Nurse Tells All

This Nurse Tells All.

nurseThis is a comment in one of the videos I just watched on Gates continuing to fund his GMO mosquitos and fake breast milk that for SURE will have toxic GMO in it.

This poor woman who used to be a nurse. I hope she eventually goes holistic.

Here’s her story, although I find it hard to understand some of it due to missing words.

And it’s clear her brain has been affected due to all of her health issues, although I have yet to find one person online who’s brain hasn’t been affected by illness, poisons, etc, and that’s including mine.

(I edited below for paragraph structure, numbered bullets, some spelling, and I capped the beginning of some sentences.)

“I’m a nurse.

I was assaulted by a patient six years ago and suffered a cervical spinal injury, permanent nerve damage from my shoulder to my fingertips, a broken wrist, and a torn rotator cuff. (Still finished my shift.)

During the surgery they used either bone glue or cadaver bone, i can’t remember which, and I developed autoimmune issues. Mast cell activation disorder and eosinophilia affecting my lungs. I went into complete respiratory failure 18, in 2.5 years.

On the ventilator, in induced comas every time. We couldn’t find any answers. No one knew what it was.

One doctor told me it was anxiety or munchausen.

I said, really?

At 43 years old I’ve mysteriously developed munchausen or anxiety that’s can cause my airway enough and alter my blood gasses enough that ER docs rush to intubate me??”

The abuse I received at the hands of the medical profession was shocking.

On another occasion a doctor refused to let RT extubate me even though I had passed weaning trials. He said that unless I agreed to a trach, I wasn’t coming off.

My husband straightened that out.

On another occasion after an endoscopy I was told I wasn’t having respiratory failure, it was laryngeal spasms and was told, “only you can control your larynx.”

Interestingly even with following all the instructions given by the speech therapist, I continued to go into respiratory failure (and anaphylactic shock…you know that one is super easy to fake.)

I asked for a copy of my medical records and looked at the endoscopy report…no laryngeal spasms noted.

They had lied to me!!

Can you even imagine.

Finally my family doc sent me to a friend who is a pulmonologist. He looked at everything and said, “My God! Your eosinophils are 10,000! How has NO ONE noticed this?” (They shouldn’t be over 350 and the highest he’d seen in his 30 years of practice in outpatients, was 4000).

I couldn’t even qualify for the drugs to treat it because there’s a cutoff of 4500 to take the drug. He also diagnosed the mast cell disorder. He put me on ketotifen, cromolyn, montelukast, pepcid, and quercetin.

I was on those for about a year. I’m now 3 years out and in complete remission.

After getting a critical covid19 infection and refusing admission to the hospital for fear of dying on the ventilator, i can tell you there’s no way I could go back to working in healthcare knowing what I’ve learned from my exhaustive research.

I am sure, knowing the criteria, I would have been intubated in the ER and I’d likely be dead if I hadn’t devised a plan for recovering at home.

I see all this nonsense in the news and read these totally bogus medical studies and it scares me.

Why is science for sale??

Gilead sciences (makers of remdesivir) paying for the VA hydroxychloroquine study??

Not even a study.

That data is laughable.

There’s too much to discuss here but I will end with….population control via covid19

“To Do List:

  1. Purge the world of elderly people.
  2. Terrify the entire world and imprison them to see just how long fear and false info will keep them compliant.
  3. Turn people against each other by giving them hotlines to call and report non-sanctioned behavior.
  4. Withhold viable and inexpensive treatments so vaccines and patented drugs will be the only options.
  5. Change guidelines frequently to create mass confusion.
  6. Test everyone, sick or not.
  7. Mask everyone, sick or not
  8. End childhood asap.
  9. Lockdown intellectually disabled persons against their will (this happened to my brother. I had to fight to even be able to take him from his care home to the doctor)
  10. Make people feel out of control, then make them believe they are in control by “choosing” to wear masks, stay home, avoid family, socially distance, get vaccinated. (These choices will soon be mandates…)”

That wraps up the Nurse Tells All article.

I thank her for being honest, and I’m glad she is finally WOKE! It’s unfortunately too bad that most people don’t wake UP until they’ve gone through a trauma at the hands of the government, cops, the allopathic medical industry, the pharma mafia, etc.

We need more nurses like her to come forward and we need to do AWAY with the criminal allopathic industry and go back to the natural remedies that people were using for thousands of years.

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