Need help finding a good hosting company

Need help finding a good hosting companyI need help finding a good hosting company. $15 flat rate.

You must be fluent in English, and both understand me when I leave voice messages on Telegram, and also reading and writing.

I need help finding a good hosting company. It doesn’t have to be in the US, but they do have to have US servers, speak fluent English and understand me, and it doesn’t take an hour for them to answer one question, so good tech support and be within my budget of $15-18/month & a bit less than $200/year.

I’m looking for a reseller account, nothing that’s not managed like VPS, and I need more than 1 GB of memory. And no, I don’t have money to hire someone to manage a VPS.

I’m not looking for your solopreneur hosting company, and I’m not looking for a micro company that has no tech support. It doesn’t have to be huge, but not tiny. I’m not looking for hosting companies that are part of EIG, WDG, or anything to do with AWS, Google, etc.

I have a long list of hosters I’ve researched over the years that didn’t work out (most don’t even respond to emails shockingly) or are over my budget. I’ll give you that and my hosting requirements when we talk.

I will contact the hosting companies and screen them once you give me ones that aren’t on my list. I have 3 sets of questions that are around 10 questions each. I screen heavily and want to make sure they aren’t the type to close down an account because someone complains, since I have a review site and Truther site.

You will have to search on my zoho sheet to make sure it’s not already there with negative comments.

The job means I have to end up signing up with, not just contacting them and they don’t work out.

If you know this industry, you know it’s not easy finding a good hoster, it’s a very seedy industry online and a lot of the smaller good ones were bought out by companies that don’t care.

Please provide me with any experience you have as it relates to this task.

Thank you