Killing Innocent Civilians

Killing Innocent Civilians

Drone StrikesAn investigative reporter by the name of Sonia Kennebeck produces her first documentary detailing the truth behind the US government killing innocent civilians.

The psychotic plan has always been for the government to go after kids who are homeless, struggling with no money, from small towns where there are no opportunities, or just brainwashed youth who believe the government is there to be worshipped.

The government lies (so what else is new) in their propaganda commercials about joining the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force.

These kids are generally 18-24, and impressionable. They turn out that way since they have just been in prison-like government-run indoctrination schools that preach NATIONALITY and PATRIOTISM above humanity, respect, being your own person, thinking for yourself, doing what you want to do in life instead of what everyone else wants you to be, etc.

They sign up for training, and then the BIG day comes when they start killing people and they realize it’s NOT all fun and games, traveling, learning, getting a degree, etc.

They kill innocent people with drones from thousands of miles away, and their conscience starts to kick in (if they aren’t the psychopathic type) as they see body parts laying all over the place.

They become anxious, depressed, and they can’t talk to ANYONE about what they are feeling or seeing because everything they do is labeled “classified.” That’s the criminal government’s way of keeping everyone quiet by keeping secrets of war crimes.

Does the military/government care about these soldiers when they start to become depressed?

Of course not, they try to keep them in play at war for as long as possible until they can throw them away like garbage. Of course there’s the Veteran Affairs and we HOPE that most there are compassionate and want to help these poor soldiers who have lost their spirit and are pretty much the walking comatose.

Then if they haven’t committed suicide or gone off the deep end by that time, they return home only to do drugs, drink themselves to death or self mutilate all the while wanting to commit suicide.

They have FULL BLOWN PTSD, but can they talk to anyone about it?

NOPE, the government often gives them NO HELP.

Then after thinking about it for a while, they start to speak out against what the government is doing and even if they DON’T divulge secrets, the government goes after them.

They obtain search warrants, they raid their homes.

They steal their electronics, car, motorcycle and charge them with ESPIANOGE all for telling the truth. Daniel is the poor young man who’s being stalked and terrorized psychologically by the American government. He is at his witts end.

All he ever wanted was peace, but because he was poor, he got roped into going to work for the government to become a killer and abuse other human beings. He does have to take responsibility for his choice in all of this, but the government does target these specific types as I mentioned before. And they don’t just do it because they are poor, they also do it so the rich kids don’t have to serve.

Online as the soldiers are talking out about their experiences of killing innocent civilians, many of the Americans call them names, berate them, bully them, tell them they should rot in jail because let’s face it, most Americans are brainwashed robots with no feelings. They can’t see right from wrong even if it BLEW up in their face. They worship whatever our lying criminal government says to them.

They have been so brainwashed to think that a name (that’s really all any country is, is a name) and some line drawn in the sand, is MORE important than humans, community, love, support, and FREEDOM!

Just imagine how much more info we aren’t privy to because people are so scared about coming forward to tell the truth.

Despite their fears, these courageous whistleblowers come forward, and some of them aren’t even full on whistleblowers, because they don’t divulge secrets, they just come out AGAINST the wars and how the government treats them and others.

One young woman (former soldier) traveled to Afghanistan to help the Afgannis due to her guilt of her being a part of killing innocent people.

You will hear how the drone strike operators look at killing as a game.

There is blood lust in their voice.

They see there are children (tweens) and women, and they are STILL killing innocent civilians.

Then the US military apologies and does it again, and again, and again.

They don’t see these poor people as human, they automatically think they are ready to kill everyone.

The Afgannies NEVER did anything to America, not ONCE.

Here’s the documentary’s IMDB page. And here you can watch the trailer. It’s available on Netflix.


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