Breathing in Co2

Wearing masks outside

Wearing masks outside is dangerous, but they want to force you so you get sick and then they can blame it on the coronavirus, not to mention control you.

Erewhon Market

Erewhon Market

Erewhon Market in Venice, California. Imagine going to your favorite health food store that you’ve spend thousands of dollars and they turn you away.

From the pain come the dream

From the pain come the dream

From the pain come the dream, From the dream come the vision, From the vision come the people, From the people come the power by Peter Gabriel



Please Donate even if it’s just $1. I know times are tough for everyone. I need to keep providing you with fast truthful information on what’s going on.


Are aliens behind this

Are aliens behind this? I, in no way, want to excuse the behavior of humans, but dark aliens could be controlling people who were already evil to begin with.

coronavirus truth

Coronavirus Truth

Coronavirus Truth – getting the truth about the covid 19 is like pulling teeth, with all the lies the media and government throw at you.

Join Us

Please Join Us

Please Join Us to help fight the evils who are trying to bring down humanity. Their plan to depopulate the entire planet is underway.


It’s wartime

It’s wartime and we all need to help in this historic moment in time. If you are a truther, please reach out and let’s brainstorm solutions to overcome evil.


Examples You Are a slave

These are Examples You Are a slave being controlled by the evils. Nothing could be clearer in my mind and I hope you wake up to the truth!


BIOHM Probiotics

Probiotics specifically designed for fungus in your microbiome. If you have mold or digestive issues, this is the only probiotics that has helped me.


The Real Agenda

The Real Agenda. It’s time for you to grow up and put your big boy/girl pants on. Learn the truth, not the lies spread you have been taught you entire life!


Your Role

Your Role in all of this is to learn what is going on and help save humanity. If you decide to support the psychopaths who are harming us, this is on you.


Forced Vaccinations

The Forced Vaccinations is finally here. We warned you about it! and you didn’t care because you blindly believed the lies. The Holocaust on Steroids!

Bill Gates

Bill Gates and the Coronavirus

Bill Gates and the Coronavirus and the timeline of how he spearheaded the entire process to bring us to where we are today. They want forced vaccinations.

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