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Examples You Are a slave

These are Examples You Are a slave being controlled by the evils. Nothing could be clearer in my mind and I hope you wake up to the truth!


Examples of 5G Attacks

These are examples of 5G Attacks against individual people to harm them. These experiences go back many years, so obviously the technology is older.


BIOHM Probiotics

Probiotics specifically designed for fungus in your microbiome. If you have mold or digestive issues, this is the only probiotics that has helped me.


The Real Agenda

The Real Agenda. It’s time for you to grow up and put your big boy/girl pants on. Learn the truth, not the lies spread you have been taught you entire life!


Your Role

Your Role in all of this is to learn what is going on and help save humanity. If you decide to support the psychopaths who are harming us, this is on you.


Forced Vaccinations

The Forced Vaccinations is finally here. We warned you about it! and you didn’t care because you blindly believed the lies. The Holocaust on Steroids!

Bill Gates

Bill Gates and the Coronavirus

Bill Gates and the Coronavirus and the timeline of how he spearheaded the entire process to bring us to where we are today. They want forced vaccinations.

Governments suffocating people

Government Suffocating People

Is your Government Suffocating People within your city, province, state and country? Soon the entire world will be on full lockdown just as the evils want.


coronavirus update

My coronavirus update & why you’ve got it all wrong. The problem is the evils and government and 5G. That’s what you should be worried about.

facebook sucks

Facebook Censorship

Facebook Censorship and how facebook is putting people in facebook jail. It’s now 2020, and so many good people are being put in facebook jail.

What is Freedom?

What is Freedom

What is Freedom? Today in a comment, someone on YouTube asked me what is freedom. What does freedom mean to … Read more

What Anarchy Isnt

What Anarchy Isnt

What Anarchy Isn’t The booklet about “What Anarchy Isn’t” Larken Rose was the first person to ever teach me about … Read more