for his email to get his reports.


“Dr. Cowan & Filmmaker Marcy Cravat Explore Facts vs Viral Fiction”

Dr. Thomas Cowan video interview with Marcy Cravat. Really good!

Thoughtful. I really liked this video.


Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny in discussion together.


Lots of great information. Really good discussion.

“Why Everyone Will Test Positive For Covid 19”

This 3 min video doesn’t pull any punches!

By Greg Reese.

This video talks about 5G, PCR Testing, Exosomes, Vaccines — all in under three minutes.

Use your own discernment. I think this video represents what many people think about these issues, and how they all connect.


Excellent, deep discussion with Dr. Barre Lando and Dr. Kaufman.

On Alfa Vedic channel.

Important information.



Italian study on nano-particles in vaccines:



“The State of Science, Microbiology, and Vaccines Circa 1918”

Very interesting read.

This goes over the details of the “Spanish Flu of 1918”. It shows how tests were done to TRY to prove contagion and they failed.


“There is No Such Thing as a Sexually-Transmitted Disease”

Now there is an eye-popping headline! Read it and see what you think.

This is written by medical researchers David Parker and Dawn Lester and they have done very good research for over ten years. There main focus has been trying to verify germ theory and they have not been able to do it.

Their 800 page book titled “What Really Makes You Ill: Why Everything You Thought About Disease is Wrong” came out recently.

Their book


Two links which discuss herpes. Stephan Lanka is referenced in these articles.

“The Herpes Test is Bogus”


“Herpes Isn’t Real”



I am including two videos that address what is going on in the hospitals. Look how bad things can get when we all auto-believe the idea that there is a killer virus roaming around in the air — this is how bad it can get.

1) Amazing video featuring a nurse whistleblower at Elmhurst Hospital in NY. Ventilators can be used as dangerous weapons!


2) Compilation video: Dr. Sidell the emergency room doctor in N.Y. who spoke out. And a nurse who is speaking on behalf of a nurse friend who worked in N.Y., and is using the word “murder” to describe what is going on.

Dr. Sidell’s video here

Nurse practitioner

“Biochemistry Debunks Corona” that goes over in detail information in the classic book “Zodiac the the Salts of Salvation” (cell salts, or tissue

Deep information. Cells salts are important since we are electrical beings.


Many people really love this video.


Dr. Andrew Kaufman interviewed by Del Bigtree. July 16th.


“Amandha Vollmer on the Richie Allen Show – UK Discusses the Coronavirus Hoax.”

Amandha Vollmer way back in early February! Even back then, Amandha openly talks about the COVID pandemic being a hoax.

She talks about germ theory vs terrain theory, how toxins cause illness, Wuhan China toxicity issues, 5G, Cannabis, Cancer, and much

Amandha has been talking openly for years about how germ theory is not true and terrain reality is actual reality.


Video – “150 U.S. Public Health Service Experiments from 1919 prove that disease is not transmittable.”


Article – “You Cannot Catch Bugs, Germs, Bacteria, or Fungi — Pasteur Debunked’


This article is gone even though her site is up, although she hasn’t changed her contact page that points to a Yahoo group, and Yahoo shut down all groups months ago.

I don’t know if she removed this article, because there are many other articles still on her site, so why remove just this one?

I e-mailed her on 01-14-21, so we’ll see if she reponds back.

Short video clip of Dr. Kaufman talking about POLIO:


“Corona Virus Pandemic — Biggest Lie In Human History”

This webpage includes many links, very good…..


I found another one because her original link didn’t work.


“The Fallacies of Germ Theory with Dr. Thomas Cowan”

Excerpt with Dr. Cowan on germ theory with Catherine Austin Fitts — from the channel The Solari Report.


“Is Germ Theory Still Valid?”

The Conscious Resistance channel, with Dr. Andrew Kaufman as guest.


“No One Has Died From Corona Virus”

This is an article from two medical journalists at the “off guardian” online newspaper in early July. Rosemary Frei interviews a highly credentialed pathologist, Dr Stoian Alexov, President of the Bulgarian Pathology Association.

Actual interview with the doctor was done in May. This is amazing that this got into print.

Here is a transcript of the interview, this goes into great detail about testing and much more…a good read: (I hope this is the URL, her’s went to a 404)


Here is the article link from off-guardian.org


(sorry for the long URL… not sure how to fix that… )

Her URL got me an error so I found this shorter URL

“What IS ‘dis-ease”???”

with Dr. Barre Lando — brilliant guy, he knows all about terrain theory in a non-theoretical way! Long time practitioner of natural medicine.

He has used dark field microscopy in his practice for many years.

Important natural health information.


Book – ‘Good-Bye Germ Theory’ is a book refuting the Germ Theory and talking about Vaccine Scam”

The book

Article – “Doctors Refuting the Germ Theory” – By Dr. Bernarr, D.C., D.D


“Do Viruses Exist?”

Video by “Curious Life” channel. Includes footage of Stephan Lanka lectures/interviews.

Discusses how an electron microscope works. Interesting.


“The flu? No such thing.” — a video by Amandha Vollmer



Wow, if you really want to get into studying pleomorphism, this is the place to go!!!! Tons of information. LOTS of links. Extensive glossary.


“Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on the PREP Act & Injection Fraud”

THE PREP ACT: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny talks about this important legislation that was passed in stealth fashion, and other important information. She is a long time researcher into vaccines. Not many people talk about this, and she knows all the details about this legislation.


“More Thoughts On Germ Theory”

Short video discusses debunking germ theory channel name is “Adrian” — good links in the description below the video. One of the first links I looked at.


“But How Can The ENTIRE Medical System Be Wrong?”

Four minutes of great wisdom from Dr. Tom Cowan!



I haven’t read this yet, but people say it is a very good book for learning about the “virus hoax’ in general. Out of print (or very expensive to purchase…. this is a link to download it and read it for free.)

Basically, I have been told this book could be titled “THE GREAT CORONA HOAX”.

(I downloaded it for everyone and put it on the site)


Sayer Ji talking with Charles Eisenstein : “Beyond the Corona Virus” .

Talks about the “virome” and many related topics.


How to connect to David Crowe’s work: podcast/articles

David has researched “the virus myth” extensively and in great detail. He looks at the details of the tests, and has interviewed several experts.


All of David Crowe’s work is important to look at and he interviews a lot of knowledgeable people. He has studied the history of epidemics for many years.

Excerpt from Kary Mullis’s book, speaking about AIDS:


“Perspectives on the Pandemic | Judy Mikovits & Robert Kennedy Jr. (1 of 3) | Episode #10 ”

I am including this video with Dr. Judy Mikovits and Robert Kennedy Jr even though I don’t fully trust either of them personally, but that is just my opinion. They may have very good intentions indeed, and be doing important work. I am no expert on their work. But, they still seem to “believe viruses CAUSE disease”.

(NOTE: This is why I haven’t included Dr. Buttar, Dr. Shiva, and Dr. Mikovits much in this list. They may be waking up a lot of people, and doing good work, but they don’t seem to embrace the idea that we need to look at germ theory, which is the focus of this list.)

Mikovits is a virologist. Her story is told in this video.

It is interesting to listen carefully to the language Dr. Mikovits uses.

Do scientists really know what viruses are? Do they have proof they cause disease? Listen carefully.

In a video interview with Dr. Kaufman (see link in this list) and Dr. Mikovits together, she disagreed with Dr. Kaufman and others who are suggesting viruses and exosomes are one in the same thing, and that what we are calling “viruses” are essentially mis-labeled and misunderstood to be “bad guys” (“virus” means “poison” in Latin). However, she gave no real reasoned answer to Dr. Kaufman’s information.

She in fact said she agreed with all of it and praised Dr. Kaufman (and yet disagreed with one of his main points about what viruses are????)

So, there is much confusion here WITHIN the depths of virology. THIS confusion leads to policy confusion: medical, political, sociological.

I think it is important we all listen to these virologists closely! Listen without “auto-believing”.


“Dr Stefan Lanka Measles Virus On Trial”

Here is Stephan Lanka interviewed just after “the measles trial” in Germany — from the courthouse right after final trial, I believe. I think the whole process took five years.

I don’t think many people have seen this footage. English subtitles.


Description under video: “Five-year “measles virus trial” the Higher Regional Court in Stuttgart on February 16. 2016”. Basically, the measles virus was never found to exist.

I’m (Michelle) adding this in here as I don’t think it’s in here…

This is a very good English translation of Stefan Lanka’s breakdown


“Viruses Do Not Exist”

Amandha Vollmer PBS audio interview, very informative.


MUSIC VIDEO about the PCR test!

Yes, you read that right! This is hilarious! I can’t even believe they made this video. Wow. Just including it for comic relief. Two minutes long.

Those in microbiology really do worship the PCR test!

Not my cup of tea, but maybe you will like it. Here’s the so called “song.” LOL


Here are (most of) the interviews Dr. Andrew Kaufman has done on channels other than his own. They are ALL good!

His YT channel name is “Andrew Kaufman” — not all of the following are posted on his YT channel.

(Dr. Kaufman also has a bitchute account with saved videos. )

Interview with Age of Truth

Interview with Jaymie Icke

Interview with Matthew Belair, with Kelly Brogan and Barre Lando —- very good discussion

Interview with Shameless Maya

Interview with Elisha Celeste

Interview with Secrets of Saturn

Interview with Owen Benjamin

Interview with TheHigherSideChats

Interview with James True

Interview with The Last American Vagabond

Interview with RichiefromBoston – YT took his channels down (of course), but I found it on his BC channel.

Interview with Spiro

Interview with Rogue Ways

Interview with Alfa Vedic — with Barre Lando

Interview with The Conscious Resistance

Interview with Rogue Ways with Phoenix Aurelius

Interview with Podcast; David Crowe talks with Dr. Kaufman (link was no longer there and I couldn’t find the podcast), but I found some other talks with Andrew Kaufman so I’ll list them here.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman on the Existence of Viruses (Part 1) – Link

Dr. Andrew Kaufman on the Existence of Viruses (Part 2) – Link

Dr. Andrew Kaufman – Show Me The Virus! – Link

Interview with Sofia Smallstorm

Interview with Marshall Hodge

Interview with Bob Unger, NY lawyer

Interview with Del Bigtree


    • Dr. Andrew Kaufman
    • Dr. Stefan Lanka
    • Dr. Barre Lando
    • Dr. Kelly Brogan
    • Jennifer Daniels
    • Dr. Valentine —- anti-vaccine
    • Amandha Vollmer “Yum Naturals’”
    • Jeff G.
    • Sayer Ji
    • Clive de Carle
    • Nurse from Australia…Kate Shimawari (sp?) (her name is Kate Himawari)
    • Jon Rappoport (sp?) — journalist who has been tracking these fraudulent epidemics for many years (that is the correct spelling)
    • David Parker, Dawn Lester — authors/researchers
    • Dr. Scott Jensen
    • Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
    • Phoenix Aurelius
    • Dr. Thomas Cowan
    • Dr Robert O Young ND
    • Tom Barnett
    • David Crowe —- author of “The Virus Myth” —- (I couldn’t find this book anywhere, but I found this from David Crowe about the scamdemic)
    • Celia Farber —- journalist, researcher on these topics, active in HIV fraud investigation
    • Kary Mullis (died late 2019, inventor of PCR test, being misused diagnostically right now) – (interesting how he suddenly died just before the scamdemic started)
    • Dr. Adil general surgeon in UK
    • Del Bigtree
    • Pamela Popper
    • Vernon Colman (“old man in a chair”)
    • Curtis Cost
    • Peggy Hall
    • James Corbett
    • Dr. John Bergman
    • Dr. Doloras Cahill, PhD (Ireland)
    • “Adrian” (YT channel name, has many good commentaries on pandemic related topics)
    • Greg Reese (journalist)


  • “What Really Makes You Ill? Why Everything You Know About Disease is Wrong” by David Parker and Dawn Lester…. recently published, took ten years to research… undoes germ theory and much more – here’s the book
  • Virus Mania!” good informative book
  • “The Invisible Rainbow” (about the history of electricity and disease and what is really causing epidemics) – here’s the book
  • “Good Bye Germ Theory” – here’s the book
  • “Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines and Forgotten History” by Suzanne Humphries, MD – here’s the book
  • “The Dream and Lie of Louis Pasteur” by R.B. Pearson – the book is impossible to find, but I found this link
  • “Bechamp or Pasteur : A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology” by Hume —- great book – here’s the book
  • “Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness” — excellent book by Dr. Thomas Cowan! Easy to read – here’s the book
  • “AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire” by Nancy Turner Banks – here’s the book
  • “The Blood and It’s Third Element” Antoine Bechamp — NOT an easy read! But for those who want to go really deep into microbiology, this is essential reading – here’s the book
  • “The Poisoned Needle: Suppressed Facts About Vaccination” by Eleanor McBean M.D., N.D., 1956 – here’s the book
  • “Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth” by Walene James, 1942 – here’s the book
  • “Swine Flu Expose” by Eleanora I. McBean, Ph.D., N.D., 1977 – I couldn’t find the book. Not sure what this is, it’s all I could find. Link
  • “Emerging Viruses; AIDS & Ebola Nature, Accident, or Intentional?” 1996 by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz – here’s the book
  • “AIDS Inc.: Scandal of the Century” by Jon Rappoport – here’s the book
  • Rockefeller Medicine Men, by Richard Brown – here’s the book


“If Transmission Through Exhaled Breath Hasn’t Been Proven, All Other Findings Are Irrelevant”

Dear friends,

People around the world are being led into an increasingly downtrodden and disease-laden state, not by some viral infection but by wildly unscientific “science.” A study published in the April 2020 Nature magazine that reports that wearing masks can slow the spread of the virus is an example of such deception. As I will show, the authors of this article repeatedly make unsupportable claims, and even present data that cast doubt on their own methodology. The peer reviewers of Nature apparently didn’t catch these obvious contradictions. Let’s look in some detail at the statements and claims (in italics below) in this paper.

“We found that the majority of participants with influenza virus and coronavirus infection did not shed detectable virus in respiratory droplets or aerosols.”

This statement implies that the authors looked for and found a detectable virus in some respiratory droplets and aerosols (but only in a minority of their subjects, who were actively sick — itself a surprising finding).

It is widely known that the only way to prove the presence of a virus in a sample is to actually see the virus under electron microscopy. There is no mention of having done any electron microscopy on any sample.

When they claim they did not detect virus, what they mean is that the surrogate PCR test, which detects fragments of genetic material, was negative. However, nowhere in the medical literature is there conclusive proof that this genetic material originates from any novel virus.

“Another limitation is that we did not confirm the infectivity of coronavirus or rhinovirus detected in exhaled breath.”

The premise of mandating the wearing of masks is that it prevents transmission of disease. Neither this study, nor any other study we’ve seen, proves the transmission of any disease through exhaled breath.

Amazingly, these authors acknowledge they didn’t even attempt to prove transmission. What’s more amazing is that this study is being used as evidence that wearing masks is an effective method of preventing or lowering the incidence of disease transmission. If transmission through breath can’t be proven, then all other findings in this study are rendered irrelevant.

“After one or more of the candidate respiratory viruses was detected by the viral panel from the nasal swab, all the samples from the same participant (nasal swab, throat swab, respiratory droplets and aerosols) were then tested with RT–PCR specific for the candidate virus(es) for determination of virus concentration in the samples. Infectious influenza virus was identified by viral culture using MDCK cells as described previously, whereas viral culture was not performed for coronavirus and rhinovirus.”

These statements need careful examination and explanation, as they get to the core of the misleading conclusions of the study. First, they state that the method they used to detect the presence of the virus was the RTPCR test, which, as I said, does not detect virus at all. Rather, it detects genetic material, which they only assume must have come from the virus in question.

Then, they say that with influenza virus, they did attempt to confirm the accuracy of the RT-PCR testing with viral “cultures.” Viral culturing is itself a deceptive process, which I won’t expand on here, but let’s assume that it is a “gold standard” for finding the presence of “live  viruses.”

In other words, it would be akin to doing a strep culture for someone with a sore throat. If the culture was positive, you have proof that the strep bacteria was present. (Still, the presence of the bacteria doesn’t prove causation.) This positive culture allows you to check the accuracy of the rapid strep test, which detects only pieces of strep or antibodies to strep, so it confirms the validity of your surrogate test.

First, the study authors admit they didn’t do any culturing with the coronavirus, but they did with four of the six participants who tested PCRpositive to influenza virus with droplets collected through the mask. Again, with these four participants, a very small number to be sure, they decided to do an internal check on the accuracy of their PCR testing.

What they found is only two people showed a positive culture. Even using their own flawed assumptions about viral culture, this finding demonstrates that the PCR test was falsely positive a whopping 50 percent of the time. To put this in common language, what they “proved” is that the very test they used to determine whether a mask stopped the spread of a coronavirus was no more accurate than a coin flip. Fifty percent of the time, by their own account, a positive test (for influenza virus) is incorrect, and there is no virus present.

In a sane world, this study’s conclusion should have been, “Our data demonstrate that doing PCR or RT-PCR testing is an inaccurate way of detecting virus or the utility of masks to stop the spread of a virus.” They then should have called for larger, carefully controlled studies to determine whether the PCR testing has any utility at all (It doesn’t).

Most laypeople and, incredibly, most physicians will have no idea how to read this study and determine its validity. So, people read the abstract or conclusion (or, worse yet, an article’s headline, and believe what the authors assert. That is the problem.

Unless someone actually helps people understand exactly what these studies are showing, and calls out the deceptive nature of much of this whole peer-reviewed science enterprise, most people will continue to be led down a path that could be disastrous personally and societally.

With gratitude for your support, and humility, please let me know whether you have questions.
Tom Cowan, M.D.


rough draft


Is germ theory true? Well, whether it is true scientifically and evidentially is one question. We explore that here.

But it is already true in the minds of most people. It is a truth that we have built our entire modern medical system upon. Whether true scientifically or not, it is a very powerful idea indeed. Therefore, it has to be true because it is so powerful!

This is the “logic” that supports a mass belief system. We create the evidence we think proves the idea. It becomes “wrong” to question the veracity of the belief because we have built upon it over time and this “feels like evidence”. But is it really true?

The idea that “germs” cause disease is an idea that has propagated itself through each of our minds and has grown into a mass belief system.

We live within the mental structure of this belief system that we have created. In that sense, you could say it is “true”. Our experiences we have within this belief system are true and real.

But, if there is no actual and proof or evidence for the idea, then this is a belief system that has taken root and grown out of a false claim.

Perhaps this is why it has retained its label of a “theory”.

We don’t think in terms of belief when it comes to scientific topics.

We think the “working theories” are at least “mostly true” and we don’t, in general, question the veracity of the roots of these theories. But, If causation isn’t proven, how can we say it is anything but a belief?

A true belief for true believers?

The label “theory” holds connotations of “real science backs this up”.

But does it?

In any case, germ theory is an idea. Beliefs are made up of ideas.

Mass belief systems are complex mental structures made up of beliefs. These mental structures are very powerful. This is the point.

We are intensely experiencing this mass belief system right now.

“Germs cause disease.” This idea is deeply held in the mind of most people. It has developed into a mass belief and is assumed by most people to be true — true as in “settled science”. Fact. Reality. An idea not to be questioned.

However, the overarching truth is that ideas about what cause disease… (this sentence wasn’t finished by her)

My Comments (Michelle)

Based on everything I have learned over the last 5 years of studying the truth about numerous topics, I’m 100% positive that this germ theory is a hoax spread by the evils. They lie all the time over and over again and 90% of the population believes them because they are too lazy (or busy) to research things themselves.

Or they have been taught that they are stupid and that you have to go to Uni to study anything (it’s a lie, anyone can study anything they want and ask questions if they don’t understand something.)

Who are the evils you ask?

They are a group of families who have been controlling our world for thousands of years even dating back to Cain. There are many other evils who do their bidding that are below them on the pyramid.

Just below these evils at the top are the jesuits and then below them is the vatican.

The common family names you know most of like the rockefellers, rothschilds, etc. are 13 evil families, but they are low on the pyramid.

If you want to learn more, read here.

While the book isn’t written well, a lot of research has gone into it and if you want to debunk any of it, you are more than welcome. I can’t refute it as I didn’t write the book and there are a few things I don’t agree with in it, the bulk of it rings true to me.

Didn’t you ever wonder why there were always so many wars?

Didn’t you ever wonder why life was so hard?

You may have assumed it was just the way life is, but you would be WRONG!

They wanted us as slaves and they love harming and killing because they think it makes them stronger since they worship lucifer and believe his blood runs through their veins. For every kill they believe they become stronger.

You may think this is all BS and I’m crazy, but you would be wrong again.

I wish I was wrong! OH how I wish I was wrong.

And you don’t have to believe me, just look around at what’s going on worldwide now.

Had your eyes been open before and you had started studying the truth before, you would be on the same page as me and seen that we have always been slaves. We’ve NEVER EVER been FREE!

There’s a lot to learn and I’m still learning.

I don’t have ALL of the answers of course, but I’m certain that germ theory was a lie spread so they could put fear in the people of the world AND poison people with their vaccines.

Look how easy it was for them to lock down THE ENTIRE WORLD all within 1-2 WEEKS!!!!

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Please consider purchasing any of the items listed on the banners or donating to help me pay my bills and hire freelancers to help me so I can continue bringing you truthful content and solutions during this war.

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Please consider purchasing any of the items listed on the banners or donating to help me pay my bills and hire freelancers to help me so I can continue bringing you truthful content and solutions during this war.

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Please consider purchasing any of the items listed on the banners or donating to help me pay my bills and hire freelancers to help me so I can continue bringing you truthful content and solutions during this war.

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Please consider purchasing any of the items listed on the banners or donating to help me pay my bills and hire freelancers to help me so I can continue bringing you truthful content and solutions during this war.

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Please consider purchasing any of the items listed on the banners or donating to help me pay my bills and hire freelancers to help me so I can continue bringing you truthful content and solutions during this war.

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Please consider purchasing any of the items listed on the banners or donating to help me pay my bills and hire freelancers to help me so I can continue bringing you truthful content and solutions during this war.

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Please consider purchasing any of the items listed on the banners or donating to help me pay my bills and hire freelancers to help me so I can continue bringing you truthful content and solutions during this war.

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Please consider purchasing any of the items listed on the banners or donating to help me pay my bills and hire freelancers to help me so I can continue bringing you truthful content and solutions during this war.

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3 comments on “Is Germ Theory True”

  1. Okay, instead of me putting it above amongs all the OTHER links, I’m going to put this here since it’s so new.

    Stephan Lanka is there in the orange shirt, but that’s not his voice.

    Honestly, I find it hard to understand him when he talks English, but I love his courageousness and he appears to be a kind loving man.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t understand anything that was said, but hopefully most of you will.

    Proof viruses do NOT cause illness.


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