Lies Are Spread

Examples of How Lies Are Spread

LiesHere are examples of how lies are spread by the government and the police to turn people against one another or stop people who protest.

They aren’t targeting the left OR the right, they are trying to pit these people against one another, so no one will trust ANYONE, and they will have free rein to do whatever they want since everyone will trust the government and not their fellow man/woman.

Going back to 1969, the US government spread lies or used dirty tricks in order to weaken the anti war movement. It was run by the FBI.

The FBI did such things such as

  1. Spread false media stories.
  2. Published false leaflets and spread lies in the name of a specific group.
  3. Forged correspondents.
  4. Sent anonymous letters.
  5. Made anonymous phone calls.
  6. Spread misinformation about meetings and events.
  7. They set up movement groups that were really run by government agents.
  8. Manipulated or strong-armed parents, employers, landlords, school officials, and others to cause trouble for activists.
  9. They used bad jacking to create suspicions about activists. Bad-jacketing means “the practice of creating suspicion—through the spreading of rumors, manufacture of evidence, etc.”
  10. People were threatened.
  11. There were illegal break-ins to dissidents’ homes. A dissident is a person who opposes the official policy, especially that of an authoritarian state.
  12. They would search and commit vandalism.
  13. There were assaults, beatings, and assassinations.
  14. There were numerous deaths of the San Diego Black Panther party members.

What the Government Does when Lies are Spread Today in the 21st Century

  1. Cops posing as members of antifa. Antifa is is a radical political movement of autonomous, self-styled anti-fascist groups that have been described as being left-wing to far-left and are located in America. They are funded by the evils.
  2. NYPD had agents dressed up as protesters during “occupy Wall Street” to pretend to insight violence.
  3. During Trumpet’s inauguration, DC police infiltrated Antifa.
  4. During the Montebello protest in Montreal, cops dressed as protesters were throwing rocks.
  5. During the Toronto G20 Riot, undercover police engaged in provocation.
  6. Used a mentally ill person behind his parent’s backs. They pushed him to blow up buildings in Oklahoma. He was entrapped and set up by the FBI.
  7. FBI has set up their own white supremacist GANG and run many of the white supremacist causes.
  8. The government places the FBI within the dead stream media to create false information to the public. It’s an operation called “Operation Mockingbird.” They get the writers and executives to write the news for political gain. Remember that both the government and the mainstream media are controlled by the evils.

Then to top it all off, the police let the violence in the streets escalate between the two sides that are fighting and they watch while people are killed.

We saw this in Charlesville, Berkely, and Boston. A cycle of violence where both sides are fighting and even people on the same SIDE are fighting.

The same thing happened with the George Floyd false flag (he was never killed, we don’t even know if he was already dead, but the picture looks like it was a dummy the cop had his knee on).

Then the paid actors started the riots and then eventually regular people joined in and believe EVERYTHING that they are told by the mainstream media.

Then the people seeing this violence who are not protestors will ask for MORE police intervention which is when you then get THIS

  1. Congress passed a bill allowing warrantless searches of homes in some states, and only 1% of the people opposed it.
  2. Trumpet gave the OKAY for police to be militarized by giving them military gear.
  3. Stronger laws against free speech.

    I do believe that hate speech online translates into real-world problems offline and that the free speech in the US is TERRIBLE. On one hand, you have people who are scared to say how they feel because they have to be politically correct,” (PC) and then on the other hand, people spew violence and hatred through their words so that eventually some of those people lash out in violence offline, but even if it’s not done online, I’m SICK of society NOT acknowledging that hatred through words (bullying, harassing, cyberstalking) is just as traumatizing as physical violence.

    Anyone who doesn’t acknowledge this is a moron or has an agenda to try and not heal people’s emotional wounds.

There doesn’t seem to be a healthy middle ground where people can feel free to express themselves without trying to ensue violence. This is a SERIOUS emotional problem for society in America and it’s spreading to Europe as well.

How the government and the EVIL CORPS are getting everyone else involved in their game playing

  1. People are going around LYING about supposed hate acts against them. They NEVER happened. Just one more example of lies are spread.
  2. The dead stream media is calling for people to start a civil war pitting the left against the right and they want them to PICK a side instead of us ALL working as a community. While it’s always been that way, ever since trumpet got into power, it’s escalated to the 100th degree. And NOW we have trumpet worshipers against people who either know he’s an evil or they are on the left and wouldn’t like him if you paid them a million dollars. In my opinion, that’s just plain brainwashing.

    I can’t stand the guy because he’s an asshole AND an evil, but you can’t be a kind loving person and be from the evil bloodline, now can you?

  3. The dead stream media promotes race baits and sends out misinformation about what is REALLY going on out in the world.

You can watch this video here if you want.

No Right or Left

Brainwash both sides

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