Need help fixing a Telegram bot

Seeking Phython Telegram bot developerI need help fixing a Telegram bot.

I had a Telegram bot created from scratch with Python, but that there was one feature issue with it and then it didn’t work when tested in the group. That feature is being able to change the questions per group. These are sent to a new person trying to join. I don’t want the same questions for every group.

My budget is very low because I work full time for free as a Truther Activist to help save Humanity and our Mother Earth from the evils who are killing us off.

I have several Telegram groups and they no longer have the Rose bot I was using because she didn’t have all the features I need.

I need the current bot fixed and working in all groups. I have the code.

Here are the features it’s supposed to have.

You should have a lot of knowledge about Telegram and be able to add the feature above and fix whatever issues he was having with me not getting notifications.

My flat rate budget is $50 USD

Please email me with the following:

  1. On a scale of 1-10, how well do you know TG?
  2. How many bots have you created from scratch?
  3. What do these bots do?
  4. How long will it take you to fix this and yes I know you need to see the code.
  5. Have you ever fixed anyone’s TG bot code before?