What About Mainstream Archeology?

Mainstream ArcheologyThe problem with mainstream archeology

and almost ALL mainstream anything is that people live in their bubble paradigm and don’t have an open mind.

You would think that mainstream archeology would have an open mind, but Graham Hancock proves otherwise in his talk.

During His Talk

He talks about math and astrology and how it explains so many things about ancient civilizations.

He talks about how the same ancient images on certain pillars exist clear across the other side of the world.

He talks about how Göbekli Tepe FINALLY proved what he and others have been saying for years, that the earth’s civilization wasn’t only 6,000 years old.

The Göbekli Tepe Find

The temple called Göbekli Tepe was found 15 km away from the city of Sanliurfa, Southeastern Turkey and it is roughly 10,000-12,000 years in age.

The excavation started in 1995 by Professional Klaus Schmidt along with the German Archeological Institute until he passed over in 2014. Amazingly the Istanbul University and the University of Chicago abandoned the archeology site in 1963  when American archaeologist Peter Benedict miss-identified the stones for a grave site.

During Schmidt’s discovery, he concluded that the site was used for ritualistic or religious reasons, not for domestic use.

T-shaped pillarsSo far they have unearthed 20 installations. An installation is a term used by archaeologists as a temple.

Why Mainstream is Toxic

Just like with the Egyptian pyramids, mainstream archeology still doesn’t know how they formed these numerous pillars or pyramids. Mainstream people can’t think past what is right in front of their faces and imagine past what we currently have as technology.

They would never admit to themselves that there once was civilizations even more advanced than what we currently have.

Mainstream archeology also continues to refute the existence of the city of Atlantis which is said to be very advanced technologically. Unfortunately, due to the fact that they became greedy and didn’t study and partake in spiritual development, they self-destructed.

So the point is, trusting any sector, industry, ideology that is mainstream, is foolish for anyone who is intelligent, open minded, and wishes to learn the truth.

Next Book

Graham Hancock

In his talk, Graham Hancock talks about other topics including how the Americas are much older than mainstream archeology has mentioned. That will be the topic of his next book, in the meantime, you can read his book about the Lost Civilization here.

He ends with this

There have been a lot of comets that have come VERY close to hitting our Earth in the last 5+ years. No one really talks about this, but if you can find the one or two articles if you search for them.

The government, of course, doesn’t care because they ONLY care about funding war, not funding our technology to help us foresee these comets or prevent them.

If a comet were to hit the earth, how would we survive?

90% of all humans don’t know how to hunt, fish, farm, build homes, we just don’t know how to survive. Hancock says that the only ones who will survive are the societies who already are hunters and gatherers. The ones who have been surviving in the Amazon for hundreds of thousands of years.

If we don’t have enough food for longer than 3 days, we will perish.

Our Message To You

That coupled with the fact that humans stopped helping one another years ago. They stick to themselves, they don’t pool their skills, most people are white-collar workers who depend on EVIL CORPS for their livelihood. In fact, even people who make very little money and are abused, STILL protect these EVIL CORPS because they fear for their survival.

Due to capitalization, most everyone is only in it for THEMSELVES. We as a civilization have become competitive and greedy no matter how much money the millionaires and billionaires have, it’s never enough for them. That is due to the culture of capitalism.

Most people are closed minded, lazy sheeple who expect everyone else to provide for us.

Now is the time to start tearing down those walls that are making you fear everyone else. The wall you have built because you let mainstream society brainwash you into believing in scarcity and competition instead of abundance and collaboration.

We need to start

  • Learning how to build our own communities away from the government that enslaves us.
  • Opening our eyes to the TRUTH as scary as it may feel.
  • Learn about everything that isn’t mainstream and that the government and EVIL CORPS are hiding from us.

That is, if you wish to survive and learn how to love and help others again.

Our Free Society

You can watch his talk here...


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