Migrant or Foreign Workers Worldwide

Migrant or Foreign WorkersWhether you agree or disagree with migrant or foreign workers coming into the US to work, you should at least understand what is happening to them once they cross the border.

This article will go into detail on how they are often treated not just in America and Canada, but worldwide in other countries such as Saudi Arabia and Thailand.

Because they have no status in the country they go to work in or they rely upon the work visa from the company or family who brought them into the US, they are constantly left to their mercy.


In the case of nannies or housekeepers, even if they are raped or physically or emotionally abused, where are they going to go for help?

Nannies are abused not just by the father, but it can be from the mother too. When the mother abuses the nanny, she will play mind games, blame the nanny, be nice one minute, and physically abuse her the next. The nannies are often given almost no food to eat, or told she has to ask for food, she can’t just take from the fridge or get her own shelf. She is usually given no time off, and is worked to the bone. There are even times the nanny isn’t paid her fair share at all and is left with no money to escape.

The mother will psychologically play mind games like move the nanny from the large room she was first placed in to a smaller room in the large expensive house. She will make up some lie to tell the nanny.

The mother or father will take the nanny’s passport offering to put it in a safe place, but really they just don’t want the nanny to have a way to escape. When this first happens, the nanny doesn’t know this places her in grace danger, she thinks her boss is just being helpful.

The nanny never really has any idea where anything is or who she can go to since she is a stranger in that country and is almost always stuck at home taking care of the children and cleaning the house.

They are left to whims of these dangerous families who don’t care and know they can get away with the things they do to them.

Companies Like Farms, Meat Packing Plants, etc.

The companies bring them in yes, to save money, but also to compete with the corrupt system that’s in play. They have no choice but to bring in workers they can pay peanuts to due to everyone cutting the costs so much that if they don’t, they would go bankrupt. Other times it’s just plain GREED!

This doesn’t excuse their behavior or responsibility, we are just saying we need to look at the bigger picture of the mega corrupt industries like the agricultural industry where smaller farms are making next to nothing due to being abused by the system.

Most of the time these migrant or foreign workers are abused in many ways:

  1. The companies pay them very little money.
  2. In the case of farms and Mexicans, they bring them across the border with the lies and promises of making $200 per day. This isn’t true of course, they would have to work themselves to the bone to make that much in only one day.
  3. Then the border coyotes who smuggle them into the US charge them ridiculous expensive sums for getting them transported to the company or farm.Then the supervisors there hold them hostage until they pay off the debt. Instead of the debt decreasing as they work and get paid, the debt often increases and they are charged for every little thing like doctor’s visits or medication, if they are hurt on the job.
  4. They are beaten if they stand up to the “boss” and in some cases even killed.
  5. They are constantly told to work harder and faster. This happens in the meat packing plants as well as in chicken factories too.
  6. They can’t laugh or socialize at all otherwise the boss gets angry.
  7. They are provided with NO safety from the work they are doing. In the meat packing companies they are often injured or killed. On the farms the farms spraying the toxic poisons on the produce WHILE the migrant or foreign workers are picking the produce. They have to find scarfs to put over their face because no safety masks are given to them.
  8. On the farms they are piled 15-20 people into a run down shack or trailer with no air.
  9. They board up the windows so they can’t leave, and there are often fires where several migrant or foreign workers are killed.
  10. The women are repeatedly raped and so are some of the younger men. On the farms the fields are called, “The Green Motel.”
  11. When the women get pregnant from the rapes, they are left to fend for themselves with no money or father to raise the baby.
  12. The farms look the other way as they subcontract out the hiring of these workers to other dangerous Mexicans who only care about money and being able to do whatever they want to the migrant or foreign workers. The farms do this so they aren’t legally responsible for what happens.

These are just some of the terrible things that are done to these poor people, most of whom can’t even speak English and only come to America or Canada thinking they are going to make more money so they can send it home to their families.

You may not like them taking these jobs away from citizens, BUT why aren’t the companies held responsible for hiring them? Why blame these poor, most often uneducated workers who read all the stories and watch the TV thinking America is full of rich people?

They make so little in their home country, they are just looking for a way to make a little bit more. Most never come here and get rich, most of the people who came here and got rich were the Europeans, not these workers from Mexico, Haiti, the Philippines, etc.

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