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People harmed from the death jabbed

Covid vaccine sheddingThese are stories of People harmed from the death jabbed from their shedding and what I call zapping and here’s another article with details.

The death jab (covid19 vaccine) was designed to make others around them sick. There’s even a patent on it.

I’m STILL trying to figure out why these zombies aren’t sick, but they are making us sick. TERRIBLE.

You should be telling them ALL that you refuse to be around them because they are a danger to you and all of humanity. And they have the NERVE to say we are a threat to them. STUPIDITY IS DANGEROUS TO ALL OF SOCIETY!

To help heal you read this page over, watch the 2 videos and listen to the healing frequency tones. The evils are using their frequency weapons to make us sick. The death jabbed ZOMBIES are emitting radiation which is why we are getting sick.

These are their stories.

  1. ” I am an avid follower of Dr Sam and since I discovered her videos I can see the holes in the virus theory but like you said people are getting sick from something because I have personal experience myself. On returning from a small family wedding 6 of us experienced chronic fatigue, horrendous metallic taste in our mouth, my brother in law suffered severe breathing problems and subsequently died. I’m not saying it was a virus at all but something is causing these symptoms, none of us have ever experienced anything like this before, none of us are vaxxed but curiously it was the first time in a long time that we were intimately socialising for an entire day with vaccinated people, that’s the only thing that was different from any other social occasions we have had in the recent past. It may well be that we encountered some type of radiation etc I don’t know but I did not imagine this nor have I any interest in trying to further the “virus” narrative so I think it’s not as easy as saying they have rebranded the flu etc there’s definitely another cause at play.”
  2. “Very very sore throat to the point I could barely eat….then a bit of a cough…lost my sense of smell and taste…I suffer from sinusitis so that’s where it hit me worse…oh and back pain. I was in bed for a couple of days very weak but was much better after that…still felt tired though. I was trying to eat as healthy as possible… lots of fruits and vegetables…. Vitamin C, d3, zinc, b complex, lots of tea. Ginger shots. My husband got it as well but for him it was worse…still to this day his respiratory system is not 💯 …he feels something is not right…we just continue with natural remedies. Whatever this is, is definitely not natural”
  3. I’ve had inflammation issues with my feet for years, but not like this. And normally when I sleep my feet and ankles go back to normal.

    About 7-8 months ago they were so inflammed even upto my knee, I could barely walk.

    I finally managed to get them under control after 5-6 months of this which scared me

    Now it’s January 2022 and I’m back to the same problem although it’s not all the way upto the knee this time and it’s more on the left leg, but it’s painful. I can’t walk well and my skin is very tight. The ONLY thing that heals are frequency healing tones. You can get them here.

  4. “Hi, any one else having shingles outbreak?? I thought that was for the vaccinated. Weird. Mind you I do live with 2 vaccinated people.”
  5. “Yes I have been suffering with shingles the past two months now. Me and my wife are fully non-vaxx. Was wondering how I got shingles”
  6. “Could it be though that some of us, who live organic holistic lives may have caught the toxins from the injections? I got incredibly sick, almost died yet live a holistic, organic life. Everyone around me is jabbed. I will never put toxins in my body.
    Could this be shedding, what do you think?”
  7. A woman I had been online friends with went to a gathering with death jabbed people and within days she got so sick she thought she had pneumonia. It took her around 3 weeks to get well and she also lost her sense of taste or smell.
  8. “On my wifes family side the same happened that a vaxxed person “created” the sickness in a family member who shortly after died”
  9. Well it’s confirm, not only do you lose your ability to procreate when you have sex with a death jabbed (vaccinated) person, you now get the blood issues that all zombie death jabbed people have. Video.

    And here was a comment on that video from a viewer. WOW. “the girl I’m seeing for last couple of months is vaxxed and im not

    Everytime we hang out and kiss a day or two later my heart starts Wilding I get heart arrhythmia I have shortness off breath and my heart jumps around and is abnormal skipping beats and stopping or racing I was dead ass scared I was gonna die (it would go in for days after) I believe whole heatedly this happens from swapping spit and kissing her.”

  10. Here’s screenshots from an article on covid19 vaccine shedding. I didn’t like the article so I won’t include it, just the comments they provided. Screenshot #1 and Screenshot #2.
  11. “I’ve been a reflexologist for almost 10 years. I’ve always worn nitrile gloves. I’m not jabbed. I’ve had unexplainable patch rashes at both armpits since Jan 2022. The majority of the people I see received the jabbed 4-8 months ago. I started wearing two pairs of gloves but still the rashes persist. The rashes don’t get bigger they just vary in colour from light pink when I have not worked for a couple of days to very, itchy and inflamed a day after I start working. The dermatologist took a scraping and ruled out bacteria, fungal and cancer. He has no idea what the rash is… I’m taking Black Cummin Seed oil, NAC, Vit C, Chlorella, Ubiquinol in the morning along with Fennel seed tea. I have Fennel seed tea throughout the day. At night I have Quecitin, Zinc and D3. I also diffuse diluted food grade hydrogen peroxide in the treatment room. I have a detox bath once a week. I’ve also experienced immediate burning of the lungs after work-on a recently booster jabbed person. Brain 🧠 fog and disorientation. I don’t know what else to do other than stop working…!”
  12. Another online acquaintance in Canada  has gotten sick around 5-6 times from different people AND two of them grew organic produce so she can no longer get her produce from there.

    Can you believe that people who are growing organic produce are THAT STUPID that they take a deadly death jab because even though they were healthy before, that doesn’t matter, following what your slave master tells you to do is more important.

    Three times she got sick just sitting in the car with an ex boyfriend who was driving her some place because she has no car.

    AND he purposely didn’t tell her he took it even though she had asked him to tell her way back at the beginning.

    I’ve noticed this common trend that the zombies hide this very important fact from us PURE BLOODS.

    She even tried to sit in the back the last time (she already knew at this point, but was desperate because she needed to see a rental) and she still got very sick and was throwing up over and over again.

    And with one of the organic growers, she asked him to stay away from her and he purposely got very close to her no matter how many times she backed away. WOW it’s like they are purposely trying to infect us.

  13. My niece got the jabs and she is 60 years old and hasnt had a period in years…After the first clot shot she started bleeding heavily and passing clots. Of course her Dr told her she was going through menopause….My niece thinks im nuts…She will not listen to anything i tell her. She recently got the 1st of many boosters …………………………………………………………………….Unmasked…Unvaxxed and UNAFRAID

I’ll add more stories as I come across them and please register and add your own if you have a story to tell about how you are one of the People harmed from the death jabbed.



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7 comments on “People harmed from the death jabbed”

  1. I found this in my Holocaust Update for May 2022…

    “I’ve spoken with midwives and doulas all over America and they confirm the same: an exponential increase in placenta abnormalities among unvaccinated mothers this year.”

  2. “Not to add to fear, just knowledge but I personally know at least 2 women who miscarried days after jabbed relatives visited. This is just one expression of how toxic they are. Many of us have started bleeding within hours of close exposure.”

  3. “I agree with the idea of not living in fear, but I had that backfire on me recently. My elderly MIL was in rehab for a broken hip and got released on short notice right before Christmas Eve. This is in Florida. She is diabetic, obese and in diapers, and I think the nursing facility gave her a laxative right before releasing her (I’ve noticed a pattern of this when she’s left nursing facilities in the past.) By the time I got her home, she had had an accident in her diaper, and her home health aids had quit for Christmas, so I had to help clean her up. I wore latex gloves but had no mask. When I went to bed that night, my hands felt numb. The next day it looked like my period was starting even though it had just ended a few weeks ago. The second night I had an irregular heartbeat. Also fatigue for 2 full days. This person had 3 Pfizers total, including one of the worst lot numbers, but her most recent booster was this spring. She doesn’t smell, but I get the same off-putting sensation around her. Even though I want to help her, I am reluctant and a little scared to spend much time around her. I don’t know how health aids are able to do their jobs everyday.”

  4. This is VERY scary people, and in my opinion, this proves AGAIN, that they are infecting us with an alien species.

    Sure it could be something else, but then WHY THE ALIEN STRING???

    “Good Afternoon all. I have a question and really need help with this. It’s actually really gross but I need help and this group page is my go to for information. I have tried to research it outside of this page as well but just get recommendations to contact an MD. We avoid them at all costs. Neither of us are “vaccinated”, but we are wondering if this is a result of shedding from those who are, that we may have been in contact with.

    My Husband told me that he blew his nose and he saw a white elastic like cord. When he tried to grab it, it went back up his nose! He was finally able to grab it again, and as he kept pulling, he could feel it attached somewhere at the top of his nose like between his eyes. It finally snapped loose and it was about 12″ in length.

    He also has a problem with either his gums, sinuses or a tooth, but they all seem to be connected in this problem. We actually did go to a dentist to see if it was the tooth. They did the x-rays that go around your head and didn’t see anything wrong with the tooth, and didn’t want to pull it or do a root canal (both of which he would refuse)but did say that he has an unknown bacteria, which they prescribed antibiotics for. It cleared up after the round of antibiotics was finished, then the pain in the tooth returned. Some days it’s so painful that he can’t eat, and other days there is no pain at all. This tooth/gum problem has been going on for several months and he has had chronic sinus problems since he was a child. We have tried everything. The cord like thing resulted a day or so after I made colloidal silver and let him nebulize for about 20min. We have been managing somewhat with “Christopher’s X-INFX”, nebulizing, and rinsing with Himalayan salt and Lugol’s iodine in spring water. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Again, I’m sorry, I know this is gross but I’m trying to help my Husband.”

  5. “Ok, so question. I’ve been around vaxxed public every other day, or daily, using running errands but mainly shopping. I’ve never had ringing in my ears until tonight. I went to grocery store around 8 pm and upon getting home, when trying to do some laundry my ears started ringing soooo bad!! I had to leave laundry room and run to the bed because I felt like I was seconds away from passing out! After laying down for a few minutes I cut up some organic tomatoes, ate 2 cloves of organic garlic and took a few sips of water with cayenne pepper. It took about 10 minutes before the level of ringing lowered. I still feel it but it’s nowhere near the initial pain. Anyone else???”

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