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Just see how dangerous Windows 10 is

evil windows 10Here’s my story so you can see Just see how dangerous Windows 10 is.

Before I go on to Windows 10 and evil collective puppet KILL BILL aka bill gates, let’s talk about Samsung.

Here’s what evil samsung is upto. Link 1 and Link 2.

One thing I did learn from one of those 2 videos (always read the comments to learn more) is that when you get a new toxic cell phone weapon or computer, you must wipe and reload your OS (operating system) on it because they put malware and of course spyware on it.

I wish I had known that years ago.

The problem is, KILL BILL can control the OS so if it’s not updated, that creates problems with the computer and I assume even the mobile phone.

Now onto Windows 10

KILL BILL started telling all vendors back in (I can’t remember, but it was pre-war) 2018/2019, that they should tell ALL of their customers that if they do NOT switch to Windows 10 from Windows 7, they won’t support their own SOFTWARE.


I’d never encountered that in my entire life and I was around when Windows 3.1 was out, although I was just around 18+.

So that’s when I knew there was something seriously dangerous with Windows 10.

After the war started, I avoided it and got bullied and fear porned nonstop by any so called “geek” who knew I wasn’t on Windows 10.

END OF LIFE, END OF LIFE, SECURITY RISK, SECURITY RISK, LOL, LOL I’m not helping you if you are still on 7 and on and on.

The disgusting BRAINWASHING surrounded by anything tech DISGUSTS ME. The sane things happens with goolag. I say anything negative about them and the geeks have to swoop and defend their precious EVIL GOOLAG. Now this was years ago, but still, even today if you go ask around with geeks, most will still defend them.

Then I had to escape from overseas and use a laptop that we couldn’t get Windows 7 on, so we put Windows 8 on it and eventually I put Windows 7 on it, but I once again had problems, so an online friend I trusted (not anymore) said that they are probably trying to force you to upgrade to Windows 10. “Just do it and I’ll show you how to get rid of the spyware and bloatware.”

Well whatever he had me do either screwed things up, or the computer store screwed up the installation. They had to do it twice because they put Spanish on my computer instead of English (sigh).

Fast forward to this week, I FINALLY, after 2 1/2 years of being on that terrible slow laptop, just got back on my desktop which has Windows 7 on it.

I’m already having problems with it.

I’ve lost my Evernote legacy which I’m furious about. In December 2023, I think it was, Evernote was sold out to an evil Italian AI corp who I knew right away was going to keep track of everyone’s data even though their sales pitch is that it was ALL encrypted LOL yeh right.

Ok, I was wrong, they bought them out in early 2023…. “For Evernote, the decision to join Bending Spoons is the next strategic step forward on our journey to be an extension of your brain.” Now doesn’t that sound EVIL TO YOU???

Bending Spoons is in Milan, AND they were the ones who created Meetup.

So many people jumped ship from Evernote after they took over and started charging more money which I was willing to pay, but that was before I realized how evil they are even though it should be obvious that if a company is tied to AI, they are EVIL. They even ignored people who wanted a refund and it took them weeks to respond back to people. Eventually I think the customers got their money back, but then Evernote was trashed big time on TrustPilot.

Even Evernote’s worshipers who always attacked me when I said that Evernote was losing my notes started to become silent when they saw how many problems there were and how many people were leaving.

I tried to warn people in the Evernote community that their notes will NEVER be safe, but yeh, no such luck. They all worship companies more than people, and they thought I was nuts and my posts were deleted.

Anyway, for 3 years I haven’t been able to find a duplicate of Evernote when it comes to what I need, so was stuck using them.

When they decided to shut down the Evernote legacy version in April 2024 which did have some bugs, but was light and I loved it except when they deleted some of my notes that took me days and weeks to write up, I didn’t realize I had to be logged in on my desktop otherwise I’d never be able to log in again. They literally must have put it on a server that doesn’t work. I was a few weeks too late. sigh

Before I found this out, I figured I’d pay for one month of the updated version just so I’m safe. There’s no way around them getting my LIBRARY OF DATA. SIGH

I went to go PAY, and the fucking assholes wouldn’t let me pay with my US credit card because I’m NOT IN THE US.

If you don’t already know this (most people don’t), this is part of the DIGITAL PRISON.

If you aren’t in the country where your card is, you can’t use many money transfer sites. I learned this back in 2023, but had the problems starting in 2022, and I NEVER had those problems before and two companies deleted both of my accounts and refused to tell me why with their BS “safety and security.” MANTRA


  1. You either have to be in the country where your credit card is or they shut down your account and won’t tell you why.
  2. Let them steal your biometrics – https://ourfreesociety.com/stealing-your-biometric-imprints/
  3. Or be forced to use a toxic cell phone weapon.

Evernote was the FIRST regular site I wasn’t able to purchase on. They told me I’d have to use a credit card from where I’m living right now and I told them to fuck off.

Anyway, I get on the desktop and they BLOCKED even their new Evernote version from working on Windows 7, plus many other software companies are doing the EXACT SAME THING or have already done the same thing months or a few years ago.

I won’t mention the name of the software, but I spoke to my guy there and he said that they were told by EVIL MICROSOFT to make sure their software ONLY WORKS with the latest version of WINDOWS. I thought every company was being PAID to do this, but no, it’s the THREAT OF MICROSOFT that’s clearly ENOUGH. sigh

I’m SOOO livid, but at least this proves I was right back in 2018 or whenever. sigh I wish I was WRONG.

And before anyone says switch to Linux, not everything works on Linux as you know, and Linux is also controlled by the evils. KILL BILL donates to or runs their Linux association. SMH

I also believe that every time the evils do their NUMEROUS updates (to the toxic cell phone weapon too) that it increases the amount of radiation output.

The only way to win this war is with US!

People can shirk their responsibility in all of this which is just cowardice, but every day you can always choose to REALLY wake UP to Help Save Yourself, Humanity, and our Mother Earth.

Truth, Spirituality (nothing to do with the psyop known a religion), shedding your childhood trauma, becoming a mature adult, and then taking responsibility for yourself HAS to be done.

I know it’s hard because the evils control us, but it HAS to be done. If we all start to do it, this war WILL BE OVER. We have the POWER to stop them, but you have to play your part.

The key is learning who you are with everything else stripped away. Truly look in the mirror.

Learn how to love and respect yourself and then help others. If we all help one another, that’s sharing the workload.

Build alternative communities based on FREEDOM and Truth. Do it together outside of the evils’ mafia governments. It’s the ONLY way.


It’s our negative energy they feed off of. So long as we aren’t United and Strong, they can control us. We need to be United and Strong and NOT just accept what is going on. This is NOT a movie!!!

Both parts have to be done AND people have to STOP WORSHIPING MONEY.

The evils use money as a WEAPON. Money shouldn’t be used to judge others by their WORTH. Anyone who thinks this way is controlled by the evils and is harming Humanity. Yes we need it in THEIR system, so that’s why you need to break FREE from their evil MATRIX.

This war can ONLY BE WON BY US, not some deity or Human. That’s where the psyop religion comes in – SALVATIONISM.

They want you to NEVER grow up and fight them. They want you waiting for someone ELSE to save you so they have free reign to kill us.

Here’s my alternative therapy page. I hope you read and bookmark it. https://ourfreesociety.com/alternative-therapy-courses/

There’s NO SHAME in admitting you have issues. WE ALL DO.

It’s when you don’t care and don’t work to rid yourself of them (this doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a work in progress) that I have a problem with that because you refusing to not do the work affects ALL of us, not just YOU.

With Love

The Our Free Society Warrior Alliance
I hope you learned something.

Never make Authority your Truth… make Truth your Authority

The definition of insanity is blind obedience.

Culture teaches us that only the police have the right to defend.

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