Which is More Dangerous?

More DangerousThere’s this lie being spread around online that swimming pools are more dangerous than guns.

Survivor’s Remorse TV Show

We first heard about it on the TV show Survivor’s Remorse. Survivor’s Remorse is an almost all black cast that showcases what it’s like to grow up poor and make it as a very talented basketball star along with his dysfunctional yet smart family who help him along.

It’s actually a TV show we love, as it teaches us a lot about black culture AND the basketball industry (or so we thought), but we thought it was utterly ridiculous that in season 4, episode 5, the show “claimed” that swimming pools were actually MORE dangerous than guns. This is why they didn’t want to build a swimming pool on that HUGE property, and INSTEAD put up all types of religious statues.

As funny as Survivor’s Remorse is, we may need to take a second look at whether it’s worth our time to watch the TV show, since we don’t believe in religion, and we don’t believe in guns unless it’s for self defense in an extreme case.

So, if this TV show is pushing religion and guns and is ACTUALLY claiming that something healthy and stress relieving like swimming is MORE dangerous than guns, well then, it’s NOT a show for us.

Onto the topic about swimming vs. guns and which is More Dangerous

We had no idea this lie was going around online and has been since at least 2014/2015.

The statistics below are from the CDC 2013.

Yes, children under 14 do die more from drowning than guns, but they also die more to drowning vs. heroin because kids under 14 DON’T use guns or heroine OBVIOUSLY. And to give more credence to the lie that swimming pools produce more deaths, guess why many children under the age of 14 die by guns. Due to fathers killing their families.

Now the argument morphed into pro gun people citing only accidental deaths, not ALL deaths.

When you consider this argument that swimming pools kill more children under the age of 14 by accident than guns do, there’s another point to be made… swimming pools (unless there’s a gate around them like there should be) are out in the open where any child can fall into it. Most gun owners keep their gun locked away. If you brought out the guns and left them around where kids could get ahold of it, you would see the gun numbers go up tremendously.

Now the minute you start researching people age 15-24, THEN you see that only 501 drown and YET, 6085 die from guns. This is usually because most drownings are due to young children who don’t know how to swim are being left unattended to have easy access to the pool.

Shame on any parent that gets a pool or buys a house with a pool and does NOT teach their child to swim and especially leaves their child unattended. At the very least there should be a fence around the pool so that kids can’t get access to it without an adult or teenager.

Now if you take ALL the ages of all people over the age of 14, you will see that guns CLEARLY kill more people. 33,169 vs. the 3,391 drownings.

And a drowning could be from a boating accident, someone who swims in a lake, river, ocean or even in a bathtub, NOT just in a swimming pool.

And as the writer of this article below points out as a logical point, LOL… overall swimming pools aren’t dangerous towards society. You can’t pick up a swimming pool, walk into a school or mall, and start killing people with it.

Now one statistic that IS in favor of pro gun owners says 3,391 people die by accidental drownings and only 505 die due to an accidental discharge of their gun. BUT, then add in suicides by a firearm at 21,175, and once again you are less likely to die from a swimming pool than a gun. Now that data gives no bearing on the statistics, since suicides are intentional, not accidental.

The reason for so many of these drownings are due to parents being stupid and irresponsible and not protecting their young children.

Another point – people who come into your home to rob you, almost always take your gun away from you and use it against you. They tend NOT to try to use your swimming pool as a means to kill you or even injure you.

Guns are meant to harm, they aren’t in our possession for recreational reasons.

Saying that, if we need guns in order to protect ourselves from corrupt government workers, than we unfortunately need them. But the bottom line is, that America IS THE most violent first world country in the world, and MORE regular people own guns than ANY OTHER first world country in the world.

Yes there is a correlation to that and all the violence in the US. But the violence also has to do with the competitive corrupt nature of America and the fact that EVERYONE has to cite the second amendment as if it’s the holly grail to living life. That speaks volumes about the mindset of your average American. Guns are their way of solving problems instead of talking things out like mature adults and using peaceful resolutions.

You can read the complete article here, plus the myriad of comments from almost ONLY pro gun owners.

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