Need excel design expert

Excel ExpertSo I need excel design expert.

Sorry for the poor English on the first line, it’s for SEO purposes. LOL

I have this sheet that someone created (it’s zoho because I don’t use google’s stuff), and I don’t like the way he set it up. I don’t like it when there’s a sheet within a sheet and I can’t freeze the top row.

This is on the tracking tab.

I can’t see any headings, the bottom portion is so short I have to use the scrollbar on the right side, and the checkboxes have no visible headings unless you scroll up.

I know what he’s trying to achieve, but the layout isn’t good.

I need a new sheet redesigned for the design/layout, nothing to do with data, I can move that over. Then once that first one is done, you can just copy it to another sheet that is just for tracking a different site.

1-2 hours max is my budget for $5/hour. I’m a non profit who works for free full time, so that is my budget.

Please email me here, and show me 3 examples of excel designs you have done in the past.

I normally only converse on Telegram